cobraeriko I am trying to fix the broken boot process of my old drive that has Ubuntu 20.04 on it -- a black screen appears in place of the login menu on boot. Anyway, I have chrooterd into the old filesystem to do this but am stuck on this error: 'apt install' returns "Errors were encountered while processing install-info", How should I fix this broken00:18
cobraerikopackage? Here is a copy of the full command line output https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3749MZhM6x/00:19
sarnold/usr/sbin/update-info-dir: 52: rm: not found00:29
sarnoldooooo this doesn't look fun00:29
sarnoldcobraeriko: maybe try apt install --reinstall coreutils    and see if that helps?00:30
sarnoldi'm not sure if apt will even try00:30
cobraerikosanold, indeed not lol it's been a huge headache00:30
cobraerikosarnold, I get the same error00:31
cobraerikoIn case it helps, "apt install --reinstall install-info" returns this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mndrdFrpSM/00:32
sarnoldcripes that's weird too00:33
sarnoldcheck dmesg output?00:33
cobraerikosarnold, I'm kind of a newbie to linux. How do I check dmesg output?00:34
sarnoldcobraeriko: if you run dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999   that'll paste it to a pastebin site and give you an url to share00:35
sarnoldcobraeriko: it's easier than copy-pasting it all into the ubuntu pastebin anyway :)00:35
sarnoldit might be a bit overwhelming if you're not used to reading it00:35
cobraerikothis is the return https://termbin.com/cejy00:36
sarnoldI normally jump right ot the end and start reading backwards00:37
sarnoldnice, there's a fair amount of annoying noise but not the disk errors I feared00:38
sarnoldcobraeriko: try: cd ; apt download coreutils ; dpkg -i ./coreutils*deb00:38
hassletimehey all00:43
sarnoldhey hassletime00:43
hassletimehow are you sarnold00:43
cobraerikosarnold, I get this in return https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cthCqHCRv2/ (tried to nc it but didnt show everything)00:43
sarnoldnot bad not bad, enjoying a freak snow flurry :) you?00:44
hassletimewell its raining where i am :P00:44
sarnoldcobraeriko: awesome, promising -- try apt install -f    and see how it goes?00:44
sarnoldhassletime: that's much less fun00:44
hassletimeim waiting to get out and do some gardening00:45
hassletimeso yea not alot to do atm00:45
hassletimebut play around on oc00:45
cobraerikosarnold, I get the same error https://termbin.com/m25rz00:46
hassletimei also have some carolina reapers to start :)00:46
hassletimejust got some from the STaTES!!00:46
hassletimewoot woot00:46
hassletimegrowing them for fun not to eat00:47
sarnoldcobraeriko: that's just so *confusing*00:49
hassletimeive got other chillis i prefer to eat00:49
hassletimethat arnt as got00:49
cobraerikosarnold, for what it's worth I've also tried "dpkg --configure -a" and "apt --fix-broken install"00:50
cobraerikoto no avail00:50
sarnoldcobraeriko: what happens with /usr/bin/rm --help ? or /bin/rm --help ?00:50
sarnoldhassletime: too spicy for me, that's for sure :)00:50
hassletimethere arnt too many people that eat the reapers for enjoyment lol00:51
cobraerikowith both I get the man for rm (is that how you say it? that menu for the package)00:52
willyg_coshassletime: just curious - did you get the peppers from Fort Mill, SC ??00:52
sarnoldcobraeriko: "usage"; the manpages are something else, 'man rm' shows them00:52
cobraerikosarnold, thanks good to know00:53
sarnoldcobraeriko: how about "rm --help" ?00:53
cobraerikoget the same thing00:53
hassletimewillyg_cos, i cant remember there where certified reapers i dont have the packet now ..they were full chillis not seeds00:53
hassletimei took the seeds out of them00:53
cobraerikosarnold is there a way to purge this install-info package and reinstall it?00:54
sarnoldcobraeriko: oh that might be worth a try, yeah00:56
sarnoldcobraeriko: sudo apt purge install-info00:56
sarnoldcobraeriko: that'll suggest a few more packages to delete. you almost certainly don't actually care about either info or install-info (I detest info format so much) -- but ubuntu-standard is important for upgrades. so once it's gone, try: apt install ubuntu-standard    and see how it goes00:57
cobraerikothen after, sudo apt install install-info? oh nvm you answered my question00:57
cobraerikomay be a stupid question but should I apt update first00:58
cobraerikoapt install apt install ubuntu-standard01:01
cobraerikoreturned the same error01:01
sarnoldcobraeriko: I'm 100% out of ideas :(01:04
cobraerikosarnold, I appreciate your help nonetheless01:08
sarnoldcobraeriko: if you've still got patience to deal with this, maybe ubuntu-bug install-info  -- and copy-paste these into the bug report? I don't actually have good hopes for that getting traction, but maybe ..01:10
ogracobraeriko, culd it be that your /bin/sh link points to some weird shell ?01:12
sarnoldcobraeriko: namei -l /bin/sh   ? :)01:13
ogra(totally wild guess 🙂 )01:14
cobraerikoogra, how would I test that?01:15
ograsee sarnold's command above01:15
cobraerikosarnold, thanks for the suggestion01:15
cobraerikoorga, here's what I get https://termbin.com/6gcw201:17
sarnolddang. that's normal enough. it was a *really* great idea.01:17
ograyeah ...01:18
cobraerikoMight it have to do with my /etc/environment ?01:18
ogradid you fiddle with it ?01:18
cobraerikoat this point, I'm grasping at straws so I'll try anything lol01:18
cobraerikoorga no sir01:18
ograi mean, why would you expect tha file to fix anyhing unless yu have changed it01:19
cobraerikoorga, oh I thought you meant  /bin/sh01:20
ograno, /etc/environment01:20
cobraerikowell looking at it I may have added the "PATH="/usr/local/texlive/2020/bin/x86_64-linux" somehow when I was configuring texlive.01:24
cobraerikohere's my /etc/environment https://termbin.com/tesg01:24
sarnoldoh well that's curious. I don't know if I'd expect that to pollute the runtime of your apt commands or not. (I had you run the 'rm --help' test to try to help sort that out, and it worked okay..)01:26
cobraeriko(and I mean configuring texlive before it crashed and subsequently stopped booting properly. That said I don't remember exactly what I was doingat that moment but I know I was doing some config of texlive around that time at least)01:26
cobraerikojust a shot in the dark01:26
sarnoldwhat does echo $PATH  output?01:27
cobraerikoit outputs "/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/snap/bin"01:28
sarnold(I mean, most of your pastes look like your PATH ought to be working..)01:28
cobraerikosarnold, in the long output of that command you had me run earlier, I noticed these errors. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/s8HhKcmHG6/ Might that be a clue to anything?01:30
cobraeriko(again I'm reaching)01:31
sarnoldcobraeriko: those sorts of things tend to bust suspend/resume, fan speeds, that sort of thing. it's probably not related01:35
cobraerikosarnold, yea figured01:35
webchat82I'm practically pulling my hair out over the wall I've hit with an "experiment" involving EOL Ubuntu01:37
arraybolt3webchat82: What's it doing?01:38
webchat82Upgrading from 10 to 12 seems easier said than done. Going through do-release-upgrade results in packages apparently being downloaded multiple times, then leading to a large list of "Hash Sum Mismatch"01:38
cobraerikosome ideas: is there a way to reinstall ubuntu while preserving my apps, settings and other data?01:38
arraybolt3webchat82: You're having to upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04? OK, start with the scenario. What's the end goal here?01:39
webchat82To see how far I can go upgrading from the oldest version to the newest01:39
webchat82Funny thing is, I've seen a few videos from just a few years ago and the people there are having a much easier time than I am01:40
arraybolt3webchat82: Right, but are you doing this just because, or are you trying to rescue a legacy system?01:40
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webchat82Yeah, it's basically just because, ha ha01:40
arraybolt3Ah, OK. EOL releases are off-topic here, but... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades this page at the very bottom has some release-specific instructions for releases that old. Perhaps they are the key to jumping the hurdle.01:41
webchat82I was afraid of that. And yeah, I tried most of the things there, didn't help01:42
arraybolt3Crud. You might find some people who are interested in this in #ubuntu-offtopic, we don't care if EOL stuff is discussed there and you might find someone knowledgable.01:43
* webchat82 thumbs up01:43
webchat82Oh, the MOTD there says "This is not a *support* channel, for Ubuntu or other things"01:43
arraybolt3webchat82: Right but you're not asking for support, your discussing a fun experiment. (At least that's my take on it.)01:44
cobraerikoWould it be worthwhile to run "sudo apt-get build-dep"?01:45
sarnoldwebchat82: are you by chance using apt-cacher-ng? it is a frequent source of hash mismatches01:48
webchat82I don't think so?01:49
cobraerikosarnold, nope01:49
sarnoldcobraeriko: build-dep is used to install a handful of packages used for building a specific package; I don't think it'd help here01:50
cobraerikosarnold, ok I tried to remove install-info and did thus https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mHW5r24mh6/01:52
cobraerikonow how should I reinstall, just apt install install-info?01:54
sarnoldprobably apt install --reinstall install-info01:54
cobraerikogrrr, same error. Would it have to do with my package repositories being bad?01:56
hassletimehey arraybolt301:58
sarnoldcobraeriko: just how 'bad' are we talking? :)02:00
cobraerikoWould this answer that? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KfNFWvqjCJ/02:02
sarnoldholy moly this is all over the place :) hehe02:04
cobraerikosarnold, yup02:06
sarnoldI'd really hope that something as basic as 'coreutils' isn't stomped over by some of those, but this is mixing content from eighteen publishers, give or take, across four different operating systems02:07
hassletimein a wee bit bored atm02:16
hassletimewhat to do what to do02:16
cobraerikowell I've just about given up with fixing the boot of this drive. The problem seems intractable. I think I'll go another track and reinstall all my old apps and manually rsync all my old settings and configurations as needed.02:19
sarnoldcobraeriko: I'd like to suggest that you might be better served with different VMs or LXD containers for the ten different things this computer does ;)02:20
hassletimehey quick question02:20
hassletimewhy is there apt-get installand apt install02:21
tomreyn^ cross-posted from #linux02:21
cobraerikothanks for the suggestion, sarnold. how about LVM? would that fit the bill. (I'm still new to all this)02:22
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sarnoldcobraeriko: LVM is for making disk storage more flexible; it's handy enough (I vastly prefer zfs, but other people prefer LVM) -- it's a different kind of tool entirely02:23
fluidI have an issue with a fresh install of Ubuntu server. The top 10% of the screen is black. This happened in the installer and it happens with the full install. Maybe 75% of the boots cause the black bar at the top.02:27
tomreynthis sounds more like a hardware issue / loose cable or something really.02:28
fluidThe OS thinks there's valid screen there. I couldn't do the install with the black bar there. When it boots, the login prompt will be behind the black bar and I'll have to hit enter a few times before I see the login prompt.02:28
fluidHmm.. I do have to use a mini-displayport to VGA adapter to get a display.02:29
tomreyntry reseatcing those connectors, all of them02:30
cobraerikoOh right. That makes sense. So another question. I want to bring over the KVM virtual machine with Ubuntu Server that I had on my old drive to the new one. This server has a flask web-app with reverse-proxy that serves a website. Now, can I simply clone this VM to the new drive? Would I have to make a new static ip address for the cloned machine?02:31
fluidtomreyn, OH! I should point out that grub displays fine and so does the first couple of seconds of the boot process, before the resolution changes.02:32
sarnoldcobraeriko: I've never actually tried to move vms from one machine to another, but maybe virsh dump   on one machine, virsh define on the other machine ..02:33
cobraerikosarnold, I'll look into that. Thanks again for all your help02:33
fluidReseated all the connectors. Even tried one of the other mini-displayport connections02:34
tomreynfluid: try adding 'nomodeset' to the kernel command line02:34
sarnoldcobraeriko: you can *live migrate* vms, but I don't know if that's easier or harder :D02:34
sarnoldcobraeriko: .. it's terrifying, anyway :)02:35
cobraerikoyea, there's options. I'll have to do my homework.02:35
tomreyn!kernelparam | fluid02:35
ubottufluid: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters02:35
tomreyn!nomodeset | fluid02:36
ubottufluid: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.02:36
fluidon a line by itself?02:36
cobraerikosarnold: tell me about it lol02:36
tomreynfluid: no, the "linux" line. it's well descibed on this page, you just need to read02:37
fluidsorry, just got to that part02:37
fluidtomreyn, that worked! Thanks!02:37
sarnoldomg I'm so glad to hear that :)02:38
sarnoldmy suggestion was going to be pretty gross02:38
tomreynfluid: nice, i wasn't so02:38
tomreynsarnold: what would have been yours?02:38
sarnoldtomreyn: http://billauer.co.il/blog/2020/08/linux-override-fake-edid/02:39
sarnoldtomreyn: I think I'd have even less confidence in it working than you did with nomodeset :)02:39
fluidsarnold, yeah, that doesn't look fun02:40
tomreynsarnold: nice idea / find, though,02:41
tomreynbut i think this would not apply to ubuntu server installer, or would it?02:41
tomreyni mean, no X02:41
sarnoldoh :/ yeah02:41
tomreyndrm itself initializes earlier, though, so not sure.02:42
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tinfoil-hatHi there, I want to install mailinabox and want to buy a VPS for that. however the webinterface asks me for Nameserver 1 Prefix and Nameserver 2 Prefix. I not really have a clue what to put in there, I am used to see Reverse DNS or DNS for resolution. But neither a possible reverse dns works, nore an public DNS like or https://drop.tinfoil-hat.net/file/ksMtuopkzUamPpCf/0cuJv39rDe8Jc0jU/eth.png02:43
rboxsounds like a question for the provider02:45
blasterwhy won't my mouse show when I am screen recording?02:47
arraybolt3blaster: Check the settings of your screen recorder software, perhaps you have a box checked that does that.02:48
sarnoldtry recording the whole scren rather than one window?02:48
arraybolt3I personally use OBS Studio for screen recording and I can see my mouse pointer.02:48
blasterI'm using the built in screen recorder02:48
blasterMight have to try OBS thank you.02:49
hassletimearraybolt3, i need your help @@!!02:50
tomreynblaster: when you start recording, there's a button to enable capturing the mouse pointer on the bottom right: https://i.imgur.com/fhGsKP6.png02:52
hassletimeive installed "fish" but i cant seem to get it to start without typing "fish" in the command prompt02:52
blastertomreyn, I have tried that, still no dice.02:52
sarnoldtomreyn: heh which? :)02:52
tomreynhmm, works here02:53
tomreynsarnold: which what, the button you ask? :)02:53
blastertomreyn, even for a small capture area?02:53
blasterLike part of one window02:53
tomreynblaster: that's what i just tried02:53
hassletimeif anyone can help with this ...it would begreat02:53
tomreyni'm trying this on ubuntu 22.0402:53
sarnoldtomreyn: yeah, I'd sort of assume the 'selection' lets you select a part of the screen, screen records the whole thing, window records one specific window, the camera vs videocamera icons select video vs screenshot, and the red dot starts and stops..02:54
tomreynsarnold: that's exactly what they do, i think02:55
sarnoldhassletime: if you *really* want to change your login shell, try 'chsh -s fish'  or something similar02:55
blasterYeah never worked showing the pointer, even on my old machine, and I am on 22.04.  Weird.02:55
sarnoldhassletime: keep a root prompt open on a virtual console or via ssh or something while you test02:55
sarnoldtomreyn: so which button says "yes record the mouse" or "no don't record the mouse"? :)02:55
hassletimeit says when i try02:55
hassletimechsh: fish is an invalid shell02:56
sarnoldtomreyn: I kinda half expect 'full screen' to work, but that's a guess..02:56
tomreynsarnold: on the screenshot i posted, the mouse pointer you see there is not my actual mouse pointer, it's a button you can press02:56
sarnoldhassletime: ah. bummer. maybe the full pathname is required? if not, add the path to /etc/shells02:56
sarnoldtomreyn: lmao02:56
tomreynto enabeel capturing the mouse pointer in the recording02:56
hassletimeeverything online says what you said02:57
tomreynsarnold: that's a good question indeed :)02:58
tomreynsarnold: here's your button looking like a button, more or less https://i.imgur.com/hmQd5vx.png02:59
sarnoldthese buttons look like buttons! http://www.xwinman.org/screenshots/fvwm-geir.gif02:59
fluidI googled how to change the resolution of my ubuntu server. xrandr was suggested online but I get "can't open display"03:00
sarnoldtomreyn: honestly now it kind of looks more like an accessiblity "make the mouse pointer easy to find"03:00
tomreyni also demand my os/2 back03:00
fluid"vde" and "videoinfo" don't work either03:00
sarnoldfluid: those are all gui things. servers don't usually have guis.03:00
fluidahh.. but the CLI is not 640x48003:01
fluid(hence why I needed nomodeset)03:01
hassletimehey sarnold03:01
hassletimecheck this out03:01
tomreynfluid: is this during or post installation?03:02
hassletimehow do i do that03:02
fluidtomreyn, post install.03:02
fluidlooks like grub_gfxpayload_linux is the way to go03:02
tomreynfluid: and you work on the server by sitting in front of the screen with a keyboard? most people won't care, will just use ssh03:03
sarnoldhassletime: more or less just as he said, but with whatever path your fish is installed to03:03
hassletimeim only new to this03:03
xxyi hope to remove node.js from repositories , when i list ppa name  with "apt policy" , it appear :" https://deb.nodesource.com/node_19.x jammy/main amd64 Packages03:03
xxy     release n=jammy,l=Node Source,c=main,b=amd6403:03
xxy     origin deb.nodesource.com03:03
xxy", what's the exact name if i hope use "add-apt-repository -remove ppa???"03:03
fluidtomreyn, yup03:03
tomreynxxy: well, it's not a ppa03:04
tomreynit's a third party repository03:05
sarnoldxxy: I'm 90% sure that add-apt-repository can't deal with third-party repos03:05
tomreynxxy: you'll need to remove its configuration off /etc/apt/sources.list.d/03:05
tomreyn(or comment it out at least)03:06
tomreynyou may also want to diable its apt repository signing key03:06
xxytomreyn: how to disable signing key?03:06
tomreynxxy: i think those are in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ nowadays03:07
hassletimesarnold, the prob is the file is read only03:08
tomreynthere or keyrings/03:08
sarnoldhassletime: it requires root privs to edit -- sudo vim /etc/shells or sudo nano /etc/shells or whatever your favourite editor is03:09
hassletimethank you03:09
fluidI found settings for changing the resolution in grub, but that's not the mode that has a problem. It's the mode that is changed during the boot process.03:11
tomreynhassletime: it's considered impolite (at least by me, but also some others), to ask the same question in different channels at the same time (or almost the same time). this can indicate you lack patience and consider yourself / your issue as so important that not just one but multiple volunteer support communities should help you out with it.03:11
tomreynso please don't do this, or if you want to re-ask it on the other channel later, then tell people where you asked first that you're withdrawing the question.03:12
hassletimetomreyn, i was hoping arraybolt3 would help me tbh03:13
hassletimesorry if i offended anyone03:13
tomreyni'm just explaining because you're new around here ;)03:13
hassletimethank you,and sorry03:13
hassletimeill just ask here03:14
hassletimei did that03:15
sarnoldfluid: so, it's been years since I've wanted to change the text console.. the vga=ask kernel parameter will probably get the kernel to give you a menu of choices03:15
hassletimethat look right03:15
sarnoldfluid: there (used to be?) a framebuffer console, but either it got ripped out or replaced or something similar, I'm not sure any more :(03:16
sarnoldhassletime: remove the 'chsh -s ' from that line03:16
hassletimeit didnt say error03:17
hassletimebut also restarted terminal and "fish" wasnt there03:17
hassletimescratches head03:18
hassletimeand it seems right03:18
hassletimehassle@hassle-System-Product-Name:~$ which fish03:18
sarnoldtry uhh03:19
sarnoldwhat are those four dots?03:19
hassletimeso that if you type / in IRC03:19
hassletimeit thinks its a command03:19
sarnoldoh :) some clients let you use: / /usr/bin/    to avoid that03:20
hassletimeso just some ...so i could type /03:20
sarnoldwhat did you add to your /etc/shells file? /usr/bin/fish or /usr/local/bin/fish?03:20
sarnoldwhich command actually exists? :)03:20
hassletimeok let me look03:20
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < /etc/shells03:20
hassletimeare both in there03:21
tomreynfile /usr/local/bin/fish03:22
hassletimewhats the whole file03:23
tomreyn"file /usr/local/bin/fish" is a command03:24
tomreynit creates one line of output you could post here03:24
hassletimetermbin.com 9999 < /etc/shells03:25
hassletimenc termbin.com 9999 < /etc/shells03:25
hassletimeok im doing something wrong again .lol03:26
tomreyncommands go into your shell, outputs from commands goes here (but maximum one line please)03:26
tomreyni'm suggesting that you run this command in your shell and post its output here: file /usr/local/bin/fish03:27
hassletimethat has been added03:28
tomreynwhat has been added where?03:29
hassletimethat /usr/local/bin/fish has been added to shell03:30
tomreynokay, that was already understood03:30
tomreynif you mean /etc/shells03:30
hassletimesorry if im not understanding03:31
fluidFYI, grub's "GRUB_GFXMODE" appears to be the correct way to set the resolution for post-boot.03:31
sarnoldfluid: sweet, thanks :)03:31
tomreynfluid: so "which" is a command, you ran "which fish" earlier. "file" is also a command, and i'm suggesting you run "file /usr/local/bin/fish"03:33
tomreynthis would create a line of output, and i'm suggesting that you share that output with us03:33
hassletimeno such file03:34
hassletimeor dir03:34
tomreynso this custom fish shell does not exist (or you mistyped the command just now)03:34
hassletimethere is a03:34
fluidtomreyn, not me :)03:34
tomreynfluid: oops, sorry03:35
tomreynhassletime: if /usr/local/bin/fish really does not exist, then adding it to /etc/shells won't help you select it as a shell, because this shell does not exist.03:35
hassletimethere is ..03:36
hassletimefile /bin/fish03:36
hassletimethank you that makes sence03:36
hassletimeso i added /bin/fish03:37
hassletimebut that didnt work03:37
tomreyn"didn't work" is the most terrible description of an erroneous situation you can provide03:38
tomreyntry to explain what you tried, what you expected to happen, what happened instead03:39
hassletimeok so i added /bin/fish to the shell as which fish says /bin/fish03:40
hassletimesorry wrong03:41
hassletime"file" says /bin/fish03:41
hassletime"which" says /usr/bin/fish03:41
tomreynthe command "which" without any parameters would never output "/usr/bin/fish"03:42
tomreynthe command "file" without any parameters would never output "/bin/fish"03:42
fluidtomreyn, thanks again for your help!03:43
tomreynfluid: you're welcome, did you get a better sonsole resolution set? and if so, how?03:43
hassletimewhich fish03:44
hassletimefile fish03:44
tomreynhassletime: so you ran the "which" and "fish" commands with one argument each, "fish", cool.03:45
tomreynthat's not what i suggested to do, but still good to know.03:45
tomreynmaybe it's time to take a step back and describe what you are trying to achieve03:45
hassletimeok im trying to achieve "fish" running on terminal startup instead of typing fish when terminal opens03:46
fluidtomreyn, changing the "GRUB_GFXMODE" and "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX" lines in /etc/defaults/grub03:46
tomreynfluid: ah so this still works, cool03:47
tomreynhassletime: you want to change the default shell of your system user "hassle" to be "/usr/bin/fish"03:48
hassletimeyes sir03:48
tomreynhassletime: good - but i'm not a 'sir'. ;)    indeed, the first step then is to ensure you have /usr/bin/fish on a line by itself in /etc/shells03:49
tomreynis that the case, yet?03:49
hassletimelet me just confirm that03:50
tomreynyou can run this command to post the contents of this file online: nc termbin.com 9999 < /etc/shells03:50
tomreynthat's why i gave you that command earlier03:50
tomreynit will print a http:// address which you can copy and paste (or just type) here03:51
sarnoldcopy-and-paste is way more reliable and faster, too03:51
tomreynit also seems that you are somehow unable to copy and paste between your terminal and the irc03:51
tomreynit may be a good idea to tackle this issue first of all03:52
tomreynso you DO have /usr/bin/fish on a line all by itself in /etc/shells, good. then all you need to do is to run   chsh -s /usr/bin/fish03:54
hassletimeyep but for some reason nothing happens03:55
hassletimei start a fresh terminal and no "fish"03:55
tomreynhassletime: i'll have some food now, i suggest you enable copying and pasting to and from your terminal first of all. if your ubuntu installation runs in a virtual machine and you're working on it by looking at the screen output, then install openssh-server on the ubuntu system and use an ssh client to connect to it from your main computer.03:56
arraybolt3cat /etc/passwd | nc termbin.com 9999     (that won't send your passwords, /etc/passwd contains some login info, including the login shell -passwords are in /etc/shadow, which you should never share)03:56
arraybolt3hassletime: ^03:56
arraybolt3I suspect it's working but that you need to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.03:56
arraybolt3But looking at the contents of /etc/passwd will verify that.03:57
hassletimeill logout first03:57
hassletimeand go from there03:57
hassletimeputs head done....logout login fixed it03:59
hassletimedefeated by a logout login ..sighs03:59
hassletimethe old logout login trick got me again04:01
arraybolt3Heh, it happens.04:01
hassletimefew login problems going on atm lol04:02
hassletimeif you didnt get that it fixed the problem04:03
arraybolt3Very glad to hear it worked.04:03
hassletimetry again04:04
arraybolt3hassletime: We can see your messages, if you're wondering.04:04
arraybolt3Something gone wrong?04:04
hassletimeoh good04:05
hassletimechanged servers04:05
fluidsarnold, good, it works04:05
hassletimesee how we go now lol04:05
hassletimethanks tomreyn for you patience and understanding04:05
sarnoldfluid: *nod*04:05
hassletimearraybolt3, you done it again Sir04:06
arraybolt3hassletime: Meh, all I did was suggest something to cross the last hurdle.04:06
arraybolt3tomreyn and sarnold did all the heavy lifting.04:06
hassletimeYou ...you.. your..good you are..your good04:06
arraybolt3(And I didn't even know /etc/shells was a file until today so I probably wouldn't have been much help for most of it :P)04:06
hassletimewell it was great team work04:07
hassletimeand Sarnold ...thank you also04:07
sarnoldhassletime: sure thing, I'm glad it worked out :)04:07
hassletimeyou should just come in ...at the end and just say everytime HT logout lol04:08
hassletimewhen i logged out and it worked ...i just stared at the computer for a min thinking,you make me look like a fool yet again..i dont need the help04:09
hassletimei can easily do the fool part on my own04:09
arraybolt3Hey, you wouldn't beat yourself up in a street fight, don't do it in a word fight either :P04:10
arraybolt3Should have seen my first wrestles with Linux. It won quite a few times...04:10
sarnold"pave it over and reinstall"04:11
arraybolt3sarnold: And reinstall. And reinstall. And then execute the wrong command and reinstall again.04:11
sarnoldarraybolt3: exactly :)04:11
hassletimei expect better from linux ...making do a logout. I EXPECT BETTER!! **Pow* *BanG* *BOoM* (insert 1960s batman)04:12
hassletimewell i need a cuppa tea after that04:17
hassletimekettle is on04:17
hassletimewhat can i send everyone insane with next04:18
hassletimei thnk i sent tomreyn for a laydown lol04:18
arraybolt3hassletime: We're just happy to have helped and for it to have worked.04:20
=== mei is now known as Guest3721
sarnoldhassletime: there's probably a way to make it work without the logout, I bet gnome-terminal or whatever you're running just looks up which shell to use once, and then sticks with it. if you kill em all, maybe the next would have asked for the shell again from scratch?04:34
naoki_who is here?04:47
sarnoldthere's >1000 people connected..04:47
sarnoldwho knows how many are looking at any given moment04:48
cobraerikonaoki_ what sarnold said04:49
sarnoldcobraeriko: do note that naoki_ left a few seconds later04:52
cobraerikosarnold noted04:54
tomreynhassletime: i'm doing fine, just needed a pc break. :) try to set things up for copy + paste from irc to the ubuntu system and back again, thiis will make things a lot better for you and anyone helping.06:01
PeppiI have a hard drive mounted at /mnt/foo how why can't I see it in the files GUI?06:13
Peppior rather how do I view it in the files GUI?06:14
grywrite '/mnt/foo' in the url bar of the files gui06:14
Peppigotcha... ya found it06:15
Peppithanks :)06:15
blahboybazIs there any way to find out if a package I have on my system (is installed on my system now) - is a snap package or otherwise?06:31
tomreynapt list --installed <package_name> && snap list <package_name>06:33
blahboybazRequirements for another application I use says "snap package not supported" where there exists the possibility to install with either a snap package, through a repository using apt, or by downloading the .deb package. I don't recall how I installed it and would like to check to be sure06:33
blahboybaztomreyn: ahh.. ok06:34
tomreyni think there is also a way to tell by inspecting it on the "ubuntu software" (if i remember its name correctly) graphical application06:35
blahboybaztomreyn: The package in question is indeed installed  (I've been using it as recently as last night)_ but it doesn't look like either of those show it in the output06:36
blahboybazeither of those commands06:36
blahboybazI wonder if I'm using the right <package_name>06:37
tomreyndo you know of a command it provides, though?06:38
blahboybazgot it.. I was using the worng name, modified the commands to use grep and found what I was looking for. They were installed in the way that's compatible with my other application's requirements06:39
tomreyn"which somecommand" would tell you the full path to this command. "dpkg -S $(which somecommand)" would tell you whether a  debian package is installed which provides this command06:39
tomreynif the "which" output points to /snap it's probably a snap06:40
blahboybaztomreyn: its docker, docker compose, and related docker packages (eg: buildx) - vscode does not work with the snap package. Yeah I can get the version and I've been suing docker and docker compose on the command line (apart from vscode). I just had the wrong package name06:40
tomreyni see06:41
blahboybaz`apt list --installed | grep docker` gave me what I needed06:41
tomreynvery well :)06:42
cluelesspersondoes anyone know how to disable piv login on ubuntu?07:01
cluelesspersonI have a yubikey in the usb drive at all times.07:01
KrougnouteBonjour, chaque fois que je démarre une application, après quelques minutes, j'ai le message "l'application ne répond pas", vous pouvez soit attendre un peu pour continuer, soit forcer l'application à quitter". Si j'attend, rien ne change et si je reelance l'application je reviens au même message07:07
akikoui and the same in english07:08
ShaedSlib ssl borked07:15
ShaedSopenvpn : Depends: libssl1.0.2 (>= 1.0.2d) but it is not installable07:15
ShaedSE: Package 'libssl1.0.2' has no installation candidate07:15
guivercShaedS, what OS/release are you using?  No libssl on supported releases is that old07:19
guivercUbuntu 20.10 is EOL & unsupported07:19
ShaedSman i hate it when igotta work on these old servers07:20
ShaedSi guess i gotta update this thing first07:22
MenzadorYeah, I'd send that thing to 22.0407:22
MenzadorAnd then keep it there till 24.0407:23
Menzadoresp if it's mission-critical07:23
taylanis there any reason "systemctl restart apache2" would take like 30 seconds on a relatively fresh install?  I suspect it's the VPS platform (k8s) that's at fault, not the OS, but maybe someone else experienced this...07:38
taylanoften it takes similarly long to log in via ssh07:38
taylanand to run simple ufw commands like "ufw allow 80" and "ufw delete allow 80" ...07:38
tomreynmaybe the system just doesn't get enough cpu cycles07:39
taylantop(1) indicates that the system is basically idle...07:39
taylanhmm what's the format used by uptime again?  it says: load average: 0,63, 0,32, 0,2607:39
tomreynso the last value on the "%Cpu(s):" line of the top output is 0?07:40
taylandoes 1 mean 100% ?  if so that's weird coz I'm not doing anything, top says it's idle, and the VPS has 8 virtual cores ... supposedly :P07:40
tomreyn"man uptime" will tell you about the "uptime" output format07:40
tomreyn1 means 100% of one CPU core, basically07:41
taylanyeah top says:  %Cpu(s):  0,1 us,  0,2 sy,  0,0 ni, 99,7 id,  0,0 wa,  0,0 hi,  0,0 si,  0,0 st07:41
ShaedSMenzador: update to 21 first or straight to t22?07:41
taylanI've been very happy with this VPS hoster (Strato AG) so far because of OK performance for ultra cheap prices but now I start to understand why people hate them, lol07:42
tomreyntaylan: it could also be packet loss. try an "mtr -i5" to the servers' hostname, see if you loose packets on the last or last but one hop07:42
* hassletime falls over i cant do anymore in the garden today07:42
hassletimeim stuffed!!07:42
taylantomreyn: let me try... but given that this "VPS" is I think running in a k8s cluster, mtr may be unable to report accurate stats I guess?07:43
hassletimetomreyn, thanks for your help today!07:43
tomreyntaylan: possibly, depends on how it's configured.07:44
tomreynhassletime: you're welcome07:45
taylanloss % remains at 0 during the 30 or so seconds it takes me to log in via ssh in another terminal window...07:45
taylan"Snt" (sent packets?) go up by like 1 every few seconds, which seems... slow07:45
tomreyntaylan: if you expect a better service level than this for what you're currently paying them then you should probably bring it up with the hosting provider.07:46
tomreynthe -i5 means that pings are only sent every 5 seconds, so it's ok if that only increases every 5s07:47
taylanah ok07:47
taylanssh timed out, lol.  I think I'll indeed write to them to complain a bit, other VPS I rent from them don't have these issues, even much cheaper tiers.07:48
taylanI suspect that they set up a new cluster for Ubuntu 22.04 which is under too much load, whereas my older VPS at them are on other clusters (different kernel version) which aren't under as much load.  but I'm a k8s noob so just a wild guess.07:49
tomreynit can be a case of "noisy neighbour", they'll probably just live migrate your to another host / pod and you'll try your luck there07:49
MenzadorShaedS: you should be able to go straight to 22.04 from there (select "For long-term support versions" in the Software & Updates application)07:49
taylanthanks for the tips btw!07:49
tomreyntaylan: if you want a suggestion for a better host in germany / europe, feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic, we can talk more there07:50
ShaedSMenzador: i'm on a command line instance07:51
MenzadorShaedS: Run [ update-manager -c ]07:56
MenzadorOr don't, actually07:56
MenzadorThat's graphical07:56
MenzadorShaedS: Run [ do-release-upgrade ] to check what release is offered and then ^C out07:57
ShaedSnone are08:07
ShaedSYour Ubuntu release is not supported anymore.08:08
tomreyn!eolupgrade | ShaedS08:12
ubottuShaedS: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:12
tomreynsee the link at the end, read the page carefully08:12
ShaedSyes im trying to do that right now but im nto able to from the ocmmandline...08:19
=== shokohsc67 is now known as shokohsc6
tomreynShaedS: because you're lacking a web browser, or something's not working out on the terminal, or because you don't know how to use it, or something else?08:26
tomreynbackup + fresh install can be a good option if you're having to take over maintenance of an old system08:27
ShaedSthef irst one08:27
ShaedSit's a headless server08:27
tomreynand you don't have another computer or mobile phone to read the web page on?08:29
ShaedSwget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hirsute-updates/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/hirsute.tar.gz08:29
ShaedSdoesn't seem to be a valid file08:29
ShaedStomreyn: no i do08:30
ShaedSjust the upgrade tools are for gfx interfaces..08:30
ShaedShttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1361262/how-upgrade-ubuntu-20-10-after-its-eol isn't working08:30
ShaedSUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused08:32
ShaedS(hirsute:52913): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 08:31:57.819: _gtk_style_provider_private_get_settings: assertion 'GTK_IS_STYLE_PROVIDER_PRIVATE (provider)' failed08:32
tomreyndo-release-upgrade is the server equivalend to upgrade-manager on the desktop08:33
ShaedSYour Ubuntu release is not supported anymore.08:35
ShaedSvisit; http://www.ubuntu.com/releaseendoflife08:35
tomreynyou should describe what's the commands you're running, and share their full output, on a pastebin. otherwise it will be difficult to support you08:36
tomreynalso which guide you're following exactly, and which step you're currently at08:36
ShaedSthat was it juts 4 lines, i omited the non relevenat ones08:37
tomreynthe GTK error message above must have been produced by some GTK application, but i don't think the server upgrade path described would have you run such an application08:38
ShaedSwell i removed openvpn because it failed to instlal succesffuly and wa telling me it was an upgradable packagfe, i'm now rebooting and seeing if i can continue08:39
ShaedSthe last comment is getting me some tractioon i think08:40
Ben64upgraded gpu on my 20.04 system to a rx6600, and every time i come home from work or get up in the morning, the system crashes when i go to wake it up. i see a lot of bug reports on this issue. is there an actual solution to it? I see "Fix Released" in bug #1971460 but no actual fix anywhere08:58
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1971460 in linux (Ubuntu) "[amdgpu] System freezes coming out from suspension or randomly from screen power save (5.15.0 fails but 5.18.14 works)" [Undecided, Fix Released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/197146008:58
tomreynBen64: the original rpeport is about ubuntu 22.04 (not 20.04, which you seem to be using). i'm not sure the bug report should have been closed as 'fixed' *if* only the newer kernel version (of ubuntu 22.10) has the fix, but you can always use the -hwe or -hwe-edge kernel to get the newer kernel.09:04
tomreyn(you may need to upgrade to 22.04 first, though)09:04
Ben64well i'm on 5.15 because of HWE09:05
Ben64regardless, i don't see a fix there, besides just "get a newer kernel, lol"09:05
tomreyn!info linux-generic-hwe-22.04 jammy09:08
ubottulinux-generic-hwe-22.04 (, jammy): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta-hwe-5.19. Size 2 kB / 20 kB. (Only available for amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x.)09:08
Ben64oh interesting09:08
tomreynso upgrading to 22.04 would enable you to run the newer 5.19 kernel09:08
hassletimewhat time is it in the STATES?10:45
hassletimearhhh early hours on the morning10:45
=== diskin_ is now known as diskin
kwakWhy does apt-get install an old version of nodejs instead of the newest LTS?11:41
ograbecause packages in releases usually do not get updated beyond the versions that were tested at release time11:42
kwakogra: What do you mean?11:43
ravage!uptodate | kwak11:43
ubottukwak: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.11:43
ograarcive packages do not get updated to newer versions after release11:43
ravagewrong one11:43
ravagethere is one that explains that11:43
kwakogra: Why not?11:43
ograkwak, because it migh introduce instabilities11:44
kwakIn what way? :o11:44
ravagein the instability bug way11:44
kwakWhat's the "instability bug way"?11:44
ravageremove all node packages. run "sudo snap install node" and you have the latest LTS11:45
ograkwak, if you want a neweer node, use the snap ... see "snap info node" ... it is maintained by the openjs foundation themselves and has all versions from 6.x to 19.x available11:45
kwakravage: It's too late for that. My system is completely fucked as far as node goes.11:45
ravageso reinstall and try it the right way11:46
kwakI don't really want to wipe my PC right now.11:46
kwakI'll have to do it later if I do it at all.11:46
ravagethen shut it down and go for a walk11:46
ograjust remove all node related debs and use the snap, really ... more reliable, keeping itself secure, smaller and faster11:46
kwakIt's not as simple as you make it out to be. It's not a simple installation/uninstallation process with Node11:47
ogra... and you can chose any version you like, unlike the deb11:47
kwakIt's an absolute nightmare to work with.11:47
ograit takes me 10 min to set up all node bits i need for an electron project here ... not sure what you mean11:48
ogra(using the snap that is)11:48
kwakAnd after having tried 4-5 suggestions from StackOverflow I think the system has messed itself up beyond repair.11:48
kwakAt this point I'm just trying to figure out how to completely and wholly wipe nodejs, node, npm and n from my machine11:48
ograjust do everything you did backwards, that should get you back to a proper state11:49
ograthat is ... if you sill remember which instructions you followed11:49
kwakThat's not viable.11:49
kwakI just need to wipe node, npm, nodejs and n scorched earth style.11:50
ograright, so do what yu did to get them on disk in the reverse order11:50
kwakI've run a zillion different commands in order to try to both intall and uninstall node. So that's not viable.11:51
kwakI don't even know what's on my disk anymore.11:51
ograwell, did you stick to debs or did yu install stuff from source or from any tarballs ?11:51
ograif you stuck to debs that should be reversable11:52
optikonstudiohello all11:52
kwakI installed via apt, apt-get, npm and possibly other methods that I've since forgotten.11:52
kwakAnd I have both "node" and "nodejs" installed which makes absolutely no sense.11:52
ograthats the silly debian packaging of node ... one is just a symlink to the other11:53
kwakI don't think so because both are different versions11:53
ograyou should only have one actual package11:53
kwaknodejs is 12 and node is 1811:53
ograwell, what does "dpkg -L | grep node" return ...11:54
ogra(use a pastebin if the output is longer than a few lines)11:54
kwak"--listfiles needs at least one package name argument"11:54
ograoops, sorry, non capitalized L11:54
ogra(i.e dpkg -l ...11:54
ograkwak, try starting with "sud apt purge libnode72" ... that should remove mos of the 12.x stuff and likely most of the deb packaged modules...12:02
ogra(and "sudo" ... not sud indeed)12:03
ogra(my laptop needs a new kdb 😞 )12:03
kwakogra Yeah I still have node installed12:08
kwaknodejs seems to have disappeared thorugh12:08
ograif you re-run the dpkg -l above, does it still return node bits ?12:09
kwakogra Yes, about the same list.12:10
ograhmm, i would have expected all the modules packages to be depending on the node runtime ... seems they do not12:11
ograso try "sudo apt purge node-*" (but read the list at the Y/N page before it does actual removals, so you dont remove anything wrongly)12:12
kwakThat printed out a billion "Removing"-lines12:13
kwakleaving only one line when i run dpkg12:13
kwak"ii nodejs-doc"12:13
kwakHowever, "node" remains installed12:13
kwakand functional12:13
ograyeah, just make sure they are all node- o nodejs-12:13
ograthats fine for now ... es fix one bit at a time12:14
ogralets fix12:14
ninuninhello there! i have an issue with new installed hdd. my main hdd [hda] is now sdb can i fix this?12:15
kwakOk I think I might've fixed it12:15
kwakI ran rm /usr/local/bin/node12:15
kwakand that seems to have deleted node12:16
ograargh !12:17
kwakSo now I guess there's only that stray file left12:17
ograwell, and whatever was installed outside of /usr/local by however you installed it ...12:17
kwakfind / -type f -name "nodejs-doc" didn't return anything12:19
kwakOh that was a package,.12:21
kwakEverything seems to be wiped now.12:21
ograthe stuff in /usr/local probably came from a build from source or whatno12:21
kwakIt's absolutely insane how difficult it is to install node.12:21
kwakAnd uninstalling it.12:21
kwakAnd managing versions.12:21
ograand has likely installed lots more pieces under /usr/local than just the binary you deleted12:21
ograit likely brught along its own libs and stuff, yes12:22
kwakThis is interesting.12:24
ograif you still have the source tree you installed from, many of these trees come with a "make uninstall" command ...12:25
kwakI tried to install nodejs from deb.nodesource.com by adding the PPA and then running apt-get install -y nodejs.12:25
kwakWhat happened? Well, node didn't get installed.12:25
kwakBut npm did.12:25
ograthat should revert the installation to /usr/local (or fail because you already deleted bits it expects)12:25
ograright, make sure to remove all traces of node and npm ...12:26
ogradisable he PPA too ...12:26
ograonce you have the system in a relatively clean state, just install the snap and you will be done, there is nothing extra you need to do beyond picking the correct snap channel (from snap info node) for the version you want12:27
kwakI mean I just added the PPA12:28
kwakAnd it seems to have installed node correctly actually12:28
ograwell, do it as you like, i'm just trying to help you getting a clean install that wont cause you hassles in the future12:29
kwakI wasn't aware that there was more to do.12:29
kwakI thought we had a clean wipe by now12:29
kwakWhat was left to do?12:29
ograwell, where did the stuff in /usr/local come from ?12:30
kwakI just took the line from a random SO post.12:30
ograyou likely have still libs and npm for that smewhere under /usr/local if you did not call make uninstall12:30
kwakOk but what is it that you want me to do?12:31
kwakI'm not following.12:31
ograget rid of whatever is f, get rid of all debs, disable the PPA12:31
ograget rid of whatever is left over ...12:31
ogrause the ppa-purge command to get rid of the PPA and all packages from it12:31
ogrause dpkg -l to verify nothing is left over and you are back to a clean sate12:32
ogra*only then* lets see that we get you a proper new node install on disk12:32
kwakHow do I do all of that?12:33
ograhow did you get the stuff in /usr/local exactly ... try finding the post again12:33
kwakI just did sudo apt remove npm and sudo apt remove nodejs12:34
kwakI have no idea why there was anything in /usr/local12:34
kwakAnd I don't know where the post is.12:34
ograwell, you did put it there somehow 🙂12:34
ograit has not come from a deb package12:34
kwakYes but I'm not going to find the exact same post again12:34
kwakAnd I don't now where it's from12:35
ograwhy not ? does your browser not have a history ?12:35
kwakNo. It purges history.12:35
kwakdpkg -l | grep node returns nothing now12:35
kwakHow do I remove the PPA thing?12:35
ograsame for npm ?12:35
kwakNo, for npm it returns a single line called "npm"12:36
kwakdespite the fact that I just uninstalled it the same way I installed it12:36
ograremove that too12:36
kwak(via apt)12:36
kwakI already did12:36
kwakbut it's still installed12:36
ograthen it should not show in dpkg12:36
kwak"Package 'npm' is not installed, so not removed"12:36
kwakYeah but it is showing12:36
kwak"rc npm 8.5.1~ds-1 all package manger for Node.js"12:37
ograah, you didnt use purge12:37
ogra(rc means it left config files around ... which apt does if you do not purge a package)12:37
kwakI see.12:37
kwakHow do I purge?12:37
ograapt purge npm12:37
ogra(with sudo)12:38
kwakOk, now it's gone.12:39
kwakDo I need to do anything else?12:39
kwakDo I need to remove the PPA?12:39
ograinstall the ppa-purge package12:39
kwakThat I just added?12:39
ograthen call "ppa-purge" with the PPA url yu used ... it should remove the PPA and all potential packages installed from it12:40
ogra(same url you used to add the ppa)12:40
kwakppa-purge <url> just gives me the ppa-purge help text12:41
ograyou need to use the PPA url there12:42
ograthe same one you used to add the PPA12:42
kwakI did12:42
ograshw me the exact line12:42
kwakppa-purge https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_lts.x12:42
ograthats not a PPA at all12:43
ograthats a hacker script you likely executed from the web (never ever do such a thing !)12:43
kwakWhat are you talking about? It's from the nodesource.com domain.12:43
* ogra reads the script12:44
ograopen https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_lts.x in your browser ... and you will see what i mean12:44
ograit mangles your system12:44
kwakI don't see how this is a "hacker script"12:45
kwakEven nodejs.org links to nodesource.om12:45
ograit mangles your OS setup in various places without telling you12:45
kwakI don't know what that means.12:45
ograit means it made modifications to your OS witout you knowing12:46
kwakI mean that's what all installers do.12:46
ograto revert that crap one has to go through the script line by line and check each step12:46
kwakcurl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_lts.x | sudo -E bash -12:46
kwakWas the line I used.12:46
ograyes, and if *anything* ever tells you to pipe some web hsted thing into sudo bash, you should really back away from it12:47
ograthis is *notÜ what proper installers do ....12:47
kwakBut it's linked to on nodejs.org12:47
ogradoesnt make it better 😛12:47
kwakHow can I do a search on my system and see if *nodesource* appears anywhere?12:48
kwakLike a file search12:48
ograls -lh /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ | nv termbin.com 999912:48
ograshow me what you have in your sources.list dir now12:48
kwakIt says "total 0"12:49
ograls -lh /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ | nc termbin.com 999912:49
ograso no PPAs then, good12:49
kwakI ran sudo rm -r /etc/apt/soruces.list.d/nodesource.list just before12:49
kwakHow can I do an actual file search for *nodesource*?12:49
ograargh !!!!12:49
ograso now you can not clenly remve the PPA anymore12:49
kwakWhat's the syntax for that?12:49
BedMankwak: find / -name \*nodesource\* -print12:50
kwakThanks so much.12:50
kwakFound 4 entries.12:51
kwakI guess I'll just delete them12:51
BedMankwak: find / -name \*nodesource\* -exec ls -l {} \;12:51
ograwell, do as you like ... i'm giving up ... you are constanty doing stuff on the side while i try to walk you through doing clean removals ...12:51
BedManthen if you want to delete them - change the ls to rm -rf {} \;12:51
ogra... dont forget to clean up /usr/local in the end, there is surely stuff left over that can interfere with future node installs ...12:52
* ogra goes for lunch 12:53
kwakogra: I'm not aware that you're about to give additional instructions. When you say "argh why did you do that" then of course I'm going to quickly google for a solution to undo it.12:53
kwakI'm not aware what you're going to say to me next.12:53
kwakBedMan Got it!12:55
ograkwak, well, ten just wait and dont start to rm files randomly 🙂12:55
ogra(because these files are used by the tools we want to use to make sure everything is cleanly removed)12:55
BedManwhen there's a package manager in the mix, then removing parts of the package can get ugly12:56
BedManbut there's always a way, on either side.12:56
kwakWell, I deleted any traces I could find of the script.12:56
kwakAnd of nodejs and npm.12:57
kwakAnd n.12:57
ograwell, if you want to rm files lets go for /usr/local then12:57
ografind /usr/local/ | nc termbin.com 999912:57
BedMancheck with the package management tools to find any additional files...12:57
ograyou want the output to look like: https://termbin.com/m3wb12:57
BedMandpkg -l pkgname12:58
ograyou can rm everything from /usr/local that is not matching my paste above12:58
BedManapt remove pkgname is also useful12:59
ograrather purge, not reomve ...12:59
kwakogra There are so many lines there that I can't even scroll all the way up12:59
ograbut we were done with the debs already12:59
ograkwak, so start from the bottom and work your way through .... i'm sure a node install from source brings a ton of stuff13:00
kwakWhat do you mean? You want me to just rm everything with /node/ in it?13:00
ograi want you to make your output look like mine13:01
ograrm everything that is not in my paste above13:01
kwakOk I deleted /usr/local/include/node/13:01
ogra... that will get you a pristine /usr/local again13:02
kwakAnd now there's only a bunch of regular folders there, kind of.13:02
kwakOk that looks good now I think.13:03
ogragreat +13:03
ograso wat node version do you want now ?13:03
kwakThe latst LTS13:03
kwakwhich I think is 1813:03
ograsudo snap install node --channel=18/stable --classic13:04
ograthats the command you want13:04
kwakOk it's running.13:04
kwakDo I run a similar command for npm?13:05
ograrun "node --version" afterwards and it suld return you the 18.x version13:05
ogranpm is included ... the snap comes with everything needed and keeps itself up to date too13:05
kwak"/usr/bin/node: No such file or directory"13:05
ograrun "node --version" afterwards and it suld return you the 18.x version13:05
ogra(i didnt say /usr/bin ...)13:06
kwakYes, it says no such file or directory13:06
kwakI didn't specify usr/bin13:06
kwakTht' what it says.13:06
ograhmm, then there is still some cruft13:06
ogratry: snap run node --version13:06
kwakIt says v18.14.213:06
ograso the snap installed node is fine ... but something is still wrong with your path ... try a reboot13:07
kwakOk that worked, after a reboot13:12
kwaknode is extremely slow13:12
kwakIt shouldn't be slow like this.13:13
kwaknode -v took like 4 seconds to output.13:13
kwakI read somewhere that snap is really slow. Does that have anything to do with it?13:13
ogranot really ... this is a classic snap ... pretty muc the equivalent of a tarball that has everything in it13:13
kwakAlso, it creted a "snap" folder in my home folder13:13
ograyes, that is normal13:14
ograis it still slow on the second invocation ?13:14
kwakNo, only on the first one.13:14
kwakSame with npm13:14
ograright ..13:14
ograsnaps are actually compressed fiesystem images ... the first access to these *can* be slow if the packager picked the wrong compression format13:15
ogralooks like node still uses xz compression by default ... it should switch to lzo instead, that is significantly faster13:15
ograbut that is someting yu should report to the node maintainers to fix13:16
ograyou can open an issue here: https://github.com/nodejs/snap/issues13:16
kwakOkay, got it.13:20
kwakWell, seems like everything's up and running now.13:20
kwakThanks so much for the help :)13:20
kwakCan't believe node is this awful to work with but oh well.13:20
kwakAt least it's running now.13:20
ograwelcome 🙂13:20
ograjust for the future ... if you read somewhere to wget a script from some website and pipe it into sudo bash, dont do that unless you have fully read and understood the script (it could easily turn your PC into a russian spambot without you noticing)13:21
kwakYeah but this was from a resource that nodejs.org recommends.13:22
ograkwak, still, even if the source is trustworthy there could be a typo in the script that accidentially removes your homedir or whatnot ... simply dont do such stuff unless you really understand what the script does13:26
ograkwak, if you are unsure, just come here and ask, everyone here will be happy to help yu *before* you shoveled yourself into a pit 🙂13:27
* BedMan likes pits13:27
* ogra only if there are race cars parked in them13:27
BedManMmMmmm agreed13:28
kwakAlright, sounds good.13:28
kwakThanks. :)13:28
BluesKajHi all13:40
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deadromhow can i check before installing if a universe package is unter LTS support?15:14
deadromtigervnc, precisely15:15
ravagethere is no special LTS support15:19
ravagehttps://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/tigervnc-viewer is the currently available version in 22.0415:21
msalvatoreI'm trying to sign up for an Ubuntu One account with my company email address. Unfortunately, we're using urldefense, which mangles the verification links and makes them unusable. Is this the right place to get help?16:19
msalvatoreI just need the expected URL format and I can probably copy/paste the token out of the mangled URL into the template and get it resolved that way.16:20
tomreynmsalvatore: you'll need to contact canonical through the website or phone numbers provided there, i think. it's a canonical service.16:21
msalvatoretomreyn: It is. There's a support link which leads here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSO/FAQs Which is not super helpful.16:22
tomreynmsalvatore: see the Account FAQ box on https://login.ubuntu.com/+ubuntuone-account16:24
msalvatoreThx, tomreyn.16:24
tomreynyou're welcome16:25
dflickAnyone know how to enable older algorithms for Ubuntu 20 ssh server?  Client works fine but if I put the ciphers and kex in the sshd_config file, ssh no longer starts.18:16
dflickNeed to ssh FROM a Cisco router to the server18:16
gordonjcpdflick: you'd edit /etc/sshd_config iirc18:21
dflickThat is what I thought but when I added the cipher and kex lines in the sshd_conf, the ssh server would no longer start. journalxe and logs were super unhelpful only showing that the service tried to restart too fast. I even tried a stop/start instead of reset but got the same error.18:22
jhutchinsgordonjcp: Um, isn't that what he just said he did?18:22
jhutchinsdflick: Is there a setting to increase log verbosity?18:22
leftyfbLogLevel DEBUG318:23
dflickfor open ssh?  I am sure there is.  Let me see if I can find that command18:23
dflickleftyfb, do I put that in my sshd_conf file and restart?18:23
leftyfbdflick: btw, unless you don't care about the security of your ubuntu server at all, what you're doing is discouraged18:24
jhutchinsleftyfb: It's necessary for some appliances that don't update their ssh suite or are out-of-date.18:25
jhutchinsleftyfb: Simply abandoning the hardware isn't a real world solution.18:26
dflickBetween a rock and a hard spot here.  This is a private network with no outside access and the server is used to archive cisco router configurations as they change.  Unfortunately, Cisco still does not support any decent ciphers.18:26
leftyfbdflick: and you can't ssh TO the cisco device?18:26
jhutchinsdflick: It might be worth asking cisco support how they recommend dealing with the problem.18:27
jhutchinsAt least they've moved beyond telnet connections.18:28
dflickCisco says set the server to support older algorithms.18:29
dflicksuper helpful....18:29
jhutchinsdflick: Set the client?18:29
luna_Any ETA for the 22.04.2 LTS?18:29
* jhutchins re-reads the sb18:30
jhutchinsOk, set the Ubuntu ssh server.18:30
leftyfbluna_: All updated installs of 22.04 are currently running 22.04.2 and have been for a while now18:30
dflickok, is there somewhere else I could see the logs?  Absolutely nothing in journalctl -xe and service status just shows ssh.service: Start request repeated too quickly.18:30
luna_leftyfb: yeah but i was more thinking of an .iso18:30
jhutchinsdflick: I seem to recall that there's some info on this at the openssh site.18:30
leftyfbluna_: today18:30
luna_leftyfb: yeah but when today?18:31
dflickI found the stuff for the CLIENT but nothing for the server18:31
dflickclient works now18:31
dflickneeded that for Ansible to work correctly18:31
leftyfbluna_: there is not and has never been a set time of day that any ubuntu release gets cut18:31
dflickbut the server service is not showing those algorithms as available18:31
leftyfbdflick: depending on how old, they might not even be compiled into openssh-server18:32
dflickI took out KexAlgorithms diffie-hellman-group1-sha1,curve25519-sha256@libssh.org,ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521,diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256,diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 and the siphers line and ssh starts again18:32
dflickit looks like it only broke within the month18:33
leftyfbdflick: why would you remove siphers?18:33
dflickand the client side works so I would think that the client and server would support the same algorithms but maybe not.....18:33
leftyfbdflick: pretty sure you only need to enable the insecure cipher you're looking for18:33
dflickThat is all I am trying to do.  I added the 2 lines to sshd_config to ENABLE them but the ssh server no longer starts so I had to back them out.18:34
jhutchinsdflick: "This page describes what to do when OpenSSH refuses to connect with an implementation that only supports legacy algorithms"18:35
dflickthere were no existing ciphers or kex lines in sshd_conifg before I started.18:35
jhutchinsdflick: https://www.openssh.com/legacy.html18:35
jhutchinsdflick: As leftyfb suggests, enable only those algorythms that you actually need.18:37
dflickyep, that is what I used to fix ssh FROM the server TO the router.  That works fine.  It is FROM the router TO the server which is broken now.  I can see the server is not offering the algorithms now but I can't figure out how to enable them on the Ubuntu side.  I am sure I am missing something simple.18:37
dflickis there a command like ssh -Q cipher that works on the SERVER end?18:38
jhutchinsdflick: Logs may be in /var/log/auth.log18:39
dflickno luck in the auth log.  Since encryption is not matching, I don't think I can get that far (auth)18:41
jhutchinsdflick: The client should show the server response, posibly with -v or -vvv18:41
dflickHere is the specific log from the Cisco client side: %SSH-3-NO_MATCH: No matching kex algorithm found: client diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1,diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 server curve25519-sha256,curve25519-sha256@libssh.org,ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521,diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256,diffie-hellman-group16-sha512,diffie-hellman-group18-sha512,diffie-hellman-group14-sha25618:42
gordonjcpjhutchins: yes, I'm a bit hard-of-thinking this evening18:42
jhutchinsdflick: My auth.log shows start and stop messages for sshd, I do not have increased verbosity set.18:43
dflickSo all I need to figure out is how to enable diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 to the server.18:43
dflickediting the sshd_config does not work.  I thought that would be the place.18:44
alkisgdflick: man sshd_config => search for KexAlgorithms => gets you the supported list18:44
alkisgThen you add something like KexAlgorithms +ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp52118:44
alkisg...with the ones you want, in your sshd_config, and restart ssh18:44
jhutchinsdflick: Change ONE algorythm at a time.18:46
alkisgThe + in front adds them; without it, you define the whole list18:47
dflickTried your format of adding the + but still no go.  Same error as before. Feb 23 12:46:17 tarnt-rbunw-netmon-pri systemd[1]: ssh.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.18:48
dflickI remove the kex and cipher lines and ssh starts no problem18:49
dflickthis is crazy18:49
dflickI did verify that the ones I need ARE supported18:49
dflickpecifies the available Key Exchange algorithms. The KEX algorithms supported in OpenSSH 7.3 are:18:49
dflickcurve25519-sha256@libssh.org, diffie-hellman-group1-sha1, diffie-hellman-group14-sha1, diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1, diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256, ecdh-sha2-nistp256, ecdh-sha2-nistp384, ecdh-sha2-nistp52118:49
dflickI want to add diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 so I add KexAlgorithms +diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 in the sshd_config and then ssh no longer starts18:50
alkisgdflick: and what's the output of `systemctl status ssh` or `journalctl -fb ssh`, where the error is mentioned?18:51
dflickok THANK YOU alkisg and jhutchins!  It finally worked.  I must have a typo in the Cipers line!  I don't see it but that is all I can think of.18:52
alkisgCipher, not Ciper? :D18:52
alkisg(joking :D)18:53
dflickSo I used the + format and added ONLY the kex diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 and ssh DID restart this time18:53
alkisgIf you add many, do not use spaces18:53
dflickhere is the offending line18:53
dflickCiphers +blowfish-cbc,aes128-cbc,aes128-ctr,aes256-ctr18:53
dflickPer the Open SSH docs, all are allowed18:54
dflickSpecified the ciphers allowed. The ciphers supported in OpenSSH 7.3 are:18:54
dflick3des-cbc, aes128-cbc, aes192-cbc, aes256-cbc, aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr, aes128-gcm@openssh.com, aes256-gcm@openssh.com, arcfour, arcfour128, arcfour256, blowfish-cbc, cast128-cbc, chacha20-poly1305@openssh.com18:54
alkisgman sshd_config => no blowfish-cbc18:54
dflickIt is there18:54
alkisgdflick: use man. It shows the COMPILED options, not the theoretical18:54
dflick3rd from the end18:54
alkisgEach distro chooses what it wants to support... hence, man...18:55
dflickalkisg: DOH!  You are 100% correct sir!  Blowfish IS NOT compiled into sshd18:56
dflickThanks so much everyone.  Now to automate that for the rest of out builds!18:56
leftyfbluna_: the 22.04.2 iso is released19:00
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noarbis there a way to find out what udev rule created /dev/uhid so I can adjust its permissions and group? 'grep -r uhid /lib/udev/rules.d/' doesn't show anything19:18
noarbI guess just adding new a rule to override it would be safer, and that worked. But I'm still interested in how that node is created, the kernel docs indicate it's udev19:23
pahi, how do i find what compiler has been used to build a package?19:24
luna_leftyfb: cool19:25
pafor example what gcc was used to build xenial packages?19:27
ravagepa: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd64/gcc/ looks like 4:5.3.1-119:36
ravagebut the binaries are usually stripped so they miss the comment section19:37
paravage: thanks!19:39
ravageBut the debug packages should all be available19:39
ravageMaybe you can dig deeper with those19:40
ShaedShey hey19:40
ShaedSi managed to get to 22.04.219:41
ShaedSi'm still getting an libssl error when trying to install openvpn19:41
ShaedS openvpn : Depends: libssl1.0.2 (>= 1.0.2d) but it is not installable19:42
ShaedShow do i get rid of this borked package19:42
ravageI guess there is some history i did not catch?19:45
luna_22.04.2 downloaded19:48
luna_22.04.2 downloaded19:48
ShaedSany idea how to fix this libssl issue?19:52
maxcI've been trying to pull kernel sources following the wiki (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel), but have been getting a failure when getting the signed version of linux-generate not being installable19:53
maxcI can pull the unsigned version, though19:54
ravageShaedS: (lsb_release -a; apt policy openvpn; apt depends openvpn; cat /etc/apt/sources.list; ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ) | nc termbin.com 999919:57
ravagemaxc: source code is not signed19:59
ShaedS                   No LSB modules are available.20:01
maxcOK, so the first command in that article doesn't make sense to run :)20:01
ShaedSravage: https://pastebin.com/NHf4HZtb20:02
leftyfbShaedS: you're using a 3rd part repository. Disable that and install openvpn from the ubuntu repositories instead. If you need help with the 3rd party repository, you'll need to reach to them for support20:04
ShaedSleftyfb: where is the non 3rd party respo that i can put in soruces.list20:05
ravageShaedS: sudo apt install ppa-purge20:05
leftyfbravage: it's not a ppa20:05
leftyfbShaedS: remove the openvpn repo you added20:05
ravageyes i see20:05
ShaedSvi /etc/apt/sources.list20:06
leftyfbShaedS: you do not need a repo to install openvpn. It's part of the built-in ubuntu repo's20:06
ShaedSi don't see the openvpn repo in sources.llist20:06
leftyfbShaedS: look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d20:07
ShaedSravage: it installed20:07
ravagedoes not matter20:07
ravageits no PPA20:07
ravageits just some 3rd party archive you added20:07
ShaedSleftyfb: just blast out both those entries in that directory?20:07
leftyfbShaedS: grep openvpn /etc/apt/sources.list* | nc termbin.com 999920:08
ravagebut it seems like it only includes openvpn really20:08
ravageso you may be ok with removing that file from /etc/apt/sources.list.d20:08
ShaedSyea it looked like that was the case20:08
ShaedSthwer were two file regarding htat20:08
ShaedSand they're now both gone20:08
ravagedo "sudo apt update"20:08
ravageand then try to install openvpn again20:09
ShaedSi then run apt-get update & upgrade then try to reinstlal?20:09
leftyfbShaedS: please be more careful and cognizant of commands you type into your machine going forward. If you're going to follow tutorials telling you to add repositories, you should know how to then remove them if needed20:10
ShaedSah yes but it's not my machine lol20:10
ShaedSso not sure if i actually added that or not20:10
BarnabasDKleftyfb, +120:10
ShaedSor if it was someone else20:10
ShaedSwell look at that20:11
ShaedSi think it owkred20:11
BarnabasDKalso - adding a new repo may add more to your system than just the single thing you wanted20:11
ShaedSnow to actually configure this thing20:11
BarnabasDK.. or at least upgrade it20:12
morgan-u2system died. I thought I could do an update in the background while I was listening to a podcast on youtube. - I had been running journalctl -b -0   and I started it again. Is there anyone around who would like to engage?  I also took a snapshot of stuff on the screen before the gui shows up. which included kernel update failed.20:25
grycan you boot with the old kernel and re-attempt the upgrade20:27
leftyfbmorgan-u2: I would start by posting a pastebin or screenshot of the failed update20:28
morgan-u2I have booted already. I will redo the upgrade as you say.20:28
morgan-u2done. Calculating upgrade... Done20:29
morgan-u2The following packages have been kept back:20:29
morgan-u2  gnome-remote-desktop grub-efi-amd64-bin grub-efi-amd64-signed20:29
morgan-u2  python3-software-properties shim-signed software-properties-common20:29
morgan-u2  software-properties-gtk20:29
morgan-u2(Is tht important?  (sorry about the many lines)20:29
leftyfb!paste | morgan-u220:30
ubottumorgan-u2: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:30
leftyfbmorgan-u2: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade 2>&1 ) | nc termbin.com 999920:31
morgan-u2IN PROCESS (Get photo from apple to the computer, put it online and ...)\20:31
arraybolt3!phasedupdates | morgan-u220:32
ubottumorgan-u2: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.20:32
arraybolt3morgan-u2: Basically, that sort of thing is *usually* safe to ignore.20:32
leftyfbmorgan-u2: so far you have only pointed out that some packages were held back. packages being held back at times is normal and not an indication of a problem20:33
morgan-u2right, this is just another instance of what is happening to my system that makes chrome kill it ( arraybolt3 leftyfb  gry) here is a previous "what the computer said before ubuntu gui shows = https://imgur.com/a/rYICZXb  )20:34
morgan-u2now I will fetch this one20:34
morgan-u2but to do that I must start chrome.20:35
leftyfbmorgan-u2: those messages aren't anything to be concerned about either20:36
leftyfbmorgan-u2: so far, you have yet to show an issue20:37
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morgan-u2this is now. https://imgur.com/XAnKEWI    AND this was the other day, https://imgur.com/a/rYICZXb20:45
morgan-u2(I needed to reboot anyway because the screenshot got its codelines in a twist and wouldnt work and I had a square lightened dot near the bottom of my screen. (Not quite stable, was it?)20:47
morgan-u2I had and have that journalctl command going.20:47
morgan-u2I have to go to my olderfriend20:47
morgan-u2I have to go to my olderfriend's house soon and he has a mac, horrors, and like a bad-hair -day, I cant do a thing with it.  OK I can bring along an android tablet.20:48
morgan-u2While I am still here, please look at this stuff and talk to me.20:49
sarnoldmorgan-u2: it might be worth a memtest86 or memtest86+ run on your system overnight or something similar. maybe you've got bad memory. it might be worth a badblocks run on your harddrives, or a smart self-check, maybe those are going bad..20:51
jhutchinsmorgan-u2: Have you compared the chrome problems with something like firefox or opera?20:56
jhutchinsAlso, do you mean chrome (from google) or chromium (from Ubuntu)?20:57
Gallomimiahello. is there any smart way to use OneDrive from ubuntu?21:04
leftyfbGallomimia: none that are supported by Microsoft21:05
Gallomimiauh, i want to say no... oneDrive is microsoft's "drop box"21:05
BedManI haven't looked into it - isn't it a rest based service?21:06
leftyfbGallomimia: you could try https://www.makeuseof.com/how-to-install-microsoft-onedrive-on-ubuntu/  but again, not supported by Microsoft nor Ubuntu21:06
ravagefound https://github.com/abraunegg/onedrive/blob/master/docs/ubuntu-package-install.md21:06
ravagebut its a PPA. so not ideal but maybe better than other solutions for it21:07
Gallomimiawhether it's supported by them isn't as important as whether it works21:07
leftyfbGallomimia: just understand, when/if it doesn't work you will be on your own21:07
morgan-u2 Gallomimia every time I try onedrive on android it fails21:07
BedManOneDrive Client for Linux, compatible with all major distros.21:07
Gallomimialol. i'm already "on my own" but yeah21:07
leftyfbGallomimia: good luck21:08
Gallomimiathanks... i think i'll need it.21:08
Gallomimiai'm trying to explain to a windoze user that we don't pay money for inconvenience when there's free stuff that works better but21:08
Gallomimiait's not going well. at all.21:08
BedManmorgan-u2: I'm not familiar with frailing...21:08
morgan-u2kufod bsdman21:08
ravageGallomimia: rclone seems to have support for it too21:08
leftyfbGallomimia: might I suggest dropbox or nextcloud then21:08
morgan-u2bedman badman blabla21:09
Gallomimiaactually... no. you might not :( we're trying to use office36521:09
Gallomimiabusiness account21:09
leftyfbBedMan: can we help you with somrthing?21:09
morgan-u2google drive perhaps21:09
BedMannah - I'm helpless21:09
leftyfbBedMan: feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat21:09
morgan-u2jhutchins, FF DOES THE SAME21:09
BedManthrowing stones and all that.  ideas here and there to help.21:10
Gallomimiai think we're using office because of who we do business with. and also it works nicely on iphone. and compatible with accountant's software. it's not ideal but seems to be... working so far.21:10
Gallomimiajust the upgrade to business account is not treating us well. can't carry all the oneDrive saved documents along21:10
leftyfbGallomimia: Microsoft has not released a client for commercial service.21:11
Gallomimiaa oneDrive client? yeah i'm facing the problem of having to transfer a bunch of files manually21:11
Gallomimiai might just use my father's windoze machine for it21:11
leftyfbGallomimia: maybe reach out to Microsoft to suggest they do so21:11
leftyfbGallomimia: good luck21:11
Gallomimiayeah that's my suggestion too but apparently that's stupid.21:11
morgan-u2jhutchins, I am interested in tracing down this problem to my benefit or the benefit of ubuntu. why is the instability of the OS when one probram fails. Using an inconvenient browser,that is not tid in to what I do is almost like shifting to apple.For instance in ff if you have to set your password again you lose all your history and bookmarks. security for someone is insecurity for me.21:12
jhutchinsIt's a matter of scale.21:12
morgan-u2but here we deal with ubuntu not other programs21:12
morgan-u2sarnold I have noe the overnight memtest86+ and it passes.21:13
jhutchinsmorgan-u2: What you're calling "Ubuntu" is just a collection of other programs.21:13
Gallomimiamorgan-u2: i use password account in firefox on my ubuntu machine. and on several other devices. works good. stability problems? maybe..21:13
jhutchinsmorgan-u2: Also consider that a majority of users aren't encountering the same problem or it would be getting a lot more attention.21:13
morgan-u2leftyfb thank you for telling me those messages are no problem.21:13
Gallomimiacommand line one drive client. this might be pretty good actually21:19
Gallomimiahopefully it's useful for making backups of our business documents eh?21:20
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kwakogra: Now that I've installed Node via snap as you insisted, instead of using the node-endorsed scripts which you said were categorically bad, I'm having all sorts of problems because apparently installing node via snap sandboxes npm so that it can't properly install packages.21:40
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 2799 in Unitech/pm2 "Spawning PM2 daemon with pm2_home=/home/tealou/.pm2" [Closed]21:40
kwakEveryone who installed node via snap is apparently having these issues21:40
kwakand pretty mcuh everyone says to use an install script instead :|21:41
kwakSo I don't know that using snap is such a great idea.21:41
sarnoldthat bug is almost six years old, maybe it's not the best one ot use for guidance21:45
BardonHello, I have a soundtrack where the audio is very low and there is a rather loud, and constant noise on top of it. Can I edit the sound to remove the noise and amplify what remains?22:13
BardonI mean, what software should I use?22:13
sarnoldBardon: I don't know if it's the *best* tool, but audacity would be my first try22:14
jhutchinsBardon: How can you characterize the background sound?  If it's one steady frequency, a filter could drop it out easily.22:14
Bardonjhutchins: This is the video: https://pod.univ-lr.fr/video/3461-cours-jardinage-permacole-12-sans-son-desole-excepte-pour-les-2-videos/22:16
BardonIt sounds rather steady to me, but I'm not sure how steady that is22:16
jhutchinsBardon: I can barely hear an occasional voice on my laptop, not enough to suggest anything.22:21
BardonI can hear a light voice when I put my laptop sound to 150%. It is light but I can still understand what he says22:22
jhutchinsBardon: At that level, the sound could well be an artifact of your system.22:23
jhutchinsBardon: Can you describe the sound?22:23
jhutchinsBardon: Actually, we are quite off-topic here.  Perhaps another channel?22:24
BardonYes, sorry22:25
oerheks#lua linux audio users?22:25
oerheksthey might be able to help with filtering22:25
jhutchinsBardon: I'd also suggest contacting the originator, other people will be having trouble as well, and they can't fix it if no-one tells them it's broken.22:27
Bardonjhutchins: I did, I know the guy. He said there was a problem with audio recording, wich got fixed in the other sessions22:37
Bardonoerheks: Thanks for #lua, I didn't know about it22:37
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Guest22hi I am new to ubuntu23:34
Guest22hi I'm new23:34
Jeremy31Guest22: and the issue is?23:34
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)23:35
Guest22love you ubottu23:36
Guest22changing my name soon23:36
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uneek_greenChanServ you are awesome23:37
uneek_greenso are you23:37
cobraerikoIs it safe to rsync my flask-app project directory from my old drive (that has Ubunbtu installed) to my new drive (that also has Ubuntu, same version) when I am using the same live Linux system used by the destination drive, (i.e., my new drive)? Or must I do this rsync from a live Linux system that is not the destenation (i.e., live-USB)?23:54
cobraerikonote: I'd do this preserving permissions -- rsync -axHAWXS23:56
jhutchinscobraeriko: I think the only constraint here is that you do not want the source system to be live/active regardless of the OS state on that device.23:57
jhutchinsPersonally, I rsync my flask with a mixture of port and bourbon that is commonly known as fox blood, but I think I diverge.23:57
cobraerikojhutchins: lol I appreciate that, though I'm a tea-toddler myself.23:59

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