mmikowskiDefinitely latest chrome; I have not tested chromium.00:01
mmikowskivorlon: I have tested on multiple devices; arraybolt3 checked and confirmed the bug and the work-around. I haven't filed this anywhere yet, but thought it would be useful for many people.00:02
mmikowskifwiw, also confirmed: not a problem with Nvidia GPU + intel frame buffer (optimus graphics)00:07
vorlonmmikowski: well, we don't ship chrome... :)01:31
vorlonginggs, doko: I'm just going to yank python3.10 out of -proposed, I've seen now that it's also broken on arm6406:05
ginggsvorlon: thanks.  i see there is a 3.10.10-2 in debian, not sure if that fixes the arm issues06:06
dokovorlon: what is broken on arm64?06:12
vorlondoko: python3.10-minimal is uninstallable due to the same syntax error as on armhf06:13
vorlonSetting up python3.10-minimal (3.10.10-1) ...06:14
vorlon  File "/usr/lib/python3.10/_sysconfigdata__aarch64-linux-gnu.py", line 4506:14
vorlon    '06:14
vorlon    ^06:14
vorlonSyntaxError: unterminated string literal (detected at line 45)06:14
vorlonso there seems to be some autogeneration code that goes wrong on Ubuntu06:14
dokoyes, fixed in -2, but in the end it won't be shipped in lunar06:14
dokothe reverse-depends list is still looking a little bit long06:15
vorlonyeah I noticed that06:15
ginggsvorlon: not sure if i'm reading https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python3.10/+publishinghistory right, but looks like 3.10.10-2 was deleted?06:24
webchat99Hello everyone! My name is Inshal, and I'm a computer science undergrad student who is eager to contribute to the Ubuntu community. I've been fascinated by the Ubuntu distro and its open-source philosophy, and I'm eager to get involved and give back to the community. However, I'm not quite sure where to start.21:45
webchat99I have experience with programming languages like Go, and I'm excited to learn more about how I can contribute my skills and knowledge to help improve Ubuntu. If anyone has any advice or suggestions for how I can get started with contributing, I would greatly appreciate it!21:45

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