JackFrostI just added that other social network to the GitHub org.02:17
JackFrostbluesabre: Nabbed all the bugfix releases, will fsync tomorrow, pushed parole to Xubuntu, and there's only two merges if you will. :306:49
bluesabreJackFrost: Thank you!09:53
JackFrostThat leaves -notifyd, ristretto, and mousepad.09:54
bluesabreI'll go ahead and do the -settings merge.10:00
JackFrost-notifyd requires sqlite3??10:11
bluesabreMaybe for the notification history?10:25
bluesabre-settings is done. What was the other merge?10:36
JackFrostThe ever annoying xfce4-systemload-plugin10:36
JackFrostI don't see a point enabling the wayland stuff, and one likely would claim it's a feature anyway.10:37
JackFrost...For notifyd.10:37
bluesabreAgreed with that.10:50
bluesabresystemload uploaded.11:09
JackFrostFeel free to steal anything I haven't uploaded.11:10
bluesabreI might pick some up a bit later. :) In other news, vorlon's been fighting with the image builds, but it seems like the minimal iso might be fixed here in the next couple of days.11:11
JackFrostNow if we can only get the desktop working again...11:52
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bluesabrehttps://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/ First smaller-sized minimal image built. Still large, but now we can work on it :)19:08
bluesabreIt installs! But seems to bring in firefox and other snap goodies, which is contributing to the bloat. Not sure what's pulling it in yet.20:49

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