Macwinnerin the apt sources.list, is it possible to make the distro version dynamic? eg: "deb [arch=amd64,arm64] https://repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu jammy/mongodb-org/6.0 multiverse"   I want to replace "jammy" with some sort of macro that changes automatically depending whether i'm on focal, jammy etc00:11
leftyfbMacwinner: I would do that through whatever config control you're using00:11
Macwinnerleftyfb: trying to be able to do-release-upgrade, then apt update, then apt upgrade without having to change the file00:12
leftyfbMacwinner: do-release-upgrade will do that for you00:13
Macwinneroh! awesome00:13
Macwinnerthanks for the tip. didn't realize that00:13
pinkponyprincepeace be with you, moving to offtopic soon00:18
chipsumالسلام عليكم00:23
gry!arabic | chipsum00:24
ubottuchipsum: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية00:24
chipsum /join #ubuntu-arabic00:25
chipsumWhat project interests you in the free softwares world ?00:33
chipsumA free question for anybody00:34
tomreyn!ot | chipsum00:34
ubottuchipsum: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:34
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FKAShinobiI have one last deluged error. Not sure how to read this, can someone assist? https://pastebin.com/UTprN82001:49
leftyfbFKAShinobi: I would file a bug with the Deluge project01:50
gryFKAShinobi: hi, the raw link for the pastebin (without ads) is https://pastebin.com/raw/UTprN820 . a bug report already exists at https://github.com/ratanakvlun/deluge-ltconfig/issues/23 and they suggest two solutions, one in comment by Charlweed  and another in comment by Quetzalcohuatl.01:57
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 23 in ratanakvlun/deluge-ltconfig "TypeError: findCaller() takes from 1 to 2 positional arguments but 3 were given" [Closed]01:57
gryFKAShinobi: please, let me know whether they work for you. further comments may be best posted there, not as a new bug report (it could be marked as duplicate).02:02
FKAShinobiThanks, I did the first one earlier today and that reduced the errors by 99%. I'll give the pip solution a try02:07
gryFKAShinobi: in case the pip solution does not work, in the errors, it gives you name of file and line number, maybe, a few more places require manual editing.02:09
gryI will be away for around half an hour, hope to hear from you soon.02:09
FKAShinobiI was looking for that.02:10
FKAShinobiAm I reading the trace correctly? Should I be looking for a function called findCaller()02:10
FKAShinobiActually, I did another similar patch, but not that one. We'll see if it works. It should though based on the one this morning.02:18
forgotmynickHow do I install cpu/gpu drivers for Ryzen 7900?02:23
tomreynyou'll need a recent kernel for zen 402:27
FKAShinobiWhen my desktop shuts the monitors off from inactivity is that considered "suspend" ?02:37
FKAShinobiTo clarify - services are still running02:38
leftyfbit's just your monitor going to sleep02:39
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leftyfbif your machine suspends, nothing is running. It's all stored in ram until you machine is powered back on02:39
FKAShinobileftyfb: Is that associated with a known power level?02:39
forgotmynicktomreyn: thank you!02:39
leftyfbFKAShinobi: no02:39
FKAShinobileftyfb: what controls that functionality02:40
leftyfbI'm not quite sure02:40
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tomreynforgotmynick: i think you'll need at leats linux 5.19. i assume ubuntu 22.10 will work out of the box. 22.04 LTS should work with oibaf PPA, i assume.02:48
forgotmynicki got 6.1.10 and it's working :)02:48
tomreynwell that's certainly fresh02:49
gryleftyfb: re FKAShinobi's question, i think it requires not only monitor going to sleep, but also the OS needs to signal to it first that there is nothing interesting happening on the monitor03:11
leftyfbFKAShinobi: are you looking for a way to disable a monitor going to sleep?03:12
FKAShinobigry, leftyfb: There's a long outstanding bug where nvidia drivers will lose an extended monitor after the monitors turn back on. I'm looking for a fix/workaround03:13
FKAShinobiseems to be xorg related03:13
FKAShinobiIt's really annoying03:13
FKAShinobithe nouveau driver just crashes my machine03:14
FKAShinobibut it keeps my extended display :)03:14
ablyssspeaking of suspend got me thinking about hibernation... It doesn't seem like true hibernation.  True hibernation would put the entire system in a squash img and lock it out, imho03:18
leftyfb!ot | ablyss03:19
ubottuablyss: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:19
ablyss!enable_lighten up mood.  @leftyfb03:21
lotuspsychjeablyss: this is a support channel; only speak if it benefits the user(s) issues03:23
ablysswhy are you speaking then?03:24
lotuspsychjeablyss: come to #ubuntu-discuss ans ill explain it03:24
ablyssi'll put on my to-do list :) thx03:25
FKAShinobiso is xorg.conf.d used now that things have moved to Wayland?03:28
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ruserablyss: agreed on true hibernation; though i have missed an ealier discussion03:39
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ice9if a fix is released on launchpad, how long it takes to be ready for package upgrade?06:45
alkisgice9: from "soon" to "never"; send the specific link for more details...07:08
ice9alkisg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/194934007:08
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1949340 in gtk4 (Ubuntu Jammy) "[upstream] Saving downloads or pages is difficult because of unfocused file chooser dialog" [Medium, Triaged]07:08
blahboybazWhat is `2>&1` in something like `ssh -q -T git@gitlab.com 2>&1`? Is that referring to runlevels or something? Is ther a man page on that?07:09
alkisgice9: and by fix-released, you mean on gtk4? I don't think gtk4 will be backported to any of the released lts series...07:10
ice9alkisg, at leat for kinitic , it's not saying when it will be in the repo for upgrade07:10
alkisgice9: read comment #44 which changed the fix-released status. It says "fixed in gtk4, and now we're waiting for chromium to start using gtk4, which may take years"07:12
alkisgFor end users, this means: "two changes are needed to solve this bug; one was done, the other one is pending, may take years"07:13
alkisgblahboybaz: it's called shell redirection, run e.g. `man dash` and search for redirection inside that man page07:14
_________blahboybaz: it redirects an error output to standard output07:14
blahboybazalkisg: cool07:15
_________if you're not using '| some-command' after it or it's output is not logged, it does nothing from user point of view07:16
alkisgblahboybaz: compare these: `ls asdf | true` and `ls asdf 2>&1 | true`07:17
blahboybazalkisg: With the first `ls: cannot access 'asdf': No such file or directory` so I'm guessing with the second command the output is still getting output but is sent somewhere else?07:21
blahboybazI'm guess the difference between `>` and `<` being redirect of input vs redirect of ouput?07:21
alkisgblahboybaz: the pipe | only transfer stdout. So in the first case, stdout goes to true (which doesn't use it, so it's hidden), and stderr to the console. In the second case, stderr too goes to true and gets hidden07:22
alkisgYes, > redirects stdout and < redirects stdin07:22
arraybolt3It's really interesting when you have to fight with the differences between >, 2>&1, 2>, <, <<<, and >>.07:22
arraybolt3Anyway, end rant :P07:24
blahboybazthe pipe is messing me up in the context of your second command example tho. I thought pipe was to pipe content into another executatble (such as grep or less for example). For pipe char to be followed by what looks like a literal value (boolean true) is wierd - if that's waht true is in this context.07:24
_________true is a program that exits with "success"07:25
_________also false is a program that exits with "failure" ;)07:25
blahboybazoh cool! :)07:25
blahboybazI didn't know that existed07:25
arraybolt3Compare "true; echo $?" with "false; echo $?".07:25
alkisgblahboybaz: /usr/bin/true is a command that does nothing. So in this case is drops its stdin07:26
blahboybazis 2>&1 | true almost like a conditional statement?07:26
blahboybazlike a ternary?07:26
alkisgNo. cat file | true is like cat file | drop-stdin; it just drops its stdin07:27
blahboybazoh, I see07:27
arraybolt3So if something prints "a" to stdout and "b" to stderr, "something | othercommand" will make "othercommand" only see "a".07:28
blahboybazits interesting but was just a side trek from learning docker (that command example I used came from docker docs)07:28
arraybolt3But "something 2>&1 | othercommand" will make "othercommand" see both "a" and "b".07:28
arraybolt3(Also if you find "2>&1 |" to be horribly tricky to type, you can use "|&" as a shortcut for it in Bash.)07:29
arraybolt3So "something |& othercommand" is equivalent to "something 2>&1 | othercommand".07:29
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chaplini am hacker09:20
vinayhello all, i was trying to import my keys from host to another, after importing my private.asc when i give gpg --list-secret-keys it is empty11:05
vinayi did change the trust from unknown to ultimate11:05
vinayi did a gpg --import private-key.asc11:05
Guest35Can someone help with the full disk encryption guide?11:40
Guest35Why does it tell me to make a 2MB partition for the boot image of grub, when it is intended to be used with UEFI only?11:41
ravageGuest35: the desktop installer supports guided full disk encryption via LVM if you use the whole disk11:44
ravageyou should not have to create anything manually here11:45
Guest35Even the boot partition?11:45
Guest35I meant this guide:11:45
Guest35So it's obsolete if I'm using the full disk anyway?11:45
Guest35That's weird11:46
ravagewhat is weird?11:47
Guest35Not that I don't believe you, but I see this guide recommended very often11:47
Guest35Why is it there if it's not really needed anymore11:47
ravageboot the desktop iso. choose encryption. be happy.11:47
ravagethings improve11:47
Guest35"However, this is much better than the Ubuntu installer Encrypt Disk option which only supports encrypting the operating system partition but leaves the boot-loader second stage file-system unencrypted and therefore vulnerable to tampering of the GRUB configuration, Linux kernel or more likely, the initial RAM file-system (initrd.img). However,11:48
Guest35this is much better than the Ubuntu installer Encrypt Disk option which only supports encrypting the operating system partition but leaves the boot-loader second stage file-system unencrypted and therefore vulnerable to tampering of the GRUB configuration, Linux kernel or more likely, the initial RAM file-system (initrd.img).11:48
Guest35This is from the guide, it tells otherwise11:48
ravagewell. that depends on your threat level11:49
ravageif you want your data encrypted thats totally fine11:49
Guest35I want the bootloader to be encrypted to, as far as this is possible11:49
ravageThat's not supported via the Installer11:50
Guest35I thought you were saying it would be11:50
Guest35Might have gotten you wrong11:50
ravageIt is still called full disk encryption in the installation11:51
ograif secure boot is turned on your bootloader should be encrypted by the UEFI bits by default ...11:51
ograthis should be nothing the installer does but it simply depends on the UEFI defaults you use11:51
akikGuest35: i used that guide just last week and it worked11:51
akikGuest35: you don't even get the grub menu until you enter the password11:52
Guest35ogra the bootloader is not encrypted but cryptographically signed11:53
Guest35That's what secure boot checks11:53
ograso it is safely protected from modifictions ...11:53
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hassletimehey all11:57
hassletimegot a weee problem11:57
hassletimei downloaded garuda and like some things and not others11:57
hassletimeso i installed ubuntu11:58
hassletimebut when i tried playing dayofdefeat the game fails when i join the server it freezes ..im not sure if its graphic driver related11:58
hassletimeany ideas11:59
ravagehassletime: which ubuntu version. what graphics card. whats your kernel version? do other games work?11:59
deadrominstall 20.04 LTS in VBox 7, changes the default name "vboxuser" to "admin", installed ok, logged in as admin, wanted to sudo -i, says "is not in sudoers file". I look in /etc/passwd : admin is there ok but no vboxuser. how would I get to have sudo now?11:59
ravagedeadrom: do a manual  installation and dont use the unattended option of vbox12:00
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hassletimeravage, i just downloaded unbuntu so the lastest version12:06
hassletimeits the only game i have on there12:06
ravageplease answer the questions12:06
ravagelatest is not a version12:06
hassletimeravage, Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS12:07
hassletimeravage, 5.19.0-32-generic12:08
ravageonly one more left12:10
hassletimeonly game i have ..or play only game installed12:11
ravagewhat graphics card12:11
hassletimeNVIDIA Corporation GP106 [GeForce GTX 1060 3GB]12:12
ravagesudo apt install mesa-utils12:12
ravageglxinfo|grep vendor|nc termbin.com 999912:12
ravagepaste the URL12:12
ravageyour driver is fine then12:13
ravagehow do you install that game? steam?12:14
hassletimei install steam on terminal sudo apt install steam12:14
hassletimethen just hit the install button12:14
hassletimeill try again ..but last time the whole computer froze so i may log off for a sec till i reboot if it freezes again12:15
akikhassletime: i couldn't make the nvidia driver work for nvidia 920m in linux. always getting the "xid 8 cpu stopped processing" error12:17
akikthere are many tunables for the nvidia12:17
=== keypushe- is now known as keypusher
akiksome say locking it to performance mode would help, or setting the frequencies12:18
akikso the frequencies would be locked too12:18
akikin win10 i just needed to run the driver installer exe and that was it12:18
ravagesame with ubuntu. never had any problems12:19
hassletimeyea its def a graphics prob12:19
hassletimeis there anyway of using like a generic one12:19
hassletimestrange this is it ran fine on garuda "shrugs" not sure what driver it was using on there though12:20
nikolamHi, I have USB to gigabit LAN adapter, 0bda:8153 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8153  and I can't set Virtual NIC on it.12:23
nikolamWhen I hit sudo ifconfig lanname:1 netmask up it is getting that IP and forgets main one.12:24
nikolamSame thing works fine on Intel LAN adapter, integrated iI219-LM and on Intel PCI-E LAN card.12:25
akiknikolam: try using the ip command to do it12:25
ravagenikolam: https://baturin.org/docs/iproute2/#ip-address12:25
hassletimehow do you post a screenshot on here12:26
ravagehassletime: https://imgur.com/ for example12:26
ravagewhy did you install anything manually?12:27
hassletimei didnt12:27
hassletimethis is how it installed i havnt touched anything12:28
ravagehassletime: sudo apt remove nvidia-*12:28
ravagethen try that dialog again12:28
ograwell, it thinks you used a driver from the nvidia page and ont one of the tested ubuntu-packaged ones12:28
ravageit thinks he installed something manually12:29
hassletimelol i honestly didnt ....it said install updates and third party drivers ..i ticked that box on install ?12:30
ravagethat is totally fine usually yes12:30
nikolamakik, ravage Thanks, it works with " ip address add dev eth0 " command. Seems like I would need to abandon 'ifconfig' for VNICs for new LAN cards.12:30
ograthat should normally install the ubuntu packaged ones ...12:30
ravagenikolam: you should have abandoned ifconfig a decade ago :)12:30
hassletimeok i did remove command12:30
ravagecheck if that dialog shows something else now12:31
ravageor if you can at least choose an option12:31
ravagenvidia-driver-525 should work best for your card12:31
hassletimeyes i can12:31
ravageinstall and reboot :)12:32
hassletimeill test that ...thanks for all this help12:32
hassletimeok just so im sure12:33
deadromanyone happen to know the VBox guest addtions procedure for vbox7?12:33
hassletimewe happy with that selection12:33
ravagehassletime: yes12:33
hassletimeok cheers12:33
ograyeah ..12:33
ravagedeadrom: https://www.itzgeek.com/how-tos/linux/ubuntu-how-tos/how-to-install-virtualbox-guest-additions-on-ubuntu-22-04.html12:35
deadromthanks ravage12:35
ograi wonder if the steam deb has something weirdly built-in that installs the nvidia driver if it detectes it missing at instal time ...12:35
ravageno idea. i think i downloaded it manually12:36
ravagebut i would hope not12:36
ogra(would be weird though ... but you never know)12:36
hassletimeladies and gentleman ...we can now rumble again ...woohooo12:39
hassletimeyou did ti Ravage12:39
hassletimethanks so much mate12:39
ravagehassletime: great. enjoy your game :)12:39
hassletimeravage, your good you are...points ...your good12:40
amosbirdHello! How can I find the dsc file of gcc-11 - 11.1.0-1ubuntu1~18.04.1  in  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=bionic ?12:46
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ravageamosbird: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test/+sourcefiles/gcc-11/11.1.0-1ubuntu1~18.04.1/gcc-11_11.1.0-1ubuntu1~18.04.1.dsc ?12:56
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PenguinolinusHey hi14:33
madamhi, tried to login to ubuntu 22.04 xorg-session and the display turns all "blueish". Has anyone else expirienced this?14:42
PenguinolinushEY RETARDS14:44
PenguinolinusFK YOUR MOM14:44
* octav1a yawns14:44
xantrexHi, on a new 22.04 install my monitor refresh rate is stuck at 59.98Hz. Mesa drivers installed for Intel TigerLae-LP GT2...14:45
leftyfb!op | Penguinolinus14:46
ubottuPenguinolinus: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant14:46
xantrexyou would think it would work out of the box..14:47
jhutchinsxantrex: Do you know that your monitor is capable of a higher rate?14:48
xantrexhi, yes definitely upto 144Hz14:48
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xantrexGoogle says i have to update my GRUB file14:52
Federicsxantrex google is your granpa14:55
cocoI am using gnome-screenshot -a -f /dev/shm/Pic`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S`.png, this cmd to shot screen, why it is ok in CML, but can't set it in xfce4 keyboard whith hotkey?14:58
cjphaunrI think my desktop is broken, I right click, a menu pops up with Change Background, Settings and Display Settings but none of them actually do anything, and no icons show up on the desktop either, wth15:16
vernac36try to create a new user.15:18
vernac36login with that new user instead, to see if your desktop works normaly with that user.15:18
cjphaunrooh, good idea15:18
cjphaunrhold on15:18
xantrexthink its because of intel gfx and HDMI cable15:19
vernac36if it does work normaly, then move your own .config/ folder of you usual user to .config_old, and try to login again to see if it works.15:19
cjphaunrswitched users, same thing, empty desktop, context menu with 3 entries, none do anything15:20
cjphaunrall the activites and the side buttons work tho, so there's that at least15:20
vernac36yeah your ubuntu is broken.15:20
taylanhi all, I will probably be upgrading to a VPS with 22.04 soon, but I noticed that Apache2 is still at 2.4.52.  would I be able to easily install a newer version?  interestingly, Debian 11 has 2.4.54 already even though Deb11 was released before 22.04.15:22
vernac36fastest way: boot on a live USB ubuntu, last version, if all works fine with it, install it, but think about saving your /home/user/ folder first, to copy it back afterwhile.15:22
jhutchinstaylan: What does .54 have that .52 doesn't, and why do you need it?15:29
yolo_software-properties kept reminding me new installation is ready, apt update did not agree, so I have now permanently disabled software-properties' reminders15:30
taylanjhutchins: I'd like to install the latest (.55) actually.  there seem to be a number of CVEs fixed with every new version, and the http2 library was also updated apparently which I suppose might improve performance.  https://www.apachelounge.com/Changelog-2.4.html15:31
leftyfbyolo_: did you have a support question? Did you file a bug?15:31
yolo_while I was switching between nvidia driver and the open source one, somehow my old system is now using OEM kernel, per google OEM kernel is for new hardware, should I switch to HWE?15:31
leftyfbtaylan: CVE's are applied to supported releases in Ubuntu15:31
jhutchinstaylan: Have you checked to see if those CVEs are patched in Ubuntu?  They often are backported.15:31
taylanoh ok, that's a relief at least15:32
lawrence2ola mundo15:32
leftyfb!br | lawrence215:32
ubottulawrence2: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.15:32
jhutchinstaylan: Nothing prevents you from installing Apache directly from the source.15:32
taylanthe http2 updates/fixes still interest me.  I've tried setting up http2 on my Debian 10 (Apache 2.4.38) and have some really weird bugs, which #httpd is telling me might be due to buggy older versions of mod_http2...15:33
taylanI guess I could compile it myself in worst case...15:34
cjphaunrmanaged to fixed the desktop with apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop15:34
cjphaunrhopefully didn't break anything else15:34
taylanbtw tangentially related question: are there any significant differences I should be aware of when switching from Debian 10/11 to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, for a headless web server?15:35
jhutchinstaylan: Do you have backups and a recovery strategy?15:40
taylanjhutchins: yeah, I mean more in terms of differences in the default CLI environment, system configuration, package management, and such15:56
taylanI know both offer basic GNU shell & utilities, systemd, and RPM/apt, so I guess it should be like 90% the same, but you never know...15:58
taylanI was about to ask if Ubuntu has ufw, then I remembered it comes from Ubuntu originally, lol15:59
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jhutchinstaylan: It's still Ubuntu.16:20
jhutchinstaylan: Which, among other things, means that for some people it's completely seamless.16:21
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bparkerhow do I keep my VPN connected all the time? sometimes it randomly disconnects and then refuses to re-connect by itself, even though I have all the relevant options for that turned on17:10
bparkerusing 22.04.117:10
bparkerconnection.autoconnect:                 yes17:12
bparkerconnection.autoconnect-priority:        017:12
bparkerconnection.autoconnect-retries:         0 (forever)17:12
leftyfbbparker: a lot of VPN servers, when the client loses a connection, the server still thinks the client is connected and there's a timeout period. It can be several minutes17:13
leftyfbin my experience17:13
bparkerleftyfb: it stayed disconnected overnight17:23
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bparkeralso that doesn't make sense because if the client loses a connection, it should still keep trying anyway17:25
bparkerI don't think any VPN software would reject a client trying to connect just because it thinks it's still connected when it isn't17:26
bparkerthat would be weird17:26
bparkerand self-DoSing17:26
leftyfbnope, that's exactly how some of them work17:27
leftyfband, of the clients I've used, none of them have givem me the ability to keep trying a failed connection17:28
leftyfbmind you, this is a client VPN, not site to site. The latter should keep trying17:28
bparkersounds like a really crappy client17:37
PriceyRaspberry pi 2, ubuntu 22.04 installed fresh. ralink rt5370 usb wireless plugged in. Shows in lsusb but not "iw dev" etc. Any suggestions?17:40
jhutchinsbparker: The easiest way is to create a keepalive signal that performs a transaction periodically (every few seconds or longer) to keep the connection active.  Sometimes this is included in the VPN software, sometimes not.17:46
ioriaPricey, does it show in 'ip a' ?17:47
bparkerI just made a cron job that checks with nmcli if it's up, and starts it if it isn't17:47
ubottusome help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b17:47
bparkersurely more reliable than trying to make NetworkManager keep trying forever17:47
Priceyioria: No. It's not in /sys/class/net either.17:47
jhutchinsPricey: Sounds like the driver's not loaded.17:47
leftyfbPricey: does it show up in lsusb?17:48
ioriaPricey, unplug, plug again and run 'dmesg' and check the tail17:48
Priceydmesg & lsusb: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/3zHYG2z95W/17:49
ioriaPricey, so, iwconfig is blank ?17:50
PriceyYep. No devices.17:50
PriceyJust unplugging and replugging to grab a new dmesg.. but no errors last time I tried.17:50
ioriaPricey, yep, paste it again with  more outputs17:51
madamhi, tried to login to ubuntu 22.04 xorg-session and the display turns all "blueish". Has anyone else expirienced this?17:53
dTaldescribe blueish17:53
madamlike watching through blue glasses17:54
jhutchinsmadam: Closest thing I've seen is a loose or bad video cable.17:54
madamit is a laptop screen17:54
dTalcould be an incorrect ICC profile being automatically loaded17:55
leftyfbbparker: https://askubuntu.com/a/110332617:55
PriceyUpdated dmesg: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/QtNtD3rbTn/ (After unplugging and replugging)17:55
jhutchinsmadam: How do you suppose the video signal gets to the display?  Laptops can have even more trouble because the (ribbon) cable is constantly flexed.17:55
dTalI assume the color is normal in a virtual console17:55
dTaljhutchins: they're suggesting the color is only bad inside xorg17:55
PriceyI know the usb dongle is good because an hour ago, it was working with an sd card with ubuntu 20.04 on. This is a fresh install of 22.04 today.17:56
madamwhat's this icc profile?17:56
leftyfbmadam: https://www.benq.com/en-us/knowledge-center/knowledge/what-is-icc-profile-designer-should-care-about.html   first result on google for "what is icc profile"17:56
madamwhen is switch to tty it is blue as well17:57
dTalwhat about before you ever enter X?17:57
dTalin the bootloader, say?17:57
jhutchinsleftyfb: Would the question then be "Why do I have to mess with this on a default install?" (Assuming it is a default.)17:57
madamon wayland session everything is ok, normal color.17:58
leftyfbjhutchins: icc doesn't need to be messed with unless you care about color correction17:58
dTalokay that's a really interesting and useful data point17:58
dTalhow blueish we talking? Like, just kind of coolish, or really blue?17:59
ioriaPricey, ip a | nc termbin.com 999917:59
madamrealy blue17:59
dTalhuh, neither an ICC profile nor redshift is likely to cause such a dramatic shift18:00
Priceyioria: There is no wireless device shown by ip a.18:00
dTalany chance you could upload a screenshot?18:00
madamredshift isn't installes anyway18:00
Priceyioria: Just lo & eth0.18:00
ioriaPricey, what's your kernel ?18:01
Priceyioria: Linux tiny 5.15.0-1024-raspi #26-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Wed Jan 18 15:31:10 UTC 2023 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux18:01
ioriaPricey, sudo modprobe -v rt2800usb18:02
Priceyioria: modprobe: FATAL: Module rt2800usb not found in directory /lib/modules/5.15.0-1024-raspi18:02
ioriaPricey, well, you missed the driver18:02
madamdTal: hold on18:03
Priceyioria: Sure, not clear where I get it from.18:03
dTalmadam: my hunch is that this is some form of brokenness in colour management under Xorg on your system18:03
ioriadifficult to make it works18:03
dTalI would check the color management section in Gone Control Center18:04
dTalsee if it differs under Xorg and Wayland18:04
madamwow, just did a screenshot and watched it on a different pc and it looks perfectly fine there18:04
dTalwell, that's informative I guess18:05
Priceyioria: Aha, looks like I want linux-modules-extra-raspi !18:05
ioriai'd say that18:05
dTalactually I see on my machine that redshift isn't preserved in screenshots either18:06
dTal(redshift uses the same xorg mechanism as color calibration)18:06
dTalare virtual consoles still blueish even if you switch to them after using wayland?18:07
madamas I said, I've not installed redshift. Is it installed by default?18:07
dTal>>(redshift uses the same xorg mechanism as color calibration)18:07
dTalredshift per se is not relevant, I'm just using it as a convenient way to trigger xorg's per-channel gamma adjustment18:08
dTalbecause it's easier for me to click the lightbulb on my taskbar than try and load an ICC profile for the purposes of experimenting18:09
madamwhen I'm in wayland gui and tty have the right colours18:09
dTalso, tty is blue when you switch to it from xorg, and not blue when switched to from wayland?18:09
dTalthis is definitely a color management thing18:10
dTalxorg's is broken somehow18:10
madamlet me have a look in the xorg error log18:10
madamor could I just reinstall xorg?18:11
dTaldid you see my suggestion to look in Gnome Control Center to see if there's an ICC profile loaded in either Xorg or Wayland?18:11
dTalno, reinstalling never accomplishes anything.18:11
madamyes there's a profile18:11
dTalIn xorg, wayland, or both?18:12
madamit says automatic-notebook18:12
dTal...in xorg, wayland, or both?18:12
madamwayland I need to check18:13
madambut wouldn't it be visible on a screenshot if it had anything to do with a colour profile?18:14
jhutchinsmadam: There's an easy way to find out.18:14
Priceyioria jhutchins leftyfb That was it. Just needed linux-modules-extra-raspi installed. Thanks for your help.18:14
dTalif profiles affected screenshots, then when you looked at a screenshot the profile would be applied twice. If you took a screenshot of *that* it would be applied 3 times, etc18:15
madamwow, just loged out of xorg and loged in to wayland and now thers blue as well18:15
madamin wayland there's no colour profil18:16
dTalbut it's blue now18:16
dTalUnhelpful of it to change like that18:17
dTalDid you make any changes?18:17
madamwhen I reboot, wayland colour will work. I tried that already18:18
dTalAhhh okay18:18
dTalso here's my verdict18:18
toddcmadam: might try a live usb but it looks like a hardware issue18:18
dTalit is the automatic profile18:18
dTalmadam: disable the automatic-notebook color profile in xorg18:18
madamdTal: I tried tha, it stayed blue18:19
dTalwayland looks blue *after* you run xorg, because xorg loads the profile into the graphics card and wayland doesn't unload it18:19
madamcan't imagine a hw issue for xorg18:19
dTaldid you reboot after doing that?18:20
madamno I did not18:20
dTalyou may have to18:20
madamI'll give it a try18:20
madamthis pc just takes ages to reboot18:23
madamlol now after reboot there's no automatich color profile18:27
madamcould try and set one, but I've never done this. which one should I choose?18:27
dTalhow's the color?18:28
madamblue :)18:28
dTalI'm out of ideas18:29
dTalexcept one - install redshift18:29
dTalsee what happens if you toggle it on and off18:29
dTalshould fix the colors, if my theory about the basic cause is correct18:30
madamoh just tried to set color profile to sRGB. now I cant read a thing18:30
madamwill that be reset if I reboot18:30
dTalyou shouldn't need to set any profile, your screen looks fine under wayland18:30
dTalwayland doesn't support any color calibration18:31
dTalno I don't think it will be reset if you reboot18:31
madamso what can I do now? It's all black and I cannot read a thing18:32
dTaldid you read what I said about redshift? Toggling it will unload any color profile.18:32
dTalInstall it and toggle it.18:32
madamno unfortuntely your redshift hint came after my try and error aproach. I'm rebooting into wayland and try to install redshift18:33
dTalmadam: you might find it helpful to enable SSH access, when performing trial and error that can render the display unusuable18:42
dTalespecially if it takes a long time to reboot18:42
madamdTal: it is enabled thx18:43
bancroftIf I pin a package and perform a do-release-upgrade, will the upgrade change the version of the package?18:47
madamI have no clue what's going on. Just after reboot into xorg the blue disapeared18:47
madamI mean I installed redshift but didn't start it yet. but it works now18:48
oerheksbancroft, The upgrade tool is intended to not-work with held/pinned  packages, as that's a pretty sure sign that problems will occur; thus it flags itself & refuses to continue.18:49
oerhekscheck out what version of the package will be installed, and make up your mind18:49
bancroftoerheks: i'm trying to upgrade from ubuntu 18.04->22.04 and haproxy is a royal #$%@#$%@#$% pain. I need to keep it in the same version because it suddenly believes my certificates are invalid18:50
bancroft20.04 didn't work either18:50
oerheksgood luck then.18:50
bancroftis there another way to keep the same version of haproxy?18:51
bancroftwithout building it from source18:51
oerhekswhich version, 2.6?18:52
bancroft1.8.8 is the one that comes with ubuntu 18.0418:52
ioriathat's for bionic18:53
madamdTal: thx for your help. gota walk my dog but will verify this later.18:53
oerheksi bet no, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haproxy18:53
dTalmadam: happy to help, hope it sticks, good luck. Hopefully I've given you some leads anyway18:53
oerhekswhy would certificates fail?18:54
bancroftyou're telling me, I have no idea. I looked at the PCAP and I see Bad Certificate (42)18:55
bancroftthat's without changing the config at all. What worked for years on HaProxy 1 doesn't on 2 and I've spent days playing with cipher lists to no avail18:56
ioriamaybe the libssl3 instead of the libssl118:57
oerheksyou might want to reask in #ubuntu-server too18:57
oerheksioria, i was thinking something like that, ssl3?18:58
oerheksbad sig18:58
bancroftthanks ioria and oerheks I've asked on #ubuntu-server and i'll wait for a reply there19:03
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pconst167hi all19:28
pconst167why is ubuntu so good?19:28
pconst167why is it the best distro ever19:28
pconst167even better than archlinux19:28
pconst167somebody explain please19:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:29
ravagewhy are trolls so unimaginative these days is another great offtopic :)19:29
pconst167i am not a troll19:29
pconst167i use ubuntu19:30
ograwell, then you should know the answer19:30
ogra(since you decided to like it more than arch or others)19:30
pconst167i am not sure of the answer19:31
ograthen go to #ubuntu-offtopic and discuss it there (and probably find the answer)19:31
ogra... or to #ubuntu-discuss19:31
pconst167why is it off-topic19:32
pconst167this is the ubuntu channe;19:32
ograbecause it is not a technical support question19:32
pconst167ubuntu is the most general channel name you can have for ubuntu19:32
pconst167this channel should be ubuntu-technical then19:32
ograthis is not "the ubuntu" channel .. this channel has a sepcific purpose19:32
ograand there are many more prefixed with #ubuntu- for other specific tpoics19:33
alkisgDid I understand correctly, that if I install ubuntu with full disk encryption, TRIM isn't used by default, so SSD speeds get veeeery slower?19:34
ograoh, really ?!?19:34
* ogra has not heard that before19:34
ograisnt TRIM actually handled by the internal controller most of the times tday ?19:35
ograIIRC we dropped the TRIM scripts that periodically ran because of that19:35
alkisgI've read that luks doesn't send trim to avoid zeros to enhance security19:36
oerheksone could enable trim with discard, and some other steps, but i doubt ssd speed will get slower over time19:36
oerheksafter making  backup, ofcourse19:37
oerhekshi hi19:37
ograalkisg, well, do you know if devicemapper in debian (or ubuntu) behaves the same ?19:38
alkisgIn some older tests of mine the speed without trim dropped more than 10 times...19:38
ograwhen using dm ?19:38
alkisgNo, e.g. comparing a dd after proper trimming, vs a second dd19:41
alkisgIt went from 500 mb/s to 40 or so...19:43
tomreynalkisg: just place the discard option in crypttab19:45
tomreynthat's if you can live with the (i think acceptable) security trade off19:45
tomreyni know of both desktop and server systems using this for years without issues19:46
alkisgtomreyn: I mainly wanted to verify that I understood correctly, that indeed encrypted disks aren't trimmed by default19:47
ograwell, thats what i was asking above ... is that done in ubuntu/debian too ?19:48
tomreynif by encrypted disks you mean a dmcrypt-LUKS layered device, then that's right19:48
alkisgIn that case I will do proper benchmarks over time and I will decide if it's worth it to add the discard option...19:48
ogratell us what you find, i'm surely interested19:49
tomreynyou can also leave some 5-10% disk unpartitioned so the firmware can juggle more blocks around19:49
tomreynbut it's not as good as TRIM which is information only the OS can provide to the disk firmware19:50
alkisgI mean the default Ubuntu setup when one checks the encrypt my desk button in the installer. I believe that's dmcryps/luks, yeah.19:52
alkisgThank you I will continue with benchmarks and report back after some time19:53
tomreyn(neither debian nor ubuntu use 'discard' on dm-crypt luks layers on SSDs by default, because it does have security impact.)19:53
* alkisg is currently implementing an "auto-unlock encrypted luks devices while combining both a local and a remote secret from the web"...20:01
bparkerleftyfb: yea I was already using that, it isn't helping20:04
alovolawhats up20:49
alovolaben suan o kanaldayim20:50
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compufreakIs there anything in Ubuntu (server) that will tell me what installed packages have major version changes with a release upgrade? i.e. 18.04->20.04 has mysql going from 5.x to 8.x21:19
oerhekscompufreak, releasenotes i guess21:26
Kamil84Hi guys, do you know any alternative to extrausers? So a solution with which I can store metadata about the users in shared directory (I want to hare users data and metadata on shared volume available for multiple machines)?21:26
alkisgLDAP? :)21:29
Kamil84alkisg I was thinking about LDAP as well, but can I specify uid and gid in ldap as well? To have same uid on multiple machines so user could use same shared home directory21:37
esvhey folks, I am trying to setup a vpn using azure vpn gateway and strongswan on 22.04, I get the received proposals subset different to the configured proposals, however, I don't find a place to modify that21:40
esvI used the GUI to setup the new VPN21:40
esvI found the NetworkManager system-connections, but that does not offer enough clues to me where I need to add the offered proposal21:41
esvI've checked /etc/ipsec.conf, strongswan.conf and their respective subdirectories in /etc21:44
ograKamil84, i think to remember that systemd had something like extrausers too21:58
ograhttps://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-sysusers.html ...22:00
ograand particulary https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/sysusers.d.html ...22:02
jhutchinsfor most people in the United States and other democracies, “There is no real reason why you should use a VPN”22:08
leftyfbjhutchins: while I agree whole heartily with that sentiment, it's not really on topic here. Someone might want to use a VPN for legit reasons other than a false sense of security22:10
leftyfbalso, the article you posted is behind a pay wall22:10
jhutchinsWe get a lot of people who have tangled themselves quite thoroughly in illusive security measures that are complete myths.22:13
JSJget directv22:15
leftyfbwe are offtopic22:16
leftyfbfeel free to discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic22:16
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topcat001alkisg: I use the persistent option on both my Arch and Ubuntu machines (along with disabling the read/write work queues as described in the article you posted). This way no config files need to be modified.23:29
topcat001(along with fstrim.timer)23:30
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