cjdghi there guys20:35
cjdgim interested into join to help inside the project20:40
OvenWerkscjdg: this sounds good to me, Eickmeyer[m] is the project lead and I am sure he will get back to you.22:28
OvenWerkscjdg: I think right now the biggest need is testing of the 23.04 iso.22:29
OvenWerkscjdg: this iso will be released in April so most things are already set in stone (so to speak) except for bug fixes.22:30
* OvenWerks mind is a bit fuzzy due to pain killers for an injury this week so I have probably forgotten something(s).22:31
arraybolt3Feature Freeze was today so most of the focus is switching to stabilization. So yeah, testing is a much higher priority than before, I believe.22:44

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