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bancroftsdeziel: I don't want them to be, they are right now and I don't know how it happened 00:40
sdezielbancroft: oh, I see. eth0 is usually under your control as you either get a DHCP assigned IP or a statically configured one (see `/etc/netplan/*.yaml`). For the tun0, it may be coming from a VPN client that you have?01:03
gmachine24Running Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS on a headless server my OS drive is completely full - 100%. A week ago it was @ 17%. Previously I had done this to fix it: https://pastebin.com/qGN4eHJQ but now that doesn't resolve the issue02:25
sarnoldif you want to expand the filesystem into unused drive space, you could buy more drives and add them to your lvm02:28
sarnoldit'd probably be better to figure out what is using the filesystem though02:28
sarnoldthe usual tools for that are df, du, and ncdu02:28
oerheksdu -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 1002:29
oerhekswhat are the largest log files?02:30
gmachine24I'll check in a second - to be clear, one moment the drive is 17% occupied, then it went to something like 57% occupied an then 100% occupied with no changes to anything on that drive - not even an apt-get update02:31
Xpistos2Hey all I could really use a hand. I was trying to troubleshot a cron issue on my ubuntu 22.04 server but I keep seeing issue with ram and I can determine which ram chips they are.02:32
Xpistos2error on CPU#0Channel#1_DIMM#0 (channel:1 slot:0 & CE error on CPU#0Channel#1_DIMM#1 (channel:1 slot:102:32
oerheksdo a memtest86 run?02:34
gmachine24du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 10 yields https://pastebin.com/UyfPCkKj02:34
Xpistos2oerheks: memtest86: command not found02:35
oerheksdo this from a live iso 02:35
sarnoldXpistos2: oh no :(02:35
oerheksor https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MemoryTest02:36
oerhekssqueezeboxserver/cache and /var/log/journal/94f59c04fb2b43389830df71daf79189 are interesting02:36
sarnoldXpistos2: hmm, c1 s0 and c1 s1  .. that might be *two* memory sticks that are bad?02:36
oerheks2 sticks, as pair ? 02:37
Xpistos2sarnold: I can't figure which of the 12 it is02:37
oerheksthen determin which one02:37
Xpistos2a1 - a6 and b1-b602:38
sarnoldgmachine24: you could use something like: journalctl --vacuum-size=200M --vacuum-time=2months --vacuum-files=10 --rotate   to shrink that journal a bit02:38
gmachine24I don't know I'll try02:38
Xpistos2I would have thought channel one would be like A2 and it's counterpart02:39
sarnoldXpistos2: *maybe* it's the same as the order given in the mobo documentation -- but I'd honestly be tempted to just take out the four nearest the CPU (two on each side) and move the rest in place, start testing what's left in that machine, and stick those four in another machine and test those ...02:40
gmachine24This happens with every Ubuntu server install I've done from 18 on up02:40
Xpistos2sarnold: Unfortunately I have only this machine. I was gifted a poweredge r610 and slowly working on setting it up02:41
gmachine24Well, now it says 99.4% of 55.51GB drive is occupied instead of 99.7%02:41
gmachine24let me try something else02:41
Xpistos2sarnold: I could just pull all of B side and reboot and go from there but I would perfer not do a bunch of reboots if I can avoid it02:41
sarnoldgmachine24: heh, dang, I was hoping for something a bit more than that..02:43
sarnoldgmachine24: try ncdu. it's neat.02:43
sarnoldXpistos2: hah, just go right to a full bisect? that makes some sense.. just how many bad sticks could there be? :)02:44
Xpistos2sarnold: only shows the 202:44
Xpistos2sarnold: I found an image of the internals and it shows channel one for a and b are on the outsides of the case, I did reseat A1&A4, so I think I can pull B1 & B4 and see if that does it02:45
sarnoldXpistos2: fingers crossed, I hope that's it :)02:46
sarnoldXpistos2: of course it might be the slots, or it might be the memory :/ who knows..02:46
Xpistos2sarnold: once I can elimate the source, I plan to buy more anyway and for my needs right now 8 gb of ram is icing02:47
gmachine24sarnold I'm guessing there isn't enough room to install ncdu .. or the drive has gone completely bonkers02:47
sarnoldgmachine24 :(02:48
gmachine24yeah it's frustrating02:49
Xpistos2sarnold: pulled and rebooting now02:50
Xpistos2sarnold: thanks btw02:50
sarnoldXpistos2: fingers crossed :)02:54
Xpistos2sarnold: no luck still showing , but DUH says cpu 002:54
sarnoldgmachine24: you could do something similar with: sudo du -a / | sort -n02:54
sarnoldXpistos2: d'oh02:54
Xpistos2I am gonna put these back in and take out a1&a4 but this time I am gonna plugin the monitor and see what it says #halflazy02:56
Xpistos2sarnold: take 203:00
Xpistos2sarnold: startup is bitching the ram is not optimal and doesn't match but I didn't see the error03:03
Xpistos2sarnold: nope still must be 2&5 smh I guess that is channel 0 and channel 1 and channel 2 for each03:05
sarnoldXpistos2: I really wish I knew what "not optimal" means, but they all publish that table in the manual, so it must be *important* .. and if it reports it at boot, that's impressive, too03:05
gmachine24sarnold, would you please look at this - it's the fdisk for my os drive https://pastebin.com/jGc0UKZ203:08
gmachine24sorry, lsblk03:09
sarnoldgmachine24: /boot holds your kernels and initrds and so on03:12
sarnoldgmachine24: /boot/efi holds pre-boot execute stuff to load operating systems03:12
gmachine24people have complained about this issue for awhile https://askubuntu.com/questions/1106795/ubuntu-server-18-04-lvm-out-of-space-with-improper-default-partitioning03:16
sarnoldgmachine24: you've got a 59 gigabyte hard drive; you've filled 56g of it with stuff03:17
sarnoldgmachine24: that's not exactly the installers fault, right?03:17
gmachine24except that the drive doesn't have that much data on it it only has about 10 GB03:18
gmachine2410gb in the sdc3 partition that is03:18
gmachine24it was at 10gb last week and suddenly overnight it went to 100% 55GB.. 03:19
sarnoldpastebin df ?03:19
gmachine24as I said this has happened before it's something to do with the lvm03:19
sarnoldyou grew your lvm03:19
sarnoldit filled the drive03:19
sarnoldyou can't grow it again :)03:19
sarnoldgmachine24: one possibility is you might have *thought* you deleted the files, and they might not show up in ls output anymore, but if an applicatoin still has the files open, they won't be deleted until the application is closed03:20
gmachine24trust me, that's not it03:21
gmachine24results of df https://pastebin.com/8hUkzz0e03:23
sarnoldyeah, that shows 55 gb of / used03:23
gmachine24right and that's what is messed up03:24
sarnoldtry this: sudo du -ax / | sort -n03:24
sarnoldstart deleting big stuff :)03:24
gmachine24it goes from 17% used to 100% used and I don't do anything except reboot the computer03:24
gmachine24sudo du -ax / | sort -n03:25
gmachine24sort: write failed: /tmp/sort5FlJZP: No space left on device03:25
sarnoldoh dang that's not nice :(03:26
sarnoldsudo du -ax / | sort -n -T /mnt/MUSICB   ?03:26
gmachine24that's a separate drive on which I have music files the name wraps to the next line it should be MUSICBACKUP.203:28
gmachine24actually a separate partition03:29
sarnoldhah yeah I just now noticed that's a weird linewrap, hehe03:29
sarnold"ACKUP.2? what's that?"03:29
gmachine24the output of sudo du -ax / | sort -n -T /mnt/MUSICBACKUP.203:30
gmachine24 is like a zillion lines long03:30
gmachine24I'll probably do what I did before ... just reinstall.03:31
sarnoldgmachine24: nooooooo03:32
sarnoldgmachine24: the thing is, there's probably some big files or thousands of little files03:32
sarnoldand the worst offenders are listed at the end03:32
sarnoldyou only go as far up the list, backwards, until you've got enough free space03:33
gmachine24isn't there a switch i can use to make the output in human readable form? i thought -h would do this03:33
sarnoldyou can't sort human-readable03:33
gmachine24ok but I don't need to remove anything from the MUSICBACKUP.2 partition03:33
sarnoldthat's why you used the -x -- that restricts the du command to only the / filesystem03:33
sarnoldthe sort -T /mnt/MUSICBACKUP.2  just told sort to use that filesystem for sorting03:34
sarnoldafterall, the / filesystem has 55 gigs of stuff on it and you want less03:34
sarnoldand there's loads of space on /mnt/MUSICBACKUP.203:34
gmachine24i ran sudo du -hx / and root takes up 8.6GB of space... is that an invalid command for some reason?03:38
gmachine24and 8.6GB just about 17% of the / partition space03:40
gmachine24so there's a lot of space that can't be used03:40
sarnoldgmachine24: hmm, if df reports the filesystem is full, and du reports that it's only using a small fraction of the space, that suggests that there might be files on the filesystem that were deleted but are still held open by a process. I guess it could also be corrupted filesystem?03:45
gmachine24i think it's a corrupted filesystem03:45
gmachine24and i will use the new ssd i just bought to reinstall - this is an old drive03:45
gmachine24thank you for all your time sarnold 03:46
sarnoldgmachine24: yay a replacement is near at hand! :) have a good weekend03:58
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wingarmacGreetings ! I'm using Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS, and Here're the details of my WireGuard setup https://termbin.com/aslm7 - How can I make Webmin available on my desktop or mobile for all these hosts ? Can someone help ?05:48
mybalzitchwebmin is running on the server on ip ?06:08
Xpistos2sarnold: found it. 2 bad ram sticks out of the system and holding steady at 40 gb or ram06:15
wingarmacwebmin is running on each host, exept my mobile of course08:32
wingarmaceach host can be reach by ip:webmin_port08:33
wingarmacbut when wg is up, Iv'e no access using the VPN IP08:33
wingarmaconly the desktop can open the page of the server for now. (each host has webmin set  on a different port for now 10xxx)08:34
LopeIn Ubuntu 22.04 why is there no LXD?11:10
Lopeno LXD package?11:10
Lopeapt-cache search ^lxd11:10
Lopedebian 12 bookworm is offering lxd 5.0.211:11
effendy[m]maybe it's in snap? Although it should normally have showed up there too.11:30
effendy[m]Lope: Indeed, you can install it via snap. "snap install lxd". Under certain circumstances apt redirects to snap (I don't remember the context, actually, but I remember it does that - I think that's the case with firefox, for example)11:50
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Lopeeffendy[m], thanks, how can I see what version of LXD is offered by snap?16:32
effendy[m]I don't know by heart, just do snap list and snap --help16:32
effendy[m]it might be 'info' or something like that.16:32
Lopesure ok16:33
effendy[m]or 'show'16:33
Eickmeyerlxd was removed from the Ubuntu repositories because it was removed from Debian, fyi.16:59
rbasaksnap info lxd17:06
leo_cuyaranybody using docker and podman on ubuntu server 18.0421:58
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