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Towseris this the right channel for Wine?00:11
sarnoldTowser: well, it's not *wrong*, but there is a #winehq that might know things better00:11
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Towserevery time I try to run wine clock it error with "the explorer process failed to start"00:18
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jhutchinscluelessperson: I'd change the default boot to the older kernel if I needed to get work done, then boot to the new kernel and examine logs and loads to determine which specific module was causing the problems.  I'd keep an eye out for kernel updates, and test those to see if the reversion was fixed.00:52
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funhouseis it ok to ask a certbot question here?02:31
sarnoldyeah, but perhaps an acme or certbot channel might be more responsive, or more knowledgeable, etc02:32
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joakoIs there any way to make the apt-get upgrade command actually update all my software?03:03
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.03:04
joakoFirst it says the repository change its 'codename' and I have to search how to bypass that03:04
joakoThen it is saying the package of that repo is "held back"03:04
joakoI want to set it up so that apt-get upgrade just bypasses all those roadblocks and updates everything03:05
joakoSimilar to how every other distro on this planet works03:05
lotuspsychjecan you pastebin of whats happening in your apt joako ?03:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:05
joakoIts annoying so I am going to say no03:05
joakoFirst it says the repository change its 'codename'03:06
joakoSo then I do apt-get upgrade --allow-releaseinfo-change03:08
joakoAnd now I am stuck with the package I want to update being "held back"03:08
joakoHow can I bypass all this crap and just have it update with the basic update commands?03:08
sarnoldjoako: it depends upon why they have been held back. If they've been held back due to phasing, the instructions on https://askubuntu.com/a/1431941/33812  can help03:09
joakoI doubt it03:10
sarnoldjoako: if they've been held back because your third party repositories don't have new enough packages available, you might be able to --force your way through things, or perhaps apt download and then dpgk -i ./foo*deb  or whatever. but then you might be left with a bunch of software that doesn't work.03:10
joakoIn any case how can I make apt-get update & apt-get upgrade just upgrade everything without all this issue?03:11
sarnoldyou cannot03:11
sarnoldyou must understand what the messages say03:11
joakoapt-get dist-upgrade seems to upgrade03:11
joakoSo I will use that from now how03:11
joakoBut what about the first error? How do I make apt-get update update the 'codename'?03:12
gryjoako: edit your /etc/apt/sources.list ?03:19
joakogry, LOL so every time the package updates from version 6 to 7 to 8 I need to manually edit stuff to upgrade?03:21
joakoLike I said with every other distro I use there is one command to install the updates.03:21
joakoAlready with Ubuntu it is 2 commands03:21
joakoAnd those 2 commands wont even update everything03:22
Habbiei suggest you ask for your money back03:23
mybalzitchsudo do-release-upgrade if you want to go from 22.04 to 22.10 for example03:24
mybalzitchit will probably tell you to edit a file in /etc if you want to go between lts/non-lts03:24
joakoI dont want to change my ubuntu release03:28
joakoJust update all the packages to the newest version03:28
mybalzitchthen why are you trying to change the codename of the version of ubuntu you're running03:29
joakoApt-get update says the codename of one of my repos changed03:29
joakoSo the new version needs that codename03:29
mybalzitch22.04 gets different version packages than 22.1003:29
sarnoldmybalzitch: this is something that one his third-party repositories changed03:29
mybalzitchoh I see that now, sorry03:30
joakoFor example if I use Fedora Linux 37 with single command: "dnf upgrade" it upgrades all the packages to the latest of Fedora 3703:30
mybalzitchsarnold: thanks for the heads up03:30
joakoOr or if I use OpenSUSE Leap 15.4 the single command "zypper up" will update all my packages to the latest of OpenSuSE Leap 15.403:31
gryjoako: no, package updates are automatic03:52
gryjoako: could you please show the full error message03:53
joakogry, https://pastebin.com/8qSWWDpe03:59
leftyfbjoako: that is the Unifi repo updating it's codename by itself. Literally nothing to do with ubuntu04:01
joakoleftyfb, Sure... but Ubuntu is the one that refuses to update to the newest version without all these work-arounds04:02
leftyfbjoako: the unifi package is being held back because you didn't not "accept" the change. Though I'm not sure how they want you to do that.04:02
joakoAnd then Ubuntu holds back the update even after you do the first bypass04:02
leftyfbjoako: that is not true. All the rest of your packages will update just fine regardless04:02
joakoleftyfb, incorrect. It only shows held back after I do the command: apt-get update allow-releaseinfo-change04:03
joakoAnd that is my issue. How can I get this to include into the auto update?04:03
leftyfbjoako: sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt install unifi04:04
joakoShould I make that into a cron?04:04
leftyfbwhy would you do that?04:04
joakoSo it can auto update with the rest of the packages04:04
leftyfbjust run the command04:04
joakoI would rather it just not hold back updates04:06
joakowhat about apt-mark unhold... would that be permanent?04:09
leftyfbthat will hold the package version so it will never be updated04:09
sarnoldI don't thikn that's why 'changed codename' packages are being held back04:09
sarnoldthey're being held back because the upstream repo changed the codename04:10
leftyfbanother option would be to add:  Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange::Codename "true";              to /etc/apt/apt.conf04:10
sarnoldI understand apt full-upgrade does some metadata mangling04:10
sarnoldbut I never use that command, and don't use third-party repos, so I can't confirm that myself04:10
leftyfbsarnold: unifi does this often. I actually made the above change on my controller a long time ago and forgot about it. It's part of my ansible playbook when/if I have to rebuild the controller from scratch so it always just gets done for me04:11
sarnoldleftyfb: blech :(04:12
leftyfbwhich part?04:12
joakoCan I use Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange "true"; instead -- in case it blocks some attribute other than Codename? I could not find any reference for this config option even the man page is missing the info04:12
joakoAnd then I would just need to replace my my head apt-get upgrade and always use apt-get dist-upgrade04:13
joakoBut that will not update the Ubuntu to a different version, correct?04:13
joakoI do not want to change the Ubuntu version04:13
leftyfbjoako: you add the change I gave you and then just your updates as normal.04:13
leftyfbjoako: it will not upgrade the ubuntu release04:13
leftyfbubuntu is not a rolling release and will not attempt to change the codename on it's own04:14
sarnoldleftyfb: the part where they change the codename often :)04:14
joakoI dont think so. When the Codename change is blocked the update is not held back04:14
sarnoldleftyfb: ansibling away annoyances is awesome :)04:14
joakoOnly when the codename change is allowed does apt-get update see the new version. And only then can that new version be kept back04:14
leftyfbjoako: you add the change I gave you and then just your updates as normal. problem solved04:14
joakoAm I living in a fantasy world or does the man page say apt get upgrade WILL NOT pull in new packages. Therefore if there is a new dependency is why it gets kept back.04:15
oerheksline 14 gives a clue04:16
oerheks>>>>>E: Repository 'https://dl.ubnt.com/unifi/debian stable InRelease' changed its 'Codename' value from 'unifi-6.5' to 'unifi-7.3'04:16
sarnoldjoako: apt-get upgrade does something different than apt upgrade04:16
leftyfbjoako: it will pull in dependencies. Though that scenario is very rare04:16
oerheksjoako, so read their manual, your blame ubuntu is faulty is silly https://www.myhowto.blog/changed-its-codename-value-from-unifi-7-1-to-unifi-7-2/04:17
joakoThis is the relevant apt log: https://pastebin.com/X0Qge7nf04:18
joakoapt-get upgrade kept back the unifi update. Only apt-get dist-upgrade applied it.04:18
oerheksgood luck04:18
leftyfbjoako: are you still trying to diagnose a problem we've already solved?04:18
joakoSo I should use apt command instead of apt-get?04:18
leftyfbjoako: you add the change I gave you and then just apt your updates as normal. problem solved04:18
joakoI dont understand how. Wont that change ONLY allow the automatic change of codename?04:19
sarnoldjoako: yes, apt upgrade is a better command to use than apt-get upgrade04:19
joakosarnold, How so? Is it more likely not to keep back an update?04:19
leftyfbjoako: yes, which is the entire root of the issue04:19
joakoCan I uninstall apt-get?04:20
leftyfbjoako: you can break your OS if you like, but I don't recommend it04:20
sarnoldjoako: no, you cannot uninstall apt-get04:21
joakoCan I make the shell always interpret apt-get as apt?04:21
sarnoldjoako: you can add shell aliases if you like04:21
joakoleftyfb, so I never use the crappy apt-get again04:21
leftyfbdon't type it in then04:21
leftyfbthere's also nothing wrong with it04:21
sarnoldjoako: apt-get upgrade will not install new packages if updates require them. apt upgrade will install new packages if updates require them.04:21
joakoMy other solution would be try cp 'which apt' 'which apt-get'04:22
leftyfbjoako: or you could just leave it alone and do updates as normal04:22
sarnoldjoako: it only took me two years to get the hang of typing apt update && apt upgrade   rather than apt-get update && apt-get -u dist-upgrade   :) I believe in you!04:23
leftyfbjoako: echo "Acquire::AllowReleaseInfoChange::Codename \"true\";" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99releaseinfochange && sudo apt update && sudo apt install unifi && sudo apt upgrade ; echo "my computer is fixed!"04:23
leftyfbjoako: run that and you should be good, no broken system. No problems with apt. All is well04:24
joakoSo you think now it would update automatically with the default cron job?04:24
leftyfbI do not recommend putting package upgrades on autopilot04:24
joakoIt ships from the factory doing automatic updates. I wasnt even aware of that04:25
leftyfbubuntu does not "ship from the factory doing automatic updates"04:26
leftyfbUnifi doesn't do automatic updates on it's own by default either04:27
joakoAccording to my /var/log/apt/history.log there is a script /usr/bin/unattended-upgrade that runs every morning around 7AM04:28
joakoit = ubuntu04:28
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sarnoldleftyfb: unattended-upgrades is installed by default https://termbin.com/sjwjg and is configured to install security updates every night without prompting04:29
leftyfbjoako: there are some security updates, it will not update all packages and will certainly not touch 3rd party packages like unifi04:29
sarnoldleftyfb: and of course, snapd is configured to do updates whenever without any prompting04:29
leftyfbI'm not even going to go there :)04:29
leftyfbwe can't even get past apt04:30
joakoLOL I was going to ask how bad would it be to delete snapd if the only snap on the system is called 'core'04:31
joakoThat crap always uses up a ton of disk space on the systems that utilized it04:31
sarnoldjoako: yeah, if you don't use it it should be fine to remove it04:31
leftyfbgoodnight sarnold04:31
sarnoldgn8 leftyfb :)04:31
grygood solution, leftyfb04:38
Baphomet_this chat seem dead asf04:59
sarnoldfriday night, europe asleep, america partying, asia weekending05:00
Baphomet_any chats you guys reccomend to join?05:03
sarnoldi'm in a hundred channels or something and there's two with traffic right now -- this one and #debian on oftc, where a dude is getting his new hetzner account configured for backups05:04
sarnoldeverything else is pretty dead05:04
Baphomet_you guys like weed?05:12
elwispfound the issue, the client had changed ip addr!08:26
regissup. What is the most reasonable way to battle funky behavior of crapped-out apt/dkpg? Get the missing file from another Ubuntu? Remove all info on this 'byobu' package? I've tried to remove all packages and reinstall them but with no luck - similar errors.08:43
eax_regis: here's your fix: sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get install -f; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade08:46
regiseax_: Sadly, "sudo dpkg --configure -a" produces same errors.08:47
eax_regis: you can run them as such or one @ atime08:47
eax_regis: remove the offending packages: sudo dpkg --remove byobu; sudo dpkg --remove ubuntu-drivers-common08:48
regiseax_: Similar output with both --remove and --purge: "dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove byobu which isn't installed" & "dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove ubuntu-drivers-common which isn't installed"08:49
eax_regis: oh i c. then it could mean that your dpkgs db is not synced up. try this: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install --reinstall dpkg08:51
eax_regis: once you rebuild the package database, you can try running the sudo dpkg --configure -a command again to complete the configuration of any partially installed packages.08:52
regiseax_: No juice :( "apt-get install --reinstall dpkg" produces the same output about byobu and the other package.08:52
eax_regis: ok, let's try purging lol08:53
eax_regis: run this series of commands: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get autoclean; sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*; sudo apt-get update08:54
eax_regis: if that works, then try again with: sudo dpkg --configure -a command08:55
regiseax_: All the "cleaning" commands went through but "sudo dpkg --configure -a" behaves the same. (08:56
eax_regis: interesting!!!08:56
regiseax_: Yeah, quite :)08:57
eax_regis: ok, we'll have to do some surgery. so put on your gloves and grab a scalpel. we're going in manually. try the following: sudo vim/nano/emacs or $EDITOR /var/lib/dpkg/status08:57
eax_regis: n the file, search for any entries that reference the byobu or ubuntu-drivers-common packages and delete them. Once you have removed all references to the packages, save and close the file.  After editing the package manager's status file, you can try running the sudo dpkg --configure -a command again08:58
regis# egrep -c 'byobu|ubuntu-drivers-common' /var/lib/dpkg/status08:59
eax_regis: that's peculiar to say the least lol09:00
regiseax_: Yeah. It's a minimal Ubuntu server 22.04 on which I only installed some Python modules and then went to try to install amdgpu drivers (to try to run some machine learning stuff on Ryzen's GPU) which apparently did not went well.09:02
eax_regis: it's possible that the issue with the python3 package is caused by another factor that is not related to the byobu or ubuntu-drivers-common packages. let me take a second look at the error messages. choto-mate kudasai!09:03
eax_regis: based on what i see in on the traceback, it appears that the py3clean script is failing to access the byobu and ubuntu-drivers-common packages, which causes the dpkg package manager to return an error code of 1. so ... let me think since i cannot replicate it fast enough09:04
regiseax_: THank you for the assistance! :) https://bsd.to/ssfE/raw09:06
regiseax_: Hey, I think I battled it with: apt install ubuntu-drivers-common byobu -y09:07
regisNow I can both "apt upgrade" and "dpkg --configure -a"09:07
pikapikathe gpu makers are very secretive and hostile09:08
eax_regis: bam!!!! i was about to send you this when you sent the good news : "let's try to trick the databse by sudo apt-get remove byobu and sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-drivers-common (i know that it's not installed, but dpkg db seems to think it is), and then reinstall the python3 package using the sudo apt-get install python3 command"09:08
regisNow I'd like to undestand how this situation happened to avoid it in the future. Quite time consuming and frustrating.09:08
eax_regis: it would've been the long way around. the issue (i think) was the py3clean script09:08
regispikapika: Yeah but it did not seemed to be issues with drivers themselv, but with Python modules/packages.09:09
eax_regis: and my hypothesis is based on the traceback from Python09:09
regiseax_: There was also "sh: 1: /usr/lib/cnf-update-db: not found" at some point.09:09
regiseax_: Again: huge thanks for your help!09:10
eax_regis: it's simple as far as after action for you is concerned. the packages were missing or were not fully installed, which caused the py3clean script to fail when attempting to access them.09:10
regiseax_: Logically, packages which were not successfully installed, should not get registered imo.09:11
eax_regis: no worries. i learn along in the process. so it's a mutually benefiting diagnosis exercise09:11
eax_regis: Perl is particular about undef values. apt-get is a C utility with a bunch of Perl underneath it09:13
eax_regis: sometimes the Perl part gets in the way of things. specifically when it comes to undef values09:13
regiseax_: Perl not Python?09:14
regisI've only seen Python tracebacks.09:14
eax_regis: the tracebacks are for the actual packages that are using Python. if it was a Lua package called luaclean for example, and you had an error. apt-get will give you the Lua error code if that was provided upstream by the pkg maintainers. in this case09:18
eax_regis: in this case, py3clean, is used to clean up compiled Python bytecode files from the system. py3clean is a part of the python3 package, and it is executed as a part of the package post-installation script.09:18
eax_regis: There are some Python scripts and modules included in the Ubuntu and Debian package management system that are written in Python, and they may be called during the package installation, upgrade or removal process.09:19
regiseax_: Thanks. I'll read up on that or dig into sources. Seems like I might be working with Ubuntu soon so understanding how packages process works is a necessity.09:21
eax_regis: Ubuntu includes both Python and Perl in its default installation, and both programming languages are widely used for system management tasks. there is some legacu Debian stuff. e.g Debian hascommon Perl modules used in Ubuntu for system management like Debconf, which is used for managing Debian package configurations, and Net::SSH, which is used for remote command execution and management.09:22
regiseax_: Is there an interface for these remote commands? Since it's a local Perl package, I'm guessing it's about outgoing SSH connections because such packages aren't needed to "ssh user@host 'command'"09:23
eax_regis: that's the problem w/ Ubuntu and Debian. as the younger devs join the core team. they've migrated sysadmin stuff from shell to perl to python. the BSDs don't mix and match much. thereby resulting in a cleaner OS. OpenBSD for example is pure Perl or POSIX shell for system admin09:24
regiseax_: BSD user for 20+ years, I see the differences. :)09:25
eax_Yes, in Debian based distros; there are several Perl modules that provide interfaces for executing remote commands over SSH connections. Both Net::SSH and Expect are available as Perl packages in Ubuntu. Once installed, you can use these modules to execute remote commands and automate system management tasks on remote hosts.09:27
regiseax_: Ok. That doesn't seem useful for me as I'm using Ansible and usually just create OS images with Packer.09:28
eax_regis: i daily drive FreeBSD (like right now lol) and OpenBSD for servers. but i work w/ Ubuntu and Debian servers all day for work09:28
regiseax_: So we're talking FreeBSD to FreeBSD :) I'm on a laptop running FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT right now.09:29
eax_regis: ansible & packer takes care of all your needs. i was bringing it to your attention in case you needed to dig down, read some source code and debug on the spot. for remote mgmt, ansible & packer should be preferred09:30
eax_regis: +1 on the 14.0-CURRENT09:30
eax_regis: the problem is most people (users include) don't realize that the BSDs and Windows (may i add lol) are an actual complete OS. Linux are simply distros (not that you don't already know) just adding it for conversation sake09:32
eax_regis: i would exclude Alpine. i believe that they are the closest thing to the BSDs on the Linux front. and it is a complete OS in its own right09:35
regiseax_: Yup. I treat stuff like pfSense, TrueNAS, DesktopBSD, GhostBSD etc as "distros" though. It's still different from Linux where you have separate kernel and userspace, but preinstalled and preconfigured non-base software feels more like a "distro" than an OS.09:35
eax_regis: +109:36
regiseax_: I only use Alpine for Docker/Kubernetes images due to... well, minimalism.09:36
eax_regis: i ran Alpine as my main driver for years. it was solid. i only got rid of it because i donated away that ThinkPad and never thought about running it again since {Free,Open}BSD does everything i need both on the desktop and server space09:37
regiseax_: WiFi sucks though. :( I'm waiting for the ability to run Linux drivers via linuxkpi (as I am doing with amdgpu for Xorg acceleration right now). FreeBSD still only has 802.11a/b/g/n and no ability to get 5GHz speeds. There's the iwlwifi driver but it's unstable on my ThinkPad T14s with intel's AX200.09:40
regis(the driver is a wip of course, not included in the OS)09:41
snowkidcan someone link me a reasonable guide to installing/using a second ssd on my ubuntu box?10:37
snowkidgoogle thinks im a microsloth user by default10:37
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RaimondRajwhat is the error is this ( https://paste.linux.chat/?f9a3e24e59d1e0a3#5gmDjT69FEme89zVAakJbWxJB2K5QrruDmCY7ZMookC1 )13:58
lotuspsychjeRaimondRaj: hirsute is end of life by now14:00
lotuspsychjeRaimondRaj: pick/install a supported ubuntu version from this channels topic14:01
RaimondRajim on 22.0414:01
lotuspsychjethats not what your repos are saying14:02
RaimondRaji dont know14:02
ubottuUbuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) was the 34th release of Ubuntu, support ended on January 20, 2022. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2022-January/000276.html14:02
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akiklotuspsychje: can he use do-release-upgrade to do it?14:04
lotuspsychjeakik: !eolupgrade is possible yes, but im not a fan of upgrading from eol releases (my opinion)14:05
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:05
lotuspsychjethe longer a user keeps using the eol release, the more chance system gets compromised due security flaws, see !usn14:06
ntech_CC A LA COMUNAOTE14:08
lotuspsychje!fr | ntech_14:08
ubottuntech_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:08
ntech_Hi everybody14:09
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hobdadhello, at the login screen (lighdm) i see [language_code] instead of the language selector. Any idea what is not configured properly or not installed? I have done `dpkg-reconfigure locales` and `dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration` and it didn't help14:46
RaimondRajSome third party entries in your sources.list were disabled. You can re-enable them after the upgrade with the 'software-properties' tool or your package manager.14:46
ioriahobdad, can you paste /etc/locale.gen ?  cat /etc/locale.gen | nc termbin.com15:54
throwthecheeseI'm having system stability issues on my Chuwi Hi10X. I have Ubuntu 22.04 installed alongside Windows 10, the OS it came with, to avoid running into cluster BSODs but my enxperience on Ubuntu is getting as bad as dealing with the BSODs on my Windows partition. Sometimes it's only Firefox crashing constantly but sometimes the issue affects other software I'm running. In the worst cases my system either hangs or15:57
throwthecheeseI get thrown back into command line.15:57
throwthecheeseI had a suspicion that fx might be behind my stability issues but that hypothesis is probably unreasonable16:00
hermanoTrying to get "copy & paste working with KVM/QEMU/VMM. Following these intructions: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1375027/copy-paste-does-not-work-between-host-and-guest-ubuntu-spice-installed16:00
throwthecheeseAny ideas on making my system more stable? FYI I'm on kernel 6.1.0-1004 as the default kernel in 22.04 doesn't support my device completely16:02
hobdadioria: it's only en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 there16:04
jhutchinsthrowthecheese: The first thing I'd do is try another browser.16:06
jhutchinsthrowthecheese: What do the sites that crash firefox have in common?16:06
jhutchinsthrowthecheese: How much RAM do you have?16:06
throwthecheeseIt's not just about Firefox, I'm having stability issues systemwide16:06
ioriahobdad, did you run 'locale-gen' ?16:06
throwthecheeseI just had Chromium crash on me16:07
jhutchinsIt looks like a "Chuwi Hi10X" might be a Windows tablet.16:08
hobdadioria, no if installer doesn't do it16:08
ioriahobdad, do it and restart lightdm16:08
jhutchinsthrowthecheese: What have you found in the logs?16:08
throwthecheeseOne of my crash reports from this day says SIGSEGV / SEGV_MAPERR16:11
lotuspsychjethrowthecheese: lets see your dmesg in a !paste please, so volunteers can help trace whats happening exactly16:12
SuperLagDoes issues getting a GPG key for $REPO necessarily mean you'll have issues downloading from that repo also if you did have the key?16:13
SuperLagsudo curl -fsSLo /etc/apt/keyrings/kubernetes-archive-keyring.gpg https://packages.cloud.google.com/apt/doc/apt-key.gpg16:13
SuperLagcurl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 50016:13
SuperLagsorry, thought that'd all come on one line 😬16:13
hobdadioria, now I have 3 records in the /etc/locale.gen but I still have [language_code] after rebooting16:13
ioriahobdad, cat /etc/locale.gen | nc termbin.com16:17
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hobdadioria, its 'en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8` and `de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8` in there. CAnnot use that nc termbin.com16:22
hobdadioria, i run this `cat /etc/locale.gen   | grep -v ^#`16:23
jhutchinsSuperLag: That doesn't look like a canonical/ubuntu URL.16:23
SuperLagNope, but I'm trying to add a mirror to 5 Ubuntu machines.16:24
hobdadioria, you mean to open browser window and paste with `nc termbin.com` right? Because nc doesn't work16:26
sereg`cat output | nc termbin.com 9999`16:28
jhutchinsSuperLag: I would contact whoever maintains that site and ask them.16:30
hobdadah, the port number is 9999 at termbin.com. I tried with 8016:32
ioriahobdad, yes, sorry : cat /etc/locale.gen | nc termbin.com 999916:39
hobdadioria, as I said, https://termbin.com/l5mp16:48
throwthecheesehttps://termbin.com/t3pa Here's my dmesg output for this day16:49
ioriahobdad, well, try to comment (#) de and ru and just restart lightdm from console (sudo systemctl restart lightdm)16:49
throwthecheesebrb, have to reboot16:49
hobdadioria, nope, still the same16:52
ioriahobdad, cat /etc/default/locale | nc termbin.com 999916:53
throwthecheeseMy root filesystem got remounted as ro for some reason and I also had to deal with a busybox possession, I mean reboot16:53
leftyfbthrowthecheese: sounds like bad hardware to me16:53
leftyfbBSOD's on another OS, applications crashing, filesystem going read-only. That is a hardware issue16:54
hobdadioria,  https://termbin.com/9pwb816:54
ioriahobdad, again  'locale-gen' and restart lightdm, then we could try with another login_manager16:56
hobdadioria, nope16:58
ioriahobdad, what's your version of lightdm ? 1.30.0-0ubuntu5 ?16:59
hobdadyes, lightdm-gtk-greeter is 2.0.8-2ubuntu117:00
ioriahobdad, cat /etc/pam.d/lightdm  | nc termbin.com 999917:02
hobdadioria,  https://termbin.com/e01j017:03
ioriahobdad, the second-last line (session required   pam_env.so readenv=1 user_readenv=1 envfile=/etc/default/locale) ; comment it and restart17:05
hobdadioria, there's  also lightdm-greeter there with the same line17:09
hobdadshould it be commented out too?17:09
ioriano idea about that, sy17:10
hobdadioria, nope, doesn't help17:13
leftyfbhobdad: I'm curious, why are you running lightdm?17:13
ioriahobdad, lets' change it17:13
hobdadbecause it is light?17:14
ioriaidk, maybe lxdm or something else17:14
hobdadnah, I'm fine with lightdm17:14
leftyfbhobdad: why did you install lightdm when gdm(the default) works fine?17:14
hobdadnot my default17:15
ioriahobdad, would be a test to check if it's a lightdm bug or a misconfiguration17:15
leftyfbhobdad: what flavor of ubuntu are you running?17:15
ioriayes, xubuntu uses lightdm i guess17:15
ioriahobdad, shall we ?17:16
hobdadno, I'll install full xubuntu sometimes later in a VM and check.17:17
leftyfbfull xubuntu? This isn't a standard install of xubuntu?17:17
leftyfbhow so?17:18
ioriahobdad, restore the line in  /etc/pam.d/lightdm  then17:18
hobdadi always install up to the console and then i3 on top with some xubuntu apps17:19
hobdadi only use ubuntu's packaging system17:19
leftyfbhobdad: there's benefits to installing the OS proper. Applications and services that get installed are usually configured properly and ready to go out of the box.17:21
hobdadthere's benefits to use my own desktop - it's always the same and nobody can change a thing17:21
hobdadioria, thanks for help17:31
ioriano prob17:39
akiki have 0080 (macos) and 0000 (ubuntu) defined for boot efi boot order 0080,000017:43
akikthis get always changed to 0000,0080 when i restart the system from ubuntu. what is doing it?17:44
EriC^akik: the uefi, try changing the order from within it17:44
akikEriC^: i used efibootmgr17:45
EriC^akik: try the actual uefi/bios17:45
EriC^which make is it? acer by any chance?17:45
akikEriC^: this is an imac i haven't seen an uefi/bios17:45
EriC^akik: ah17:46
akiki'll test again. i have it now as 0080,000017:46
EriC^whats the file of 0080 anyways? in -v17:47
akikonce again it gets changed to 0000,0800 and i get grub17:49
akikEriC^: this is 0080: Boot0080* PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0,0,0)/HD(1,GPT,00004a55-5b0c-0000-034e-0000fe360000,0x28,0x64000)/File(\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi)17:49
akikafter boot: BootOrder: 0000,008017:49
EriC^akik: aha and 0000 is the /system/library/coreservices/..?17:50
akikEriC^: 0000 is ubuntu: Boot0000* ubuntulog HD(1,GPT,00004a55-5b0c-0000-034e-0000fe360000,0x28,0x64000)/File(\EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi)17:50
akikdunno where that log came from17:50
EriC^try deleting it?17:51
akikEriC^: deleting what?17:51
EriC^efibootmgr -B -b 000017:51
EriC^deleting the entry17:51
akikwell then i can't boot anything17:51
akikubuntu changes the order to 0000,008017:52
EriC^shouldnt 0080 then be first17:52
EriC^try to delete it and see if 0080 sticks as first17:53
akiki set it as 0080,0000 and after a restart from ubuntu it's 0000,008017:53
akikit's not a bad choice after all. ubuntu mate works fine on this machine but i'd like to access macos now17:55
EriC^aha, by default ubuntu doesnt switch any entries and whatnot, unless you installed something that's doing that, and i doubt17:57
EriC^it's probably the uefi having some issue, maybe its set to readonly mode or i dunno17:58
akikthis is a brand new mate installation with no customizations17:58
EriC^akik: you're welcome to test it from a live usb if you want17:59
EriC^use efibootmgr from there and restart and see17:59
akikbut isn't there the same services in the live session?18:00
EriC^no services do that18:01
EriC^if you really want you could run efibootmgr -o , then after a bit run it efibootmgr -v to confirm its still changed, then insta-reboot from the power button or so18:03
EriC^but its getting bit ridiculous18:03
akiki doubt apple hardware would change it from macos to ubuntu :)18:03
EriC^yeah, not really a feature they have :D18:05
EriC^anyways try it out and let me know18:05
akiki'll try efibootmgr -o 0080,0000 and reboot -f -f after that in the live session18:07
akikstill boots ubuntu18:09
akikhijack completed18:09
EriC^hotel california18:10
EriC^if you want as a workaround maybe you can switch the files they use temporarily18:10
akikin the esp?18:10
EriC^is there no bios thing in macos at all?18:11
akiki don't know18:11
rfmapple hardware has only uefi (and it's a slightly mutated version, I hear.)18:12
akiki switched the files. ubuntu is still booting18:13
akiki'll reinstall macos18:13
EriC^you copied /boot/efi/bootx64.efi to shimx64.efi ?18:13
EriC^er, /boot/efi/efi/boot/bootx64.efi18:14
akiki switched the two files together18:15
EriC^akik: could you share "ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 9999" ?18:15
akikit's too late now18:16
EriC^why, there actually might be a system/library/coreservices stuff and others that are useful18:16
akiki'm pissed off that this thing does something i can't understand18:16
EriC^uefi is like that, very normal18:17
akiki'll chat again in an hour18:17
akikmacos installer is running now18:17
akiki think i previously installed refind from macos to fix this problem18:23
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* leftyfb sigh18:41
leftyfbakik: flatpak will work just fine once you install the flatpak page18:41
leftyfbevery article has got it wrong18:41
leftyfbthey are only removing the flatpak package from the list of packages being installed on a fresh default install of ubuntu18:42
akikfrom all flavors18:42
leftyfbif you need to run flatpak packages, just: sudo apt install flatpak18:42
ioriaindeed, i was  surprised by this : https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/12/xubuntu-23-04-adds-pipewire-flatpak-to-default-install18:46
akikthat won't happen now, i guess18:47
iorialet's see18:48
ioriasometimes it snows in Hollywood18:49
ax562ioria It's snowing in Hollywood?18:50
ax562oh wow, it does snow sometimes in Southern CA.  I'm in LA. I remember it snowing here in the mid 90's.18:52
ioriaright ,'8918:53
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Commit 0416dac in ~xubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/xubuntu "Remove flatpak integration HEAD lunar"18:55
ioriaah, nice find18:56
leftyfb2 packages18:56
leftyfbjust install them if you need them18:56
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ShaedSi have openvpn installed and running but no traffic is showing19:05
ShaedShow do I get this thing going w/ verbose so i can see whats' breaking?19:05
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akikEriC^: now macos is booting again by default19:10
EriC^akik: nice, refind fixed it?19:11
akikno i reinstalled macos19:11
EriC^oh ok19:11
akikmaybe i should try installing refind now19:12
esvShaedS, did you fix your vpn yet?19:32
ShaedSstill struggling to get logging to give verbose19:38
esvis the vpn up and running ?19:38
ShaedSi changed from 3 to 6 and restarted my vpnserver19:38
ShaedSbut nothing is coming to the console19:39
ShaedSyes and i'm connected but no traffic is going through19:39
esvI used journalctl -f to debug my setup, but it was to troubleshoot the vpn setup.19:39
ShaedSi found one thing that said adding "compress" to the client .ovpn file would fix it19:39
esvyou might need tcpdump to see the traffic19:40
ShaedSsince i'm not conc erned about 'privacy' so much as i am concerned about myc arreir sending me tcp reset packets if thye see my stream is 720p, i can deal with that extra loss of privacy if it works19:40
ShaedSi'm tcpdumping rn19:40
ShaedSthere's a lto of traffic coming ont the screen19:40
esvon the right interface?19:41
ShaedSuh i'm not sure19:41
ShaedShmmm adding compress i think did somethign to fix it19:42
ShaedSbut it's weird cause like the pages take fooorever to load19:42
ShaedSspeedtest just gave me 9.1 and then 17.1 for my upload19:42
ShaedSwhich is like, way better than any of the norvpn stuff which is always congested when i need to stream (espe cially lately) causing my stream to drop and make it unwatchable19:42
ShaedSi'mnto sure i can call this 'working yet19:44
ShaedSesv anythign is hould try?19:44
esvwell, tcpdump should print the interface traffic is coming from, also you can limit it with the -i flag19:45
esvnot sure if you're having MTU issues.19:45
ShaedStcpdump is giving me lots of info yes19:46
esvhow's your cpu/mem utilization19:46
ShaedShow do i check19:46
esvfeel free to ignore me, I just spent 3 or 4 days trying to setup a VPN, all because I didn't realize I had to click on "Algorithms" to configure additional algorithm proposal to my VPN settings.19:51
oerheksglad you found it, esv19:52
ShaedSesv: there it is19:52
esvdoesn't look like a cpu issue, ...20:01
akikEriC^: i got the boot working with refind installed via macos20:02
akikEriC^: had to run "csrutil disable" in some macos recovery mode20:02
akikDisabling and Enabling System Integrity Protection20:03
ShaedSwhat else can it be?20:13
oerheksShaedS, with unclear network issues, try to reset your router/modem?20:14
jebladTrying to install another kernel , but it seems like they all fail somewhat silently. The boot process gets stuck with no error message. I wonder whether it is the mainboard that only use UEFI, and thus the kernels fail  because they are unsigned. Anyone that knows how to debug the situation?20:16
oerheksjeblad, our kernels are signed, where do you get yours from?20:17
oerheksthere is !mainline, builds for testing20:17
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds20:17
jebladThe installation is done with the "mainline" gui app. Reason for testing other kernels is that the mainboard is rather new and has a custom i2c, and current kernel fail to read out the sensors.20:18
EriC^jeblad: you could try to disable secure boot to see if that's the case i think20:18
jebladEriC^: Yes, it was my idea too, but it seems like I can't disable secure boot. I haven't seen that before, so could be I missed something. It has some kind of lax secure booting and a strict one.20:21
ShaedSoerheks: it's a linode20:22
oerheksMaybe an idea to contact them?20:24
ShaedSi'm not paying for a vpn through linode i'm hosting my own server running it on my machine for not a monthly fee20:24
EriC^jeblad: sometimes setting the bios admin password gives more settings, acer is known for that20:27
jebladEriC^: I wonder whether it could be the NVIDIA driver that hangs, …  reading the page oerheks made ubottu link to. And yes oerheks, it is the repo I'm using.20:35
EriC^jeblad: anything in /var/log/syslog ?20:38
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OrcD3viltrying to make a clamav cron job, if I put a bash script in /etc/cron.daily and chmod +x will it auto run daily or do I ahve to use the crontab command to add it?20:50
leftyfbOrcD3vil: just install clamav-daemo20:52
OrcD3vilI have it install20:52
leftyfbOrcD3vil: that should supply you with a proper systemd service file20:52
leftyfbOrcD3vil: sudo systemctl start clamav-daemon20:52
OrcD3villeftyfb what i'm trying to do is exlude /storage from running daily and only scan it weekly20:53
OrcD3vilsince its my file server with 16TB I figure that might be a little much wear/tear for all the movies/tv shows/etc ?20:53
OrcD3vilso I was reading a article to make a file and do clamscan -r --exclude, and another was saying to place the file in the cron.daily folder.  What would be the best way20:54
leftyfbOrcD3vil: https://omarine.org/blog/using-systemd-timer/20:54
OrcD3vilthnx will look at it20:55
jebladThe problem wasn't the kernel, but the NVIDIA driver. Changed to Xorg and it started the boot process, but then it ran into problems due to ZFS filesystem. That is the zfs-dkms problem.21:19
jebladPerhaps I'll install 23.04 on another disk to check whether the sensors work as expec ted.21:21
ShaedShttps://pastebin.com/kjqt8PnP how do ia dd the rout for openvpn21:21
jebladThanks to  EriC^, oerheks, and ubottu!21:23
leftyfbjeblad: 23.04 won't be released or supported for another 1.5 months21:23
jebladI know.21:24
leftyfb!mainline | jeblad you could try the mainline kernels21:24
ubottujeblad you could try the mainline kernels: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds21:24
leftyfb^^ that's really the only different you're going to see with 23.04 as opposed to what you're running now and the issues you're seeing21:24
jebladleftyfb: Scroll back.21:25
OrcD3villefty using that systemd article you gave me, does it create a logfile and if so where?21:28
OrcD3villefty found it journalctl -u systemd.name21:36
lodprodigyhow r u all22:11
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krytariklodprodigy: If you are looking for casual non-support chat, there is #ubuntu-offtopic22:21
howudodatI mount a smb drive in the .profile using gio mount smb:// Nautilus shows it nicely in the left panel, however some applications in their file dialogs dont.  Is there a way I can make a nice shortcut on their desktop for the mount?22:32
howudodatthis is for a server running xRDP22:33
howudodatok, I can add this to .profile ==>  ln -s /run/user/$UID/gvfs/smb-share\:server\=\,share\=binarydata/ ~/Desktop/BinaryData22:38
_schism_Good evening all22:39
_schism_Need a bit of help because I am stuck on stupid. I have been trying to create a live usb to auto install ubuntu on a machine with no monitor. I can't get it to work.  Anyone know of an iso I can get to do it?22:40
leftyfbhowudodat: https://rayagainstthemachine.net/linux%20administration/systemd-automount/22:41
leftyfb_schism_: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall22:42
_schism_thanks @leftyfb I have been following that guide for the last couple of hours and keep coming up full of fail......22:43
leftyfb_schism_: you're going to need to provide more context, error messages(using pastebin) and or logs than that22:43
leftyfb(or screenshots)22:44
_schism_@leftyfb Sorry should have explained better, my aplogies. I can create it however the machine never seems to boot into anything. Can't ssh into it or even get an ssh login prompt. I was hoping someone had an iso they knew was good to see just exactly how full of fail I am.22:45
leftyfb_schism_: you really need to get a screen or some other out of band solution (idrac, ilo, ipmi, etc) on it do to any troubleshooting.22:46
leftyfb_schism_: we have no way of knowing what your computer is or isn't doing. It might not even be POST'ing for all we know22:47
_schism_@leftyfb Yeah I know.  Stupid blade and the rs232 port on it is busted so I can't use a local terminal.  If I put the old windoze drive back in it it will boot and I can get into it. I know the drive I am using is good because I can use it on this machine.  I can't do things the easy way, wouldn't be any fun.22:48
leftyfb_schism_: good luck. Let us know when you get to the part where you are running ubuntu and need help22:49
_schism_@leftfb Will do. I appreciate the link.22:50
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_schism_@leftyfb I found this and am going to give it a shot  https://fai-project.org/23:05
meingtslaIs there a known issue with the torrents for 22.04.2? I'm getting "Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker." for the torrents for ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso and ubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.23:07
rfmmeingtsla, it still seems to be working fine in my transmission server (but I added the .torrent yesterday and perhaps it's gotten damaged since, but seems unlikely23:13
jhutchinsmeingtsla: What tracker are you using?  You're not on TOR are you?23:16
meingtslaNo to Tor.  https://torrent.ubuntu.com/announce, https://ipv6.torrent.ubuntu.com/announce23:17
meingtslaCuriously there are no 22.04.2 torrents listed at https://torrent.ubuntu.com/tracker_index, only 22.04.123:25
ravagehttps://releases.ubuntu.com/22.04/ubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent works fine here23:34
cobraerikoIs there any reason I can't simply rsync all my ssh keys from old drive (that had Ubuntu installed) to my new drive (that has Ubuntu installed) so that after then all the old key would work on my new drive? (I would do rsync -axHAWXS)23:36
cobraeriko(this is the command I would use to copy the keys rsync -axHAWXS /media/erik/079cc3b2-01dc-4ca1-8377-64dae9679a3b/home/erik/.ssh/ ~/.ssh)23:40
ravageall you really need is rsync -av23:40
ravageif the user ids are the same it should just work23:41
cobraerikoravage: ok thanks a lot23:41
leftyfbcobraeriko: to be clear, the user id's are to match up the permissions rsync will assign to the copies. ssh keys don't care about users23:44
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cobraerikoleftyfb: Sorry, a little confused. Are you saying the permissions assigned the keys on the old drive might not necessarily match those assigned the user who owns the copies on the new drive, so I need to make sure the copied keys have the right permissions afforded the user who owns them on the new drive?23:54
leftyfbcodedmart: the permissions will be the same, the ownership will be different if your UID's for the users don't match. You'll just have to update those on the destination after. Again, this has nothing to do with ssh key, just file permissions in general23:55

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