user|76i want to make the ones on the left smaller00:00
mmikowskiPlease send a link to a screen shot so I can understand.00:00
user|76can we upload direct screenshots?00:01
mmikowskiyou should be able to upload to imgr or similar00:02
mmikowskithen share the link00:02
user|76ahh close enough it put in as 7620 oh well00:07
mmikowskiuser|76: ok, it is clear now00:07
mmikowskithe RH side is the system tray.00:07
user|76ok what about the left side?00:08
mmikowskiThat resizes differently as discussed above - it will add rows or columns to accommodate the widgets00:08
mmikowskiThe LH side are the normal icons.00:09
mmikowskiSo if you narrow the bar, you will reduce the size of those icons.00:09
user|76oh i see its more about the size of the height of that bar00:09
mmikowskiSo just RMB click on the task bar, enter edit mode, then reduce the bar height.00:10
user|76yup i just did that00:10
mmikowskiThe system tray icons should stay the same size, while the LH icons will scale00:10
user|76the icons are very small width wise on the system tray thats prob. why they appear so small00:10
user|76yup is sthere a way to change system tray icons?00:10
mmikowskiRight click on the tray to configure.00:11
mmikowskiYou can play with icon size a bit with the first tab.00:11
mmikowskiThere may  be other ways, but that's all I got for now :)00:12
mmikowskikk, gotta get back to compiling some stuff.00:12
mmikowskiBest of luck to you.00:12
mmikowskiyou're welcome!00:12
user|76i have said before at least people here are nicer and help rapidly00:12
user|76i came from linux mint which boasts how friendly and helpful their people are its the opposite they were rude and after a while they get frustrated if your problem isn't solved00:13
user|76thanks again00:13
mmikowskiYou're welcome. I'm from kfocus.org.00:14
mmikowskiSo we have lots of experience helping people with their systems :)00:14
mmikowskibtw, check out https://kfocus.org/wf - this has a searchable knowledge base specifically for Kubuntu.00:15
user|76ok will do thanks again00:15
mmikowskiLots of helpful articles. Like, if you want to use GPU acceleration in Blender, we give advice on that and tons more.00:15
mmikowskikk, ttyl00:15
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TomyWorkI'm on kubuntu 18.04 (out of support, I know, but I'm working on getting a new machine and I'm going to wipe this one as soon as that is set up with 22.04)04:34
TomyWorkI have a major problem: since the last update, the task bar is missing. the update didnt even have any KDE packages in it: https://gist.github.com/TomyLobo/40c96b5eb9fec913f6cc10b4f163551504:35
arraybolt3TomyWork: Can you right-click on the desktop and see anything that looks like "Add Panel"?04:35
arraybolt3I've never used Kubuntu 18.04 and don't know if that button existed back then but that's how newer versions worked.04:36
TomyWorknope, and it doesnt even have the background image04:36
TomyWorkit's just black04:36
arraybolt3Does Ctrl+Alt+T work to give you a terminal?04:37
arraybolt3If so, try running "plasmashell" and see what happens.04:37
TomyWorkI have a terminal04:37
TomyWorkthrough krunner04:37
arraybolt3Yeah, run "plasmashell" and see if your desktop appears.04:37
arraybolt3If not, you might at least get an error message that way.04:37
TomyWorkthere is a plasmashell running though, since login04:38
TomyWorkshould I try killing that and then running plasmashell on the terminal?04:38
arraybolt3I would.04:38
TomyWorkoh that worked04:39
TomyWorkweird, why isn't it coming up on boot?04:39
TomyWorkon login*04:39
arraybolt3No clue. I see something KDE-releated might have been updated though.04:39
TomyWorkkrb is kerberos04:39
arraybolt3But at any rate, I'd consider this a good indicator that it's Time to Upgrade(TM) :P04:39
arraybolt3Ah. Started with a K, ended with a 5, so it confused me.04:40
TomyWorkdoes plasmashell write any logs anywhere?04:40
TomyWorkwhere does its stdout usually go to?04:40
arraybolt3I don't know, sadly.04:40
TomyWorkI'll just try and relogin, see if that shook things out04:41
TomyWorkyep, now it works, weird. I tried relogin before and it didn't04:43
arraybolt3Weird. Glad it's working though!04:43
TomyWorkthanks for the handholding :D04:44
arraybolt3(btw, 18.04 isn't just out of support in Kubuntu, but it goes out of standard support for all of Ubuntu in a bit more than a month, so it really is a good idea to update very soon before updates stop entirely. Just in case you didn't know already. Glad to be able to help!)04:44
TomyWorkyeah I know04:45
TomyWorkand there's always the archives, in case I miss the "last update"04:45
TomyWorkbut if all goes according to plan, I'll be done with 18.04 by the end of march anyway04:46
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TomyWorkarraybolt3, you know what I just found out: this machine has been running since friday morning. I must have hit the wrong button when shutting it down12:23
TomyWorkthat might have contributed to the issue12:23
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TMartinshello! Does anyone knows if 5.27 is going to be on the backports ppa?13:15
BluesKajHi all13:41
mparilloTMartins: On the first page of results: curl https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports | grep 5.2714:05
ahoneybun[m]<TMartins> "hello! Does anyone knows if 5.27..." <- Not for 22.04 LTS I believe as 5.26 broken upgrades to 22.10 from 22.04.14:07
ahoneybun[m]Hello BluesKaj14:07
TMartinshm, it would appear the upgrade might be broken from 22.10 as well. I can't update plasma-workspace to 5.2714:16
BluesKajhi ahoneybun[m]14:17
TMartinsah, it's some weird conflict with lxqt!14:18
ahoneybun[m]I don't think it's in backports for 22.10 but not sure.14:28
TMartinsno, it actually is, I just installed 5.27 on 22.10... I had to remove lxqt though14:33
TMartinsI wasn't really using it anymore (I installed it for a lighter remote desktop experience), and oh boy, 5.26 on dual screens wasn't fun... :(14:34
ahoneybun[m]I don't think I've had an issue with dual monitors with Plasma or any desktop really.14:35
BluesKajI'm testing Lunar 23.04 and the plasmashell version is 5.26.5... dunno if that qualifies as 5.27.. so trying to a dev version on a stable release seems iffy to me.14:35
ahoneybun[m]Even before 5.27.14:35
TMartinsYeah, well... NVidia user here...  :(14:36
TMartinsI can't really blame plasma for my troubles, but still...14:37
ahoneybun[m]5.26.9 I think would be testing 5.27?14:48
ahoneybun[m]I'm either all Intel or Intel+AMD other then my HP which is Intel+NVIDIA with 4K lol14:48
mparilloI am all intel, except for my macbook pro with intel+AMD, and I have no real issues with multi-monitor with KDE and Wayland. Only minor annoyance is that it seems to me that windows open on random monitors and sometimes maximized, and other times not. I have trouble anticipating what will happen. But for me, that is only a very minor thing.15:02
TMartinsyeah, I'm kinda stuck with NVidia because of my research on CUDA. I can't really say I recommend it.15:45
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IrcsomeBot<Omar> Is it just me or kubuntu 22.04 LTS isn't getting any updates recently17:50
ahoneybun[m]We just pushed out 22.04.2 so there are updates.18:15
Guest6370does anyone know how to instruct kde to start all apps in seperate systemd scopes?18:27
dm2912Hello everyone - HFChat and DU are going to make a way for chatters to have a recurring subscription to help support the site. They're looking for incentives that would encourage chatters to subscribe! Send them an email at coffee@healthfulchat.org! It will be launching soon. Ideas submitted before 2/28 will enter you into a raffle to win one free month. The site will still be free.19:36
arraybolt3dm2912: And crossposting spam is even more unwelcome.19:38
dm2912sorry, that was not meant to be posted here19:40
dm2912im logged into two servers at once, this, and one im a moderator on19:40
dm2912the /amsg was posted on the server im a mod on. I had no idea it would also post here..19:40
dm2912thats not good19:41
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