IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> @Rick_Timmis @DarinMiller @Valoriez Mamarok we need to have a meeting about that announcement. Sitter does not seem to be happy with the move and I believe we need to make a blog post confirming that we voted on it. I made the call to sign it on the thought process that we couldn't say no so that is on me.21:18
FallenI'd like to renew my offer to have a conversation about this topic with anyone from the KC individually or in a group. Looking forward to finding a constructive solution with you!22:05
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> This response really resonates with me (I don't think I could have done a better job myself): https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-flavor-packaging-defaults/34061/922:10
valoriefrom what I got from reading up, sitter is most disturbed by the lack of communication from us22:54
valorieunsure if a meeting is what we need, or a shared document we put together about the changes22:55
valorieIMO rik is NOT going to make any changes in Discover22:55
valorieand since he's stepping back right now, we do face some decisions22:56
valorieagreed, that's a good response but it doesn't cover the challenges WE face right now22:58
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Our current challenges would be here no matter the choice that was made but currently @tsimonq2 could make this change if requested.22:59
valorieit's easy for me to say that everyone should just work together and "git 'er done" but I'm not a packager etc.22:59
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> This is more about showing a united front from the Kubuntu side about the change.22:59
valorieunsure we *have* a united front23:00
valorieI wish rik was part of this conversation23:00
valorie@ahoneybun I think it's true that we don't have a choice going forward23:01
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I believe Fallen has no issue making an email chain, I'm trying to figure that out since I don't have a way to reply using my Kubuntu email23:01
valorieIMO it is also important that we allow our users good choices23:01
valoriefor me, that's flatpak right now23:02
valorierik was our link with the neon crew too23:02
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Flatpak can still be installed and I think the blog could cover installing it if needed or wanted.23:03
valorieright, I realize that23:03
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> It can be done though Discover as a GUI23:03
valorieand if I recall correctly I had to enable that in Discover back in the day23:04
valorieeven though I work in the cli half the time23:04
valoriediscover is nifty because it does all the updates in one go23:04
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I believe it is night for Fallen so he'll have to catch back up with us once it is next awake.23:05
FallenAs you can imagine this isn't something I take lightly, so I'm not quite in bed yet. Let me know how I can help.23:06
valorie@ahoneybun AFAIK your @kub.org email is just a forwarding address23:08
valorieyou can make your mail client make it look like you are replying with it23:09
valorieotherwise it only really works in LP groups23:09
ahoneybun[m]Mm not with Proton mail without more access23:09
ahoneybun[m]I'll see what I can do.23:09
valoriein LP you can login and respond to that official stuff in there23:10
valorieas I recall23:10
valoriein gmail I just set up a "reply as" and make it say whatever23:10
valoriebut it's not really from kub.org etc.23:11
valorieusually good enough to not break threads tho23:11
ahoneybun[m]I think that email worked?23:17
ahoneybun[m]So it sent an email to each person oof why is this more difficult.23:20
MamarokSorry, apparently I missed a few things, Should I have gotten a mail explaining what this is about?23:42
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I just tried another email23:53

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