hateballI am having an annoying issue I can't quite pinpoint. I am running Kubuntu 23.04 with Wayland. It appears that if I let the monitor go into powersave and wake back up again it seems to break hardware acceleration in xwayland apps eg Steam + any games launched. I have to restart the entire desktop session to restore performance. I am using mainline kernel 6.2 and and MESA from oibaf ppa because otherwise my Ryzen 7700x and Radeon 7900 XTX do not work.07:06
hateballMaybe this is specific to Steam... as Chrome is also running under xwayland and it behaves as it should07:24
tomreynor maybe chrome doesn't use HW acceleration07:30
hateballYes well I am reading bugreports about that as well, except sometimes it *does* work07:34
hateballAnd then both the Steam client itself as well as the games launched behave properly07:34
hateballIf I have Steam maximized behind another window, the mouse cursor will still be choppy when moving in eg Quassel. But if I minimize Steam to the tray then the issue goes away.07:36
hateballI don't mind that too much, the big annoyance is having to restart the entire session and hope Steam behaves next time, in case I want to play a game07:37
tomreynhateball: since you have two GPUs there, one internal anod another dedicated one, you could also consider installing windows in a VM for gaming and using that with KVMFR / Looking Glass08:16
hateballThanks, but no.08:16
hateballAlso I only have one dGPU, Ryzen 7700x is the CPU :)08:17
tomreynyes, you have one iGPU and one dGPU08:27
tomreyn7700x includes an internal GPU, which would be sufficient to run Ubuntu on, and then you could do the gaming on the dedicated one which you'd passthru to the VM (at least while you're gaming)08:28
hateballYeah that's fair enough, however I have no desire to use Windows at all08:30
hateballUnder pure X11 Steam seems to behave but then everything else is a worse experience08:30
hateballI was thinking if it would be possible to run a separate xserver on another tty and just have steam running there, but I am sure that unless I run it as a different user it'll cause all sorts of breakage with the primary wayland/xwayland session08:37
hateballAlso I don't feel like doing all sorts of workarounds just because of one crappy app08:38

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