xuserhey peeps, first time chatter here and big fan of ubuntu. QQ, seems ive noobishly forgotten my xubuntu system password, any ideas or tips on how to reset it before resetting all of it?01:17
arraybolt3xuser: Easy.01:17
arraybolt3You didn't use encryption, right?01:17
xusernope didnt not01:17
arraybolt3If so, you can reset the password either with a live USB or from Recovery Mode.01:17
arraybolt3Recovery Mode works without a USB, if you'd like to do it like that.01:18
arraybolt3xuser: Do you know if this is a BIOS or UEFI system?01:18
xuserahh sweet ty, was trying to get into recovery mode but it didnt seem to want to let me01:18
xuserits a hp stream 11 which has UEFI disabled for xubuntu to work01:18
arraybolt3OK. Usually you can get to a GRUB menu by powering on the system and then pressing and holding the left Shift key during early bootup.01:19
arraybolt3(On BIOS systems, which I believe this is.)01:19
xuseramazing thank you, love yas work<301:19
arraybolt3Nice, now just "Advanced Options for Ubuntu".01:19
arraybolt3And then the topmost recovery mode entry.01:19
arraybolt3Once you get booted into that you'll see a menu with some options, select "root" and press Enter.01:20
arraybolt3Once you have a root shell, you will need to mount the filesystem as read/write, which you can do with "mount -o remount,rw /".01:21
arraybolt3And then just "passwd <username>", replacing <username> with your username.01:21
arraybolt3xuser: btw this is a very handy procedure for some stuff, but do be aware that it's just as easy for someone else to do this to your computer as it is for you to do it. Full-disk encryption will prevent someone from being able to just come along and get a root shell on your system. But it also requires that you remember your password.01:26
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