hassletimehey all01:33
lotuspsychjegood morning03:10
ilvipero<lotuspsychje> "good morning" <- 👋 good morning 03:23
lotuspsychjehowdy ilvipero 03:23
* luna used plain Ubuntu at the new job for the first time today :)17:43
leftyfbluna: how did you like it?18:13
lunaleftyfb, worked good for what i used it for18:14
arraybolt3I'm silly - any time I hear someone say that some particular flavor of Ubuntu is working for them, I want to switch to that flavor :P I'm already planning to hop from Ubuntu Unity to Kubuntu sometime in the near future.18:15
beardedgnuanyone got any ideas .. inspiration.. tweaks... improving performance18:18
arraybolt3beardedgnu: Meh, I generally don't mess with performance tweaks beyond maybe setting my CPU into Performance mode if the flavor I'm on offers that feature.18:23
arraybolt3(Some advice for performance improvements, like disabling security mitigations, can cause way more trouble than it's worth.)18:24
beardedgnuwell if you do that.... enable pstates18:24
beardedgnuyoud like to have my setup? im pushing for max benchmarks18:24
leftyfbbeardedgnu: you should also point out, according to your PM to me, that you're not actually running Ubuntu 18:24
beardedgnutoxic alert18:24
beardedgnuwhos this guy18:24
arraybolt3I guess this is for discussion of Ubuntu, so we don't really care what OS you're running, but tricks that you use to improve performance on one distro might not work on Ubuntu, that's all.18:25
arraybolt3(They might work, too.)18:25
leftyfbbeardedgnu: #ubuntu and #ubuntu-discuss are channels for Ubuntu support and discuss respectively. Hence "Ubuntu" being in the name of the channel. You would be better served in #linux or #linux-offtopic to discuss your distro, custom or not18:26
beardedgnui didnt even name what distro im running youre just seeking something hallucinatory to call me out on18:27
beardedgnuignore. bye18:28
arraybolt3beardedgnu: Please remain respectful as per the Ubuntu Code of Conduct if you intend to use this room or any of the Ubuntu IRC channels.18:28
leftyfb[13:20:29] <beardedgnu> i have full userspace script plus my custom kernel.. which is a combination of clear linux xanmod and me. theres no faster stuff out there18:28
arraybolt3(Also ignoring regular members can make things go south if someone calls operators.)18:28
beardedgnuthe fact is this toxic guy just wants to lash out and im not trolling cause im outspoken. seeking sneaky ways to do so.18:28
leftyfbbeardedgnu: there's been no lashing out or anything toxic. I'm just pointing out that your discussion about your custom distro which isn't based on or related to Ubuntu in any way is not an appropriate topic for #ubuntu nor #ubuntu-discuss18:30
arraybolt3He's not lashing out, he has a point. The room is for discussion of Ubuntu. Clear Linux is probably awesome, but it's not Ubuntu, and that's not what this channel is for. I'd get given warnings and the like if I brought Ubuntu optimization into the Arch Linux room too, since that's not what that room is for.18:30
leftyfbbeardedgnu: I've given you more appropriate channels which would be more receptive to your discussion18:30
beardedgnuits kernel  not distro18:30
beardedgnuprobably he doesnt know the difference between kernel and distro...18:31
arraybolt3beardedgnu: Clear Linux is a distro separate from Ubuntu.18:31
beardedgnucl has a kernel as well that can run on any distro. you know that18:31
arraybolt3Unless you mean you built the Clear Linux kernel for Ubuntu, which is still not really recommended but that would make sense.18:31
beardedgnuyes but already got judged with assumptions18:31
arraybolt3beardedgnu: And don't assume people know everything. I don't study Clear Linux, and I'm in the Ubuntu room. This is the very reason we keep things Ubuntu-related in this room. Would you please stop disrupting, insulting, and being generally mean?18:32
beardedgnuas usual here right>?  nothing new18:32
beardedgnui just made some stuff which benches 13 times faster hackbench right18:32
beardedgnusharing is caring right?18:32
beardedgnuthats the thanks you get nowadays for contributing18:32
leftyfbbeardedgnu: what release of ubuntu is it running on?18:32
beardedgnubesides the point. im just wondering... im seeking ideas or any tweaks something i might have missed if anyone has any clue. im making my stuff compatible over many distros. so anything that works in ubuntu i can incorporate18:36
arraybolt3beardedgnu: What release of Ubuntu are you using this setup on?18:37
leftyfbbeardedgnu: if you want to contribute, it would be helpful to add to or create a wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ detailing all the ways you suggest others to improve their performance on Ubuntu (sans custom kernel)18:45
leftyfb!wiki | beardedgnu 18:45
ubottubeardedgnu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.18:45
Jeremy31leftyfb: Did that command for the wireless script request a sudo password in terminal for you22:35
leftyfbyeah, that's one issue with it I keep forgetting about. My machine is setup not to ask22:35
Jeremy31I am not sure if chmod +x is still needed on it or not.  I should look at the code to see if it looks for some of the new rtw88 and rtw89 modules22:37
leftyfbit's needed regardless of the contents, unless you just call it with bash22:38
Jeremy31Hasn't been updated in 3 years, so rtw88 and 89 need to be added.  I will see if Wild Man on the forums can push my commits later22:41
leftyfbwe should make it more of a general data-collection tool22:42
leftyfblike inxi but without having to install it22:42
leftyfbalso add the ability to pipe the output like to nc and not have to write out a file or pop up the messages22:43
leftyfbwget script -O - | bash | nc termbin.om 999922:43
leftyfband suggest to users to just login as root to run it, though that's generally not good advice22:44
Jeremy31leftyfb: general info like https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2465764&highlight=inspired22:44
leftyfbsome time was spent on this22:46
Jeremy31I think the original date on the wireless script was 201222:47
leftyfbthe system-info gathers good info, but the UX for it needs to be improved22:50
leftyfbsimilarly to what I mentioned about the wireless-info script22:50
Jeremy31I think I remember some talk about not making it fairly private and non invasive.  It would be easy to have it upload to termbin22:52
Jeremy31leftyfb: first changes https://github.com/jeremyb31/wireless-info/raw/master/wireless-info23:42

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