BolitaAny girl to penetrate hard?00:25
tomreyn!ot | Bolita00:26
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toddcubuntu 22.04 old kernal unmet dependendencies unable to fix or remove any ideas https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HWfVkPTV4s/00:52
tomreyn"/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_1f0rmd'." seems to be the error preventing removal of package linux-image-5.15.0-57-generic00:56
tomreyntoddc: ^00:56
sarnoldoww, this looks a bit annoying to figure out. I think I'd try: sudo apt install linux-image-unsigned-5.15.0-57-generic- linux-image-unsigned-5.15.0-57-generic linux-headers-5.15.0-57-generic linux-modules-extra-5.15.0-57-generic linux-tools00:56
Gideonis there a practical mthod of remapping a usb 10key kepad for macros?01:06
toddcsarnold: same    error code 1 and unmet dependencies fix broken install fails01:07
sarnoldtoddc: pastebin the new errors?01:08
tomreynGideon: what's a "usb 10key kepad for macros"?01:08
sarnoldtomreyn: I assume more like, a 10-key numberpad keyboard -- and the goal is to use it for macros, rather than numbers01:09
Gideonexternal numeric usb keypad01:10
tomreynah, thanks. i just found it's a numpad01:10
tomreynon xorg, it'll be xev to get the scancodes and xmodmap to assign new function01:11
GideonI want to map for phrases for productivity01:11
Gideonawesome thanx01:12
toddcsarnold: same no worries i have a backup to use just hoping a fast easy fix backup should be easy to sync01:12
toddcthank you sarnold and tomreyn01:14
tomreynGideon: but current ubuntu uses wayland rather than xorg, it may be different there. for actual macros or command execution, maybe what gnome provides for key assignment is actually better.01:14
tomreyn(in settings -> keyboard)01:14
Gideonitd recognized as a device but not under keboard settings01:15
Gideonthat would also change my num on the keyboard. Iwant to use this external as its own fuction without changing my main board01:20
sarnoldif xev doesn't show different scan codes for it than your main ten key, that might not be possible01:22
GideonNothing is Not Possible. Just means I have a lot of werk to do . Just wanted a clean start. Thnx Tho01:23
tomreynyou might need to write your own driver for this usb device then01:26
sarnoldoh that might be easier than flashing a new firmware on the device01:27
GideonThat's what I thought and hoping to avoid.   ;-)01:28
GideonGood new is, 15 year old targus kepad works great in ubuntu.01:29
tomreyn!info input-remapper01:33
ubottuinput-remapper (1.4.2-1, kinetic): Input device button mapping tool (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Built by input-remapper. Size 2 kB / 9 kB01:33
tomreynhttps://github.com/sezanzeb/input-remapper - i'm not sure what it does under the hood but apparently it can handle input per usb device differently01:33
GideonThnx I'll Chk it Out01:35
GideonAwesome - I can werk with this01:36
tomreynyou're welcome01:38
GideonJust an old Hack mixn New toys with old toys.  ;)01:39
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hassletimehey all02:03
hassletimehope everyone is well02:03
arraybolt3hassletime: o/02:05
hassletimehey arraybolt3 :)02:06
hassletimehow are ya mate?02:06
arraybolt3Not too shabby.02:06
hassletimesame same bit wet here today02:06
hassletimeshould i ask a Question hahaha02:07
hassletimeok question is. i installed Garuda just to check it out.In the end there were a few things i really didnt like so i went back to ubuntu.BUT02:09
hassletimeand i say BUT. i really like there "konsole" it completed or predicted your commands.02:10
hassletimecan you have that on ubuntu02:10
rboxwhatever is doing that is some random script02:10
rboxso you just need to load whatever that script is02:10
hassletimei see02:10
pycuriousI'm trying to run gpu burn on an ubuntu machine - and get this error. - > https://dpaste.org/36Pb6 - any ideas on how to fix this? Where can I get help on this? Thanks.02:10
hassletimeill do some research02:11
rboxpycurious: that looks like a bug in the code02:11
pycuriousrbox: it runs fine on my other 2 ubuntu boxes that have cuda 12.002:11
rboxok... and?02:12
arraybolt3hassletime: I wonder what shell Garuda uses in Konsole.02:12
arraybolt3(Sorry to have vanished, juggling chat and work atm.)02:12
hassletimehahah all good02:12
pycuriousrbox: what is the correct way to install nvidia drivers and cuda on ubuntu 20.04LTS?02:12
pycuriousfrom cli please02:12
rboxwith the apt packages02:12
arraybolt3pycurious: the ubuntu-drivers command.02:12
arraybolt3Or... hold on I may have misspelled that.02:12
arraybolt3Nope, I got it right.02:13
arraybolt3"sudo ubuntu-drivers install" should autodetect them and do it.02:13
arraybolt3pycurious: ^02:13
hassletimeit seems to be a script called "fish"02:13
pycuriousarraybolt3: https://dpaste.org/RBjTP - is this a normal output of that command?02:13
hassletimeIt's the fish shell with Starship02:14
pycuriousarraybolt3: It seems I've a bunch of those installed already - perhaps i need to clean them first correctly?02:14
pycuriousor is it that ubuntu-drivers devices - tells you with that list - what is available?02:14
arraybolt3hassletime: I think the fish shell is available in Ubuntu.02:14
hassletimeany idea what starship is ?02:15
arraybolt3pycurious: I think it's showing you what is available for your card.02:15
pycuriousarraybolt3: looks like its recommending driver   : nvidia-driver-525-open - distro non-free recommended ?02:15
arraybolt3hassletime: https://starship.rs/ looks like it.02:16
arraybolt3pycurious: I believe that is correct.02:16
arraybolt3I think "sudo ubuntu-drivers install nvidia-driver-525-open" should do it.02:16
hassletimeis startship the colour format?02:17
sarnoldno, it's a shell prompt thingy02:17
sarnoldPS1 in bash02:17
pycuriousarraybolt3: if its recommended -it looks like the "autoinstall" does it as well02:18
arraybolt3Autoinstall is listed as "Deprecated, please use "install" instead".02:18
arraybolt3Thus why I avoided it.02:18
hassletimethank you sarnold02:19
pycuriousarraybolt3: NVRM: GPU 0000:04:00.0: rm_init_adapter failed, device minor number 002:21
pycuriousarraybolt3: looks like that ubuntu-drivers broke my nvidia drivers02:21
arraybolt3pycurious: That seems unlikely since that's the tool that the Ubuntu installer uses to install the drivers in the first place. But... sigh, it's not beyond possibility.02:23
pycuriousarraybolt3: any ideas on how to fix?02:23
arraybolt3Really though, this looks like a possible GPU fault, maybe not broken drivers.02:23
arraybolt3What does "lsmod | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999" output? It should spit out a link.02:24
arraybolt3That link will give me info to see if the modules are there and loaded.02:24
pycuriousarraybolt3: https://dpaste.org/HVWrN02:25
arraybolt3Yeah that looks like the drivers are installed properly.02:25
arraybolt3What NVIDIA card is this?02:25
arraybolt3Perhaps it has the recommended driver wrong.02:25
pycurious3090 x 202:26
arraybolt3Yeah, the 525 driver is right.02:27
pycuriousarraybolt3: https://dpaste.org/aoAHz - this is from a machine that actually works02:27
arraybolt3Yeah, the loaded drivers are identical.02:27
arraybolt3pycurious: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/nvidia-smi-shows-no-devices-were-found-and-dmesg-shows-rm-init-adapter-failed-device-minor-number-0/20398602:28
arraybolt3You aren't using GPU passthrough by any chance are you?02:28
pycuriousarraybolt3: no gpu pass through02:29
arraybolt3pycurious: Where did you happen to buy these GPUs from? I'm suspecting possible hardware failure.02:30
pycuriousarraybolt3: 5 minutes ago - nvidia-smil was working fine. ubuntu-drivers autoinstall installed that 525 driver - and things broke. Why suspect hardware? Those cards are directly from nvidia.02:31
arraybolt3pycurious: What driver were you using before?02:31
pycurious515 I think02:31
arraybolt3(I suspected hardware because I was missing info about "5 minutes ago", and also was missing info about where the cards came from - perhaps they were old cryptomining relics.)02:31
arraybolt3pycurious: So, ok wait start from the top. You had the cards working with an earlier driver. Why did we just install a newer one? What was broken in the first place?02:32
arraybolt3Ah, I see in the backlog.02:33
pycuriousone program was complaining it cant run. I can run that program with driver 525 on similar machines, so i moved 515 to 525 - using ubuntu-drivers autoinstall - then hell broke loose :)02:33
arraybolt3pycurious: OK. I didn't realize that 515 was already installed - I came in at "how to install drivers properly on Ubuntu" and just gave the normal, generic answer. Maybe we have a weird mix of drivers now.02:34
arraybolt3pycurious: OK, what I've done in the past when I borked my NVIDIA drivers is just purge all of them and then install only the one I want. "sudo apt purge nvidia*" should do it (though be careful if you have anything NVIDIA installed other than the drivers!).02:35
arraybolt3pycurious: Then try "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" again to reinstall the right driver.02:36
pycuriousgive me a few minutes - will try - thanks02:37
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pycuriousarraybolt3: when i run this - "ubuntu-drivers install nvidia-driver-525-open"  I get "No drivers found for installation."02:41
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Bashing-ompycurious: Dependency issue ? See in terminal ' apt show nvidia-driver-525-open ' .02:47
pycuriousBashing-om: will look after the reboot - and report. Thanks02:48
pycuriousBashing-om: https://dpaste.org/r5L8m02:50
pycuriousarraybolt3: ^02:50
Bashing-ompycurious: Was to focus your attention to " depends on the NVIDIA binary driver". what shows ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?03:04
pycuriousBashing-om: 525.85.05-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 - at this point i tried the ppa drivers from nvidia - no use - all these drivers are giving me trouble. The latest one says "No devices found". dmesg says NVRM: GPU 0000:0a:00.0: rm_init_adapter failed, device minor number 103:08
Bashing-ompycurious: No idea - but let's do look at waht all is installed - pastebin that ; ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' output, please.03:10
pycuriousFrom journalctl -b0 -g nvidia -> Failed to allocate NvKmsKapiDevice + Failed to register device03:10
jhutchinspycurious: Sounds like the nv kernel module doesn't know your chipset.03:11
pycuriousBashing-om: https://dpaste.org/GQ5Ep03:11
pycuriousjhutchins: I went from my nvidia-smi working 5 minutes ago -> ubuntu-drivers autoinstall -> 525 - and no nvidia-smi - then to 525 (not open) -> then to nvidia ppa driver (This one says no devices found)03:13
jhutchinspycurious: No backups or you wouldn't be here.03:14
jhutchinspycurious: Sorry.  Still, that's the kernel module complaining, xorg usually explicitly calls out the chipset unknown.03:15
jhutchinsI could also be completely wrong.03:15
pycuriousjhutchins: I can goto backups - but i 'd want to fix my drivers if possible and find out how to - and if ubuntu-drivers messes up things - perhaps that should not be recommended?03:16
jhutchinsMeh.  It works for a lot of people. Problem is, there are a LOT of Nvidia systems.03:17
jhutchinspycurious: My recommendation, keeping in mind that I might be completely off-track is 1) Strip out every scrap of any nvidia specific package you have.  2) Follow the instructions from the nvidia site EXACTLY, word-for-word, and install the driver that best matches your model number.03:18
jhutchinsI am recommending a non-Ubuntu solution, you will get nothing but grief about it here.03:18
arraybolt3jhutchins: Not true :) At this point any solution is a possibly good one.03:19
arraybolt3I've seen the .run driver work when the apt packages didn't.03:19
arraybolt3I don't understand why, I don't particularly like that it happens, and I usually would not recommend trying the .run driver, but in this instance we already purge all NVIDIA drivers and then reinstalled, if that didn't work, then the .run driver is a reasonable resort, if for no other reason than testing.03:20
arraybolt3*correction - I won't give grief for recommending the NVIDIA driver, I don't know how others feel.03:20
pycuriousjhutchins: how do i strip? sudo apt purge nvidia* ?03:20
arraybolt3pycurious: That's what's worked for me at least.03:21
arraybolt3(For stripping existing NVIDIA drivers.)03:21
jhutchinsYou might, just as a precaution, search the system for nv or nvidia files.  I don't remember how deep I had to go with that.03:22
jhutchinsI do remember I was thorough and merciless.03:23
jhutchinsOh, clean boot after cleaning.03:23
pycuriousok - after apt purge nvidia* && apt autoremove && apt install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau && reboot - the system did not come back up - port 22 - connection refused. So this will have to now wait till tomorrow - time to sleep :)03:29
pycurious 03:29
pycuriousi spoke too soon - it did come back up03:33
pycurioushttps://dpaste.org/LdRac - where is this coming from?03:34
pycuriousI thought I just deleted everything and rebooted03:34
pycuriousThis now shows 11 packages - dpkg --list | grep nvidia | wc -l03:37
pycuriousis it automatically downloading and installing things? why?03:37
hassletimeok back03:43
hassletimehad to get some gardening done while there was a break in the weather03:43
cobraerikoHave an old SSD (external) with Ubuntu 22.04; has a clean filesystem but broken boot sector. Can I rsync the root / of the old drive over to the new drive without copying the broken boot sector? Could I do this by excluding the /boot dir?04:15
enychrrm  Whats' going on with this update to  shim-signed  ?04:24
enycThe following packages have been kept back: grub-efi-amd64-bin grub-efi-amd64-signed shim-signed04:24
enycif you explicitly install  shim-signed (to update it "now")  you get a conflict message04:25
enycThe following packages have unmet dependencies. base-files : Conflicts: base-files:i386 base-files:i386 : Conflicts: base-files04:25
enycE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.04:25
enycyet, no i386 packages installed04:25
enycii  base-files     21.1.0       amd64        Debian base system miscellaneous files04:26
tomreyncobraeriko: there are the -x and --exclude options for rsync. it's not clear what exactly you are referring to by boot sector? the first block, or first few blocks, on an MBR partitioned disk for a BIOS booting system? or is this for UEFI boot, then there is no such thing.04:50
tomreynenyc: i'm guessing you have mixed packages of different ubuntu releases or PPA's (providing newer / conflicting packages)04:51
tomreyni'd start with    apt policy base-files:i386 base-files shim-signed04:52
tomreynno ubuntu release has base-files in version 21.1.0: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=base-files04:54
enyctomreyn: aaaaaaaaaaaaah its a derilavite thing  and I'm asking in wrong place aha   thankyou for the pointer to "apt policy" command05:21
tomreynoopsie, and you're welcome05:22
cobraerikoMy old disk is a UEFI boot (since /sys/firmware/efi exists). Get a black screen where login menu should appear. My new drive boots with UEFI/GRUB partition and works. What dirs from the old filesystem must I exclude in the rsync command to not break the boot of my new drive? The /boot dir?05:36
cosmicrajivis the latest update of 22.04 affects secure boot?05:38
cobraeriko(I am a linux newb and may be confused)05:38
cosmicrajivafter updating my asus laptop 'secure boot violation invalid signature detected' is showing while try to boot with secureboot enabled.05:40
cosmicrajivi have disabled it and it works fine. i am also using nvidia proprietary driver.05:41
lotuspsychj3cosmicrajiv: uname -a plz?05:41
cosmicrajivLinux ASUSUBUNTU 5.19.0-32-generic #33~22.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Mon Jan 30 17:03:34 UTC 2 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:42
lotuspsychj3cosmicrajiv: i had a select bootup devices this morning on boot, maybe related im on 5.19 hwe too05:42
cosmicrajivyeah may be05:43
cosmicrajivand the great news is i am not able to use any linux os with secure boot enabled after that update.05:44
lotuspsychj3cosmicrajiv: i got secureboot off for the record05:44
tomreyncobraeriko: if booting off the old SSD works to the point wheere the desktop manager would load (but the screen remains black there) then that's a matter of configurations, driver loaded or similar. it won't be too easy to tell what you would need to omit for this not to happen. but maybe it's sufficient to just copy the user directory from /home/ ?05:44
cosmicrajivlotuspsychj3; i have also disabled secureboot. and i keep it disabled now. it's a crap fro microsoft.05:45
tomreyncosmicrajiv: when you say this occurred "after updating [your] asus laptop", are you referring to ubuntu updates, to a uefi/bios upgrade, or something else?05:48
cosmicrajivafter ubuntu updates05:48
cosmicrajivi had not even touched bios for a very long time05:49
cosmicrajivuntil that occured05:49
lotuspsychj3tomreyn cosmicrajiv let me verify it still asks boot order on a new reboot here brb05:50
tomreynhmm, so you're saying an ubuntu update introduced that you could no longer boot any linux system on your computer. the only way i could imagine this to happen would be if something went wrong while generating or installing the secure boot MOK.05:50
lotuspsychjeno, cant reproduce anymore05:51
lotuspsychjeboots to ssd by default05:51
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cosmicrajivi don't know what it is but yes i have got the same violation error when i tried to install fedora as well as opensuse (just for testing purpose) with secure boot enabled.05:54
cosmicrajivtomreyn; i don't know about all linux os but yes with these two along with ubuntu i have got the same error.05:55
cobraerikoWhat I want to do is copy over all my apps, files, and settings of my old drive. So copying just the /home directory would be insufficient unfortunately. Can I reinstall GRUB EFI on the old disk, so as to resolve any broken boot configurations, drivers, etc?05:59
alkisgcobraeriko: you cannot copy applications, you would need to reinstall them with `apt install ...`. You can use the new grub efi to boot the old installation, if both disks are connected06:09
tomreyncosmicrajiv: hmm, hard to tell what happened there. i think there was a somewhat recent change where microsoft replaced their secureboot signing certigicate which comes pre-installed on many systems to a different one, and all other OSes which got signed by microsofts's were no longer considered "valid" with secure boot on. but i don't recall the details. with secure boot off, you won't run into such issues.06:09
cobraerikoOk, so if I can't copy applications, then I want to clone my old filesystem onto the new drive. (and I don't care about anything on this new drive). But before I clone the old drive, I must fix the broken boot loader. Would making a brand new grub efi on the old disk make sense to fix the broken boot sector?06:17
cobraeriko*broken boot loader06:18
tomreyncobraeriko: to make the old installation work again, you'd need to boot the computer from an ubuntu live usb/ cd-rom and chroot into the installation on the disk, then run update-grub and grub-install06:21
tomreynmost likely, because i don't know exactly what caused it not to work in the first place. one of the important properties of uefi booting you need to know is that the boot loader is not neccessarily stored on the disk the OS is installed on. in fact, you usually only have one "efi system partition" on one drive which all the operating systems would installt heir boot loader, too06:23
alkisgcobraeriko: are both disks connected currently? If so, as I said, you can use the new grub to boot the old installation06:25
cobraerikoalkisg: indeed, I tried using the new grub to boot the old installation but to no avail.06:26
alkisgcobraeriko: add GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false in grub.cfg, run sudo update-grub, then the old installation should appear06:27
alkisgIf you try to boot it and it fails to boot, then upload a screenshot06:27
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cobraerikoalkisg: I assume you mean in /boot/grub/grub.cfg? or is it /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grub.cfg? I assume the latter is the mounted efi partition and the former is the mounted BIOS partition since my new drive has a BIOS boot partion and a EFI partition06:40
alkisgcobraeriko: in /etc/default/grub.cfg06:40
cobraerikoOh, thanks06:41
cobraerikoGRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER is already set to false I see06:42
cobraerikoI will take a screen shot of where the boot fails and be right back06:44
cobraerikohow do I share a screenshot on here? (i'm new to IRC)06:58
alkisgYou upload it to e.g. imgur.com and then paste the link here07:00
tomreyncobraeriko: better, yet, at least for text, you'll use a pastebin, though07:00
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:00
cobraerikoscreenshot link: https://imgur.com/lfxUsYI07:03
alkisgcobraeriko: this doesn't help; use the advanced options > recovery mode, to be able to see the text; then try to get a screenshot of the last error message before it shows a blank screen07:06
alkisgIf it's hard to get a screenshot of the last error, then get a video instead07:07
cobraerikoyea, I'll try to get a video. Can I load that to imgurr?07:08
tomreyni think they do videos as well07:08
cobraerikowill do thanks07:08
alkisgcobraeriko: make sure to use the recovery mode, so that text is shown (the default mode uses "quiet")07:08
cobraerikowell i took a video with my phone but the quality is sh*t. So probably not much use https://imgur.com/LHft5OO07:21
alkisgcobraeriko77: it's good enough to see it's not a problem with grub07:38
alkisgcobraeriko77: do the same thing once more. Then at the dialog, select to enable networking, and then to get a root shell. There, type: apt update; apt full-upgrade07:39
tomreyncobraeriko: ^07:39
* alkisg blames matrix :D07:39
hermanoTrying to use openconnect instead of 'cisco anconnect'. I havent figured out where to find the vpn host in cisco anyconnect. There is a dropdown at start with a name, but that name cannot be pinged.07:44
blahboybazWhy doesn't ubuntu fix the small /boot size issue that leads to errors from not having enough space? If it is happening to me every time and upgrade pulls in something that goes there then it is happening to a log of others as well (everyon taking that update)07:45
tomreynhermano: there's probably a website where you can login to manage your vpn access, too, or download the anyconnect software from, too? it will be on the same host07:47
blahboybazhermano: fwiw (and you probably already know).. there exists a #networking on this server07:47
blahboybazjust trying to help07:47
hermanoblahboybaz, Sure thanks. Thas how it was on my previous assignment. But in current assignment you do not download cisco client, its preinstalled, so I do not have the portal webpage. Will ask around.07:48
tomreynhermano: i think you can also make it log, or just see where it connects to, using    sudo lsof -i    or    ss07:50
blahboybazhermano: no problem08:00
cobraerikoI did the apt update and apt full-upgrade after enabling networking. The full-upgrade process ended with error code 1 and this screen: https://imgur.com/sQUsdRh08:14
cobraerikoI had a video recorded of this but it was too long for imgur08:14
cobraerikoGet the same blank screen as before when I try to boot to the old drive after doing this. for what it's worth08:16
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cobraerikoWhere should I go from here to fix the boot of this drive?08:24
tomreyncobraeriko: hmm, running install-info failed, i'm not even sure what that is, let's see08:25
tomreyncobraeriko: can you   sudo dpkg -P install-info && sudo apt install install-info08:27
alkisgOr try an apt full-upgrade once more, so that it shows less messages now, so that we see the error that install-info bumps into08:29
tomreynwouldn't that print the exact same messages, though?08:30
cobraerikofirst I'll try what alkisg said. In case there's something there.08:31
alkisgtomreyn: it depends; let's say there's a 50% chance to see the message now (since scrollback is disabled, and instructing how to use screen/tmux/script would take a while)08:32
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alkisgcobraeriko: actually... do this:08:32
alkisgscript -c apt full-upgrade08:32
tomreynjust left08:32
alkisg#$(*&$#( matrix is getting more and more annoying :D08:33
* alkisg joins from irc as well...08:33
cobraerikoHere is a video of the apt full-upgrade https://imgur.com/8pAQZWy08:43
cobraerikowell since the quality turned out so bad, you probably can't read the screen. well I tried anyway08:45
alkisgcobraeriko: nah we can't read that. Try this instead: script -c 'apt full-upgrade'08:46
alkisgAnd when it's done, this: cat typescript | nc termbin.com 999908:46
cobraerikook thanks I'll try that08:47
cobraerikoI should have netcat installed. Never done this before. How will you get the output/log?08:50
alkisgcobraeriko: nc is preinstalled in ubuntu08:50
cobraerikogood call lol08:52
cobraerikoso I then just paste the url I get from running that command?08:52
hassletimearraybolt3, you alive08:59
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cobraerikoHere's the terminal log https://termbin.com/s5aqw09:05
cobraerikofor what it's worth the process was super quick09:09
tomreynso the post-installation script of the "install-info" package cannot seem to find the "rm" command, or it can't find the file it is meant to run "rm" on, not sure.09:09
tomreyndid you try to    dpkg -P    the package, yet?09:10
dlpuser      --暂无历史消息--09:11
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dlpuserdlpuser-PC:  2023-02-22 16:31:5509:11
cobraerikohmmm that's interesting tomreyn. I'll try your suggestion now. What was the command again?09:11
tomreyn<tomreyn> cobraeriko: can you   sudo dpkg -P install-info && sudo apt install install-info09:13
cobraerikogot it thanks I'll try that09:13
tomreyndlpuser_: you just spammed the channel, please don't do it again.09:14
cobraerikoSo I tried sudo dpkg -P install-info && sudo apt install info-info and got this error: https://imgur.com/6bZGLDo09:22
cobraeriko* sudo dpkg -P install-info && sudo apt install install-info09:23
tomreyncobraeriko: sudo apt purge install-info info && sudo apt install install-info09:23
alkisgcobraeriko: are you rebooting whenever we ask you to do something? If so, join IRC from phone...09:24
tomreynor any other computer09:24
alkisgAnd, what's the output of this command? ( tail -n 500 /var/log/apt/history.log; which rm; dpkg -l coreutils) | nc termbin.com 999909:24
alkisgcobraeriko: actually, let's do something else09:25
alkisgBoot with your working ubuntu09:25
alkisgThen we'll tell you how to chroot into the non-working one09:25
alkisgHrm :)09:25
alkisgcobraeriko26: boot with your working ubuntu, and we'll tell you how to chroot into the non-working one09:26
alkisgSo that you can use a browser for irc09:26
alkisgAnd it'll be easier to copy/paste stuff in the chroot09:26
cobraerikoOk, I'm using my working Ubuntu. How do I chroot into the non working one?09:28
alkisgcobraeriko: sudo lsblk -fe7 | nc termbin.com 999909:31
tomreyncobraeriko: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery09:31
cobraerikoI mount the drive first, right?09:31
cobraerikoCan I have to use a live CD/live-USB or can I chroot from my working Ubuntu?09:32
tomreyneither should work09:33
tomreynyou don't need to mount anything to run alkisg's command09:33
cobraerikook thanks09:33
tomreynto get peoples' attanetion when you speak here, add their nickname to what you say, like so: "tomreyn: it's working now!"09:34
cobraerikolsblk command yields: https://termbin.com/73r709:34
cobraerikothe other command yields: https://termbin.com/1j9wy09:35
alkisgcobraeriko: run `sudo -i` first, then run all these: umount /dev/sdb1; mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt; cd /mnt; for d in proc sys dev dev/pts run boot/efi; do mount --bind /$d $d; done; chroot .09:38
cobraerikooh oops. I suppose the command pertaining to apt history should be run after I have chrooted into the old drive, yes?09:38
alkisgIf you see any error message, mention it09:38
Danielwhy is firefox crashing non stop on any ubuntu, 20.x 22.x? keeps seeing that around the internet aswell09:39
DanielI would have removed it from the apps if its that unstable and shitty09:39
ArsimaelMornin'. I have a problem which I can't find any solution online: How can I add a local repo which I created with debmirror to ubuntu?09:43
ArsimaelI can't install apache2 since I have to add the repo first to install anything, so I need to add the repo somehowwhile it's on my external drive.09:44
cobraerikostupid question but I don't literally type do in "do mount --bind...' do I?09:47
alkisgcobraeriko: yes, you copy paste the whole command:  for d in proc sys dev dev/pts run boot/efi; do mount --bind /$d $d; done09:47
alkisgIncluding the semicolons09:48
cobraerikoI get this return: 'mount: boot/efi: mount point does not exist.'09:49
tomreynArsimael: i *think* you just write the path to the repository into sources.list, like you'd do for a http archive server, adding the other options as well.09:51
Arsimaellike "deb file:/path/to/repo focal main"?09:51
cobraerikoat this point I've ran umount /dev/sdb1; mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt and cd to mnt09:51
tomreynArsimael: yes, i would think so09:52
ArsimaelSadly, this doesn't work.09:53
alkisgcobraeriko: it's OK, it means that one of your installations is uefi and the other one isn't09:53
alkisgcobraeriko: continue with the chroot command09:53
tomreynArsimael: is there an error message?09:53
Arsimaelit sais it can't find "file:/path/focal/main/dep11/icons-48x48-tar09:53
alkisgcobraeriko: feel free to type "alkisg" in front of your sentences here so that I know you're talking to me, I don't watch the IRC browser tab all the time...09:53
ArsimaelBut the file is there09:54
tomreynArsimael: try just "deb /path/to/repo focal main" or try "deb file:///path/to/repo focal main"09:54
cobraeriko"alkisg", when I enter chroot I get "chroot: missing operand"09:54
alkisgcobraeriko: there was a dot there, you missed it: chroot .09:55
ArsimaelNot working. If I remove the "file:" it tells me my sourcefile is not correct and file:// tells me "Local uri's are not starting with //09:55
cobraeriko"alkisg" , ok I got in09:55
Arsimaeloh. wait.09:56
tomreynArsimael: does /path/focal/main/dep11/icons-48x48-tar exist, though?09:56
alkisgcobraeriko: nice, now do the big command with the apt logs that I said before09:56
Arsimaelicons-48x48.tar.gz exists. it looks for .tar09:56
tomreynArsimael: hmm, maybe there's some Acquire:: option to make it use tar.gz rather than .tar09:58
cobraeriko"alkisg", when I run that command I get: "nc: getaddrinfo for host "termbin.com" port 9999: Name or service not known"09:58
tomreyn(man apt.conf - see also the debugging options there)09:59
Arsimaeltomreyn, how?09:59
alkisgcobraeriko: that means one of your installations isn't using the default systemd-resolved. Quick fix: rm /etc/resolv.conf; echo nameserver >/etc/resolv.conf; then repeat the big command09:59
tomreynArsimael: how what?09:59
Arsimaelah. I misread that.09:59
alkisgcobraeriko: if you wish, we could do screen-sharing instead and finish this 10 times faster, if so ask me for quick vnc instructions10:00
cobraeriko"alkisg", here's the results: https://termbin.com/zmksm10:00
tomreynArsimael: i got to leave for now, good luck!10:01
cobraerikothanks tomreyn10:01
Arsimaeltomreyn, I fucked up the repo and need to remirror it anyways. Thanks for the help so far10:01
alkisgcobraeriko: inside the chroot as you are, try once more: apt full-upgrade10:02
alkisgcobraeriko: if it fails, put the results in some pastebin, e.g. paste.debian.net10:02
cobraeriko"alkisg", will this suffice? https://termbin.com/ht95k10:04
alkisgcobraeriko: press y, then see if you get the same error as before10:05
cobraerikoyea I entered " apt full-upgrade  | nc termbin.com 9999" and it didnt give me the option to press Y, just returned that URL10:06
cobraerikowill this work? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3K5dnDp7PV/10:07
alkisgcobraeriko: dpkg -V install-info | nc termbin.com 999910:08
alkisgOr better yet, plain dpkg -V install-info, without the nc part10:09
alkisgAnd tell us the output, if any10:09
cobraerikoyea, no output10:09
cobraerikowith either command10:09
cobraeriko"alkisg", for what it's worth, install-info --help returns the help menu10:14
alkisgcobraeriko: try apt install --reinstall install-info10:14
cobraeriko"alkisg", I got this result https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3K5dnDp7PV/10:17
alkisgcobraeriko: do you mind if we do screen sharing instead? Something is very borked if /usr/sbin/update-info-dir cannot find the rm command, and things got very busy here so I don't have free time anymore... or we can postpone for tomorrow morning10:20
cobraerikoI really appreciate all your help alkisg, a lifesaver. Can we postpone for tommorrow morning? I have to go too. What time is good for you?10:21
alkisgcobraeriko: 4 hours before now is best for me10:22
cobraerikoThat works with me. I'll catch you then. Thanks again10:22
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garage404hey !!!10:42
garage404i need help with my ubuntu installation10:43
garage404i've installed xfce4 with the command line, and also xfce4-screensaver10:43
Arsimaelgarage404_, thats nice. But without a Question, we are barely able to help :)11:00
node1I'm using Jammy 22.04 LTS. And i observe some time, that it logging out unexpectedly and then performing a clean boot when you log back in. This happen only when the power comes while my laptop running on the batteries, or i'm inserting somethin like HDMI cable.13:04
node1Where i can find the logs for such events? inside Ubuntu ?13:04
respawnin terminal13:05
node1respawn, It's huge logs what should i find in it?13:06
respawnwhat is colored red13:06
node1Green and Red both13:07
node1I don't get your question? Do you know how to troubleshoot or find the problems in the error?13:11
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ianliuI've created a Systemd service unit file, and it runs without any errors, but the service isn't injecting my EnvironmentFile variables into it. I define the EnvironmentFile=$HOME/configs/%i, which is the parameter passed when I start my service, like "systemctl start foo@bar.service". Is this syntax correct? Here is a paste of my service: https://termbin.com/6ort613:24
ianliuFound it, I need to use %h instead of $HOME13:35
BluesKajHi all13:52
taylanheya, what is a "partner" repository?13:56
taylanand another question, shouldn't this page tell how to actually enable the backports repo?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports  or is it somehow enabled by default on Ubuntu?  I can't see it in /etc/apt/sources.list13:57
ogrataylan, that used to be a repo where business partners of canonical could make their softwre available13:57
ograbut all these business partners have switched to snap packages nowadays (way easier to maintain) ... so the partner repo is pretty much gone from all installs now13:58
taylanI see, thanks13:59
ograto ask about backports, probably ask on their mailing list https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-backports13:59
ograbackports have been dead for quite a while because nobody stepped up maintaining them ... around the 22.04 cycle some people stepped up and re-vived it again14:00
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centIs it possible to install a package using a file path. In RHEL it is: "yum install /usr/bin/ls", for example.14:06
centI mean a package providing such a file.14:06
taylancent: the command to look at is dpkg...  there should be plenty guides for this on the web I think14:07
centtaylan, thanks. Let me try.14:09
ogracent, sudo apt install /path/t👋package_1.2.3.deb14:11
ograoops ... silly emoji plugin14:12
ogracent, apt does essentially the same as yum here14:12
ogra(no need for dpkg, which will not install dependencies (apt does))14:12
centogra, No.14:14
centI stated it clear.14:14
ograno ?14:14
ograoh, sorry, i missed you are not installing anything !!14:14
ograthats "apt-file" then14:15
centNo problem. I need to install a packages holding a file or an error that no such a package exists.14:15
ograsudo apt install apt-file; sudo apt-file update ... apt-file search /usr/bin/ls ... will then return all packages with that file pattern14:16
ografor things ou have installed, you can indeed use "dpkg -S /usr/bin/ls" but that only works for locally installed packages14:17
ogra... i.e. not for fidning a package for a certain command you do not have locally installed already14:17
taylanmy answer was also wrong then, sorry about that14:17
=== chris14_ is now known as chris14
centtaylan, no problem14:18
taylandoes anyone have a good recommendation to replace GNU Mailman?  I just noticed it's not packaged on 22.0414:19
centogra, worked.14:21
ogrataylan, postfix ... or exim14:22
ograhmm or not 😛14:23
leftyfbogra: neither of those are list managers :)14:23
taylanwas about to say :D  Mailman is not an email server...14:23
ograyeah, i realized that after typing 🙂14:23
ograi know many opensource projects switched to discourse for discussions ... but while that offers mailing list usage, it is indeed far more than just an ML tool14:24
leftyfbtaylan: searching apt, looks like sympa is an option14:25
gghello guys15:11
gghow are you?15:11
ggi am here to ask for small help15:11
rusergg: !ask15:12
ggcan anyone help me15:12
ggi have command15:13
ggsudo wrmsr -a 0x1FC 26223815:13
gghow to run on start up it15:13
ggcouse when i restart system i need to write everytime15:14
rusergg: Place it in /etc/rc.local. (It is run as root, so sudo is not needed there.)15:14
ggthank you very much15:15
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leftyfbgg: why do you need to run that command on boot?15:15
ggall the time my cpu start with stucked speed 0.70 Mhz15:15
ggthis command disableing throte15:16
blackopcan i ask about oracle cloud and openvpn which is installed on ubuntu?15:20
blackopi am trying to setup openvpn on oracle cloud and struggling to generate cert and keys15:21
=== info is now known as Guest3903
stivaIs someone else computer crashing today? I'm suspecting Slack. Using the web-based client for now16:18
lotuspsychjestiva: you can check your /var/crash folder to see whats going on, wich package is crashing16:19
stivalotyspsychje: that folder is empty. I had to reisub several times today16:21
lotuspsychjestiva: keep a journalctl -f open and try to reproduce your crash, open slack, do some tests16:22
stivawill do thanks for the tip16:22
lotuspsychjestiva: share your pics with imgur.com or any other online hosting, here in this channel not in pm plz16:30
stivahere it is https://i.imgur.com/kGVGNbb.png16:31
stivait just had a hiccup but recovered16:31
lotuspsychjestiva: seems like amdgpu has a hard time, can you paste your whole ' dmesg ' please, volunteers can have a look for you16:33
lotuspsychje!paste | stiva16:33
ubottustiva: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:33
stivahttps://justpaste.it/90jxj here's the dmesg16:37
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1995956 in linux (Ubuntu Kinetic) "amdgpu no-retry page fault in Kinetic Kudu" [Undecided, Triaged]16:40
lucas-argis there any way to speedup snap downloads????16:41
ioriastiva, as suggested in the report, you might try the linux-oem-22.04c kernel16:41
lotuspsychjenice find ioria16:42
ioriabasically, the 6.1 kernel16:42
ravagelucas-arg: no. they come from a central CDN provided by Canonical. The community cant help here.16:43
ograravage, not really a "central CDN" ... they are in fact spread out on a regional basis ...16:44
stivaAmazing so there's a fix but its not available yet?16:44
ograonly the frontend is centralized16:44
vivaim running a docker compose container(s) premade by a guy on github and i'm wanting to reach the webserver that the docker container launches on my LAN, docker is creating a network called mutillidae_default how can i reach that over LAN? or is there another way?16:44
viva oops wrong chan16:44
stivaah i seee i need a new kernel, thanks16:44
ogralucas-arg, https://status.snapcraft.io ...16:44
ograseems it is slow because parts of it are down16:45
ogra(or were down until a few mins ago)16:45
lotuspsychjestiva: if you have a launchpad account, you can also affect yourself to that bug in the left upper corner16:45
vivawhen i setup a 'python -m http.service' on my clean install of ubuntu-22 in a hyper-v vm, i cannot reach a test.html page over LAN. I have added port 80 to ufw and it stil cant reach it, turned ufw off and cant reach it either16:45
stivaamazignly i have one from 200616:46
ravageviva: a default 22.04 install does not have any firewall enabled. so the problem must be hyper-v networking then16:46
vivai can ping the host just fine, wouldnt that exclude the hyper-v network?16:47
ravageif you enabled UFW yourself my guess is still a firewall problem16:47
stivalotuspsychje, just found a bug in launchpad while trying to add me as affected. Just an "oops"16:50
vivaravage, it was a simple ufw enable/disable16:50
vivaand also it didnt work prior when ufw was still disabled16:50
lucas-argogra: seriously?16:51
vivai didnt start messing with ufw until things didnt work across LAN16:51
ogralucas-arg, well, i can only interpret what status.snapcraft.io shows me 🙂16:51
lucas-argthanks olvier?16:52
ogra(and it reprots a 3min outage that ended a few minutes ago)16:52
weedmicin which directory should I put certificates and tokens?  /home/user/.certsntokens?  or is there a more used choice?16:55
StoneMason12Hi guys17:34
StoneMason12I want to pen-test the UFW firewall17:34
StoneMason12To see if I can crash it, to disable the firewall17:34
StoneMason12seeking ideas17:35
leftyfbStoneMason12: no17:35
StoneMason12A few ideas, would be to DDOS the firewall, to try to overload it17:35
leftyfbStoneMason12: try #security17:35
ravagealso you dont seem to know much about it. UFW is just a frontend to iptables/nftables17:39
weedmicdoes anyone know if xfce had cube?17:41
throwthecheeseHow do I disable the menu button on my tablet? (Specs: Ubuntu 22.04, GNOME on Wayland)17:50
lucas-argwould you show a screen?17:53
throwthecheesewdym show a screen?17:54
blackophow can i create cert and keys for oracle cloud-openvpn-as setup on ubuntu?18:03
blackopfor always free tier setup18:03
taylananyone ever made the experience that simple ufw commands like "ufw allow 80" and "ufw delete allow 80" take literally 30 seconds to run?18:07
taylanjust timed them, the allow took 17s, the delete allow took 42s18:08
taylanthese used to be instant, like literally under 1s18:09
taylanit's a fresh 22.04 installation and there aren't many other rules.  it's an ultra-cheap VPS that's running on k8s though so maybe the host is to blame.18:09
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throwthecheeseIs there a way to disable the menu button on my tablet under GNOME/Wayland? I use my tablet PC for drawing and I want to prevent the menu button from being triggered as it will inevitably get touched by my hand while drawing18:17
cluelesspersonDoes anyone know how to disable the piv signin when a piv / smart card is plugged in?18:31
cluelesspersonI like to leave a yubikey in at all times.18:31
mtellezHi, I have Ubuntu 22.04.2 and I want to update openssl as there are a security vulnerability right now (see https://ubuntu.com/security/notices/USN-5710-1). My openssl version is 3.0.2 but I must upgrate to 3.0.8 but it seems there isn't a package for 22.04.2. Any ideas?18:37
Habbiemtellez, the URL you posted says you need to upgrade to  3.0.2-0ubuntu1.718:38
cluelesspersonOn So the latest kernel with hwe breaks performance on my computer.18:42
cluelesspersonWhat should I do, should I report this somewhere?18:42
mlvnwhy does mine keep crashing>?? any advise?18:43
cluelesspersonmlvn, what keeps crashing? :)18:43
mlvnupon restart, if i did not press alt f2, it will freeze18:44
mlvnidk why18:44
cluelesspersonmlvn, What will freeze18:45
cluelesspersonwill freeze where18:45
mlvnthe whole ubuntu will freeze18:45
cluelesspersonwhat are the *exact* things/steps it gets through and what is the *exact* point at which it freezes?18:46
mlvnthen I have to restart the laptop again18:46
cluelesspersonmlvn, and is there anything on the screen?   when you press alt-f2, can you view the logs for each start and look for anything suspicious?18:46
mlvnafter i put in pass to login18:46
mlvnif i press alt-f2 then it will work normally18:46
mlvnwill try18:47
faLUKEhello. After changing the wifi channel on my router (from 6 to automatic (11)) the wifi connection on my ubuntu desktop is extermely slow. It works well on other hosts connected to the same router. What can I do?18:49
arraybolt3Any Secure Boot experts in here? I am required to use Secure Boot for a certain piece of testing and have managed to sorta lock myself out of my laptop.18:50
arraybolt3I booted and installed Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.2's RC ISO.18:50
arraybolt3With Secure Boot. It booted and worked and installed just fine for the most part.18:51
arraybolt3I'm now trying to boot the 22.04.1 ISO with Secure BOot, and I'm getting a security violation error.18:51
arraybolt3This machine used to boot 22.04.1 with Secure Boot, and the shim itself is loading so I'm assuming something gotten scrambled elsewhere.18:51
mtellez@Habbie thanks for the response. You are right. "apt show openssl" told me version 3.0.2-0ubuntu1 is installed. Is it different to version 3.0.2-ubuntu1.7 ? Because apt told me openssl is up to date.18:55
faLUKEhello. After changing the wifi channel on my router (from 6 to automatic (11)) the wifi connection on my ubuntu desktop is extermely slow. It works well on other hosts connected to the same router. What can I do?18:55
Habbiemtellez, yes, 1 is not 1.718:56
ioriaaradesh, don't you have another message after 'Verification failed: (0x1A) Security Violation.' ?18:58
ioriaarraybolt3, , don't you have another message after 'Verification failed: (0x1A) Security Violation.' ?19:00
arraybolt3ioria: First I get that message, then I get told "Press any key to perform MOK management". I press Enter and get the option to "Continue Boot", "Enroll key from disk", or "Enroll hash from disk".19:00
arraybolt3Using "Continue Boot" gives me the security violation error again.19:01
arraybolt3I tried using "Enroll hash from disk" to select the grubx64.efi file I needed it to boot, but for some reason that just got silently ignored.19:01
ioriaweird, the workaround would be just a 'continue', iirc19:01
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jhutchinsMy systemd journal appears to have reset after a recent crash.  Is there a way to access previous versions?19:49
jhutchins /var/log/messages has a burst of binary static that covers the event, nothing useful.19:49
jhutchinsarraybolt3: It's my understanding that booting from a source that's not installed is explicitly prevented by "SecureBoot".19:51
jhutchinsIf you could boot from an ISO, that would defeat the purpose of it.19:51
oerheksjournlctrl -b1 gives from previous boot19:51
jhutchinsoerheks: Yeah, that's the current environment, not the one that terminated unexpectedly.  -b --list only shows one boot.19:57
jhutchinsSeems to have knocked out the local monitor, all remote connections are fine.  Monitor shows it's start-up screen, so it's probably internal.19:59
jhutchinsWondering if some condensation from the heating system got to it.19:59
jhutchinsKeyboard lock keys respond with LEDs.19:59
jhutchinsMonitor tests OK with a laptop, but no apparent output.20:11
jhutchinsget-edid doesn't like it's results, says they're invalid.20:57
jhutchinsProbably just have to wait until next reboot, see what happens then.20:57
topcat001jhutchins: With secure boot enabled, the iso should boot fine because it is also signed20:57
jhutchinstopcat001: "should" is not relevant to real-world situations.20:58
topcat001well every machine I have installed in the real world with SB enabled is perhaps relevant20:58
jhutchinstopcat001: True, but unless you have experience with it failing, how do you know how to fix it?20:59
topcat001My point is SB has nothing to do with "installed" but signed sources, external or otherwise20:59
jhutchinsMaybe it was just the standard setup for systems that had secure boot that they prevented external boot devices.  I thought it was built in, but that may have been long ago.21:35
ntimoHello, I am currently trying to figure out how to use the free Ubuntu pro license with a proxmox hypervisor to license the indiviual VMs, since it appears to me that with the pro license attached to the hypervisor I should be able to license all VMs on it with a single license21:45
jhutchinsntimo: There is ##proxmox21:47
jhutchinsntimo: Virtual machines usually do not inheret licensed from their host, but are considered seperate instances for licensing.21:48
jhutchinsIt does, of course, depend on the license.21:48
oerheksi would say; contact Canonical?21:49
jhutchinsoerheks: +21:49
sarnoldntimo: afaik you've got to pro attach on each of the vms individually21:51
ntimosarnold okay, but then the license is counted for each VM and not for the entire host21:51
ntimoThe Ubuntu Pro docs mention this: "Physical server: A subscription attached to a physical host running Ubuntu or a Covered Hypervisor. If all physical hosts in the Environment are attached, then Ubuntu Pro subscription also covers all Ubuntu guests on those hosts" https://ubuntu.com/legal/ubuntu-pro-description and since the free license covers 521:52
ntimoPhysical servers this should be working. The documentaion from Canonical is just lacking on how to license hypervisors21:52
sarnoldthe asterisk on https://ubuntu.com/pricing/pro  doesn't mention proxmox :/ I wonder if that's an oversight or intentional: "* Any of: KVM | Qemu | Boch, VMWare ESXi, LXD | LXC, Xen, Hyper-V (WSL, Multipass), VirtualBox, z/VM, Docker. All Nodes in the cluster have to be subscribed to the service in order to benefit from the unlimited VM support"21:53
ravageproxmox is just kvm really for VMs21:54
OrcD3vilQuestion about ubuntu setup on a dell r7515, I have a BOSS Controller with 2x 256GB NVMe, and 8x 10TB SATA WD Red Drive.  Using it as a file server, plex, etc would there be any benefit to having one NVMe on the boss card as a SSD Cache drive?21:54
ravagesarnold: the real question here is how ubuntu in a VM would even know about the host's license21:55
jhutchinsHas there been any progress or even movement on hybrid drive systems (id SSD cached to spinny)?22:12
jhutchinsOrcD3vil: I would think the on-board cache would do a better job with less overhead.22:13
jhutchinsOrcD3vil: What's going to be using this system?22:14
sarnoldjhutchins: zfs with l2arc works great :)22:15
OrcD3viljhutchins: File Server running ubuntu, Plex, Docker, Portainer, running various apps for my Home Server22:27
jhutchinsOrcD3vil: So we're not talking 1,000 users here.22:28
OrcD3vilnah just me and a couple people hitting my plex via internet max 2 people at time on plex22:28
OrcD3vilwas thinking doing Raid on Boss controller and md0 raid with ubuntu for the 8x 10TB drives22:28
topcat001for such low load the Linux fs caching might be sufficient22:29
topcat001my lowly core 2 quad optiplex does just fine22:29
jhutchinsI would agree with topcat00122:29
topcat001more important is hardware decoding on the client IMHO22:30
jhutchinsOver-optimizing a file server only makes sense if you have a LOT of parallel access.22:30
OrcD3vilOk what I was thinking, its a AMD Eypc 8 Core w/ 128 ECC22:30
OrcD3vilonly system embedded video card22:31
jhutchinsOrcD3vil: There's almost no CPU processing involved, economise on your processor.22:31
topcat001OrcD3vil: The Plex sever web interface has an Activity screen which shows if "Direct Play" is in effect. This dramatically reduces load on the server.22:31
jhutchinsOrcD3vil: Video chipset _might_ get engaged if you're doing transcoding, but probably not.22:31
topcat001you really do not want to transcode on server22:31
topcat001if possible22:32
OrcD3vilya i don't think its doing transcoding all devices playing to usually has the decoding done there if I remember right22:32
topcat001OrcD3vil: The Plex sever web interface has an Activity screen which shows if "Direct Play" is in effect. This dramatically reduces load on the server.22:32
jhutchinsThese days that's easy.22:32
OrcD3vilplaying to my computer or nvidia shield box, or tablet etc22:32
topcat001you can check here ^^ or from the server logs. Do check22:32
topcat001jhutchins: very likely yes :)22:33
OrcD3vilfor a raid for file system that is going to use docker/plex/nfs/smb etc where would be best folder location to setup on install?22:33
OrcD3vilsorry coming from TrueNAS Scale where they use datasets22:33
ograTBH the workload you are describing could as well be served from a RPi with a bunch of USB3 didsk on a powered HUB ... i suspect you wouldnt notice any difference client side22:35
OrcD3vilogra ya but I got a Dell R7515 to use and learn to setup22:35
ograsure, just saying 🙂22:36
OrcD3viloh no worries :D22:36
ograHW in front of you is indeed always better than the one not in front of you 😉22:36
jhutchinsHow about the hardware in your basement?22:37
ograyeah, after you played with it and installed it ...22:37
OrcD3vilTryign to learn IT and thought it would be nice to have a rack server something would see in business setting so trying to figure out how to  drive partition setup22:37
topcat001that server will be loud and what is the power draw again? :D22:37
ograsaves heating !22:38
OrcD3vilI live in studio apartment, I sleep soundly with it soothing and yes saves on heat!22:39
topcat001I have a bunch of Dell PowerEdges and a couple of AIX POWER systems, so I know lol22:39
topcat001even turned off they are loud (standby)22:40
topcat001the Dells are more "efficient" in that regard22:40
jhutchinsThanks, I've done my time with my office in the server room.22:41
topcat001NC headphones :D22:41
pahi, i'm running ubuntu now. I would like to install another version of ubuntu on an sd card (not live cd, full OS). Can i do it from my running system without a live cd?22:52
mybalzitchyeah, but its a bit of a pita and slightly mroe involved than booting off a usb stick like using the normal installer22:53
pamybalzitch: thanks. are there instructions somewhere?23:00
mybalzitchjust a quick googling turns up https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot23:02
mybalzitchyou could also get fancy and use a virtual machine and pass through the whole SD Card as the hard drive for the VM23:03
jhutchinspa: It's not fun to run a system from USB unless it's been optimized for USB use.23:10
pajhutchins: it's not usb, it's sd card23:11
jhutchinspa: What bus is the sd card reader on?23:11
paidk, it's integrated23:11
pait's not super fast, but likely ok23:12
jhutchinspa: I think you'll find the performance very similar, it's more the media than the bus.23:12
payes, speed of the card is not fantastic, but likely going to work23:12
jhutchinsOh it works.23:12
toddcSD super slow  Usb slow but can be done    qemu virtualbox or other is worth the time to test distros23:12
pathe problem is i need hw acceleration23:13
jhutchinspa: On the other hand, systems that are optimised for that situation usually run rather nicely.23:13
arraybolt3pa: What you might consider doing would be using a daily ISO of Ubuntu 22.04 with persistence - you should be able to set that up using Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator tool.23:13
arraybolt3Or something similar.23:13
paarraybolt3: i considered that, but apparently latest usb-creator-gtk lost that option23:13
arraybolt3What you're trying to do (installing to a USB rather than a HDD/SSD without using a live ISO) is possible but *very* tricky the first time.23:13
jhutchinsI posted the link to pendrivelinux because they discuss and explain the various modifications that make a USB (or other) system run well.23:14
jhutchinsAll of this is something you'll learn best by trying it.23:14
arraybolt3Short version - partition the drive, mount it, use debootstrap to install a core Ubuntu system on it, add a kernel, bootloader, and desktop, and tweak the config a bit, then boot it. That's a very brief overview, it's trickier in practice but fun once you know how.23:14
jhutchinsarraybolt3: Why partition it?23:15
arraybolt3(I'd offer to walk you through it but I'm caught up in other things. But that overview might help you get going.)23:15
pai used to have a nicely booting usb drive (like ssd + usb bridge)back in the days, but it seemingly doesn't boot anymore on modern efi machines. I need to update grub on the installed OS, then boot through that23:15
arraybolt3jhutchins: I believ ea partition table is needed to properly install GRUB.23:15
arraybolt3On BIOS and EFI systems.23:15
arraybolt3Otherwise there's not room for the bootloader to install independently from the filesystem.23:16
jhutchinsTBH I don't remember if we bothered to partition VMWare disks before installing.23:17
paanyway, thanks for the tips, i think i'll try some workaround (like , write out my current usb /dev/sda1 to a file, then overwrite that with the version i have, from the live sdcard)23:17
arraybolt3jhutchins: If you're installing from the ISO, the installer will partition everything for you. IT's when you have to install it manually that you have to worry about that.23:17
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
jhutchinsarraybolt3: It's still best if you use a single partition (separate swap if desired).23:44

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