dragon_is there a reason why my dvd / CD rom isnt working? It has been persistant the last few issues of lubuntu20:28
arraybolt3dragon_: o/20:50
arraybolt3dragon_: What exactly is it doing when you try to use it?20:50
arraybolt3What kind of disk are you trying to access? DVD video? CD audio? A data CD or DVD?20:51
dragon_I just inserted a DVD and tried to play it, just to test20:51
dragon_I haven`t burned anything lately, mostly used usb flash drives20:51
dragon_DVD and CD still exist though 20:52
arraybolt3dragon_: OK, playing DVD video is significantly different frmo other disks. Do you have some other disk you can test with?20:52
arraybolt3(You need a special library to play DVD video on Linux, and it's a bit tricky to install for legal reasons.)20:52
arraybolt3dragon_: The reason a DVD doesn't work out of the box is because DVDs are encrypted for anti-piracy reasons, and the needed decryption keys are proprietary and so can't be included in open-source software.20:53
arraybolt3dragon_: The encryption used on DVDs is very weak and easy to brute-force, though, but doing so may be illegal in some geographical areas.20:53
dragon_I am trying a burt bacharach cd now20:53
arraybolt3dragon_: If you *can* legally do that, you can install libdvdcss2, which will break the encryption at runtime and let you watch the DVD.20:53
arraybolt3Breaking DVD encryption with libdvdcss2 could be considered a form of DRM bypassing.20:54
dragon_it can be looked up in package manager?20:54
arraybolt3dragon_: Kinda - I'm happy to walk you through the process if you'd like.20:55
dragon_I may have to find a terminal command 20:55
arraybolt3dragon_: Just run "sudo apt install libdvd-pkg", and that will give you the installer for libdvdcss2.20:55
arraybolt3After that, I think you have to run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg", and then it will give you the prompt to install libdvdcss2.20:56
arraybolt3It will then install the needed packages to build it from source and fetch the source code, then build it and install it, and then DVD video should play back as expected.20:56
dragon_yes, I got please run sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg after install20:58
dragon_operation was interrupted before it could finish?20:59
arraybolt3That's normal.20:59
arraybolt3It's an intentional "hiccup" so that the user knows that further commands are needed to proceed.20:59
dragon_Thanks I see20:59
arraybolt3(It also keeps users from installing the library by accident.)21:00
dragon_just "sudo install libdvdcss2"?21:04
dragon_it doesnt recognise command21:04
dragon_yet an hickup on the libdvd install21:06
arraybolt3dragon_: No, you run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg".21:07
dragon_oh, sorry21:07
arraybolt3That will prompt you if you want to install libdvdcss2, and then the actual installation process takes place.21:07
dragon_I just got "already installed"21:10
arraybolt3Then you can probably try and play a DVD.21:11
arraybolt3You can tru "ls /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu | grep libdvdcss" and see if the library is there.21:11
dragon_no luck 21:17
dragon_this was a tricky config21:19
arraybolt3Crud. That should have worked, it sounds like it gave you the prompt and everything.21:20
dragon_I am attempting to install restricted extras from terminal, 21:22
dragon_I have this promt to verify some kind of microsoft restricteds, but what to do with the last "OK" to make it clickable?21:23
arraybolt3dragon_: I think you press Tab until it's highlighted and then press Enter.21:24
dragon_yes, tured red after pressing tab!21:25
dragon_I have marked off for restriced extras in package manager and settings21:25
dragon_I maybe installing a lot of unnecessary packages21:26
dragon_this is not a windows pc, but former mac21:26
dragon_I need a break, it is late here21:28
dragon_I shall have to continue with the task later on21:28
dragon_thanks for you help arraybolt321:29
dragon_I am at least a stew further ahead21:29
arraybolt3Glad to at least try to help.21:29
dragon_maybe I should post on the forum and see if anyone else plays dvds21:31
arraybolt3That's a good idea. We have a forum at discourse.lubuntu.me.21:32
dragon_thanks for the tip, I tend to use the offical ubuntu forums 22:00
nerdistmonk@arraybolt3 ended up generating all my md5s using the old utility, I'd assume you've written off that tool you were working on.22:01

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