xu-help79wHi everyone. I was wondering how well Xubuntu supports touch- and rotating screens? I'm thinking about buying a Lenovo which has a touchscreen you can completely flip over and run Xubuntu on it.11:46
JackFrostTouchscreen yes, never tried the other.11:52
pjotterThis is the computer I'm talking about: https://www.lenovo.com/nl/nl/laptops/lenovo/student-laptops/300w-AMD-G3/p/22ED03W3WA311:56
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arraybolt3pjotter: That screen folds back - the top of the screen is still the top of the screen. That should be fine.11:58
arraybolt3pjotter: There are some setups where the screen is flipped upside down somehow (think "tent mode" on a laptop) and that can be a pain.11:59
pjotterYes, true. But with that model you can also open up the lid like 270 degrees and put it on a table like a v-shape. In that case the screen would be upside down.11:59
arraybolt3If you use that machine in tent mode I think you'll probably have problems, but if the top of the screen always remains at the top, it should be fine. Otherwise you'll have to figure out how to get the whole screen to rotate and that could be tricky.11:59
pjotterYes, I think it's the tent mode.11:59
pjotterMaybe I could write a script for that, who knows.12:00
arraybolt3A couple of xrandr commands might do it.12:00
arraybolt3xrandr --output $(xrandr |grep eDP|cut -d" " -f1) --rotate inverted12:00
pjotterYes, indeed. That was what I was thinking.12:00
pjotterI quess I wil, just have to try it out :)12:01
arraybolt3Depending on whether or not an event is triggered when the laptop detects it's been flipped upside odwn, you may be able to automate it.12:01
arraybolt3But if nothing else, a script on the desktop you can double-click should do it.12:01
pjotterBut you are right, in any other configuration, the orientation of the screen would be normal, so that would not be a problem at all.12:01
pjotterarraybolt3: Thanks for the answers!12:04
arraybolt3Glad I was able to help!12:04
pjotterIf I succeed in making it work, I might come back here an share the experience :)12:05
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