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dclaneHi release team. I've just prepared a security update for libapr1; I'm wondering if you'd like me to hold off pushing it to the jammy security pocket, or if I'm ok to do that. Please let me know if/what extra information you might need.04:05
nishitHi team, let me know if it is ok for me to push mariadb-10.6 updates to jammy, bug ref: https://launchpad.net/bugs/200688204:26
-ubottu:#ubuntu-release- Launchpad bug 2006882 in mariadb-10.6 (Ubuntu) "MDEV-29988 affects MariaDB in Ubuntu" [Undecided, New]04:26
sil2100Some recent changes broke source builds on cdimage, investigating10:11
sil2100I guess the edubuntu ones10:12
Eickmeyersil2100: Did Steve and I break something?15:35
sil2100Eickmeyer: just a minor missed thing in etc/config in cdimage, actually was broken already by the unity addition - nothing too relevant though!16:38
Eickmeyersil2100: *whew*16:38
EickmeyerStill waiting for livecd-rootfs to migrate which is broken by a false regression in amd64 which reminds me...16:39
Eickmeyerbdmurray: It's doing it again.16:39
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Eickmeyerubuntu-release: I know we haven't hit feature freeze yet, but unfortunately, due to some health issues on my team, we have one package I had to preemptively file an FFe for since he can't even get close on it: bug 200802521:41
-ubottu:#ubuntu-release- Bug 2008025 in studio-controls (Ubuntu) "[FFe] studio-controls updates in lunar" [High, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200802521:42
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