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IrcsomeBot<Omar> What would happen if i disable legacy option roms in my bios?05:36
arraybolt3@Omar: Depends on what option roms you have in your system and what they do.05:53
arraybolt3I don't know enough to be of much help here, but I would highly recommend **not** turning them off lest you break things.05:53
arraybolt3Generally speaking, changing BIOS options without knowing what they do is a very very bad idea.05:54
IrcsomeBot<Omar> The secure boot was off and i could not turn it on unless i disable legacy option roms06:46
arraybolt3@Omar: Weird. Wish I could have more input, but I don't rightly know what an option rom even is so :shrug:07:04
arraybolt3I could look it up but that's something you could probably do just as easily and get a faster answer that way :P07:05
IrcsomeBot<Omar> It's ok thank you any way (re @IrcsomeBot: <arraybolt3> @Omar: Weird. Wish I could have more input, but I don't rightly know what an option rom even is so 🤷)07:15
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I will 😂 (re @IrcsomeBot: <arraybolt3> I could look it up but that's something you could probably do just as easily and get a faster answer that way :P)07:15
alkisgOmar, recent BIOSes support two methods for booting, UEFI and "old Legacy / CSM". If your disks AND all your live CDs/USB sticks support UEFI, then you can disable the legacy option without any downside07:34
alkisgAll recent distributions and usb sticks should support UEFI, and many of them (but not all) also support secure boot07:35
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Ok thank you so much08:30
user|77è possibile installare raid durante l'installazione?10:07
IrcsomeBot<Omar> My system won't boot just stuck in this loop : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/59d4d902/file_63786.jpg10:59
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I disabled the secure boot and it worked11:05
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Any idea why?11:05
BluesKajHi all13:33
mparilloIf disabling secure boot was the only change you made, that surprises me. One of the benefits of using the *buntus is easy support for secure boot.14:29
user|73what kind of paket manager does kubuntu have?14:52
Burbonsois mierda16:02
Burbonestais secas16:02
Burbonno jodais con burbon16:02
mparilloKubuntu, like all the *buntus uses apt. There is a more complicated answer, but I doubt you need it now.17:44
user|76i can'at find usb-imagewriter in terminal, or any of the software centers... do you recommend any of them?21:52
ElliriaSomeone in the #ubuntu channel might know, user|76.22:08
mparilloThey keep changing image writers, and I now just use dd22:10
ElliriaThat seems to be a popular way of doing it. Here's a post from three months ago: https://askubuntu.com/questions/372607/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive-from-terminal22:18
user|76i am coming from linux mint22:26
user|76there they had a an old program called usb-imagewriter and usb-image formatter22:26
user|76simple but powerful tools22:26
user|76i will try out the etcher i have tried to use that in the past and it has failed but it was on an older device22:26
user|76how do you create the etcher file to go on your taskbar ?22:27
user|76so i put it currently in my downloads section. why is it some strange file where it is not a program?22:32
user|76thus everytime i want to use etcher i have to go to the location within my file system to search for it22:32
user|76so its an executable app image to then take another image and put to a usb.22:34
user|76i thought kubuntu has a native one i am guessing not really22:34
ElliriaI don't see either of those in the repositories.22:42
ElliriaRight-click on the desktop or in a directory in Dolphin, choose "Create New", and I think it's "Link to Application" that you'd want. It might be the file one.22:43
ElliriaThat creates a shortcut and you drag it onto the bar.22:43
ElliriaI don't see etcher in the repositories, either.22:44
ElliriaAh, you mean you downloaded a program and unzipped it somewhere on your computer?22:45
user|76yea its just a strange type of file so in order for me to use i have to save to a folder on my file system. then i have to go to the file each time and then select execute22:49
ElliriaYou can create a shortcut the way I described above and then drag that onto the taskbar.22:52
ElliriaOr right-click the K menu and choose "Edit Applications..." and then pick a category and right-click it and choose "New Item>..." and add the path to it there.22:54
user|76when i downloaded etcher it came into that format i think22:56
ElliriaI don't know. I don't do that. If something isn't in the repositories, I don't use it. But I've created scripts before and made shortcuts to them with that method above.22:57
user|76yes i was able to drag it  into the task bar its a very small icon for some reason compared to the rest. however the file is also on my desktop thus i can't get rid of that now otherwise the link will be destroyed i tried that already should i use it from another folder i think that would work22:58
user|76here is the website i was looking to grab the original usb-image writer program but when i downloaded it is in a tar format22:58
user|76so when i tried to extract more files show up22:58
ElliriaIs it in Jammy?22:59
user|76when i try to see anything that says install theres one file when i try to open or extract that it goes to the portal and asks me what i want to open with and its blank22:59
ElliriaWhat kind of file is it?23:00
ElliriaThat package is not available in Jammy. This is what I get when I do a dpkg -s usb-imagewriter command: dpkg-query: package 'usb-imagewriter' is not installed and no information is available23:01
ElliriaI think it's outdated software. The folks in the #ubuntu channel might know of something more recent that's available in the repositories, in which case it would install itself and be available for your taskbar automatically.23:05
ElliriaI've got to go eat dinner. Good luck!23:05
arraybolt3user|76: sudo apt install usb-creator-kde23:07
arraybolt3I think that's the Startup Disk Creator that Kubuntu shoul dhave.23:08
user|76ok good thing is it recognized a usb i inserted its a large screen even though your just take an image and writing to a format a usb needs23:10
user|76balena is more user friendly... i will test that out I have bad experience with that program.23:14
user|76how do you change the icons on the task bar on the right side they seemed to be fixed at a certain size for eternity23:24
user|76i was able to change the visual look of the icon took a bit of steps to do so23:32
user|76whats a good diagnostic tool to look at your system as a whole23:40
user|76temps, battery, drives etc23:40
mmikowskiuser|76 have you tried to change the panel size? The icons should scale with its size.23:43
user|76let me try that23:45
user|76ok are they separated ? cause the left side is still much bigger than the right side23:47
mmikowskiuser|76: I assume "taskbar" = "task manger". I use the icons-only task manger. This scales icons as the panel size changes, as do other widgets like the kickoff ("Start Menu") or pinned icons. What does not scale in the same way is the system tray where multiple rows or columns will appear as more space is available.23:54
mmikowskiThis is plasma 5.18+ IME.23:54
user|76what are the official names for the types of levels of icons?23:57
user|76meaning when you go to configure icons there are like 6 different levels23:58
mmikowskiYou mean sizes?23:58
mmikowskiThe key is to use the vector icons.23:58
user|761. Toolbar23:59
user|762. main toolbar23:59
user|763. small icons23:59
user|764. panel23:59
user|765. dialogue23:59
mmikowskiHmmm, is that from System Settings?23:59
user|76i have tried to change a few of these and for some reason i can't find what i want to change.On the bottom of the screen i have a bunch of icons on the left separated by space then icons on the right23:59
user|76the ones on the right are ok sized. the ones on the left are way to big23:59

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