* jlj waves at davef08:49
daftykinshappy Monday eve!22:18
daftykinscor, the non-tech pair i had to talk through changing their company laptop firmware passwords due to the Dell updater not accepting the symbol i used did well today22:48
daftykinsall updated ahead of Wednesday's audit22:48
daftykinsand i did a 3 hour stint putting new kit into an opticians after closing to enable their remote access plans \o/22:49
daftykinstreating myself to a restaurant meal with Guinness after :D22:49
zxmpihad 1st over the phone tech support call in yonks. dentist with screen problem. was fun on dumb phone trying to see if i could view sms pic while still on a call and then talking him through rotating the screen back to normal orientation 22:51
daftykinsoh the old classic intel integrated rotate key combo was accidentally hit?22:51
daftykinsi used to troll my students using that one22:52
daftykinser i mean... educate22:52
zxmpiyeah, of course when he went to display setting he clicked on every option but the one i told him23:20
zxmpigot there in the end23:20
daftykins"wait, don't go - it's still upside down!"23:21
daftykins"that's what you get"23:21

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