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stuartlangridgeThe screensaver doesn't turn off my screen after it's been running for a while, despite having the power manager settings saying that it should. I can manually turn the screen off with "xset dpms force off" (so DPMS works) but if I do that, the screen turns off for a second and then the screensaver turns on, which turns the screen back on. Is there15:01
stuartlangridgesome way I should be fixing this? I'm running 22.04.15:01
gnrpstuartlangridge: There are two settings for this. One is the energy settings, the other one in the screensaver settings. Did you check both?15:02
stuartlangridgehm. I didn't know about energy settings15:02
stuartlangridgewhere will I find the energy settings? They don't seem to be in the settings manager15:03
stuartlangridge(that is: a search in the settings manager for "energy" doesn't show anything)15:03
gnrp"power manager" or so?15:03
stuartlangridgeah, the power manager settings are the ones I set15:04
gnrpsorry, cannot help with that, I'm not on an English system15:04
gnrpah, then search for screensaver15:04
stuartlangridgeI don't think there's anything about screen power in the screensaver settings; there's just a button which leads to the power manager settings?15:04
gnrpon th esecond tab, what does it say after what time it is activated?15:07
gnrpah, sorry, I mis-read your initial question anyway15:07
deadromodd question: why is the cursor in Terminal sometimes a box, sometimes a square? https://paste.pics/205868798151ebeaaa8995d9600aac7315:09
deadromdefocus/focus window changes it usually but sometimes not. minor cosmetic bug I think15:11
stuartlangridgeMy current screensaver and power manager settings: https://i.imgur.com/qo8zdeN.png15:16
stuartlangridgeScreensaver > Lock Screen > Lock the screen after the screensaver is active for [8] minutes (I think this is working ok)15:17
stuartlangridgePower Manager > Display > Blank after [10] minutes, Put to sleep after [11] minutes, Switch off after [12] minutes (these are not working; the screensaver comes on, and stays on forever without the screen ever switching off)15:17
gnrpstuartlangridge: If you put that setting to 0 actually?15:20
gnrpah, no, sorry. I mean, the "Regard the computer as idle" setting. If you set it to 10, the same as the blanking?15:20
gnrpand the other screen saver setting to 015:20
gnrpor actually, what is your goal? You want the screen blank and the screensavre to be active, but locking, after 10 minutes=?15:21
gnrpdeadrom: Full is the one that is focussed, empty the unfocussed one15:21
gnrpif you put e.g. the two next to each other and open a third window, both would go empty15:21
stuartlangridgegnrp: so, what I would like to happen is that after a few minutes of idling, the screensaver turns on, and then a few minutes after that, the screen locker is enabled and the monitor turns off. (The idea here is that when the screensaver turns on, I can wiggle the mouse and get my screen back, without having to put in my password, but if I leave it15:24
stuartlangridgealone for longer than that, the monitor turns off and then to get back in I need to enter a password).15:24
gnrpthen maybe set the screensavre to active for five minutes (after idle), the locking after 0 minutes, and the other settings to stay. What happens then?15:25
gnrpah, and btw, do you maybe have also some GPU driver software that coul dhave its own settings? I had this with NV GPUs15:25
stuartlangridgeI don't think I have extra gpu driver software? I haven't installed any deliberately. I have an AMD card.15:27
stuartlangridgeI have the screensaver active after 5 minutes of idle; this is right. I then have it set to lock 8 minutes after that (so that the screensaver is on but not locked between idle minute 5 and idle minute 13). In power management, it's set to "blank after 10 minutes" (sleep after 11, switch off after 12), but it doesn't say when it starts counting15:29
stuartlangridgethat 10 minutes?15:29
gnrpit should start from the idling moment on15:29
gnrpI don't actually know... but my guess would be that probably the screensaver might be a non-idle application so the power management does not take over?15:30
stuartlangridgeok. So, if you do "xset dpms force off", and it turns your monitor off, does the screensaver then start and turn your monitor back on?15:30
stuartlangridgemine does, and that's what I want to fix, and I don't know how15:30
stuartlangridgeif the screensaver counts as non-idle and that keeps the screen alive then that's... surely wrongly designed? :)15:31
stuartlangridgeI'm happy to file a bug about this somewhere, but I don't know where that should be. https://xubuntu.org/help/ doesn't mention any bug filing.15:32
gnrpah, and btw, is there maybe a setting for this screensaver you chose?15:34
gnrp(the settings button below the list of screensavers)15:35
stuartlangridgethere is, but there's nothing in there about power management or displays; it lets me set the frame rate and whether there's an eye showing15:37
gnrpmaybe try a different screen saver and see whether the behavior is reproducable15:39
gnrpthis way you could nail down whether it's the screen saver or a power seetings thing15:39
stuartlangridgeah, it happens with all screen savers, sadly. (I was using the coloured squares one which is the only one that was there, before I installed the xscreensaver-* packages to get the others.)15:43
kiki_hI accidentally deleted the launcher. Is there a way I can get it back on screen so I can access my programs and stuff not only through the terminal? Left click doesn't help.19:35
kiki_h(right click)19:37

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