* penguin42 wonders about moving his bytemark vm somewhere; some people have suggested mythic beasts; any thoughts or other suggestions?18:50
daftykinspenguin42: are they getting worse? (Bytemark)21:10
penguin42daftykins: Well you know they got taken over a few years ago?  But basically nothing changed; now they're sunsetting their old VM service and forcing a move to a new service21:22
daftykinsoh dear i remember working with the old platform, but i've been on digitalocean for years for some clients... and oracle's free-tier for one of my own21:23
penguin42yeh I do have a orcel free tier VM, but hmm I'm not sure about moving my main VM to it21:24
penguin42I was holding it for things that needed more RAM21:24
daftykinsah yeah even the Ubiquiti WiFi controller ate up the RAM (i blame Java) on mine21:26
daftykinsi can only keep it going with a large swap file21:26
penguin42you run your wifi controller remotely?21:26
daftykinsyeah so the APs from all client sites report back to it, works great21:27
penguin42huh ok21:27
daftykinsat one dental practice i once got a call that a tablet wasn't working (they use them for patients to fill out their medical history on arrival) and all i had to do was roll over in bed and look at the android app on my phone to see it was on the wrong SSID21:28
daftykinsi had implemented a MAC restricted, complex password SSID specific to the tablets joining their practice LAN, with everyone else on a kind of guest WiFi segment21:28
daftykinsreally neat pushing firmware updates remotely too21:28
daftykinsin fact i'm just back from having beer and thai curry with the owner :D it's become our weekly thing! Fridays have a meaning at last21:29
zxmpitrying to curry favour with clients :-P21:35
penguin42probably best not to eat hard foods when dining with a dentist21:35
zxmpiif daftykins ever gets a proctologist for a client he better not mix the meetings up :-P21:37
daftykinsbrings a whole new meaning to getting the wrong end of the deal21:37
penguin42you said you want the finger port open on your firewall?21:38

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