BluesKajHi all13:24
sgmoore[m]Snaps update: The extension is done and will be merged. Though we still have to wait for a release. My frameworks ppa for focal to do security updates has been a battle due to random dependency failures, but it builds fine in a focal chroot.. anyway, finally got qtbase to build, so starting the rest of qt now, then frameworks. This has been quite a lot of work! I need to come up with a better solution for next core update.13:41
ahoneybun[m]heyo BluesKaj and sgmoore (@sgmoore:kde.org) good to see you folks13:54
BluesKaj'morning ahoneybun[m]. nice to see you too 14:00
BluesKajbrb, gotta reboot14:01
arraybolt3mmikowski: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/02/samsung-releases-firmware-fix-for-rapid-failure-issue-in-new-990-pro-ssds/ Not sure if this will effect some Kubuntu Focus systems or not, but you may want to be aware of that. (FWIW I just tried to update my 970 EVO and it was already on the latest firmware so I'm guessing this likely doesn't affect at least certain 1 TB XE systems.)20:27
ahoneybun[m]I don't think I have seen any.20:27
mmikowskiarraybolt3: Thank you! We actually are holding back on 990 adoption for this reason. We also benched internally, and the 990 Pro is only faster for some PCIe 4 systems; in others, it's actually slower.21:44
mmikowskiSo at this point, no KFocus systems "in the wild" have 980 or 990 SSDs.21:44
arraybolt3Ah, nice.21:44
arraybolt3Sounds like you have this figured out then. Thanks for letting me know!21:45
mmikowskiYou're welcome Aaron. Good to see you, btw!21:45
arraybolt3Thanks! Gonna finish a final bit of work in LXQt and then probably finish up the work needed on the theme change bug.21:46
arraybolt3(Just need to find a minimal delta that fixes the glitch, and ensure it works reliably on Kubuntu 22.04, then I can MR it and maybe even get an upload sponsored into Ubuntu.21:46
mmikowskiWe still have to update the BIOS on the 990 we have in house; you've probably heard they lose 1% health every day. So in 100 days, they're all "used up"21:47
mmikowskiThank Aaron!21:47
arraybolt3Sheesh. DIdn't know it was that bad.21:47
arraybolt3Good to know.21:48
arraybolt3mmikowski: I wonder if a Secure Erase would undo the "damage" assuming it's a firmware glitch and not real wear. Anyway, just a though.21:48
mmikowskiIt almost definitely depends on usage, so ours is currently powered-off and set aside.21:48
mmikowskiThe reports now are the firmware will stop the counter, but does not reset it.21:49
mmikowskiAccording to the press, that is not possible.21:49
mmikowskiArs Technica, IIRC.21:49
arraybolt3Dang. That stinks. Usually a Secure Erase command will force-reset an SSDs protection mechanisms and make a read-only locked SSD "unlock", I wonder if the 990 Pro is different.21:50
mmikowskiHmm, I don't know. Hopefully, I won't have to know :)21:50
mmikowskiWe held back on the 980/990s because we found the 980 PCIe 4 replacement had a different performance profile, but everything beyond peak transfer speeds was a mixed bag, so we didn't upgrade.21:52
mmikowskiThe TLC memory plus DRAM-less design was a problem.21:53
mmikowskiThe 990 Pro promises much better, but now there's that firmware issue. So we are on hold there.21:53
mmikowskiIf we ship any soon, we will need to test and upgrade the bios.21:53
arraybolt3Makes sense.21:54
mmikowskiIf we had shipped, we would have had to create a focusrx tool to update it. Thankfully, we don't have to :)21:54
arraybolt3As a hint, I attempted to boot the firmware ISO for the 970 EVO on this XE and it *did not boot*. I don't know if the 990 behaves the same, but at least some of Samsung's firmware update ISOs are wonky.21:54
arraybolt3Thankfully you can apparently extract the updater tool from the ISO and run it on (K)Ubuntu.21:54
arraybolt3Should it come in handy, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1348219/how-to-update-samsung-ssd-firmware-from-ubuntu21:55
mmikowskiHmm, interesting! Yeah, the nvme command can load a firmware slot.21:55
arraybolt3The Samsung ISO just boots to a black screen, but I was able to run the "fumagician" bit inside on the KFocus 22.04 ISO and it worked just fine (at least to tell me that my firmware was up-to-date).21:56
mmikowski^^ And there's the problem :)21:57
mmikowskiThanks arraybolt3! Those I very handy. I will add to the ticket.21:57
mmikowskiarraybolt3: Sorry to trouble you, but is this the source for fumagician? https://github.com/chrivers/samsung-firmware-magic22:01
arraybolt3I don't know, I'll check. I extracted fumagician out of the ISO directly from Samsung.22:01
arraybolt3mmikowski: That's a decrypter for the firmware blob, I don't think that's helpful.22:02
arraybolt3fumagician is a tool from Samsung - it's the updater inside the firmware update ISO itself. I assume it's proprietary.22:03
mmikowskihmm, where do you get it?22:05
mmikowskidownload from samsung right22:05
arraybolt3Under the Firmware section.22:05
mmikowskiahh, very nice22:05
arraybolt3(Interesting that they encrypt the firmware blob, but hey, as long as the SSD works I'm happy :D)22:05
mmikowskiThanks so much! Adding all that to ticket now!22:05
arraybolt3Glad to help!22:06

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