lotuspsychjegood morning03:19
ilviperolotuspsychje: Good morning, how are you today?03:20
lotuspsychjeall good and you ilvipero 03:20
ilviperolotuspsychje: i am on vacation in Bali Island. So I'd say pretty good🤩03:23
lotuspsychjewow yeah coktails & sun right?03:23
lotuspsychjeoh and irc :p03:23
ilviperoOf course i travel with my nerd kit and a luggage with nerdy FOSS stickers!03:25
ilviperolotuspsychje: Actually i am up in the mountains and it's rain season. Not too bad just rains a bit here and there. Clouds protect me from getting an Ubuntu Lobster sunburn😅03:27
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Bashing-omUWN: Issue776 now available to our reading public: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue776 :D21:44
arraybolt3Gah, the bane of slow mode on a Discourse post. I made a mistake in a post in that Flatpak thread and now I can't edit or amend it >_<22:22
sarnoldsurely over the next hour a dozen kind people will point out the mistake22:24
arraybolt3Not allowing rapid-fire posting, I get, but not allowing edits? That seems like a design flaw.22:25
arraybolt3sarnold: lol22:25
arraybolt3sarnold: Possibly. I made an accidental false dilemma to make a point and then wasn't allowed to clarify it :-/22:26
daftykinssounds like your post fell flat, better pak up your tools22:26
arraybolt3Well, my point is still clear enough. And it should be fairly obvious what I was trying to say. It's the trolls and angry people who want to twist what I said that are the problem, but in all likelihood they'd have done that anyway.22:27
arraybolt3I am a bit surprised to see how many people don't know what they're talking about and still want to say that we're wrong...22:30
* daftykins takes in those words for a moment22:31
daftykinswell... it *is* the intertubes22:32
sarnoldno it isn't22:32
* sarnold runs22:32
* arraybolt3 tosses daftykins into /dev/null22:32
* arraybolt3 tosses teward into /dev/null for no particular reason22:32
daftykinsan innocent bystander!?22:33
sarnoldI went from disliking to hating discourse right here: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/phased-updates-in-apt-in-21-04/20345/33?u=sarnold22:33
sarnoldteward knows what he did22:33
* sarnold nods22:33
* teward is not affected22:33
* teward sends arraybolt3 into /dev/banned22:33
* arraybolt3 breaks out of /dev/banned22:33
* teward stabs arraybolt3 with a straw.22:34
arraybolt3sarnold: Ugh, wow that stinks.22:35
tewardsarnold: the hell did i do xD22:35
tewardother than orbital nuke a post right now22:35
tewardand get unrelenting pings for nginx in -server22:35
arraybolt3teward: You were in the channel while chaos was happening, we had to call the Chaos Orb into the mix.22:35
tewardto be fair22:36
arraybolt3And you possess it.22:36
tewardi've been neck deep in jupyterhub in FTJOB tasks so22:36
tewardnot my chaos :)22:36
arraybolt3Yikes, hope things clear up soon!22:36
sarnoldo/~ toooo beeee faaaaaaaaaiiiiiir o/~22:38
arraybolt3Your keyboard has some stuck keys.22:38
* arraybolt3 ducks22:38
arraybolt3OK, I have an OS reinstall to do, so I guess I should start backing up my ISOs and preparing for that.22:40
arraybolt3Ugh, and VMs too. This is gonna be big.22:41
arraybolt3maybe I just chuck all the ISOs and redownload them as needed?22:41
arraybolt3Meh, probably will slow me down too much.22:42
arraybolt3There's really only a couple VMs I need, so I'll delete all the others.22:44
arraybolt3Alright, backup in progress.22:48
arraybolt3Hopefully I'll be doing this distrohop and another one and then settle in for a while.22:48
arraybolt3(Not really a distrohop for the second one, but something similar.)22:50

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