vata0[m]i have a question thats more out of curiosity then anything. you cant control monitor brightness from the desktop on a system thats not a laptop correct01:34
arraybolt3[m]vata0: Technically it is sometimes possible to control monitor brightness on a desktop, but it's tricky.01:35
arraybolt3[m]Lemme see if I can find the blog post that describes how...01:35
vata0[m]i dont think ive ever seen an option to do that even in windows unless it was ws laptop but i was curious01:35
arraybolt3[m]vata0: https://pod.haxxors.com/posts/1131210 This is written by a friend of mine, I've not tested it yet but it should work.01:35
vata0[m]thats wild that was wrote 24 days ago01:37
arraybolt3[m]Heh, yeah he only just recently learned about it and shared it with me and some other people.01:37
vata0[m]least im not the only one who had that cross their mind thi01:38
OvenWerksvata0[m]: hdmi does have a protocol for controlling the monitor settings from the computer. Any of the utilities I recall to control them are CLI. However, I don't remember what.07:05
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