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IrcsomeBot<vipulnewaskar7> VWPL10:01
IrcsomeBot<vipulnewaskar7> Any plans for making Kubuntu GUI Image available in Azure Marketplace?10:02
survivor303where kscreen is from lunar?10:25
survivor303without it, users cannot change their monitor setup via settings10:30
survivor303and i know that this is mainly for stable release but perhaps some devs hanging here too..10:32
survivor303i leave a bug report from ksceen-console crashing, there is same question, where is kscreen itself :) bugreport went to launchpad but is private for now. i dont know why it is private.11:43
survivor303with wayland i got image to my external displays but i cannot rotate or move them without kscreen.11:48
arraybolt3survivor303: By "where is kscreen", do you mean where is it in the Ubuntu repos or on the file system?11:54
arraybolt3There's a package just called "kscreen" in the Ubuntu repos.11:54
arraybolt3survivor303: Also bug reports are marked private if you check the box that marks them as a security vulnerability.11:55
BluesKajHi all13:40
user|66Download link Not working! Server Down.15:37
mparilloWhich download link is not working?16:01
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survivor303@arraybolt3  well on lunar, there aren't kscreen22:17
lenovokann jemand deutsch ?23:29
mmikowskiFWIW: Chrome has a corruption bug with Intel graphics we have seen on lots of devices. The fix is to use chome:flags and turn on vulkan.  This appears across many kernel flavors and desktops (Unity and KDE confirmed).23:46

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