BluesKajHi all13:41
ahoneybun[m]mmikowski you seem to have gotten Wi-Fi 6E to work on Linux? Does it actually connect to a 6E router and work?14:28
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dm2912Hello everyone - HFChat and DU are going to make a way for chatters to have a recurring subscription to help support the site. They're looking for incentives that would encourage chatters to subscribe! Send them an email at coffee@healthfulchat.org! It will be launching soon. Ideas submitted before 2/28 will enter you into a raffle to win one free month. The site will still be free.19:36
arraybolt3dm2912: Sorry, but this is considered spam here and is unwelcome.19:37
dm2912arraybolt3: oh my god, that was not meant to happen19:40
dm2912that was posted on a totally different server19:40
arraybolt3lol, I've done similar stuff before. No problem.19:40
dm2912im a mod on a health site and we got asked to do /amsg from time to time. .had no idea it would spam every server i was logged into lol19:43
arraybolt3Pretty sure all of us have made similar boffos. IRC likes making errors easy :P19:46
arraybolt3I haven't managed to accidentally post my password though. Yet.19:46
mmikowskiahoneybun[m]: I haven't tested that. I can ask around.19:50
ahoneybun[m]mmikowski I would test that before releasing it ;)19:51
mmikowskiahoneybun[m]: Are you seeing issue? I don't think my router supports 6E.19:54
ahoneybun[m]The pang12 that we started shipping is rated for Wi-Fi 6 with a 6E card and it sees the networks but it does not connect.19:55
ahoneybun[m]I believe Intel cards (the pang12 has a Mediatek one) should work,19:55
ahoneybun[m]Like the AX211.19:55
mmikowskiWe think we are shipping only intel cards. AX2xx's.19:59
mmikowskiSo we might get lucky there.19:59
mmikowskiHowever, we did find that a power save mode is being set by default on battery, which might cause dropouts.20:00
mmikowskiahoneybun[m]: see /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf20:01
mmikowskiOne customer saw the connection dropping with the default setting. Haven't confirmed that is it yet. But changing it from default along with modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=8 apparently fixed it. We haven't investigated further .20:03
mmikowskiMany others have no problems, so it's just a research ticket for now.20:04
ahoneybun[m]We have steps about that change too: https://support.system76.com/articles/wireless#antenna-aggregation20:08
mmikowskiAh, thanks! That's helpful. I was going to mention the IPv6 disable, but that's already there too :)20:10

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