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arkanoidI'm still running 18.04, and I'm planning major upgrade. Is it suggested to 18.04 > 20.04 > 22.04, or just 18.04 > 22.04 ?17:23
alkisgarkanoid: 18 > 20 > 22. Also make sure `dkpg --print-architecture` says amd6417:25
arkanoidalkisg: yes, it's amd64. Thanks for the answer17:53
bancroftI'm reposting my question from #ubuntu because it was suggested I should ask here. I'm trying to upgrade from 18.04 to 22.04 and I'm having serious problems with HAProxy TLS checking the backend. I got a little PCAP and what I get is a Bad Certificate on 22.04 and no problems on 18.04. Does this sound familiar to anyone? 19:00
bancroftI'm using the HAProxy versions from apt, 1.8.8 (18.04) and 2.4.18 (22.04). Some suggested it might be something with libssl1 vs libssl319:02
bancroft20.04 did not work either 19:03
ravagebancroft: maybe this is relevant? https://serverfault.com/questions/1074813/troubleshooting-ldaps-tls-haproxy-wrong-ssl-cert-being-used19:24
ravagebuu i cant really get a clear picture of whats happening here yet :)19:24
ravageif the deployment is not too complex maybe start from scratch with a guide for haproxy on 22.0419:26
ravage1.8 to 2.4 is a big version difference19:26
MohaWhat's the different between `jammy-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk-kvm.img` and `jammy-server-cloudimg-amd64.img`? (https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/jammy/current/)19:35
habysanybody have success with the isos for lunar?20:47
habysthe installer crashes consistently, I wondered if that's not an intentional sign to not try this yet...20:48
oerheksyou are testing a beta, so report a bug?20:48
ubottuUbuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster) will be the 38th release of Ubuntu, scheduled for release April 2023 (https://ubottu.com/y/ll). Join #ubuntu-next for support and questions.20:48
habysI know it's not ready yet, I just wasn't sure if they wanted bugs yet20:55
habysthanks for the channel link20:55
arraybolt3habys: We always want bug reports for the development ISOs, no matter what stage of development we're in.20:58
arraybolt3The installer *should* work. If it doesn't, that's bad and worthy of a bug report.20:59
habysthank you, sorry I try not to assume anything at all :P20:59
arraybolt3No need to be sorry, thanks for helping with Ubuntu's development!21:01
habysI will continue my work in #ubuntu-next but just wanted to mention that my ISO from https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily-live/current/ is quite older than what's available at "pending". Might be useful for any beta testers21:15

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