arighihello o/18:59
seb128hey there, sorry I forgot to send appologies but I've a conflict for the meeting today and I'm about to step out, I will read the backlog later and follow via email on anything needed19:02
tewardrbasak: at the doctors office - annual physical - so not available today sorry19:07
rbasakI'll wait another couple of minutes.19:08
rbasakIf it's just me then I don't think it's worth proceeding - sorry.19:08
rbasakHowever DMB absenteeism was a problem a while ago, and we managed to agree back then that we wouldn't need a quorate vote if we get to a second meeting and have the same problem.19:09
rbasakarighi: so please put yourself down for another meeting, and that time, if we have the same problem, we'll proceed with whoever is present, even if just one.19:10
rbasakSorry we couldn't proceed today :-(19:10
arighirbasak, ok, no problem19:10
rbasak(reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/KnowledgeBase#Board_Member_Attendance)19:10
rbasakCorrection: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/KnowledgeBase#Voting_and_Quorum19:11
rbasak"Quorum votes are required, however if quorum is not reached at first meeting, at the next meeting majority present votes are required"19:11
arighirbasak, next available slot is going to be 2023-03-2019:11
arighiI guess, because there's already one applicant for 2023-03-0619:11
rbasakYes - sorry.19:11
arighiok, just wanted to be sure :)19:11
arighialright, agenda updated19:13

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