mparilloI took a crack at changing the code style in Word Press. It looked better when I previewed it, though the second command seemed to wrap without a \ continuation.  Give it a while to propagate.01:04
mparillo"took a crack" = "attempted"01:04
Fallenvalorie: Hey, sorry to request a change to a change. Being on mobile yesterday, I read the section about Canonical yesterday to mean the general decision to go with snaps back in the days (hence the "you've been here longer"). Re-reading this, it will more likely be interpreted as the current process. The TB wasn't involved in this decision. I understood you'd like to keep the Canonical bit, and see this more as consensus-building. A good07:54
Fallenin-between might be the following: "As a result, Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, prefers to support Snaps and debs only upon initial install." ?  Would you be willing to change that in the blog post?07:54
Fallen*and I see this more as consensus-building10:18
valorieperhaps but I have two meetings to conduct today, so perhaps someone else has the time20:07
ahoneybun[m]Do we think it adds a ton? It feels odd changing that after the fact.20:24
FallenCurious to hear what others think, but I feel it is factually more accurate and hence worth doing.20:52
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> With my diehard RFC 2119 hat, -1. We could have all guessed a long time ago what Canonical prefers, the change here is the decision specifically. Additionally, this is enforcement of TB policy, technically speaking. Debs are at the heart of Ubuntu, snaps are canonical to Canonical, Flatpaks have never had such a guarantee22:59
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> That being said, I'm no longer on the KC, just a mere Kubuntu Member ;)23:00

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