luna_anyone knows the irc channel for Ubuntu on Air?16:26
luna_found it #ubuntu-on-air there is soon a stream about the new minor LTS version updates16:33
ravagenot sure how they will stream it on IRC though17:00
luna_ravage: supposed to be streamed via Youtube17:01
luna_Delayed until 5th March lets watch Mountainbytes demoparty then17:09
leftyfb22.04.2 was released yesterday. I have the iso downloaded and tested17:19
ravagethat was about the stream being delayed17:20
luna_yeah as ravage said17:21
luna_and there is other updated ISOs in 40 minutes17:21
luna_for 18x and 20x17:21
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leftyfbravage: you sure it's a troll?22:35
ravageif he can read and comprehend a text.. yes22:35
ravageif not its a lost cause anyway22:36
leftyfbnah, that's just youth these days. They usually can't get past the headline or first paragraph22:36
arraybolt3ravage: Keep in mind that the media attention surrounding the event has been somewhat negative.22:36
arraybolt3He may have read Phoronix's article on it, as opposed to the official announcement on Discourse.22:36
* leftyfb shakes fist at cloud22:36
ravagei i stand by my position :D22:37
arraybolt3At least he's not asking for help with a Flatpak :D22:38
ravage.. yet22:39
leftyfboh look, full circle :)22:40
ravage100 cookies for sarnold 22:41
sarnoldoh boy oh boy cookies! :D22:43

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