Znevnathis is broken since a few months it seems21:19
axinoZnevna: hello ! broken how ?21:22
axinothe TLS cert ?21:23
axinoit's pretty strange, Firefox is happy with the cert but curl isn't21:23
Znevnanot the cert21:23
Znevnathe /ubuntu opens another /ubuntu and so on21:24
axinoZnevna: that's not unusual, the main archive servers do the same21:26
Znevnaah ok21:26
Znevnabut those files 'Archive-Update-in-Progress' are months old21:27
Znevnanormal too?21:27
axinoZnevna: yeah, this hints at a bad sync'ing process21:27
axinobut shouldn't break things21:27
Znevnaah so it's the cert21:35
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