cobraerikoleftyfb: ok, I get it. Thankfully the UID's for the users do match. It worked. Thanks00:00
meingtslaravage: Thanks for confirming the torrent file to use, though I'm still encountering the same error.00:08
natewrenchhttps://youtu.be/xjIGUo6Eiag its sad i use ubuntu yet its still looked down upon00:12
marcopolo1_ I installed some windows cursor on gnome tweaks and now nothing on my pc is responding00:29
marcopolo1_Terminal wont open files wont open00:29
marcopolo1_Reboot doesnt fix it00:29
rboxso delete whatever files you added00:30
rboxboot a live image00:32
rboxor boot into rescue mode00:32
marcopolo1_Is rescue mode in grub00:33
akikEriC^: installing macos security updates resets the uefi boot order back to macos but i can live with that :)00:38
akikEriC^: woah00:45
akikEriC^: refind puts itself as 0080 in uefi boot order00:46
akikBoot0080* Mac OS Xard HD(1,GPT,00004a55-5b0c-0000-034e-0000fe360000,0x28,0x64000)/File(\EFI\refind\refind_x64.efi)00:46
EriC^so it was the culprit?00:46
akiki don't know what's the issue00:47
akikwhen it wasn't working, i didn't have it yet installed00:47
akikor maybe it was that i hadn't set the csrutil disable yet00:48
akikapple.stackexchange.com title is "ask different" :)00:50
EriC^heh :D00:53
meingtslaI enabled DHT in my torrent client, so we'll see if that allows me to seed the torrents...00:54
AnnoyedGreetings. Ubuntu server MOTD has been suggesting their pro service as of late. Anyone have any feedfack regarding that? Also, can you remove it if Ubuntu does something nasty in the future, like wanting to charge for it?01:26
AnnoyedFor server 22.04.2, ubuntu has been promoting their extended support program, 'ubuntu pro" for a while now. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback about it01:31
mybalzitchI got my free account, registered my machine, and I no longer see the nag screen01:40
akikdo you control the computer or does it control you?01:40
AnnoyedI don't care about the nag screen; this is an important machine in my home. Just wondering if there are any major headaches with it01:43
mybalzitchif you want an extended period of updates for the 22.04 release, then you might want to get a free sub if the machine is used for non-commercial purposes01:44
AnnoyedAnd control is shared. Damned thing needed two hours of nursing after a power failure Friday. It's on a UPS, so proper shutdown, but getting everything in the house working right again was a P.I.T.A.01:45
mybalzitchits likely not going to get any more broken w/ the updates enabled01:45
AnnoyedOh, it's a non-commercial use.. It's my head end/router/file server/media server box. Basically everything in the house uses it01:46
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Bashing-omannexseven: May I direct your attention to https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-pro-faq/34042 - for the full skinny :D01:59
Bashing-omannexseven: Opps - bad hilight - OP left :(02:00
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veronica_rojasalguien para hablar de sexo?02:50
wwwww@mods ^^02:51
cobraerikoI am trying to get my host machine to ping my ubuntu server VM, for which I set a static IP address. My host machine has network interface enp0s25. Do I need to use this same network interface, enp0s25, in /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml of the guest machine for my guest machine to be able to ping? (I am a bit new to networking)03:03
wwwwwcobraeriko: you might try ##networking03:03
wwwwwsorry #networking03:04
cobraerikowwwww: will do thanks03:04
arraybolt3wwwww: "!ops" is probably the command you were looking for, in the event you're around when something like that happens next.03:11
wwwwwarraybolt3: got it thanks03:11
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jhutchinswwwww: It's not really an offense for someone to ask somthing like that - once.03:55
jhutchinsPolietely clarify the purpose of this channel, and if they don't vanish, then you can call the ops.03:55
jhutchinsActually, it's a pretty safe bet they have no interest in Ubuntu problems.03:56
wwwwwjhutchins: i see03:56
wwwwwjhutchins: yeah that was my thought03:56
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JohnbloodI need some help with my wifi06:14
JohnbloodI'm connected to my wifi, but there is not internet. Also the status bar shows an ethernet logo instead of a wigi logo.06:24
Peppi^does anyone know anything about controlling fans?06:35
Peppi^Like if you are using a PWM fan can the OS turn on / off the fan not only based on the cpu but also on the temperature of the hard drives?06:36
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Baphomet_what is up my fellow nerds09:06
confuseusHello Dunning-Kruger.09:09
downeastBaphomet_: hello :)09:18
petaflothello!I'm wondering how can I fix the "Error loading new keyboard definition" when running `setxkbmap fr_CH-latin1`09:37
ShaedSwhat are some network diagnostic thjings i can do for this vpn problem09:38
ShaedSclient is connecgted but no traffic is going across09:38
Baphomet_anyone got some interesting irc channels to reccomend?09:43
lotuspsychje!alis | Baphomet_09:43
ubottuBaphomet_: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»09:43
Baphomet_bro tried to take my alias lol09:44
WilhelmIIofftopic question: is firefox support available anywhere other than discord10:47
lotuspsychjeWilhelmII: there's a #firefox channel on libera10:48
WilhelmIIits basically dead10:48
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lotuspsychjeWilhelmII: and if you encounter bugs on firefox snaps, you might wanna look upstream10:48
lotuspsychjeWilhelmII: contact:   https://support.mozilla.org/kb/file-bug-report-or-feature-request-mozilla10:49
WilhelmIIthe bug really probably is Google's but sadly firefox might need to work around it10:49
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route-beehey guys and gals... can any of you tell me how to get around this problem... https://askubuntu.com/questions/1456783/i-want-to-share-virtualbox-v7-0-6-vms-between-users-on-ubuntu-22-04-lts-but-the12:33
BluesKajHi all13:33
akikwhere do i change the window titlebar colors so that the active window titlebar would be blue? (ubuntu 22.10 with gnome)13:50
akiknow they are all grey13:50
akikexcept terminal is dark grey13:51
jimhi, what's the name of the app that shows the DSP connections? (maybe in jack?)14:05
ioriajim, have you tried pulseaudio-utils ?14:09
jimI'm looking at dpkg -L pulseaudio-utils14:11
ioria  jim /usr/bin/padsp maybe or another pkg , like oss4-base14:13
jimI didn't find anything that displays the connections14:13
jimlooks like padsp does something else, starts a program and connects it14:13
akikjim: do you mean like jack connections?14:14
ioriaoss4-gtk ?14:14
jimI'll look at oss4-gtk in a moment14:14
jimakik, is there something that displays jack connections? I remember a black rectangular window14:15
akikjim: catia14:15
jimdo I have that14:16
akikjim: there's also two other apps for pipewire mentioned here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/PipeWire14:16
akikcatia is good14:16
jimon the arch wiki?14:16
jimcatia is part of cadence14:17
jimand yes it is good... I built a package of it (and the other pieces of cadence)14:17
jimbut watch out for the cadence packages, the guy wasn't careful about the depends, and I ended up having to reinstall the entire os14:18
akiki think i used the kxstudio repository for them14:19
jimI think the guy's name is falktx14:20
akikhe's on #kxstudio and #ardour14:20
jimgood programmer, but can't be convinced the deps are important14:21
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Guest56HI all, quick help please, my appImage applicattions have stopped working suddenly on 22.04 eg. Evernote - running one day, not running the next... no errors, no nothing, just doesn't run14:57
Guest56I have the fuse libreary installed, the properties on the appImage right but just don't run - any help appreciated14:57
Jeremy31Guest56: Try running the appimage from terminal14:58
Guest56Jeremy31any specific command to run an appImage14:58
Guest56 ?Jeremy31any specific command to run an appImage14:58
Guest56Jeremy31any specific command to run an appImage... ?14:58
Guest56hey finally some error messages :-)  Thanks Jeremy3115:00
Guest56I got the following:15:00
Guest56Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland to run on Wayland anyway.15:00
Guest56qt.qpa.plugin: Could not find the Qt platform plugin "wayland" in ""15:00
Guest56This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.15:00
sinvetwhat does it mean when ubuntu apt upgrade says that some packages are kept back ? I dont remember seeing such things in the older days16:13
leftyfb!phasedupdates | sinvet16:14
ubottusinvet: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.16:14
sinvetleftyfb, cool way to answer, thanks16:17
flataerthdoes anyone if there's a channell about bmws or kar help?16:39
flataerthi'm locked out of my kar without the battery on lol16:40
flataerthnever happened before16:40
flataerthso i can't get into anything16:40
lotuspsychje!alis | flataerth16:40
ubottuflataerth: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»16:40
flataerthi understand but was wondering if anyone here had this happen to them16:40
lotuspsychjethis is ubuntu support flataerth16:40
leftyfbflataerth: completely offtopic. Feel free to ask in another, more relevant channel. You could even try #libera for opinions on channels16:41
leftyfbflataerth: good luck16:41
flataerthso yur not allowed to help anyone here off topic?  against rulez? lol16:42
flataerthok thanks16:42
ShaedSfirst install ubntu onto your beramer16:52
ShaedSthere was a car audio channerl but there as only like 5 ppl in it ever16:52
ravagelets not ShaedS ...16:52
flataerthanyone know how to change my font kolor?17:13
Menzadorflataerth: Your scope is too broad. Define your context17:21
flataerthmy font kolor here whey i type17:22
flataerthit's always showign block?17:22
MenzadorDepends on your client17:22
MenzadorAdditionally some channels have colors disabled (+c)17:23
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jhutchinsflataerth: You appear to be using xchat.  This might interest you: http://xchat.org/themes.html17:42
spinullI have a situation where when i activate a VPN from my provider, my system becomes unresponsive for about 10-15 seconds, periodically.17:50
spinullOther VPNs don't cause the issue, and to be clear, its nothing to do with connectivity/speed17:50
spinullI don't see anything in syslog to indicate why its happening, except that when the system becomes unresponsive, i see a "systemd[1]: Starting Hostname Service..." message, but that also shows up when connecting another vpn that doesn't cause the issue17:54
ni638629How do I boot Linux from a specific partition on grub menu or boot option? Because Linux is no longer booting from specific partition on grub 2?17:58
ni638629why is nobody talking?17:59
matsamanno longer after what?17:59
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LadyLethalI'm so horni today my püssy is so wet18:00
matsamanhi lady18:00
matsamanoh, neat18:00
ShaedSlol you in the wrong place18:00
ni638629no longer after messing up something with boot loader18:00
ShaedSreminds me pof that meme with the horny bombshell and the too nerdy guy to make a move18:01
LadyLethalmoonmoon your mom is retard18:01
ni638629can anyone help me with fixing my boots loader18:01
alkisgni638629: describe the problem in more detail, and wait for answers18:02
Jeremy31!bootrepair | ni63862918:02
ubottuni638629: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.18:02
iconoclastherohow do i disable the ESM messages on terminal login?18:10
iconoclastherosudo ua disable-esm does not work as the man page suggests it should.18:10
iconoclasthero9 additional security updates can be applied with ESM Apps.18:10
iconoclastheroLearn more about enabling ESM Apps service at https://ubuntu.com/esm18:10
matsamanswitching to Debian would probably be the easiest route18:11
iconoclastheroare you fucking serious?18:11
matsamaneasier than dealing with the next Canonical thing you don't like, yeah18:11
matsamanthey're not going to stop18:11
spinullua disable-esm18:12
matsamaniconoclasthero: how doesn't it work, though?18:13
iconoclastherospinull that doesn't work18:14
spinullsudo snap stop --disable canonical-livepatch18:14
iconoclastheroi'm not changing distributions, that's just stupid18:14
matsamansnap, heheheh18:14
iconoclastheroerror: snap "canonical-livepatch" not found18:14
matsamaniconoclasthero: if you think about all the Canonical things that bother you, I'm not sure it is18:15
matsamanespecially since without those things, Ubuntu _is_ Debian18:15
spinullsudo ua disable livepatch18:15
iconoclastherothere's clearly a bug in ua/pro18:15
ravageiconoclasthero: sudo rm -f /etc/update-motd.d/88-esm-announce; sudo pro config set apt_news=false18:15
iconoclastheroravage, no18:16
ravagethen you dont have a default ubuntu install at all18:17
arraybolt3Sheesh, what happened here?18:17
arraybolt3The "ua" command changed name to "pro".18:17
spinullua still works though18:17
ravageiconoclasthero: also what does "no" mean?18:18
spinullit means, just no18:18
spinullhes not trying to silence ESM, he said he wants it disabled18:18
spinullremoving the MOTD and turning off news doesn't do what he asked18:18
ravageit will remove the apt news part18:19
arraybolt3spinull: I thought he said he wanted to remove the ESM messages. Which removing the MOTD message about ESM will do.18:19
spinullmaybe he did18:19
iconoclasthero@ravage, no that command to modify /etc/update-motd did not fix it18:19
iconoclastheroI followed solution one at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1453749/inhibit-esm-messages-at-login and forced the motd to rebuild18:20
iconoclastherothat worked18:20
iconoclastherowhy ua/pro didn't is a question f/the developers since i get an error with sudo ua disable esm18:20
iconoclastherounless that isn't what ua actually dies18:21
ravagethe disable command does not turn off any notifications18:21
iconoclastheroi'm coming to realize that18:21
iconoclastherostill, why is this the error message:18:22
iconoclasthero$ sudo ua disable esm18:22
iconoclastheroCannot disable unknown service 'esm'.18:22
iconoclastheroif man ua states specifically, "disable [cc-eal|cis|esm|fips|fips-updates|livepatch|ros|ros-updates]"18:22
spinullpoor coding18:23
iconoclastheroobviously esm is supposed to be a known servicw18:23
ravage"pro status" shows all services18:23
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RythenHello, I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.  Today I just set up a KVM switch to toggle between two different computers (one has windows, one has Ubuntu).  However, when I switch back to my Ubuntu computer the displays keep flashing on and off as if it's trying to detect them or something and this keeps happening indefinitely until I unplug the display cables20:07
Rythenand plug them back in, at which point the displays will work.  However my windows computer detects the displays just fine when I toggle back to Windows.  This makes me think it's an OS type problem in Ubuntu.  Does anyone know what type of things I could check?  I've googled around a bit but not had a lot of luck so far.20:07
RythenAnd when I say flashing I mean the monitors will keep turning off and on as if they keep picking up a signal but then losing it again.  Sometimes a desktop will appear on one of the screens momentarily before it goes away again.20:09
RythenWould this be something my xorg logs would shed light on?20:11
spinullanyone know why enabling a VPN connection that redirects all traffic through the vpn, would cause the system to become unresponsive?20:14
spinullnot a connection problem, vpn works fine, but things like gnome/nautilus become unresponsive until i can kill the vpn20:14
spinulltheres no mounted remote shares, and the issue stops when i don't use the vpn as the gateway20:15
spinullhappens with openvpn, wireguard, open connect, with different servers/configs. ONLY when the vpn is the gateway20:16
mwetteRythen: I thought most all logging now goes to journal, which can be read using journalctl.20:22
Rythenmwette You are likely right... I'm not super experienced at debugging hardware type issues like this20:22
RythenAll I really see in the journalctl logs is messages that look like screens disconnecting and reconnecting but I'm not sure it's telling me much about the cause of that20:25
RythenSeems like updating my intel GPU drivers may have solved the issue20:34
RythenI didn't realize that updates for those had to come from a separate repository and wasn't in the base repo20:34
Rythenso I guess it hadn't been getting updates20:34
mwettegreat.   is 20.04 X11 or Wayland?20:35
Rythenmwette are you asking me?20:39
mwetteRythen: yep20:40
mwettedoes `ps -ef | grep wayland` give anything like gdm-wayland-session20:42
mwetteI'm on 22.10, which is wayland.20:42
RythenNo it doesn't show anything20:42
RythenAlso my xorg.log file has stuff in it, would that be the case if it was wayland?20:43
mwetteThanks. Yes.  I have no xorg.log file.20:43
RythenI wonder if I should upgrade to 22 at some point.  I went with 20.04 cause I use this computer for work and it's LTS.  I'm gunna have to do a reinstall at some point in the next month or 2 though so maybe I should consider upgrading.20:47
jhutchinsRythen: Might as well be solving new problems rather than old ones.20:51
WeeBey98Question: Is it normal that with Wayland, screenshot apps don't work or crash. And Guake also crashes ... And with Vmware or VirtualBox mouse input is erratic?21:03
jhutchinsWeeBey98: Depends on what you mean by "normal".  Wayland is still under development..21:06
Habbiealso, "wayland" is a protocol. Do you mean GNOME in wayland mode?21:10
WeeBey98jhutchins, Hmm. I see ... Ok. I thought it was more mature since it's selected as default, if I'm not mistaken.21:11
mwetteScreenshot has worked for me. (and yes, this is GNOME in wayland mode)  -- using weston implementation?21:12
jhutchinsWeeBey98: Pushing systems as defaults is a great way to get a lot of attention on them.  More bug reports, more people interested in finding and fixing them.21:12
Habbiei've been on gnome wayland on debian for years, with very little trouble21:12
Habbiegnome screenshot app has worked fine for me21:12
Habbieit wouldn't surprise me if some other screenshot apps aren't compatible yet though21:12
jhutchinsHabbie: So you have no knowledge of problems with it, and no ideas how to fix it, right?21:12
Habbieoh i have a small list of problems, but no fixes, no21:13
mwetteI've written a wayland protocol-level (i.e., using sendmsg, recvmsg) client toy.  It has one line of code that instantly crashes my session on 22.10.  On 22.04 it crashed the display manager.21:15
mwettehaha: right21:16
WeeBey98jhutchins, It's interesting because Gtk 42.something (can't remember) had a pretty awful bug when 22.04 shipped. But it was only on X11. So I tried Wayland but I had so many other issues, that I had to live with other bug until a patch came.21:17
WeeBey98and Habbie yes, the default screenshot app works but others don't. What I liked of others is that I could screenshot and I would get a preview and I could drag that to other apps. Or, with Flameshot, I can draw on them, copy to clipboard, then paste somewhere.21:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:35
wandersonfuck you23:38
esv_sorry folks, I know it sounds silly but I just can't get to the download page for the live image for 22.04, pointers would be appreciated23:46
krytarikesv_: https://releases.ubuntu.com/jammy/23:52
=== esv_ is now known as esv
esvguess there is no live desktop :D23:56
esvthanks, the file is on my pc, burning the usb key now23:57
arraybolt3esv: The main installation ISO offers the option of "Try Ubuntu" when you boot it.23:57
arraybolt3So it works as a live ISO too.23:57
krytarikAs says the desciption on that page too.23:58
esvya, I've been trying to get off a pickle, whenever I install ubuntu 20.04 I get a message23:59

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