lotuspsychjegood morning03:06
rainshadowgood morning03:27
hassletimegood morning03:29
lotuspsychjeogra: input-remapper - Input device button mapping tool (metapackage) is pretty cool if some keys not working anymore, remap them elsewhere12:06
lotuspsychjemy laptops tab was dead, fixed it with this, but got a new kb now12:07
ogranice 12:08
ograwell, my kbd has many worn out keys ... i tend to type on a real kbd on my desktop and that has really heavy switches, so the thin dell laptop kbd can not really cope with my heavy hits 12:09
ograhttp://www.grawert.net/keyboards/skeleton-60-percent/ ...12:10
ogra(requires nearly the force of a typwriter)12:10
lotuspsychjei got a Logitech, Inc. Corded Keyboard K280e otop the clevo temporary12:13
lotuspsychjewow that kb : o12:13

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