cobraerikowhen you say you don't want the source system to be live, do you mean not booted into or not mounted?00:00
cobraerikoI guess it has to be mounted to rsync anyway, right?00:01
arraybolt3cobraeriko: Pretty sure "not live".00:01
arraybolt3er, "not  booted into".00:01
arraybolt3(Brain grabbed the wrong part of the text :P)00:02
arraybolt3I don't think rsync can access non-mounted drives (it would have to have filesystem-level code for that).00:02
cobraerikoarraybolt3: no worries. that makes good sense00:02
arraybolt3You just want to make sure the files you're copying from don't change out from under you (if I'm understanding properly).00:03
cobraerikoarraybolt3: sorry, what do you mean by change out from under you?00:03
jhutchinscobraeriko: I would assume that the project can be started/stopped independently of booting the system.  I that case, it's fine if it's booted as long as the project is not "live".00:03
jhutchinsIf the project has drivers or other files that can not be shut down on a live system then yes, the system needs to be down and the drive mounted (preferably read-only).00:04
cobraerikojhutchins: Ok, good to know. Thankfully the project can indeed be started/stopped independent of booting system00:05
AussiesHello guys00:13
AussiesWhats going on00:13
Endington543Nothing much00:13
cobraerikoMy only other concern is how to transfer my project's git history and config (like link to my remote GitHub repo, etc), concerning this project over to this new drive? The project on the old drive lived in the same path as it will on the new drive (~/workspace/{project-name})00:14
AussiesI'm striking my balls00:14
AussiesMy cock is rdy00:16
cobraerikoAussies: stop trollin please00:16
Aussiescobraeriko you are a fkin autistic00:16
cobraerikoAussies: no00:17
Aussies!OPS YOUR MOM00:18
AussiesFactoid 'OPS YOUR MOM' not found00:18
Aussiessyphyr shut up mfer00:18
arraybolt3cobraeriko: For in the future, "!ops | <message to operators" will call the ops when something like this happens.00:27
arraybolt3(No need to use it now, the guy already got banned from the entire Libera network.)00:28
arraybolt3(Replace "<message to operators>" with whatever you want the bot to tell the ops when you call them, for instance "!ops | Aussies is disrupting the channel".)00:29
cobraerikoarraybolt3: (y)00:36
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hightower2Hey does ubuntu no longer provide ~500 MB netinst isos for download?00:43
arraybolt3hightower2: True. The mini.iso files no longer are being generated.00:45
arraybolt3They were an unsupported artifact of the old ISO generation process, and the process changed, so those aren't made anymore.00:46
hightower2ok, thanks00:54
* genii ponders https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/00:54
leftyfbgenii: that just directs you to a guide about installing with the "new Ubunut Server installer" and "legacy" links to old releases with netboot images00:58
geniileftyfb: Yes, seems like the last one was Bionic00:59
leftyfbfocal still has a mini.iso01:00
leftyfbthere isn't even a link to download the jammy kernel and initrd to pxe boot, so I'm not sure how they want you to do that01:01
geniiI used to be able to point a gPXE  GRUB entry directly at the URL before to install directly from Canonical's servers01:02
lexandropThat strange moment, when you've been waiting for Feb 23 to get [k]ubuntu 22.04.2, and then you see, that your /etc/os-release says it's 22.04.2 already at least from Feb 2101:07
mybalzitch0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.01:39
Guest51Network pulseaudio sinks are no longer visible after upgraded to 22.10 from 22.04. The sink is actually Pipewire with pipewire-pulse on a remote computer. Cheking here if there is a workaround before filing a bug report.02:16
sarnoldGuest51: I don't think I've seen anyone mention this before02:16
Guest51sarnold: Can you or others confirm that PA network sinks are still functioning in 22.10?02:19
sarnoldGuest51: hah, I wouldn't even know where to start :(02:22
Guest51Hopefully someone here can let me know before I create a bunch of drama with a bug report 🤗02:26
sarnoldnah, worst case someone hits the 'duplicate' button :)02:28
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arraybolt3Guest51: Most open-source projects hate duplicate bug reports for reasons I don't understand. Ubuntu not only is OK with duplicates, but actually appreciates them since they let us know about a bug's severity.02:59
arraybolt3Guest51: Also sometimes near-identical looking bugs can have totally different reasons.02:59
sarnoldwell, I expect most projects would rather have duplicate bug reports rather than people just adding "I've got the same problem" comments to ancient bug reports ;)03:00
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seer__Look though this entire drive and all the folders and subfolders and files for any filename that has this-char-string somewhere in the filename...  what is the command to do this?04:31
rboxfind can find files that match a name04:31
morgan-u2I keep getting this answer, Linux / UNIX Recursively Search All Files For A String - or how to see all the files.04:34
morgan-u2seer__ = morgan-u204:34
morgan-u2this is NOT what I am asking:: Finding all files containing specific text on Linux'04:42
rboxtext in the file, is grep04:42
morgan-u2Well I felt so dumb I put my entire question as I asked it here into The Google and got stuff. added a couple of words more and got this - which is tantilizingly close. I find the examples "not well explained". Oh well, at least I am closer.   --  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-find-and-locate-to-search-for-files-on-linux04:43
morgan-u2rboox. right. I am trying to find a music file that may have ther string psychocal in it... looking on my backup pocket drive. I dont know but it might be an mp3 so I would just love to look at all the .mp3 files on the srive.04:44
morgan-u2when I say IN IT I mean IN THE FILENAME not in the contents of the file04:45
arraybolt3morgan-u2: `find | grep -i <substring>`04:45
morgan-u2sorry, words are hard04:45
arraybolt3(There's probably a more efficient way but that's what I know off the top of my head.)04:45
arraybolt3morgan-u2: That looks in filenames only.04:45
morgan-u2I thought grep looks in the characters IN THE FILE.04:45
morgan-u2I want to look at the filename only04:45
arraybolt3Or it looks at whatever you pipe into it.04:45
morgan-u2ah. new thought04:46
arraybolt3`find` gives a list of all file names complete with directory paths.04:46
arraybolt3You pipe it into grep, it finds your substring.04:46
arraybolt3`grep -r` searches in file contents.04:46
morgan-u2I want file to go recusively.04:46
arraybolt3`find` does it recursively.04:46
arraybolt3I think `find` can even do the searching part itself but I'm horrible at using it very well so I just make it give me a list of EVERYTHING and then pipe it to grep.04:46
morgan-u2ok new thought. You should write this explaination. (not serious. waste of time to edit someone elses)04:47
arraybolt3Actualls `find <search term>` works better.04:47
arraybolt3Eh, not really.04:47
arraybolt3This is why I use find and grep together _P04:47
morgan-u2so find *.mp3  would work04:47
arraybolt3I don't think so after all.04:48
morgan-u2find (name of drive) *.mp304:48
arraybolt3But `find | grep '.mp3'` would.04:48
morgan-u2how do I call the drive?   is it the "media" notation or the sbx notation?04:49
arraybolt3morgan-u2: More efficient way: `find * -name 'search-term'`04:49
morgan-u2I am fuzzy on this stuff and have never seen it explained. I need a book for "my level"04:49
arraybolt3morgan-u2: You'd use /media/id.04:49
arraybolt3Linux displays all files and folders in the same directory tree, so you mount a drive into a directory and then can access it.04:50
morgan-u2is .mp3 a searchterm04:50
arraybolt3(The /dev/sdX notation is for referencing a drive as if it were an entire file, which is useful for devic-elevel operations like flasing an ISO.)04:50
arraybolt3*device-level, and *flashing (sorry for typos)04:50
morgan-u2OK will copy all this so I can refer to it. I'll try it. Cross-fingers it is an mp3 ---- I had the music on an old phone. Now I have it on a cassette, but... (digitizing it is a project.)04:51
arraybolt3Also, technically you usually don't mount a *drive* into a directory, you mount a filesystem into a directory. Some filesystems aren't on a drive at all - there's network-baesd drives and virtual filesystems too. Usually a filesystem on a drive is in a partition on the drive.04:51
morgan-u2OK I am going to have to read all this again.04:52
arraybolt3So `mount /dev/sdX1 /path/to/folder` mounts the filesystem in the first partition of drive sdX into /path/to/folder.04:52
arraybolt3Anyway, I may be overloading trying to correct myself, sorry.04:52
morgan-u2oh I am confused again . I thought I mounted a drive into a filesystem04:52
morgan-u2and a filesystem is on a drive.04:53
morgan-u2I mean the ubuntu system sees my data as a filesystem and that pocket drive gets integrated into the filesystem04:53
morgan-u2like everything is a filesytem.04:54
morgan-u2is seen as a filesystem.04:54
morgan-u2I need some book and I dont know which. I should go down to ucla and pile the books on a table and go through them to see if anyone them seem to be "on my level"04:55
arraybolt3Gah, so there's two filesystems in Linux. There's **the filesystem** which starts at / and has all of the mounted data on the whole system accross all drives and whatever else on it. Then there's individual filesystems like ext4, fat32, NTFS, sshfs, tmpfs, procfs, etc. that you mount into **the filesystem*.04:55
arraybolt3(I don't really know what you call "the filesystem", but you get what I mean.)04:55
morgan-u2I have becomeinterested that lots of things can be seen as layers. Maybe I need to learn that kind of teminology.04:55
morgan-u2OK will learn something. wors are hard.04:56
arraybolt3What's even more confusing is that you can mount a drive into a directory and then mount a different drive into one of the subdirectories. :P04:56
arraybolt3In fact your system does this by default in some instances.04:56
arraybolt3(Like / has your main disk filesystem mounted into it usually, but then /boot *might* be a different filesystem, and /boot/efi is usually mounted from a separate EFI System Partition. And then you have flash drives mounted into /media/whatever, etc.)04:57
morgan-u2mounting a drive into a directory. OK I think I see. The directory-nameis waiting for a drive to be called that dirname.  before the drive was mounted that directorypath was either empty or invoalid.04:57
arraybolt3Yeah, Linux's file handling is very much a ton of layers. It's confusing to all get out to begin with, especially when coming from Windows, but it's quite powerful once you get used to it.04:58
morgan-u2Oh I dont know windows at all. Luckily04:58
arraybolt3morgan-u2: Kinda. Directories are like containers - they can hold either files on whatever filesystem they belong to, or they can hold an entire other filesystem mounted from somewhere else.04:58
morgan-u2I took part of an A+ class where I heard about layers and realized that all is layers.04:59
arraybolt3So if /home/user is on a filesystem and /home/user/myDir doesn't have another filesystem mounted into it, /home/user/myDir stores files that are on the partition that is in /home/user.04:59
arraybolt3But if you mount a flash drive into /home/user/myDir, then anything stored in /home/user/myDir goes on a different filesystem than other data in /home/user.04:59
morgan-u2In the wayway back I was a programmer and there were computer operators and never the twain shall meet.04:59
arraybolt3Sounds like you guys didn't always get along well :P05:00
morgan-u2decks of punch cards that were made by typists. all I did was write what I wanted to be on the cards. There was paper with a grid that I wrote it on.05:00
morgan-u2They got overtime and we didnt. They made more money05:01
arraybolt3Bet you coded a lot more carefully back then than most people do now.05:02
morgan-u2Someone picked up my cards to run them on the computer. Out of my sight the cards were put on magnetic tape, taken to the computer and the programs were run batch style. I would get a pile of paper output and my cards back. One run a day and sometimes two.05:03
morgan-u2When I said never the twain shall meet" I meant we didnt see them at all.05:04
arraybolt3Ah, makes sense.05:04
morgan-u2I avoided learning the os. I have one card tht told the os what to do. So when we moved from one kind of computer to another, I didnt care.05:05
morgan-u2I think one was a sperry-rand. and IBM model later than the 1401. bigger and better.05:05
morgan-u2I worked for contractors to defense dept things. I had a secret clearance.05:06
morgan-u2at one place. another place was somekind of outpost of the navy.05:06
morgan-u2But they had not made a useful weapon since the 30''s05:07
morgan-u2havent thought of this stuff.  JCL was one of the OS's05:07
morgan-u2linux makes sense to me and windows makes me crazy05:07
morgan-u2ok all copied. will do this tomorrow.05:09
morgan-u2oh more to copy, grin05:09
morgan-u2got it all.05:10
morgan-u2one more thing. I was miffed and horrified when I had to learn to type. Before that, typing was a "girl job".  I was trying to avoid a girljob.05:11
seer__arraybolt3, This also may be mroe of what I wanted to know.  find, in this case, is looking for a file glob, the sort of pattern you would use in ls. You probably mean iname '*book1*'. Note that the pattern must be inside quotes to stop the shell from expanding it before find gets to see it. Also notice that find, like many *nix commands, is frustratingly silent when it is unsuccessful.05:25
seer__from https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/362292/how-to-find-a-file-from-any-directory05:26
seer__I am helpless and dont know why my name keeps changing.05:26
seer__I am morgan-u205:27
morgan-u2OIC fixed it05:27
ShaedShow do i delete a file name 'aux'$'\033'':q'05:29
ShaedSquotes in file name05:30
rboxrm \'<tab>05:30
ShaedSi tried that05:30
ShaedSdoesn't auto fill05:30
rboxjust use a graphical tool or like mc05:30
ShaedSi'm on a headless server05:31
rboxmc is command line05:31
ShaedSoh right forgot about midnight commander05:31
ShaedS8 megabytes?!?!05:31
junebugmv the files to rename them?05:32
ShaedSkinda big for mc no?05:32
ShaedSi remember it being much smaller05:32
LiowenexWhat's the matter?05:32
junebugShaedS, can you do rm "'aux'$'\033'':q'"?05:33
LiowenexMC? Minecraft? It's over a gig nowadays, yes it's true, back in the day, when it still supported Java 6 on PowerPC, it was less than 100 megs05:33
morgan-u2before I thought of the mp3 strategy, this may have been my answer find / -iname '*book*'  where book is the string I am sure of.05:33
ShaedSokay i ahve no idea how to use this via ssh05:33
ShaedS8 is not deleting05:33
ShaedSoh its f805:33
arraybolt3ShaedS: Can't you enclose the whole mess in double quotes?05:35
arraybolt3Hold on, lemme try something...05:35
ShaedSi thought tab completion would make that so05:35
ShaedSit's gone now tho05:35
ShaedSnow back to figuring out this openvpn stuff05:35
arraybolt3I was able to make a file with that name.05:35
arraybolt3And then remove it.05:36
arraybolt3ShaedS: rm "'aux'\$'\\033'':q'"05:36
morgan-u2Zsh (I dont know what that means) -> With Zsh you can use glob patterns, so this works too:    ls -a /**/book105:36
arraybolt3Basically, enclose it in double quotes and escape the $ (which makes variables otherwise) and the \ (which escapes things otherwise).05:36
arraybolt3ShaedS: Also interested in how you created that file, looks like something interesting happened in Vim?05:36
arraybolt3ShaedS: Also if you do "ls" it should show you the file with a name that you can copy-paste or type verbatim and remove the file.05:38
arraybolt3Oh wait, you got it.05:38
arraybolt3Only now am I finding this out.05:38
arraybolt3Liowenex: mc = Midnight Commander, it's a command-line file manager.05:40
ShaedSi thought you don't need to escape anything in ""05:40
arraybolt3Kind of like "File Explorer" on Windows, or Nautilus (GNOME), Dolphin (KDE), PCManFM-Qt (LXQt), Nemo (Cinnamon), etc.05:40
arraybolt3ShaedS: $ can reference variables which can bite you if you don't escape it, and \ escapes things so it has to be escaped to avoid being ignored or causing trouble.05:41
arraybolt3You don't have to escape things in '', but your file name had ' marks in it so...05:41
ShaedShttps://linuxhint.com/openvpn-server-ubuntu-22-04/ i don't see where to generate an .ovpn profile05:42
ShaedSwhich my iOS client needs for OpenVPN Connect05:42
arraybolt3ShaedS: https://openvpn.net/community-resources/creating-configuration-files-for-server-and-clients/ Does that help?05:44
ShaedSlooking now05:47
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cats3dlolol with gnome+wayland I can switch between keyboard layouts, but without the indicator doesnt change, and I have languages I never added to the cycle08:25
cats3dplasma+wayland I can switch the indicator but the actual layout doesnt change08:25
bparkerthe absolute state of desktop linux08:27
arraybolt3Plasma+Wayland is somewhat expected to be wonky since it's not stable yet, if I'm understanding correctly. GNOME+Wayland, though, that sounds like a bug. If you'd like, you can run "ubuntu-bug gnome-shell" in a terminal and you should be able to report the bug. Some extra debug info will be attached. You will need to have or create an Ubuntu One account to file bugs.08:31
arraybolt3cats3d: ^08:31
cats3dwill do!08:31
ninunincan someone want to help me to fix some hdd issue? i have new hdd and this new hdd is now hda, i want to be second?08:38
ninuninmy main hda is now hdc08:39
ninunincan i fix this?08:39
ninuninmy main* i mean, where system is and home partition08:39
arraybolt3ninunin: Are there any particular problems this is causing?08:42
arraybolt3ninunin: /dev/sdX device IDs are specifically *not* guaranteed to be static, and Ubuntu is designed to cope with them changing by using static identifiers where needed.08:42
arraybolt3If the change is causing a problem, it's probably better to make whatever's depending on the volatile sdX IDs rely on static ones.08:43
ninunini head that if my main hdd aka hda was on wrong position that can couse problems in future? so.. if i let this like it is nothing will happened (sorry for my eng)08:45
arraybolt3ninunin: Assuming everything is set up properly, the change shouldn't cause problems unless you're using a command like `dd` to overwrite a drive directly and you incorrectly assume what the ID of your target drive is.08:46
arraybolt3ninunin: As a general rule, if you're going to do something like flash an ISO, you should *always* use `lsblk` or a similar command to figure out what drive ID your target drive has, and never assume that you know what ID it is going to have. As long as you do that, you should be good.08:47
ninuninarraybolt3, yes, i will now now that if i want to delete i need first to recognize wich one is sda or sdc08:47
arraybolt3ninunin: The only other time this could cause a problem is if something is configured wrong on your system. Ubuntu is designed to not rely on sdX IDs being static, so as long as any configuration changes you make similarly don't rely on those IDs being static, you should be good.08:48
ninuninthanks arraybolt308:48
arraybolt3Glad to help!08:48
cats3dohhh plasma+wayland has screen energy-saver-blanking working! it doesn't work for me in gnome with 2 monitors09:03
MurumuruHello, having a problem with Wine on ubuntu 22.04 LTS, when I try to start any graphics app with wine on nvidia gpu with "prime-run" I get "wine: Unhandled page fault on execute access to" errors and wine freezes. I can run apps without freezing on integrated amdgpu. Any idea what I should look for? Can run ordinary software and stuff like vkcube/glxgears with "prime-run" fine. Error:  https://paste.linux.chat/?eacba882756f09:14
Murumuru588b#CmfakyzTN6ddkBWasSmpuqdVzSuxuJvQ6ibbuoRRJaSg Inxi: https://paste.linux.chat/?173ff1d5b82fed8d#GkAR5YqPPeQRkvoJQ5ZzJgyXoDDEfMsx6k1nXvacVyoY Prime-run: https://paste.linux.chat/?1716c289f420e7c8#64xPrwWpprxoWLwJDGgEZAgXoHaV88d3duLJ5VSYnYES09:14
RuralScientistHi there, I have a Ubuntu 22.04 on a Dell Latitude 5520 laptop. I would like to share the screen to a large external screen through a hdmi cable. I have chosen the laptop as the input on the external screen, I pressed fn f8 to toggle the outputs to no avail. What should I do instead?09:35
gryRuralScientist: hello :) have you tried installing 'arandr' and configuring the external display in it?09:44
tomreynRuralScientist: does the external display show at Settings -> Displays ?09:46
RuralScientistgry, tomreyn, after some fiddling it worked.09:55
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g105bHi all, I wonder if anyone can help me? (Maybe I'm looking for the wrong solution) I want to record screencasts, but I want to zoom in to an area of the screen about half the size of the screen. When I do this, the video is blurry (it's zoomed in, so the pixels interpolate). I wonder if I can somehow render at twice the resolution, so the video records as if the monitor has higher resolution than it really does? Then11:04
g105bzooming would be smooth and sharp.11:04
g105bThe solution would be to buy a monitor with a higher resolution, but that seems wasteful.11:06
arraybolt3g105b: I think there's some scaling feature to do that, lemme check.11:12
g105bThe content I'm screen casting is my IDE, for other developers, and I simply want to zoom into one area of the code while I'm talking about it, but without it looking blocky/blury11:13
g105bAs an example, on MacOS, if you zoom in anywhere on the screen, everything scales as if it were vector (it probably is).11:13
arraybolt3Meh, I was wrong. I thought the Fractional Scaling switch would do it, but it did the exact *opposite*.11:14
g105bhah, yeah I've looked into that too. I don't think it's what I'm describing.11:15
arraybolt3I'm guessing I must have gotten confused by using a VM and having "Scale Display" enabled or something.11:15
g105bI almost want to create a virtual monitor, twice the resolution of my actual monitor, set that as my screen and then display a downsampled version of that to my actual screen.11:15
arraybolt3FWIW, you can sorta do what you want within a virtual machine by setting the VM to scale the display and then setting the VM's display resolution to larger than your monitor.11:16
g105bThen I can use the larger buffer to record from, panning and zooming after the fact.11:16
arraybolt3That will do essentially what you just described, but it will add the overhead and complexity of a whole second OS.11:16
arraybolt3I wonder if Xephyr could help here...11:16
g105bWhat you're describing sounds great if I could do it without a VM.11:16
g105bBut I might be asking the complete wrong question here. It might be possible for some screen recording software to zoom in to text in a way that doesn't blur.11:17
arraybolt3Oh fine. I just totally messed up my desktop :P11:19
arraybolt3Guess I need to keep that terminal open now...11:19
arraybolt3Well I can't figure it out. There's a tool called Xephyr that can run a second X server in a window, but trying to get Unity to run under it was a flop so...11:21
g105bI'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion.11:21
arraybolt3Every time I try to launch Unity inside Xephyr it just reloads y whole desktop and kills Chrome in so doing :P11:22
arraybolt3Also I don't know if the Xephyr window can be resized or scaled :-/11:23
g105bMaybe a VM would be the best solution here.11:23
g105bWould also cut the clutter of my desktop setup in the video.11:24
imihello, can I open a "files" (file explorer) window from commandline?11:45
Habbieor xdg-open .11:49
FKAShinobiIs there a print to pdf "printer" to install in 22.04?12:22
FKAShinobiravage: where is that dialog ?12:32
ravageit is Ubuntu's system print dialog12:33
FKAShinobiGnome Settings?12:33
ravageno. you press print in an application12:34
FKAShinobiIt's not working for Open Office Writer.12:34
FKAShinobiThat's why I though I had to install something12:35
ravageFile -> Export as -> PDF12:35
ravagei only have libreoffice12:35
ravagethat comes with ubuntu12:35
FKAShinobiravage: Sorry.That's what I have too. I still call it OO sometimes by mistake.12:37
FKAShinobiAlthough I'm curious about other apps now. I would think there would just be a virtual printer that is recognized by all apps.12:37
ravagesee my screenshot12:38
FKAShinobiIt probably would have taken me a while to find the export to pdf. Thank you!12:38
ravageif an application uses a custom print dialog there is nothing ubuntu can do about it12:38
ravageand it actually works in libre office too12:38
ravageyou just have to switch the printer from generic to "print to file"12:39
FKAShinobiI see. I didn't realize it's using a custom dialog.12:39
FKAShinobiI just went to the text editor and see it works fine12:39
FKAShinobiOh, I didn't see the print to file option in LO Writer, just generic printer. It has type SGENPRT, but it errored when I attempted to print with it.12:41
WeeBey98Morning... So I needed to install some Nvidia package (I think it was CUDA). Then my suspend stopped working. And now it flickers when I close the lid then open again. It's so frustrating!12:45
WeeBey98to remove all nvidia stuff, do I use dpkg -r ?12:46
WeeBey98(or dpkg -P)12:46
trurHi, I'm trying to tunnel a l2tp vpn connection through an openvpn connection. I am not sure but I thought it worked at some point but it doesn't anymore. I suspect I need to somehow tell the second vpn connection to use the tun0 device and not the actual wlan interface. Has anyone done something like this? Any tips?12:51
trurI'm trying to do this with NetworkManager12:52
BluesKajHi all13:41
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p3limI'm using systemd-boot instead of grub on my system, but on upgrades grub will install itself again, how can I prevent this from happening? I can't just remove the package14:19
tommyfunis there any reason not to remove open-iscsi from a vm running 22.04?15:14
tommyfunI'm going through the minimum install of a 22.04 server15:14
OrcD3vilanyone have a good samba article for settings up shares, directory, perm, etc read a few and little confused15:27
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jhutchinstommyfun: There's no reason to have it unless you're using iscsi.15:50
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SteelRosehi root15:55
leftyfb!root | Guest255115:55
ubottuGuest2551: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:55
leftyfb!rootirc | Guest255115:55
ubottuGuest2551: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.15:55
Guest2551what is this15:56
leftyfbGuest2551: this is an IRC support channel for Ubuntu15:57
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant16:18
tommyfunjhutchins: thanks16:22
luna_anyone knows the irc channel for Ubuntu on Air?16:26
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luna_found it #ubuntu-on-air there is soon a stream about the new minor LTS version updates16:33
luna_Delayed until 5th March lets watch Mountainbytes demoparty then17:09
ravagestill OT17:09
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elias_a_Is there an app for Ubuntu that could stream video to Chromecast with subtitles? VLC can't do it.17:31
=== pong_ is now known as beaver
elias_a_Burning subtitles to the images is a bit inconvenient if one uses subtitles in multiple languages...17:33
leftyfbelias_a_: it's just a video stream. I don't think there's a provision to pass a separate stream of data for subtitles. Nothing to do with ubuntu17:33
elias_a_leftyfb: You are wrong. There are solutions to this. As the question was "Is there an app for Ubuntu..." it has to do with Ubuntu.17:35
leftyfbelias_a_: am I wrong? Can you show me where Chromecast supports sending a subtitles file separately from the video stream?17:36
leftyfbelias_a_: you could use plex. That would incorporate your subtitles file with the video stream17:37
elias_a_leftyfb: I am not saying a chromecast unit can receive a separate subtitle stream. What I am saying is there several sw for windoze that claim to be able to do this somehow...17:38
elias_a_leftyfb: TY - I'll check plex.17:38
leftyfbelias_a_: yes, I'm pretty sure they transcode the video file to incorporate the subtitles while streaming17:39
elias_a_leftyfb: That is very likely.17:40
ograthe only app i know for streaming to chromecast (beyond chromium (i didnt know vlc can !)) is mkchromecast ... but that only streams whatever local content you play i dont think you could add subtitles17:42
Sven_vBhi :) I'm using lightdm on focal. for some of the more heacy startup tasks of my sessions, I'd like to add a pre-check that skips them if startup seems unstable. my current idea is to determine how often lightdm has started a session for the current user in the previous four hours. is that a good approach? does lightdm already have that kind of startup logging or do I need to roll my own?17:43
leftyfbSven_vB: this sounds like a very custom project17:44
Sven_vBthe decision part, yes. for the login loggin, I have hopes there might be something like auth.log for SSH.17:47
leftyfbSven_vB: what does SSH have to do with an "unstable" startup of lightdm?17:48
Sven_vBnothing. :) SSH is an example of a login method that I see in /var/log/auth.log. I don't see lightdm in there, though.17:49
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ninuninarraybolt3, are you here?18:11
ninuninhow to set write permission on new ext4 hdd, this is my second hdd and i want to use it as a backup i need full access not root18:13
BinarySaviorhow can I benchmark the speed of a vps?18:37
jhutchinsBinarySavior: Speed at what?  Doing what?18:44
Sven_vBBinarySavior, find a workload that's similar to what you're planning on doing, run it a few tens to thousands of times in parallel, measure the time it takes.18:49
chachawhich should i install on an old Dell PP18L?Lubuntu?18:51
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jhutchinschacha: Which do you want to use?18:54
chachaa light simple one (general purpose)18:54
ravagecore2duo? that at least supports 64bit18:55
chachaDell PP18L18:55
ravagemost of those mashines had like 2GB of RAM. so maybe try xubuntu18:56
chachathat's heavier than lubuntu?18:56
chachawhich is the absolute lightest one?18:57
ravageubuntu server on a text console18:57
chachaand for desktop?18:58
ravageof the here supported flavours probably xubuntu18:58
chachais lubuntu supported here?18:59
chachathank you19:01
ravagehttps://ubuntu-mate.org/about/requirements/ may work too19:01
ravagebut with every current linux you will always be around the minimum requirements with your hardware19:02
ravageespecially if you plan to open more than 2 tabs on a modern browser19:02
chachayes hate when it freezes19:03
chachais there no way of solving that issue? (i mean having it stop before)19:03
ravagethe system should kill your browser process before that happens19:04
chachayes i agree19:04
chachawhy don't they do it so?19:04
ravageevery modern ubuntu will do that19:04
ravagethe oom killer will kill it19:05
chachaoh nice19:05
chachais 18.04 supported for 10 years?19:07
ravage!ubuntupro | caccha19:09
ubottucaccha: Ubuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101819:09
chachawhere can you get the ubuntu cds?19:10
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ravagei think they stopped producing those over a decade ago19:10
chachaok, thanks for help19:11
ravageyw. and the answer to 18.04 is yes. if you get ubuntu pro19:12
ravageif not support ends in a month or so19:12
xMopxone of my units shows `Before=multi-user.target` when i run `systemctl show -p Before myunit.service`, but i don't have that set in the unit or in an override. How do I figure out where it's coming from?19:25
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ShaedSokay I'm still having issues witht his openvpn20:10
cart_Hey is it possible to see Ubuntus source code? Or what about Ubuntu Touchs source code?20:12
ShaedSof coures it's open source20:13
cart_ShaedS: Yea but I am having a hard time finding the actual source of Ubuntu Touch20:13
ShaedSyeah i enver actually bothered to look at the source of any os i used so idk20:14
ravagecart_: https://matrix.to/#/#ubports:matrix.org20:14
=== sig is now known as bebop
ravagethere is #ubports too i think. should be linked?20:14
ravagecart_: https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/porting/introduction/index.html has the source repo linked too20:16
ShaedSI followed this but no luck https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/service-openvpn20:31
jhutchinsShaedS: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?20:31
jhutchins"Doesn't work" is a null statement.20:31
ShaedSyeah i'm trying ot pastebin the journel log thing20:32
jhutchinsShaedS: Try describing what happened.  Don't expect us to read logs for you.20:33
ShaedSI followed the guide, when I tried to run the openvpn server the server failed to start...20:35
ShaedSnot very descriptive errors either : Feb 24 20:33:56 localhost systemd[1]: openvpn@myserver.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE20:35
ShaedSoh wait20:35
ShaedSi think i see what's oging on here20:35
ShaedSsomethings missing that shouldn't be lol20:35
ShaedSand I just covered those 4 items just above in the guide .... something is wrong my system didn't take the command or process those files20:36
ShaedSi'm looking at it now20:36
ShaedSin myserver.conf I have "ca ca.crt" /should/ it be "ca /etc/openvpn/ca.crt" if the config file is in the same directory, /etc/openvapn/ ?20:38
ravagejust try it? takes 10 seconds20:39
ShaedS.......... "no such file"20:39
ShaedSi see the file when I ls in /etc/openvpn/ ..........20:40
ravagemaybe you did write openvapn again?20:40
ShaedSwhat do you mean write openvpn again20:41
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ravagecan you start it manually?20:44
ShaedSwhat do you mean20:44
ravageopenvpn --config /etc/openvpn/myserver.conf20:44
ShaedSi haven't trried that yet20:46
ShaedSbvut mvoing the stuff to etc/openvpn/server seemed to do20:46
ShaedSbut now i gotta find that dh20:46
ravageyou can generate it yourself if it does not exist20:47
ravageor just comment it out20:47
ShaedSah ok just a couple of small things were wrong int he guide20:48
arkanoid-> how can I do an upgrade when it says "The following packages have been kept back"?20:51
arkanoidI'm already using the flag "--with-new-pkgs"20:51
arkanoidbut it keeps refusing installing "gnome-remote-desktop grub-efi-amd64-bin grub-efi-amd64-signed python3-software-properties shim-signed software-properties-common software-properties-gtk"20:52
ravage!phasedupdates | arkanoid20:52
ubottuarkanoid: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.20:52
ShaedSnow to test the client20:52
ravagearkanoid: quick fix: apt upgrade package1 package2 package320:53
arkanoidravage: thanks, but how can I assure they are phased and not due to other problem? is phasing the only plausible answer here?20:53
arkanoidok that worked (so they were now phased?)20:54
arkanoidquite confused here20:54
ravagearkanoid: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/phased-updates.html20:55
ravagethe safe way is to just wait20:55
arkanoidok, thanks!20:55
arkanoidnow I know, I've bookmarked the page20:56
ViatonWidz[m]arkanoid: "APT::Get::Phase-Policy 1;" will turn off the annoying "held back" messages while still allowing for phase updates. Put the option in a .conf file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ When the updates are ready to be installed, they'll just appear as regular updates.21:01
arkanoidViatonWidz[m]: I'm ok with in, now that I know what's the reason21:01
arkanoidanother completely different problem. I'm getting "system problem detected" reporst, suggesting me to report problem, out of nowhere and with no visible error or problem or dmesg line21:08
arkanoidlooks like a false positive, but unsure21:08
alkisgarkanoid: sudo ls /var/crash21:12
arkanoidwow, pretty old crashes there21:13
arkanoidI have crash there older than 3 weeks21:14
arkanoidand actually one very recent21:14
arkanoidthanks! now I know the culprit, it's gstreamer plugin scanner21:14
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larryanyone her?22:00
Prunersy I'm her.... err... here22:01
ravagewhy does the gender matter?22:01
Prunerslarry said is anyone 'her'22:01
larrysorry, typo :)   here22:01
Prunerswe are here to comfort you, Larry.22:01
larryevolution suddenly after long time using wont send emails, will receive22:02
Prunerswhat port you specified for the smtp server?22:02
ravagemy guess is that it's not evolution but your mail provider changed something?22:03
larrythouht maybe because using it through phon e so deleted the phones email setup but no difference. also tried reinstalling from a known working backup22:03
oerhekslogin to your mail with a browser, and see what is wrong there?22:04
larryphone emails work ok but not on computer tethered to the phone.. it did for a while, the phone bit is new as have moved to house without land line22:05
oerheksif you could not recieve, i would say your mailbox is full...22:05
Prunersdo you have it working successfully working on any other computer?22:05
larrydon't have any other working computer.. it is definitely softwar problem. it hapned whe I cceated a boot usb stick, as it completed  computer crashed never done thta before. since then no send on emails22:07
larryis working on phone though22:08
larrybye for now, thanks for listening22:12
jhutchinsLartza: What do your mail logs say?22:17
jhutchinsLartza: Sorry.22:17
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Guest916My ubuntu machine restarted and now wifi and wired usb lan isn't working22:25
Guest916gnome scaling is all thrown off too22:25
jhutchinsGuest916: So what are you on now?22:25
Guest916communicating from a nearby windows machine22:25
jhutchinsGuest916: What did you change or do before you rebooted?22:26
EriC^Guest916: what does 'rfkill list' give?22:26
Guest916nothing returns22:26
Guest916jhutchins I don't think I changed anything22:26
Guest916I think I uninstalled the latest kernel22:26
Guest916which was causing performance issues22:27
Guest916"apt remove linux-modules-extra-5.19.0-32-generic"22:27
EriC^Guest916: reinstall the package22:28
Guest916I can't22:28
EriC^that's actually not the kernel, it's modules22:28
EriC^what does 'uname -r' give?22:28
Guest916oh, so I'm still on the problematic kernel22:28
Guest916but no performance issues at the moment22:28
Guest916okay, I'm just going to remove the actual kernel then22:29
jhutchinsGuest916: It might be possible to boot to the previous kernel, which might still have modules.22:29
EriC^Guest916: btw you can reinstall the modules thing22:29
jhutchinsGuest916: I wouldn't go deleting things until you figure out what's actually wrong.22:29
EriC^it's probably still cached in /var22:29
EriC^Guest916: try sudo apt-get install linux-modul...blabla22:30
Guest916okay, I feel silly, but sure22:30
cluelesspersonit works22:31
natewrenchso ubuntu is stopping flatpak support22:31
cluelesspersonSo question22:32
cluelesspersonThe updated kernel caused me severe performance issues22:32
cluelesspersonbut as I just found22:32
cluelesspersonit seemed fine without the modules installed.22:32
* cluelessperson upgrades22:32
leftyfbnatewrench: no22:34
ravagedamn. and i was so proud that nobody reacted to the troll22:35
jhutchinscluelessperson: Well, of course it performed well, it wasn't doing anything.22:35
jhutchinscluelessperson: Instead of removing random packages, try just booting to the previous kernel.22:35
jhutchinscluelessperson: You can also do some performance analysis with the later kernel if you want to find out what specific component was causing the trouble.22:37
=== keypushe- is now known as keypusher
cluelesspersonjhutchins, I did, and chose to remove the latest kernel because22:56
TuxBlackEdoIs there any way to keep my bios from changing the boot order when I install a (U)EFI based OS? I would like PXE to have priority booting before the hard drive, but this always changes when I install an (U)EFI based os. Is there something I can be pointed to to try and modify my bios or the (U)EFI firmware contained within?23:08
EriC^TuxBlackEdo: from ubuntu no, you might have some option in the bios though23:11
sarnoldTuxBlackEdo: your bios may have some "antivirus protection" or something to mark those areas read-only23:14
sarnoldTuxBlackEdo: it normally seems to cause more problems than it solves, but it might be just the thing for this?23:14
elwispi wish we had something better than nfs23:39
elwispmount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting (null)23:40
leftyfbelwisp: try cifs23:40
leftyfbelwisp: though, it looks like your issue is a misconfiguration issue23:40
elwispleftyfb: nah, i have used this setup for years23:42
elwispor, i mean, its always config problems23:42
sarnoldi've had 'try openafs' on my todo list for a few decades..23:43
elwispI just dont understand, everyone uses NFS everyday for production23:44
elwispbut in my house it breaks down in a strange way regurarly23:44
elwispsarnold: is that in ubuntu now?23:47
sarnoldelwisp: yeah, it's been there for ages https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openafs23:49
jhutchinscluelessperson: Do you know how to make the older kernel the default?23:50
jhutchinscluelessperson: Without removing the newer one?23:51
cluelesspersonjhutchins, I do not. :P23:51
cluelesspersonI just loaded the old one, removed ht enew one23:51
cluelesspersonbut also, why would I want to change the default?23:51
elwispill change tomorrow23:51
elwispfuck nfs23:51
leftyfb!language | elwisp23:52
ubottuelwisp: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:52
elwispthanks leftyfb23:52
jhutchinscluelessperson: Because the default is the new kernel, and you haven't figured out what the problem with the new kernel is yet, and randomly deleting stuff you don't understand is a bad way to run a system.23:52
sarnoldelwisp: I wish I had even 10% of that spirit :D23:52
elwispleftyfb: unsure which of those two words are the offensive one23:53
jhutchinselwisp: I shall immediately inform the several thousand NFS users who are satisfied clients that it is fucked and shall be destroyed.23:53
elwispjhutchins: good idea, but dont let it become a whole systemd thing23:54
cluelesspersonjhutchins, I wasn't randomly deleting things I don't understand.  I accidentally removed the kernel-modules package rather than the new kernel.23:55
cluelesspersonjhutchins, but I am interested knowing how you'd handle it23:55

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