user|76Hi i have tried 2 different security keys but they don't work how do you make them work?01:17
tomreynuser|76: "security keys" is pretty ambiguous. try to explaining more about what you're trying to do, which commands you used, what the expected outcome was and what happened instead.01:38
user|76oh sorry I have a physical key01:39
user|76Trust key T 11001:39
user|76i was able to install chrome and see if it works and did.... I wanted to use brave browser and the message to insert loads but does nothing01:40
user|76surprisingly chromium doesn't work googles open source only chrome works so far01:40
user|76i really wanted brave as I trust them the most but i only wanted this as a back up and to use some websites going to test out01:40
Dave92f1Can anybody recommend a dead-simple VNC server for Kubuntu?01:43
arraybolt3x11vnc maybe?01:44
Dave92f1I tried x11vnc, couldn't get RealVNC client (on WIndows) to connect to it.01:44
geniiMaybe tightvnc01:45
Dave92f1When I googled on this, all the suggestions involved apt installation of various things. Yet I gather use of Discover is "preferred". Why is that?01:45
arraybolt3Discover is easier for GUI applications. If you're installing servers, apt is easier (and possibly the only good way to do it).01:46
arraybolt3It's pretty much a matter of preference which you use. If you01:46
arraybolt3're more comfotable with the command line, use apt.01:46
arraybolt3If it can only be installed with apt, use apt. If you can install it from Discover and like GUI app stores, use it.01:47
tomreynuser|76: that's a much better description of the issue, thanks. i lack experience in this area, though, can't really help, sorry. maybe someone else can. but consider also "talking" to brave by whatever support channel they provide.01:47
user|76ok so i was able to go to the website i loaded up the key got through the pin part touched the device again and it just well running saying its still going01:48
user|76ok so you have to use chrome only both on one device and another device must be using chrome what a drag02:21
user|76this is for internet computer the guys who created it are some of the top crypographers or however you spell that word. but they don't understand that people need more options02:21
user|76you have an option to back up your anchor or account by seed phrase but then if the main device you use suddenly dies or you can't log in thats it your account is well just gone. So whats the purpose of the seed phrase. it sounds like only if you registered a 2nd device and you forgot your login you can re create it ..... they need to use common02:23
user|76i am trying to use KDE connect and the biggest thing i am finding is that it sycns the messages just not the contacts03:14
user|76it only does a few and its not consistent any ideas>03:14
IrcsomeBot<paculino> Is your internet connection good?04:07
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BluesKajHi all13:52
user|78what is the Kubuntu 22.04 LTS minimum system requirement?17:05
mparilloIf you are careful, you can get by with 4GB, and if you are patient, any 64-bit processor.18:44
gary_hello world19:34
gary_looking for help19:35
oerhekshi gary_ , ask wait and see19:36
user|88Hi,do you use snaps.20:04
oerheksyes, as snapd is installed standard20:05
valorieI personally do not, but they are supported by Kubuntu20:05
user|88great I think you should stick with snaps Kubuntu is now the best kde distro.20:08
oerheksLet there be choice; apt, snap, flatpak20:09
oerhekshave fun user|8820:09
Dave92f1Can anybody help me get VNC working with x11vnc?21:07
Dave92f1I installed x11vnc (via Discover) then did 'x11vnc -storepassword' to setup a password, then run 'x11vnc -rfbauth'21:07
Dave92f1When I try to connect to the machine with VNC Connect  (from Real Networks, on a Windows box), I get "Connecting to..." then it times out.21:08
Dave92f1They're both on the same LAN.21:08
Dave92f1The Windows machine can ping the Linux machine w/no problem.21:09
Dave92f1I'm a bit stumped.21:09
Dave92f1Nevermind - I got it going by starting it with 'x11vnc -auth guess -forever -loop -noxdamage -repeat  -rfbport 5900 -shared -usepw'21:25
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