kwakIs it normal for /etc/apt/preferences.d to be empty?00:23
leftyfbkwak: yes00:27
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kwakI'm using Ubuntu, and a popup appeared while running sudo apt-get upgrade. Given that Ubuntu stupidly accepts your keypress as a popup selection without any grace period whatsoever, I of course hit space and made a selection. After that, apt-get upgrade started throwing "Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returend an error code (1)" errors. What was the popup?01:38
hassletimewhat is gong on here...hassle@hassle-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo snap install discord01:42
hassletimeerror: snap "discord" has "install-snap" change in progress01:42
izwetzquestion for anyone here, has anyone else run into an issue with Ubuntu search feature not allowing selection of anything with mouse or keyboard on search in the home menu?01:54
hassletimeanyone actively helping atm?01:57
hassletimeroger that01:57
izwetzI tried digging around on bug tracker and forums but couldnt find anything that could help (probably because wording it somewhat difficult)01:59
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pubawhich is the most installed ide on ubuntu?02:44
grym"ide" is kind of a badly defined term02:46
tomreynof course, that's just a guess, since many would install it to edit configuration files, too02:46
tomreynand there are no public statistics for ubuntu02:46
pubathanks, which do you guess are the 3 most popular?02:47
theoremhmm, ok then ..02:48
theoremso, I have an install of ubuntu on a USB drive02:48
theoremit was bootable, but now, it is not, it's no longer an option in my grub startup menu02:48
theoremI suspect that grub has removed it as a startup option as the system has gone through a kernel update and skipped inbluding the device in the grub changes.02:49
pubagrym: why?02:49
theoremI'd like to boot the USB device again -- and using it like a 'live cd' like I was using it as before.02:49
theoremwhat do I need to do with grub, or the USB drive to boot it ?02:49
theorem(non UEFI )02:50
grympuba: there's a continuum from "barebones text editor" to "giant big IDE tool", and where you draw the line between them isn't something there's universal consensus on02:51
esvhey folks, I am trying to setup a strongswan vpn using the vpn settings gui in ubuntu 22.04, I am getting received proposals: ESP:AES_GCM_16_256/NO_EXT_SEQ, to which my connection does not seem configured to receive02:52
esvbut can't find where to configure it02:52
esvit seems older versions provided a setting to add special ike/esp configuration to the VPN tunnel but that option is gone in 22.0402:53
pubagrym: ok thanks, so, where do most programmers using ubuntu do their coding? (top 3 guess)02:54
grympuba: in which languages02:54
esvdoes anyone know how to add that proposal to my vpn setting?02:54
pubagrym: oksay python02:55
grympuba: pycharm or vscode are both quite populare02:55
tomreynesv: "proposals attributes in swanctl.conf": https://docs.strongswan.org/docs/5.9/config/IKEv2CipherSuites.html02:55
pubaok, thanks02:56
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grympuba: i write a lot of python; i use pycharm and emacs, most often02:57
pubagrym: thanks, and which is a good lightweight one?02:57
grympuba: i guess vscode? see this is where it gets to that "nobody agrees" part02:58
pubapycharm isn't in the softwarecenter02:59
pubai see thonny eric03:00
grymthonny is an interesting little tool; useful for teaching, but less so for "real work"03:00
tomreynesv: if this is a site-to-site vpn with a proprietary / hosted counterpart claiming "strongswan compatible", i recommend also studying the documentation of the counter part, just because much can go wrong and it's not rare that little implementation details (such as "oh and this is actually not supported" or "oh and we actually handle this differently") can make the difference between you living a happy life and going nuts, especially if you03:00
tomreynneed to coordinate about this with another party managing the remote.03:00
leftyfbpuba: snap search pycharm03:01
grympycharm's snap can get a little weird03:01
grymgetting community off of jetbrains directly is more reliable03:02
pubawhat do you think of eric?03:02
leftyfbgrym: sure, though that would be unsupported here03:02
grymleftyfb: so? :P03:03
leftyfbpuba: I think we should take this conversation to #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic03:03
esvtomreyn, yeah, the guide I am following does not seem to account for nothing03:03
leftyfbgrym: we tend to recommend software that is from the official ubuntu repo's so we can help with them if there's problems03:04
pubaokk thanks03:04
santa5324hi im tring to inaall tsurugi linux os on my laptop the 2023 beta iso and i keep getting a grub error so it installs but then when i try to boot it it boots into the grub command line and i keep trying to trouble shoot it but theres not a lot of info on tsurugi linux and i can boot into it if i run super grub2 on a usb and search for my os°s and then i can run it properly04:25
leftyfbsanta5324: you'll need to seek support from "tsurugi linux". We can only support Ubuntu and the official flavors here.04:26
santa5324if anyone can help me id really appreciate it thank you04:27
santa5324it is ran with ubuntu04:27
leftyfbsanta5324: sorry, but it is not an official release of ubuntu and cannot be supported here. Please seek support from tsurugi linux04:27
arraybolt3Unofficial derivatives of Ubuntu frequently apply customizations that we aren't equipped to handle, thus why we ask that questions about them be taken elsewhere.04:29
leftyfbsanta5324: good luck04:30
ymdI need to pin my php installation to 8.1.  My puppet logs indicates that I am installing php8.1.  But then my composer install run fails because php8.2 is deployed, rather than 8.1.  These is no evidence in the logs that php8.2 is installed.  Somehow it is being inadvertently upgraded in the background.  Any ideas on why that might be? or at least how it is I can pin php at 8.1 and preventing this04:35
arraybolt3ymd: unattended-upgrades might be biting you. Are you using apt pinning?04:36
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arraybolt3ymd: Also, what version of Ubuntu are you on?04:36
leftyfbymd: php8.2 isn't available on any ubuntu releases. Remove the custom repository you have for php8.204:38
morgan_utotally new problem. screencapture is borked and I have one square light spot on my screen and nothing happens when I invoke screenshot and I dont know what to do to reset it.04:38
leftyfbymd: then you don't have to pin 8.1 as that is the default04:38
ymdyes, apt-get under the hood.  no, but believe I need to pin this.  I have only used pinning a couple of times, but it has been years.  Can you give me a clue, please to get me started?  preferably a cli invocation I can easily automate?  is there a tool I can use for this purpose?04:38
ymdah, thanks, leftyfb.  I am using an upstream repo.  I will try that.04:39
leftyfbymd: (uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ) | nc termbin.com 999904:39
ymdarraybolt3, leftyfb : https://termbin.com/uvqfc04:41
ymdnice trick with nc.  Had not seen that before.04:41
arraybolt3ymd: Is there a reason you have to use the upstream repo?04:42
arraybolt3php is in the Main repo in Ubuntu, so it will get backported security updates.04:42
arraybolt3Unless you need *features* from a newer version, the version in Ubuntu should do what you need.04:42
leftyfbymd: php8.1 isn't available in Ubuntu 20.0404:42
leftyfbyou should upgrade to 22.0404:42
arraybolt3Oh, didn't realize this was Focal. My bad.04:42
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Lazlodoes anyone know offhand how to rebuild kernel modules for nvidia on ubuntu?  I'm only seeing pre-built modules in apt, is there no dkms package?06:05
arraybolt3Lazlo: I do not believe there is a DKMS package.06:15
hassletimeanyone around to help yet?06:17
tomreynhassletime: ask your actual question and see what happens ;)06:22
hassletimetomreyn, https://pastebin.com/Pm4D5xDb06:23
tomreynhassletime: do you have an ubuntu support question?06:25
hassletimethat is ubuntu06:27
hassletimeterminal question06:27
hassletimewhy am i having that error trying to use snap06:28
hassletimedont worry it fixed itself06:31
tomreynhassletime: the message seems to indicate that an installation of the discord package is already taking place06:31
hassletimeyea ...took 1 hour lol06:32
tomreynhassletime: how did you solve it then?06:32
hassletimesomething wasnt right ...but it got there06:32
hassletimei didnt06:32
hassletimeit solved itself06:32
hassletimei just tired again and it worked :)06:32
tomreyncomputer magic!06:32
hassletimestrange but true06:32
hassletimesome type of witchcraft no doubt06:33
tomreynglad i didn't have to help with snap06:33
hassletimewhere ya from tomreyn06:33
tomreynan internet near you. i prefer to keep it completely topical here.06:34
hassletimeoh ok no worries fair06:34
hassletimeaustralia here06:34
tomreynthere are other ubuntu channels, if you're interested:06:35
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»06:35
hassletimeany you recommand06:35
tomreynnot really. ;)06:36
hassletimewell there ya have06:36
hassletimei get most answers asking here so no biggy06:36
hassletimehas snap been around a long time?06:37
hassletimeor is it something added in the last few years?06:37
tomreynit's been added to the desktop in the past years06:38
tomreynsorry, i got to get some stuff organized, bbl, but there are others here if you have more questions.06:38
hassletimetomreyn, got another question for you06:45
arraybolt3hassletime: tomreyn had to leave for a bit, but I'm available at the moment.06:46
hassletimein the applications folder,there isnt a firefox shortcut to add to the desktop06:46
hassletimearraybolt3, thanks06:46
arraybolt3hassletime: By "applications folder", do you mean /usr/share/applications?06:47
hassletimeyes sirt06:47
arraybolt3That's probably because Firefox is a Snap in Ubuntu 22.04. Lemme see if I can find where it actually will be.06:47
hassletimethank you06:47
arraybolt3hassletime: Look at /snap/firefox/current/firefox.desktop, that's probably what you're looking for.06:48
hassletimeok thanks looking06:49
hassletimeyep that works06:50
hassletimethere is no icon its like a blank06:50
hassletimelike a blank txt file type thingy06:51
arraybolt3hassletime: I'm guessing you just copied the file from its original location to the desktop?06:51
hassletimethat i did06:51
arraybolt3If so, I think I know why it's doing that.06:51
arraybolt3The .desktop file references a file "/default256.png", which is at /snap/firefox/current/default256.png. I believe the desktop file is correct for within the Snap, but now that it's outside the Snap, you may need to tweak it.06:52
arraybolt3Can you open the .desktop file in a text editor?06:52
arraybolt3OK, look for the "Icon" entry in it.06:54
arraybolt3When you find it, change it from 'Icon=/default256.png' to 'Icon=/snap/firefox/current/default256.png', and then save and close.06:55
hassletimeit doesnt give me the save option06:57
hassletimeyou are trying to save on a read only disk06:57
arraybolt3hassletime: You're editing the one on your desktop, not the one in the /snap/firefox/current folder itself, right?06:57
arraybolt3hassletime: Ah, you opened the wrong one.06:57
arraybolt3hassletime: Edit the one that you copied to your desktop, not the one in the Snap itself.06:58
hassletimescratches head06:58
arraybolt3(Snaps are contained in compressed squashfs files that are read-only, so you can't modify files inside a Snap. But you should be able to modify files that you copied from a Snap onto the main filesystem.)06:58
hassletimeyou are right06:59
hassletimeand i now have a icon06:59
hassletimeits crazy you know this lol06:59
arraybolt3hassletime: :P I do a lot of this stuff in my free time.07:00
hassletimearraybolt3, you still about07:10
arraybolt3hassletime: Yep.07:13
hassletimeok here we go07:13
hassletimeyou know the files icon that is on the dock window thingy07:13
arraybolt3(I assume you're talking about the bar on the left side of the screen when you say "dock window thingy".)07:14
hassletimehow do i get that as a shortcut on the desktop and change the icon to a computer ...lol07:14
hassletimecorrect lol07:14
arraybolt3Hmm, that's a good question. Hang on just a moment...07:15
arraybolt3...ok this might take a few moments, I'm using a different flavor of Ubuntu on my main computer and am booting up a VM to check this.07:15
arraybolt3OK, I see how to change an icon, lemme just find a computer-looking icon now.07:16
hassletimeok :P07:16
arraybolt3OK, got it!07:19
arraybolt3Alright, there should be a "Home" icon on your desktop by default, yes?07:19
arraybolt3hassletime: OK, right click that, then click Properties.07:19
arraybolt3Now you'll see the folder icon in the big middle of the window - click it.07:19
arraybolt3Now, you'll see "Select Custom Icon" pop up.07:20
arraybolt3Click "Other Locations" in the left sidebar.07:20
arraybolt3Now double-click "Computer" (it should have a / at the far right).07:20
hassletimeok looking07:20
arraybolt3You should see folders like "bin", "boot", etc. once you're in the right place.07:20
hassletimeyep im in there07:21
arraybolt3OK, now double-click "usr" (near the bottom of the screen).07:21
arraybolt3Then "share".07:21
arraybolt3Scroll down to find "icons" and double-click that next.07:21
arraybolt3Then "Yaru".07:22
arraybolt3Then "32x32".07:22
arraybolt3Once you double-click that, the icon will be selected.07:22
arraybolt3Now it won't automatcially change.07:22
arraybolt3To get it to change, you'll need to get the desktop to refresh, and so far the easiest way I know to do that is to log out and log back in.07:23
arraybolt3Once you're logged in, you should see the new icon in place.07:23
hassletimedoing that07:23
hassletimewoot woot07:24
hassletimeworked like a charm07:24
oerheks!cookie | arraybolt307:25
ubottuarraybolt3: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:25
hassletime^...points ...your good you are...you..your ...good07:25
arraybolt3If you want, you can also remove the Files app from your dock or whatever it's called.07:25
arraybolt3hassletime: lol, glad I'm able to help. You can just right-click the folder icon in the dock and click "Remove from favorites" to get rid of it.07:26
arraybolt3oerheks: nom nom07:26
hassletimeit gone now..07:27
arraybolt3And that should probably have done what you wanted by moving it to the desktop and making it look like a computer. In the event you decide that having it in the dock is more convenient, you can open the Application Menu, search for "Files", then right-click it and click "Add to favorites", I believe.07:27
arraybolt3Yeah that works.07:27
arraybolt3(And there's even a way to make it look like a computer in the dock, I believe.)07:27
hassletimeawesome mate thanks heaps ...this has been fun ...07:28
hassletimeill have more things i would like to do tomorrow ...on lets help hassle07:28
hassletimeoff to dinner at the sisters now :)07:28
arraybolt3o/ Nice, see you later!07:28
hassletimethanks again !!! talk soon arraybolt3 :)07:29
arraybolt3(Note that I may not be here next time, but usually someone will be.)07:29
hassletimeill keep a eye out07:31
arraybolt3BenC: Any chance you could fix your connection?07:37
arraybolt3BenC: Sorry, tab complete fail. Please disregard my last message.07:38
arraybolt3Bencraft: Any chance you could fix your connection?07:38
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Guest59Hello, I can't reach internet from my home network. My (pfsense) router seems to work fine, I can ping and curl stuff. My (ubuntu) client appears connected (ip a says UP) but I can't ping anything. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?09:19
Guest59`dig` seems to work on both my router and my client09:22
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Guest59I rebooted my router and it works now. No idea what happend, I wish I knew..09:50
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webchat30I am using linux for the first time in my life. I bought a dedicated server and installed the Ubuntu 20.04 desktop LTS distribution in it. local system is windows. I created a user in linux and I added it to the sudo group. While I can paste something I copied from windows to the terminal or mousepad in the root user, I cannot do this in the other11:38
webchat30user I created.11:38
webchat30anybody here ?11:42
BedManwhat error message do you get?11:42
BedManwebchat30: are you still here? :)11:43
webchat30I am not getting any errors. I can't just paste from local machine to linux or from linux to local machine. but i can copy paste in linux11:44
BedManso, you're running a virtual linux host, or it's a separeate computer?11:45
BedManyou need to use a terminal program to log in to the linux host from your windows box11:45
BedManputty or some such11:46
webchat30I rented a separate computer with its own hardware specs via hetzner.com11:46
BedManHow are you getting there?11:47
webchat30im using bitvise11:47
webchat30i am using Bitvise SSH client for connection11:49
webchat30no xterm11:50
BedMancut and paste on xterm is usually done with middle button on your mouse11:51
BedMan(if you have 3)11:51
BedMansometimes depressing the scroll wheel doubles for it11:51
BedManselect a region with left button, paste it with middle button11:52
webchat30but the problem is that in root user i can paste text from local system with ctrl+shift C/V. but the user I created and added to the sudo group I can't do that either11:54
webchat30I think there is a problem with permissions11:54
BedManpermissions and cut/paste are separate issues, generally11:57
webchat30Yes i can't understand what the problem is11:58
webchat30When I searched, no one had this problem.11:58
BedMancut and paste are handled by the host OS.  windows in your case.11:59
BedManyou're running a terminal program on windows to get into the unix host11:59
webchat30Why can the root user copy paste while the added user cant?11:59
BedManas such - the problem lies with windows11:59
BedManreasonable question - it must have something to do with the terminal program12:00
BedManand settings that it has.12:00
BedManI'm not familiar with bitvise - I use openssh and iTerm2 from my mac, which is always consistent12:01
BedManI've used ubuntu as a desktop OS too, which uses the mouse for cut and paste, and only some applications implement the control C/V stuff12:02
BedManin fact, the cut/copy/paste buffer in X11 is very differently implemented than on windows12:02
webchat30Yes, I thought the problem was with the computer. I connected to the server with another computer and it had the same problem. root can copy paste but user cannot.12:02
webchat30same situation12:02
BedMandescribe to me what you mean by connecting to the server please12:03
BedManhow are you doing that?12:03
webchat30connect to seperate computer12:04
BedManhow do you connect to the server?12:05
webchat30with bitvise ssh client12:05
BedManwhat protocol?  are you using ssh or x11 desktop?12:07
webchat30sorry i don't know that i'm a bit of an old man :D12:08
BedManok - so when you connect, do you get a login screen, or do you just get a # or $ prompt?12:09
webchat30there is a login screen12:10
bhechingerHow do I instruct linux on which kernel module to load for a specific device?12:10
bhechingerI need to use the non-stock driver for this usb nic. The one provided with ubuntu has stability issues.12:11
webchat30Why might it be caused? bedman12:15
BedManso that's an x11 implementation...12:15
BedManthere could be a bazilion things up with that...  it's probably the last thing you're going to check tho :-p12:16
webchat30Thank you for your time, I will continue to research12:18
ograbhechinger, blacklist the existing module in /etc/modules-load.d/ https://askubuntu.com/questions/110341/how-to-blacklist-kernel-modules ... then force the one you want via adding it to /etc/modules12:22
ograbhechinger, you might want to run update-initramfs too if you need the module before login during boot12:22
bhechingerNeed it for a system started VM so it may not be a terrible idea to have it in the initramfs. Thanks ogra!12:23
BluesKajHi all13:24
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mlvnreally thought no one been using this anymore13:32
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deadromhi. added user to users group. new terminal or login shell with bash -l : groups does not show new group. what's missing?13:35
mlvnsame question here13:37
tomreyndeadrom: i don't know, but try newgrp?13:37
p3limhow do I get rid of an instanced systemd service? e.g. I want to get rid of myservice@foo, but not myservice@ or myservice@bar13:41
mlvndoes opensuse still works?13:42
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leftyfb!ot | mlvn13:58
ubottumlvn: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:58
deadrommlvn, did it ever? :D14:10
deadromtomreyn, that seems hackish of sorts dunnit?14:11
deadromlike crowbaring a temp thing in14:12
geirhadeadrom: it will take effect next time you log in. For existing sessions, you can run  newgrp users  to get a shell with that group membership in effect14:14
deadromthat was easier in the past. much longer chain from kernel bottom to the X top these days14:15
leftyfbdeadrom: the kernel has nothing to do with it. This has always been how it's worked. If you change group settings for a logged in user, they won't take affect until you log out and back in14:16
deadromin the past, couple years back, spawning a new login session would do it. bash -l <- shell with new group14:17
geirharunning bash -l does not log you in, never has14:20
leftyfbnor out14:20
leftyfbdeadrom: that is just plain wrong14:20
deadroma login shell invokes the login process14:21
deadromthat's what -l does14:21
geirhano, it doesn't14:21
deadromwell then tell the maintainers their manpage is wrong14:21
geirhathe shell reads some different files on startup with the -l option, but that's about it14:21
deadromah. could have been that was a profile nicety in another dist I used back then. ok ok. but then newgrp or reboot are my only options?14:27
geirhareboot is a bit harsh. Just logging out and back in again will suffice14:28
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deadromcould well be I did all this so long ago that it was on Slackware with manual startx. that would explain my crude notion about X and login. well.14:49
lblumeGood afternoon channel14:52
lblumeJust a confirmation that I'm not failing my searches: there isn't a packaged version of the Horde webmail suite for Ubuntu 20.04?14:52
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leftyfblblume: pretty sure that is a dead project. It has seen a single commit in 2 years. Their website's last release was almost 9 years ago14:54
leftyfbsorry, the latest release on their site is from almost 6 years ago14:56
leftyfblblume: the quick answer is, horde is not an available package in the official Ubuntu repos, more than likely due to the reasons above14:57
geirhadeadrom: when logging in on a virtual console, login(1) is the process that sets up a new session, then invokes the login shell listed in passwd. For graphical log in, gdm (or lightdm, kdm or whichever) is the one that does that14:59
lblumeleftyfb: *sigh* You're probably right, it's still not fun to migrate :(15:00
lblumeBut thanks anyway:)15:00
FKAShinobiwhat is the preferred application for audio / video editing?15:44
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: Depends on who you ask.15:46
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: Which are you editing?15:46
FKAShinobijhutchins: Both, I want to edit some home movies, I've ripped from VHS. That will include audio and video. I may hook up my guitar to my machine at some point later on.15:48
arraybolt3FKAShinobi: It's ultimately a matter of personal preference. I personally use Audacity for audio editing and Kdenlive for video.15:49
arraybolt3Some people like Shotcut for video editing, and Ardour is supposedly good for audio editing too (though in my experience it can be tricky to work with as it's a full Digital Audio Workstation and not just an audio editor).15:50
arraybolt3If you want an extreme solution that gives you pretty much everything you could ever hope to have for digital creativity, you could also install Ubuntu Studio.15:50
arraybolt3It's specifically designed for professional video, audio, graphics, etc. work.15:51
arraybolt3(It doesn't come with every single possible app preinstalled, but the number of apps it does come with is mindblowing.)15:51
FKAShinobiarraybolt3: I was thinking of installing it because of the low latency kernel. Guitarix wasn't working well with the standard Ubuntu install.15:51
arraybolt3From what I've read, that should really help.15:52
arraybolt3If you don't want to dual-boot and are OK with transforming your whole current install into Ubuntu Studio, there's an Ubuntu Studio Installer that you can try using on your existing install of Ubuntu.15:52
FKAShinobiDoes Kdenlive install all the KDE environment, or does it work with gnome?15:52
leftyfbattempting to install kdenlive on my gnome system wants to install 269 packages15:53
arraybolt3It will install quite a few KDE libraries and whatnot, but it should work with GNOME. You won't have to do anything drastic like switch DE.15:53
arraybolt3(You can run GNOME apps on KDE and vice versa, you'll just have to install a lot of the DE-related dependencies for the "other DE" if you do so. That shouldn't cause trouble though.)15:54
arraybolt3FKAShinobi: There's also an official Kdenlive AppImage.15:54
FKAShinobiSo why doesn't ubuntu just use the low latency kernel from Ubuntu studio? Did they strip out too much?15:54
arraybolt3The low latency kernel has some tradeoffs.15:55
arraybolt3Basically the generic kernel does everything as fast as possible even if it means delaying some things to get other things done.15:55
arraybolt3The low latency kernel tries to avoid delays at the expense of doing overall work slower.15:55
EickmeyerTL;DR: Power usage.15:55
arraybolt3FKAShinobi: Eickmeyer is the Ubuntu Studio flavor lead, so he'll know way more about this than I do.15:56
EickmeyerThe lower the latency, the higher the hardware to hardware throughput, and the higher the power usage. You wouldn't want to run it full-time on a laptop, and the generic kernel is meant to be just that: a generic kernel meant to be installed on as many devices as possible.15:57
FKAShinobiSo Ubuntu Studio basically uses more power in order to avoid delays?15:57
EickmeyerFKAShinobi: The lowlatency kernel does.15:57
EickmeyerUbuntu Studio != lowlatency kernel, that's just the default kernel installed. You can install the lowlatency kernel on any flavor of Ubuntu.15:57
ubottuUbuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, and/or add the !ubuntustudio-backports PPA. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/15:57
FKAShinobiEickmeyer: so would I just get another boot option in grub?15:58
EickmeyerFKAShinobi: Read it carefully. That's not what that says at all.15:59
EickmeyerUnless you mean the kernel. Then, yes.16:00
FKAShinobiI'll check it out thanks!16:01
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sopparuscan you list start times for a systemctl service?16:33
sopparusmy boot is very slow16:33
sopparussomething is waiting for network, but cant find what16:34
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zaggynlsopparus: sudo systemd-analyze and sudo systemd-analyze16:36
zaggynler, systemd-analyze blame16:37
sopparus2min 132ms systemd-networkd-wait-online.service16:38
sopparussomething must wait on that though?16:38
rfmsopparus, "systemd-analyze critical-chain" will show the dependency chain that's taking the longest16:43
sopparusrfm: https://dumpinen.com/ePFMwKMg1aE16:45
sopparusso its docker?16:45
=== chris15 is now known as chris14
jhutchinssopparus: How hard is it to disable docker to see if that's the problem?16:49
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de-factoi just wish some bright day that pulseaudio will be fixed, its still broken on my machine, the audio slider wildly wiggles on itself and sometimes it even switches by itself between headphones and hdmi audio17:26
de-factoit never worked correctly for me ever17:27
de-factois there any possibility to disable those automatic functions, i dont what pulseaudio to change volume or switch output devices on itself17:27
de-factoin fact i would like to completely remove that functionality, i only want one constant volume at headphones, removing the possibility to change volume or output devices as that seems to be fundamentally broken17:29
jhutchinsde-facto: What happens if you just remove pulseaudio?17:29
de-factoprobably have no audio then?17:29
ograand lose half the desktop ... pulse is pretty much a dependency of everythng desktop nowadays17:30
ograyou could perhaps try to switch to pipewire, depending on what release you are on17:30
jhutchinsI suppose it depends on what you use on your desktop.  Dependencies can be overridden.  My audio is muted 95% of the time to prevent suprise outbursts.17:32
ograin fact it is all desktop metapackages that depend on pulse nowadays ...17:36
ograapt-cache rdepends pulseaudio|grep -c \\-desktop17:36
ograand i'm pretty sure the desktop will mis-function (hang on login or being slow etc etc) if it does not find the pulse socket17:37
jhutchinsThis implies that an Ubuntu desktop can not be used by deaf people.17:38
jhutchinsWhy would applications that only deal with text balk at no audio?17:39
jhutchinsMaybe we need some sane dependency clean-up.17:39
=== lord_black is now known as lord_daemon
ograjhutchins, it is a decision of the various desktop envs (gnome made pulse a hard dependency ages ago ... kde too i think) ... why would deaf people bother about pulse at all ... it isnt like blind people uninstall the desktop UI either just because they can not see it, they still use the same apps you and I do17:43
i-garrisonde-facto: guess you can do all of that by commenting out corresponding modules in default.pa17:45
ograde-facto, what makes you think it is pulse at all ... randomly switching audio devices sunds more like a driver, alsa or kernel problem on the lower layer, not so much like somethig with the audio multiplexer daemon that sits on top17:47
jhutchinsThe rest of the desktop should not be held hostage if a minor convenience app like audio has a problem.17:47
jhutchinsJust like the text-based OS should not fail just because the cartoons won't play.17:48
ograjhutchins, well, you are free to create a desktop env without audio support ... the ones that exist hard depend on pulse ... and in newer iterations on pipewire ... not a decision ubuntu has made at all17:49
jhutchinsSomething Ubuntu could clean up if we chose.17:49
ograif you have the money to pay maintaining a set of 100s of patches against all apps ...17:50
ogra(or find the community power to do it voluntary)17:50
ograi dont think there are many people interested in it ... not even deaf people17:51
ograbut we're going far offtopic here ...17:51
blackothello everyone17:59
beardedgnuhello blackot17:59
beardedgnuwhat brings you here today17:59
respawnthis is  ubuntu help channel if you ned help ask here18:00
respawnfor general chat go to #ubuntu-offtopic18:00
beardedgnublackot has no questions18:02
beardedgnumust be an engineer18:03
beardedgnui have plenty of questions18:03
beardedgnucan i shoot>?18:03
beardedgnucause noone can answer them for me18:04
leftyfb!ask | beardedgnu18:13
ubottubeardedgnu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:13
beardedgnuive asked it so many times without response. name me anything that in your experience improves performance in any way18:14
leftyfbbeardedgnu: that's not an ubuntu support question18:14
beardedgnuif i want to make ubuntu faster it is18:16
beardedgnui dont see why not right. it belongs at every distro18:16
leftyfbbeardedgnu: modern hardware18:16
leftyfbbeardedgnu: an SSD, more memory18:16
leftyfbbeardedgnu: run less applications18:17
beardedgnui thought you would tell me get better at c and start hacking drivers18:17
leftyfbbeardedgnu: good luck18:17
beardedgnui already hit records in benchmarks i need some inspiration18:17
beardedgnuoutside of the norm i mean18:17
beardedgnumy scores are stuck18:17
leftyfbbeardedgnu: feel free to discus further in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic or #linux18:18
beardedgnuthanks i prefer staying within ubuntu18:18
beardedgnusaid enough...18:18
leftyfbbeardedgnu: this is a support channel for issues specific with ubuntu. General chat and discussion is done in the other channelds18:18
beardedgnui mean i wont enter #linux.. the rest is fine18:19
beardedgnu;)  thats a compliment btw18:19
leftyfbbeardedgnu: please do not PM18:20
beardedgnuthe fact that ive sent you my setup doesnt need a public announcement ;)18:21
mlvnnjir lama banget gak pake irc gini cok18:40
arraybolt3mlvn: For moderation purposes, we usually keep this room English-only so that everyone can understand what's going on.18:40
leftyfbmlvn: feel free to discuss IRC in #libera18:41
arraybolt3No problem. Happy to see you here.18:41
mlvnlooking for Indonesian user here18:46
mlvnneed advise18:46
leftyfb!id | mlvn18:47
ubottumlvn: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia18:47
leftyfbmlvn: https://ubuntu-id.org/en/18:47
webchat30bedman how you doin man20:55
webchat30i solved the problem20:55
LiowenexWell don't write an essay about it20:55
webchat30Liowenex: No, I will not write an essay. he gave me so much time and i just wanted to thank him20:57
erencan anybody help me about ubuntu?21:04
leftyfb!ask | eren21:05
ubottueren: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:05
ereni did dual boot windows/ubuntu and windows can connect wifi via wireless wifi adaptor usb but ubuntu doesnt connect, i tried to install some driver things but it didnt work there's no sign and it says no wifi adapter found21:08
jhutchinseren: Some detail about the "driver things" and what happened might help.21:10
jhutchinseren: Hardware manufacturers are not great about supplying linux-compatible drivers for their new hardware.21:10
ereni installed RTL8821AU, rtl8821ce and reboot the computer but nothing happened still there's no wifi sign21:11
jhutchinseren: Do you know you have a Realtek card?  Which one?21:11
ereni don't know actually but i have AC1200 wireless usb adapter21:12
erenand the place that i bought this say's it supports for linux21:12
oerheks!info rtl8821ce-dkms21:12
ubottuPackage rtl8821ce-dkms does not exist in kinetic21:12
oerheksit does in jammy21:12
oerheks!info rtl8821ce-dkms jammy21:12
ubotturtl8821ce-dkms (, jammy): DKMS source for the Realtek 8821C PCIe Wi-Fi driver. In component universe, is optional. Built by rtl8821ce. Size 2,243 kB / 24,641 kB21:13
oerheksinstall & reboot21:13
leftyfboerheks: are we sure the chipset is even RTL?21:15
erenhow can i learn21:16
erenas i said it's working in windows 10 so there's problem with drivers i think in ubuntu21:17
oerheks8821ce is for that  AC1200 afaik21:17
leftyfberen: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/UbuntuForums/wireless-info/master/wireless-info -O - | sudo bash && cat wireless-info.txt | nc termbin.com 999921:17
leftyfberen: 2 messages will pop up letting you know it gathered the wireless info and saved the log file called wireless-info.txt. Then it will upload it to termbin.com and give you a URL on your terminal. Paste the URL here21:18
erenterminal said saving to stdout21:19
erenthen some date21:19
leftyfbit takes a moment, but it should spit out a URL21:21
leftyfbat the end21:21
erenuhh okay it waiting for sudo password but it didnt prompt that so i dont understand what's going on21:22
erenthis is the link21:22
ereni think21:22
leftyfbah, right. Sorry. The device I'm on doesn't ask for sudo21:22
erenyea gonna change that soon i was a lmint user but changed computer and switched to the dual boot21:23
erenalso wired to wifi21:24
leftyfberen: you said this is a USB device?21:25
erenyes it's usb device and it doesnt detect21:25
leftyfbI don't see any USB devices plugged in except a logitech receiver21:25
erenim using wired rn to connectr21:25
erenbut also21:25
erenboth is plugged21:25
leftyfberen: unplug the wireless usb device. Run this in a terminal: sudo dmesg -TW # then plug in the usb wireless device. Paste the output to pastebin21:27
erenwait wait wait so sorry21:27
ereni plugged21:27
erenthat result is wrong21:27
erenlet me send the url again21:28
erenxd im dumbass21:28
erenprobably this21:28
erenis gonna show the usb21:28
erencuz i forgot i unplugged21:28
leftyfbthere we go21:28
erenand i write lsusb to the terminal21:29
erenit shows21:29
leftyfbok, so it's definitely RTL88x2bu21:30
leftyfberen: you can try oerheks's suggestion. Install the rtl8821ce-dkms package21:32
ereni think i already installed that one but let me try again21:32
ereni also dont know how to execute im pretty new21:32
leftyfbsudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms21:32
erenokay downloaded some files21:33
erenErrors were encountered while processing:21:33
eren rtw88-dkms21:33
eren rtl8821ce-dkms21:33
erenE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:33
erenit said this at the last21:33
leftyfb!paste | eren21:34
ubottueren: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:34
webchat78Hello, I'm looking for the ethernet controller driver for Intel i225-LM model with install instructions.21:35
leftyfberen: (sudo apt update && sudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms 2>&1 ) | nc termbin.com 999921:35
metabsdHello, I would like to know if I can expose a share cifs via samba? I have succeeded but I can't write via the share. However, if I use the same share and point it to /tmp I can write. Thank you for your help!21:35
leftyfbwebchat78: I'm pretty sure that's built into the kernel21:36
leftyfbmetabsd: fix the permissions on your filesystem, not the mount21:36
erenam i still muted21:36
metabsdleftyfb: the permission are ok21:37
leftyfbmetabsd: it doesn't sound like it21:37
leftyfberen: sudo apt install -y rtl8821ce-dkms 2>&1 ) nc termbin.com 999921:37
erenbash syntax error near unexpected token )21:38
leftyfberen: sudo apt install -y rtl8821ce-dkms 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999921:38
leftyfberen: can you copy/paste the full output to pastebin?21:39
webchat78I'm actually using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a Intel NUC. The ethernet doesn't seem to work while the wi-fi works fine. I've upgraded the bios and tried contacting the support team at Intel. They suggested checking with the support team at Ubuntu. In some forums I notice the igc* driver is the intended one but that seems to be the driver in use. Any idea21:39
webchat78how I can make the ethernet work? The cable works for a windows laptop so it's not a cable problem I assume21:39
erenhow am i going to do that21:39
erenbtw do i need to reboot after installed the rtl package u gave21:40
leftyfberen: did the package install ok or is still giving:  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:40
erenstill returning same error sub process21:41
erenerrors were encountered proceccing rtw88 and rtl8821ce21:42
leftyfbok, we need that full output21:42
leftyfberen: copy and paste the whole terminal and paste it to https://dpaste.org/21:42
erenokay let me paste that somewhere21:42
leftyfbI'll be honest, I'm not sure at the moment21:46
leftyfbmaybe someone else can chime in21:46
ereni asked chatGPT xd and it didnt answer clearly21:46
erenso what do you think is this about my usb? or driver,ubuntu... anything else21:47
leftyfberen: problem #1 is your inability to install that package21:48
erenokay let me try to fix that21:48
jhutchinseren: It might help if you were to un-install the packages that didn't work first, then try installing the new one.21:51
erenwith autoremove?21:51
ereni write some code and something is going on,, im gonna reboot the system then i'll try again21:52
jhutchinseren: No, explicityly remove them with apt or dpkg.21:52
leftyfberen: "some code" makes it very difficult to troubleshoot here21:53
leftyfberen: when asking for help here, it's best to stick to the troubleshooting going on and suggested and not coming up with random tutorials online. We have no idea what they can or have done to your system21:53
erenuh okay, let me try to re-install those packages then21:54
erenHello again22:01
erenand thank you guys so much after reboot it worked22:01
erenand i still don't know which code is worked but i think your's leftyfb the last one i installed package22:02
erenit was has problems but worked xd22:02
leftyfbthat would have been originally oerheks's suggestion22:02
erenthx to him too22:03
erenbut you also help me a lot22:03
leftyfbfede_: hello. How can we help you?22:04
webchat78Hello, any suggestion on the ethernet driver?22:07
oerhekswebchat78, use the one installed?22:10
webchat78it doesn't work22:10
webchat78ip a gives me NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP for the ethernet interface strangely22:11
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jhutchinswebchat78: I'm afraid we're not quite good enough at this to magically determine your chipset, or what you've done so far to fix it.22:22
jhutchinswebchat78: Our resident psychic had a sudden urge to visit Belize and is off-line.22:22
leftyfbjhutchins: unnecessary22:23
webchat78hmm sarcasm, nice. Well I have tried installing different drivers22:23
leftyfbwebchat78: have you tried Ubuntu 22.04?22:24
webchat78modified netplan, played a bit with dhcp, rebooted a couple of times. Searched forums22:24
webchat78Yes I am using Ubuntu 22.0422:24
leftyfb"[16:39:41] <webchat78> I'm actually using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a Intel NUC."22:25
webchat78This is the kernel that I have now: Ubuntu 5.15.0-60.66~20.04.1-generic 5.15.78. Would upgrading the kernel help?22:26
leftyfbwebchat78: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/UbuntuForums/wireless-info/master/wireless-info -O - | sudo bash && cat wireless-info.txt | nc termbin.com 999922:26
sarnoldleftyfb: impressive22:26
leftyfbwebchat78: that kernel is the latest kernel in Ubuntu 20.04, not 22.0322:27
leftyfbsorry, 22.04*22:27
leftyfbwebchat78: this looks appropriate:  https://askubuntu.com/a/125166922:29
sarnoldblech, does that mean they don't support fwupd for their nics? :(22:31
leftyfbreleased in 2019, you would think they'd have that all worked out by now22:33
ElliriaHey there, is there an online resource that lists all the packages that are installed in Ubuntu Jammy by default?22:34
arraybolt3Elliria: Yeah, the manifest.22:34
arraybolt3Elliria: 22.04 or 22.04.1?22:34
arraybolt3Elliria: https://releases.ubuntu.com/jammy/ubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.manifest That's the list for
arraybolt3I believe that's everything on the ISO by default.22:35
ElliriaI'm not sure. I'm trying to satisfy all dependencies for a program so that it can pass all of the GitHub tests.22:35
leftyfbElliria: if you're going to test against Ubuntu, please run Ubuntu22:35
ElliriaI'd like the list to compare against the needs of my program so that I know what doesn't need to be required if it already comes with Ubuntu.22:35
arraybolt3Keep in mind that the installation process removes some packages after the fact, so not all of those packages will necessarily be on a newly installed system, also upgrades at install time may change the package list. But that's about as close as you'll find to a single list.22:35
ElliriaGitHub is doing the tests.22:35
arraybolt3Elliria: Just in case you missed it, the ISO manifest is linked above and has the list.22:36
sarnoldElliria: that's a bit challenging to answer, the manifest files can help, and there's a seeded-in-ubuntu program that can help search where packages are seeded, eg:22:36
sarnold± seeded-in-ubuntu -b openssh-server22:36
ElliriaAh, thank you. I did miss it. Thank you so much!22:36
sarnoldopenssh-server is seeded in:22:36
sarnold  ubuntu-server: daily-live, daily-preinstalled22:36
ElliriaHow would I get that manifest for 22.04? without the .1?22:37
arraybolt3You probably don't want the non-.1 manifest since the original 22.04 ISO is considered obsolete. If you want it anyway though, I might be able to dig it out of archive.org.22:37
ElliriaYeah, this is going to be messy. We're trying to upgrade the program from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04 without a lead developer. It's going to be ugly before it's pretty.22:38
arraybolt3Might also be on old-releases.ubuntu.com...22:38
* arraybolt3 checks22:38
arraybolt3Elliria: https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/jammy/ubuntu-22.04-desktop-amd64.manifest The original 22.04 ISO manifest.22:38
arraybolt3Note that it won't just display in the browser for some reason (at least that's what it does for me in Chrome).22:39
Mantaalexhi there i have a problem with for example installing balena-etcher-electron on ubuntu22:40
ElliriaAh, perfect. Thank you so much! Now I can compare all of them and make sure I'm requring what's necessary.22:40
ElliriaIt downloaded.22:40
arraybolt3Mantaalex: balenaEtcher isn't in the Ubuntu repositories. How are you trying to install it?22:40
Mantaalexit says it has deps on gconf2 but it is not installable22:40
arraybolt3Elliria: Glad to help!22:40
Mantaalexi don't find any way to install gconf222:40
arraybolt3Mantaalex: The recommended way to install balenaEtcher is to just download the AppImage and use it. as is.22:40
Mantaalexi think i miss something22:40
ElliriaIt seems to be plain text, which is perfect.22:40
Mantaalexarraybolt3: i allready tryed22:40
* Elliria hugs arraybolt322:41
Mantaalexits on an ubuntu live doesn't work22:41
arraybolt3Elliria: :) Glad to help!22:41
arraybolt3Mantaalex: By "doesn't work", what happens?22:41
Mantaalexit just not starts22:41
arraybolt3Something happens, though it's not the desired result. What is that something?22:41
Mantaalexi tryed many versions22:41
arraybolt3Mantaalex: Ah, OK. I think I know what it's doing then.22:41
Mantaalexi checked the checkbox run there22:41
arraybolt3On the live ISO, open a terminal, and run "sudo apt install libfuse2".22:41
arraybolt3Mantaalex: ^22:41
ElliriaHopefully I can do something for you some day.22:41
arraybolt3Mantaalex: Then try running the balenaEtcher AppImage.22:41
Mantaalexlet me see22:41
oerheksits on an ubuntu live... use the usb creator?22:41
MantaalexE: Unable to locate package libfuse222:42
arraybolt3Mantaalex: What version of Ubuntu is this?22:42
arraybolt3(libfuse2 exists in Ubuntu 22.10, I thought it existed in 22.04 too.)22:42
Mantaalexlsb_release -a22:42
Mantaalexwhoops sorry wrong window22:42
MantaalexUbuntu 22.04.1 LTS22:42
arraybolt3Ah, I see what I did wrong.22:43
arraybolt3"sudo apt update && sudo apt install libfuse2"22:43
arraybolt3(I forget that sometimes the live ISO doesn't have the software list on it.)22:43
MantaalexE: Unable to locate package libfuse222:43
Mantaalexno result with apt search libfuse222:44
oerheksit is in universe22:44
arraybolt3I. Hate. Live. ISO. Weirdness.22:44
oerheksi think this is a wrong approach, running a live iso and install stuff like that22:44
Mantaalexwhen i try something else like search screen or irssi it finds it22:44
Mantaalexme to22:44
Mantaalexbut i need it for something22:44
oerheksyou need a hume ammount of memory then22:44
arraybolt3oerheks: Meh, I've done similar stuff before, it's not that bad.22:44
oerheks!info libfuse222:44
ubottulibfuse2 (2.9.9-5ubuntu3, kinetic): Filesystem in Userspace (library). In component universe, is optional. Built by fuse. Size 89 kB / 322 kB. (Only available for linux-any, kfreebsd-any.)22:44
arraybolt3Mantaalex: OK, just a bit...22:44
oerheksadd-apt-repository universe22:45
arraybolt3oerheks: Probably with a sudo, right?22:45
Mantaalexnot needed the sudo if in root22:45
Mantaalexbut i'm trying that22:45
arraybolt3The package is there, we'll figure this out eventually :P22:45
Mantaalexdid the trick22:46
arraybolt3(In the event that installing libfuse2 doesn't solve the problem, there's another possible problem Etcher sometimes has that can be worked around.22:46
arraybolt3Mantaalex: Nice. Will Etcher launch from the appimage this time?22:46
Mantaalexnow i can install etcher with apt to22:46
arraybolt3Mantaalex: Possibly, try it.22:47
Mantaalexyeah its busy :)22:47
Mantaalexits slower then real linux ;)22:47
arraybolt3(Also I see now what third-party repo you're using - I missed that Etcher had an official repo. Sorry about that.)22:47
Mantaalexits installed with apt the etcher22:48
Mantaalexbut i don't see any icon anywhere22:48
arraybolt3Mantaalex: It's not in the application menu?22:49
arraybolt3If not, try running "balena-etcher" in a terminal.22:49
=== chris15 is now known as chris14
Mantaalexnow i have trouble with (core dumped) "${script_dir}"/balena-etcher-electron.bin "$@" --no-sandbox23:00
Mantaalexi will try further tomorrow zzz cya23:06
taholmes160hi folks - I am trying to get xrdp working -- it starts for a moment, I login and it crashes, and the .xsession-errors is pasted here https://pasteboard.co/NO1qpYotMkJk.png23:09
taholmes160can someone help me get this sorted?23:09
akiktaholmes160: did you create ~/.xsession and chmod +x it?23:25
akiktaholmes160: your picture shows the problem23:26
akikxfce4-session: command not found23:26
akikyou should fix that dbus problem too23:26
taholmes160akik: thanks --23:30
theeprophetim running 10.04 I havent used it since 2012, i want to install tor but not sure if this is running 32bit or 64, the cpu is 32, the version is 32-64 generic I cant remember what the old mb cpu was that it was in,23:32
leftyfbtheeprophet: your only option is to do a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.0423:33
stivawhat can I use to cURL download all pdf files from a remote folder? I can do it individually but i don't understand curl options.23:33
leftyfbstiva: you'll have to write a script to do them individually23:33
theeprophetthanks, i didnt want to loose what I have23:34
leftyfbtheeprophet: that's what backups are for23:34
leftyfbtheeprophet: your current OS is not adequate nor supported23:34
stiva@leftyfb: would defeat the purpose. I managed to find how to do it with wget but was getting 403's23:34
leftyfbstiva: neither of those tools are meant to scrape a website for particular links and download them for you23:35
taholmes160akik: ok, got the xfce-4 problem sorted, I changed .xsession file to gnome-session, and chmodded the file -- I can log in , the screen goes black (like gnome is starting) but it goes for a second then the rdp session closes (on my windows computer) heres the errors https://pasteboard.co/DZtzPk6PiC7G.png23:37
theepropheti have a fireworks screen saver on here and wobbling window thing as I move the windows they wobble and I have it configured with windows like scheme23:38
akiktaholmes160: have you touched the dbus or systemd config about dbus?23:41
taholmes160i was just searching google for a solution to that --23:42
akiktaholmes160: you could try reading the systemd journal messages "journalctl -b 0 | grep -i dbus | less"23:44
akikmaybe the problem can be found there23:44
akikit's as if the dbus-daemon hasn't started correctly23:45
taholmes160theres the logs, it seems that in at least some cases, dbus is running23:47
taholmes160but im NOT familiar with dbus at all -- so i cant say for sure23:47

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