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LopeEickmeyer, can you please elaborate? I've looked at Debian 12 Bookworm, it has LXD...?08:59
LopeEickmeyer, you can see here, LXD was *NOT* removed from Debian. It's there in Debian 12 Bookworm, and also in sid (unstable), which suggests that it's not going anywhere.09:24
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ahasenack_it (lxd) has recent history in debian: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/lxd15:46
ahasenack_indeed I also had a recollection of it not being available in debian before, just lxc15:47
Odd_BlokeYeah, I saw that recently: I'm excited that I might actually be able to use lxd again :p16:12
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effendy[m]lxd can also be a virtual machine manager? I didn't know that.17:25
ahasenack_yes, it can also launch vms, just append --vm to the launch command17:25
ahasenack_everything else works the same, it's quite amazing17:25
ahasenack_network, storage, all the usual lxd/lxc commands17:25
arraybolt3Apparently you can even install Windows 11 inside LXC.18:34
arraybolt3I like LXC, but the syntax is... I mean, I don't particularly like when every argument is positional and things are supposed to read like a sentence. I like switches followed by settings - it's much more readable IMO, and more importantly, much easier to remember.18:35
arraybolt3I can rattle off "qemu-system-x86_64 -cdrom ./OS.iso -boot dc -hda ./hd.qcow2 -enable-kvm -m 2G -smp 4" entirely from memory and have a VM booted in no time.18:36
arraybolt3I look at LXC commands and start feeling like "how will I ever remember this?"18:36
arraybolt3But I'm going off-topic.18:36
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Teridonregarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/1999164/comments/6 -- if I use "refresh-installer" from the stable channel -- will that get the latest cloud-init ?19:07
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 1999164 in cloud-init "when multiple SSH host key certificates are defined, only one HostCertificate is referenced in sshd_config" [High, Fix Released]19:07
Teridonalso:  thank you for fixing this! :) 19:08
effendy[m]arraybolt3: Some things you just don't remember :)19:41
effendy[m]You'll have to do with those which you do remember.19:41
effendy[m]stupid as it may sound :D19:41
effendy[m]And it's obviously more important to understand how it works than remembering syntax.19:42
effendy[m]Now I'm just struggling to get the values (labels, instances etc.) from the query into the contact points go template.19:51
effendy[m]Sorry, wrong channel.19:51
brycehteward, rbasak I worked on the nginx merge a bit last week, and stuck the result in a PPA (https://launchpad.net/~bryce/+archive/ubuntu/nginx-merge-v1.22.1-7)22:35
tewardbryceh: not easy is it with the chaos that -6 and -7 introduces huh :p22:35
brycehteward nope!22:35
brycehteward, rbasak the merge itself was ok (mainly dropping delta) but the trick as you know is the modules22:36
brycehit looks to me like they've successfully been broken out as separate source packages in debian, but those packages never sync'd in to ubuntu?22:36
tewardbryceh: welcome to the world of Hell :P  I"m expecting a significant delta drop though22:36
tewardbryceh: that'd be a thing we have to stab -release on22:36
tewardit MIGHT be stuck in proposed as component mismatch22:37
tewardbut that's something we need to fuix22:37
tewardotherwise we are left with 'nonfunctioning stuff'22:37
brycehthere's launchpad records for the source packages, just no evidence of any publications22:37
brycehteward, most certainly; we wouldn't want to ship this nginx without all the modules since that'd be a huge regression for folks22:37
brycehhowever given we're past FF I'm wondering if it's going to be time-effective to get these sorted out, vs. leaving for next cycle.  What do you think?22:38
tewardbryceh: it might be conflicting on other components because of binaries already produced by src:nginx, not sure if that's what happened but i'll let you handle the chaos/fallout22:38
tewardbryceh: if this were an LTS cycle I"d say devote infinite resources to get nginx working22:38
tewardbut if we just discard the current merge and don't do it for Lunar i'm OK with that22:38
tewardrbasak even suggested skipping this for Lunar cycle and take care of it in M-cycle22:38
brycehalright, yeah that's kind of the decision I'm feeling led to as well22:39
tewardso yeah focus on M-series to resolve the new src package stuff22:39
tewarduntil then i'mma go prod arraybolt3 with a sharpened straw becuase they're irritating me on other things :P22:39
brycehI'll keep that PPA up, the nginx build itself seems fine, just the autopkgtests fail due to the missing modules22:39
brycehkewl, thanks teward22:40

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