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flingWhich tree/branch has shiftfs patches for 6.1?03:47
flinge91709b9749a looks ok06:46
flingotoh it has UBUNTU-SAUCE-shiftfs-support-linux-6.206:50
flingwhy is it included in 6.1 release?06:58
juerghfling: why not? 6.1 is currently in lunar.07:03
flingjuergh: but will it work with 6.1?07:15
fling-       lower_acl = get_acl(loweri, type);07:16
fling+       lower_acl = get_inode_acl(loweri, type);07:16
juerghI'm not sure what you're asking07:21
juerghfling: commit e91709b9749a is in tag Ubuntu-unstable-6.2.0-10.10.07:30
juerghfling: they're not the same commits due to rebasing07:34
juerghe91709b9749a UBUNTU: Ubuntu-6.1.0-11.1107:34
juerghd10c30a53357 (tag: Ubuntu-6.1.0-11.11) UBUNTU: Ubuntu-6.1.0-11.1107:34
juerghe91709b9749a is part of a 6.2 kernel hence 'UBUNTU-SAUCE-shiftfs-support-linux-6.2'07:35
flingjuergh: which releases are going to have 6.1+ kernels?12:10
juerghfling: lunar and eventually jammy via hwe13:31
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