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xLyovxBuenos dias (good morning)14:38
gnrpxLyovx: hi14:38
xLyovxexcuse me, i want create a wifi zone in mi laptop but i do know how14:39
gnrpxLyovx: When you click on the connection symbol in the task bar, there should be a "Create new connection"14:40
gnrp*but* there might be hardware which does not support creating an access point14:40
xLyovxthe problem is that my mobile device does not recognize it or it says that there is an error or something14:40
xLyovxI mean, in Windows I could share Wi-Fi without problems, with an external program, of course.14:41
gnrpso your phone would see the network you open14:42
xLyovxI'm going to tell you what the phone tells me14:43
gnrpyes, that's what I want to know14:43
xLyovxsaved/connection could not be established try again later14:43
xLyovxThat is what I get, only if I create it like that without further ado, without configuring14:44
gnrpxLyovx: So it sees the wifi, which is good14:44
gnrpxLyovx: Have you tried making an unencrypted network with the notebook and connecting to that?14:44
xLyovxthat if I have not tried14:45
xLyovxWell, I created it without a password but it keeps giving me the same error14:47
gnrpmaybe try restarting both devices and then again?14:48
xLyovxHave you been able to create a wifi network without problems there?14:48
gnrpI never tried it, actually15:28
glennhow can i speed up my xubuntu on a labtop with 1gb ram and i see that there is no swap why ?17:00
tomreynglenn: 1 gb ram is very, very little nowadays. there won't be a lot you can do about it unless you get more.17:22
tomreynthere is zram which trades cpu cycles and bus bandwidth against little ram, but it only helps to a degree17:22
tomreynswap could help, too, if you have fast disks. but on a computer with 1 gb ram, chances are you don't.17:23
tomreyni would rather consider my options to upgrade the ram - or to replace the system17:24
glenntomreyn it's not mine laptop is from co-worker17:40
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