RAOFI wonder how much of the lomiri in Debian unstable managed to sync through to lunar?04:56
RAOFHuh. Looks like all of it? And once 2.12.1 is uploaded, it might all build, too?05:04
SaviqCool! I did ask for autopkgtests to be restarted, and they were, with all-proposed. Seems to have worked!06:31
RAOFSaviq: Does 2.12.1 require more testing, or just prodding bors to retry the failure?06:40
SaviqThe failure is fedora 35 is it? That's gone from LXD images06:41
SaviqWe felt it's not worth backporting the test changes for that06:42
RAOFBut we *do* want bors to drive the automation, right?06:43
SaviqIt's already in the release PPA, we can merge manually06:44
SaviqI actually need to fix the RC PPA as I've messed it up Friday06:45
RAOFAh, sweet.06:47
RAOFI'll do the Ubuntu release now then.06:47
SaviqAh and yeah, bors should be OK, since that's going to run main's CI, not the branches' (just how the pull_request event passed here: https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2846/checks)07:52
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** bors[bot] merged [pull request #2846](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2846): Release 2.12.108:38
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** bors[bot] merged [pull request #2819](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2819): Replace input::Scene::for_each() with input_surface_at()10:01
alan_g[m]And.. that's enough of today! o/17:40
SaviqSame \o17:40
RAOFSaviq: 23:23
RAOF * Saviq: Oh, by the way - what gpg key is the 2.12.1 tarball signed with?\23:24
RAOF * Saviq: Oh, by the way - what gpg key is the 2.12.1 tarball signed with?23:24
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/wlcs]** wmww opened [pull request #275](https://github.com/MirServer/wlcs/pull/275): XDG stable: use mock methods instead of notification lists23:40
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- 23:40
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- > Simplifies and standardizes how events are handled in XDG types23:40

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