trippehhah, rebuilding ubuntus openssl package - it spawned like 2000 concurrent gcc processes00:07
trippehcpu go brrr00:07
mdeslaurmolten lava flows out of my stinkpad fan port when I build openssl00:14
sarnoldthat'd be a more environmentally friendly alternative to the tar00:29
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lemoiI'm trying to change the user password for 'ubuntu' on the 20.04.x install media via cloud-init/user-data. is there a way of doing this?02:31
lemoiI'm aware that an 'identity:' yaml stanza can setup the hostname + users + passwords on the target system but I need to reset the pwd for the live media02:32
sarnoldlemoi: I'm pretty sure that's possible, but the docs are pretty thin on *how* .. the docs that I know about start with "Delivery of autoinstall" on https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall02:34
lemoiI agree. I was looking at the documentation you linked but I can't find anything precise02:36
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lemoisarnold https://askubuntu.com/questions/1409337/22-04-server-auto-install-password02:47
sarnoldlemoi: lol that's awesome02:50
sarnoldlemoi: your feature is their plea for help02:50
lemoiI'm exhausted from this crap02:50
NatSocSiDI'm having a lot of issue with apt lately, apt update freeze and it never timeouts so if I don't kill it, it'll never end, see the following screenshot: https://m.freespeech.club/3kI.png05:03
NatSocSiDis there a way to fix this? Note that if I do a speedtest i get 1gbits/s on ipv4 and ipv6, so it's not a bandwidth issue05:03
NatSocSiDI sometime have to retry 5-6 times before the apt update finally ends without issue05:04
NatSocSiDHere's another screenshot from my 5th try back to back: https://m.freespeech.club/8Gs.png05:06
tomreynNatSocSiD: side note: most of us generally prefer text to be shared as text, not images. ;)05:27
tomreynyou have a LOT of apt sources, and moreover seem to be mixing different ubuntu releases there05:28
ubottuLunar Lobster is the codename for Ubuntu 23.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.05:31
tomreyn^ many of your apt sources point to "lunar*"05:32
NatSocSiDtomreyn sorry, should have copied instead of taking a screenshot. Regarding the sources, unfortunately some don't provide repositories for the 23.04 yet. I'll ask in #ubuntu-next05:40
NatSocSiDHave a good day!05:40
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tomreynyou, too!06:07
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