IrcsomeBot<Arang> hi guys, i'm sorry if i am disturbing you but i have a problem, seems that the update to 5.27 in the backports is borked, i have tried to update but 42 packages are held back cos some dependencies arent there, i thought it was just me but it seems others are encountering this problem too, and i am trying to contact the maintainer to make him/her aware of the situation04:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> anyone here could lend a hand?04:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> Reading package lists... Done04:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> Building dependency tree... Done04:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> Reading state information... Done04:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> Calculating upgrade... Done04:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> The following packages have been kept back:04:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang>   baloo-kf5 frameworkintegration kio kross ktexteditor-data ktexteditor-katepart libkf5baloo5 libkf5declarative-data libkf5declarative5 libkf5kdelibs4support-data libkf5kdelibs4support504:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> i have tried using the sudo apt full-upgrade but i still have some packages that wont update04:38
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> It appears some packages are held up and if you ran updates, you most likely have lost your plasma desktop. (re @Arang: i have tried using the sudo apt full-upgrade but i still have some packages that wont update)04:54
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> At the moment, the only recovery is to PPA purge https://itsfoss.com/ppa-purge/04:55
IrcsomeBot<Arang> Ok04:55
IrcsomeBot<Arang> I can timeshift back but I wonder if the maintainer is aware04:56
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Good to hear you had timeshift enabled!  I will inform the maintainers.04:57
IrcsomeBot<Arang> Please do so04:58
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Let me know if timeshift fails and you need assistance recovering.04:58
IrcsomeBot<Arang> I will, thanks for your kindness04:58
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> I posted details on the Kubuntu-dev channel.  I suspect most maintainers are sleeping atm.  Some of these issues are due to stuck packages beyond the control of Kubuntu devs blocking  package set builds, so we may have to wait until upstream blockage is resolved.05:08
IrcsomeBot<Arang> Well it's understandable it's late here and maybe there too05:11
iomari891greetings, I updte to plasma 5.27 a few weeks back. Today's update wants to remove a bunch of packages including kde-full. IS this normal?07:26
FravialisHi all. Anybody else having problems with multimonitor and e.g. the laptop's own screen being unable to set a background for? Not even getting the right-click context menu? There was a bug report but they closed it https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35397508:59
-ubottu:#kubuntu- KDE bug 353975 in plasmashell "Black screen on second display (no wallpaper, can't get a context menu on right-click)" [Major, Closed: Duplicate]08:59
FravialisAlso, KDE apparently forgets desktop backgrounds as well and reverts to the ugly default09:00
fusionfutureTeleFravialis: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46505009:00
FravialisThat is on actual monitors09:00
-ubottu:#kubuntu- KDE bug 465050 in plasmashell "Desktop containments get misplaced on multimonitor setup" [Normal, Unconfirmed]09:00
FravialisAlso, konsole starts up very small and never resizes to a normal size again on startup - I have to manually resize it time and again09:00
fusionfutureTeleFravialis: are you using wayland?09:01
fusionfutureTeleif you are using wayland it's expected since ubuntu's qt misses many important patches09:01
FravialisKubuntu Jellyfish09:02
FravialisJammy Jellyfish, in fact.09:03
fusionfutureTeleplasma 5.27?09:03
arraybolt3I don't think Plasma 5.27 is available for Kubuntu 22.04 yet, even in the Backports repo.09:34
* arraybolt3 could be behind the times though09:35
arraybolt3I'd expect Plasma 5.24.09:35
FravialisI have some information from apt, but how to most efficiently check this from the commandline?09:42
FravialisI don't have "dnf"09:42
arraybolt3dpkg-query -s plasma-workspace | grep -i version09:47
FravialisVersion: 4:5.24.7-0ubuntu0.109:47
arraybolt3For me that outputs "Version: 4:5.24.7-0ubuntu0.1" - the "4:" can be ignored. It shows I'm using 5.24.7, I believe.09:47
arraybolt3Yeah, looks like yours is the same.09:48
arraybolt3Fravialis: If a right-click doesn't give you a context menu, that sounds like plasmashell died.09:49
arraybolt3Fravialis: Does KRunner work if you press Alt+F2?09:49
arraybolt3If so, type "plasmashell --replace" into KRunner and press Enter. (Don't run it in a terminal, use KRunner specifically.)09:49
arraybolt3(Otherwise you'll have to keep that terminal open for the rest of your computing session.)09:50
Fravialisarraybolt3: right-click works for all other desktops except the laptop's own screen09:53
FravialisSame with setting desktop background09:53
yossarianukhi - i am running 22.10 + plasma ppa - yesterday I got the 5.27 update (very nice it is BTW - highly recommend it)09:53
arraybolt3Fravialis: Oh weird. OK, can you open monitor settings?09:53
arraybolt3You might be able to move things around a bit and hit Apply, then move then back and hit Apply again and maybe "shake" it into working.09:54
yossarianukhowever today i have over 130 updates  (Plasma related)09:54
yossarianukBut getting dep errors09:54
yossarianukDependency resolution failed:09:54
yossarianukThe following packages have unmet dependencies: libkf5parts-plugins: Depends: libkf5parts5 (>= 4.96.0) but it is not going to be installed09:54
yossarianukis this just a case of waiting  ?09:54
arraybolt3yossarianuk: I've seen several people report something awry with the backports PPA on 22.10. Probably just wait, the devs will find out soon and fix it.09:54
arraybolt3(And if they don't find out soon I'll sound the alarms until they notice :P)09:55
arraybolt3But I think they've already been told about it.09:55
yossarianukarraybolt3: ok thanks - my error was in discover btw - i did notice uisng 'apt full-upgrade' my system would remove things like09:56
Fravialisarraybolt3: yes, I can open monitor settings on the other displays, but moving around, applying and reverting has no effect on the problem. It's my primary display though, and I've got my IRC client in konsole active on it right now09:56
yossarianukk3b khotkeys kinfocenter konsole konversation krdc ktorrent kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-settings-desktop libkf5kdelibs4support5, etc09:56
yossarianukso i'll wait - thanks09:56
arraybolt3yossarianuk: Yeah, that's the same error others have reported.09:56
FravialisAlso, KDE appears to forget my desktop background on my leftmost monitor09:56
yossarianukgood work on getting 5.27 in anyway09:56
arraybolt3Fravialis: That's really, really weird. I'd give "plasmashell --replace" in KRunner a try anyway, I've seen that fix a similar problem before.09:57
arraybolt3Fravialis: Note that the above *might* cause some apps to close, but Konsole probably isn't one of them.09:58
* arraybolt3 wishes I had thought to say that earlier09:58
arraybolt3Fravialis: So save important work before doing that.09:58
FravialisAlready did it haha09:58
FravialisIt does have an effect, right-click available now09:58
FravialisHowever, it'll probably recur once I reboot09:58
FravialisI have bunch of autostart stuff, I hope none of that is responsibel09:59
arraybolt3Hopefully not, you just did the equivalent of "rebooting" the desktop.09:59
arraybolt3So hopefully it was a random glitch (though if this happens reliably upon reboot then we have problems).09:59
arraybolt3It almost sounds like your laptop screen wasn't detected right or something by the time plasmashell made your desktops? I dunno, that's just a guess.10:00
FravialisIt appear that the latter is the case. On top of that, konsole is autostarted as well but always starts very small. I tried creating a new Konsole profile and hard defining an intitial size, but that didn't work.10:00
FravialisIt refers to a setting regarding automatically storing window diminsions under General, but I don't see that option at all10:00
arraybolt3Fravialis: I wonder, do you have session restoration disabled?10:03
arraybolt3System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown -> Desktop Session -> When logging in10:04
arraybolt3If that's set to "Restore previously saved session", that might be causing wonkiness, though I'm again not sure.10:04
arraybolt3I'm mostly taking shots in the dark, trying to think of things that might affect this sort of thing.10:05
FravialisIt is indeed set to that10:09
FravialisI'll try a restart in a bit10:12
TomTomHi I am using the backports PPA. There is currently  something not OK I guess. Some dependencies can not be met anymore and KDE/Plasma is no longer running... Is that only on my side or somehow known? Thanks10:17
TomTomOk I've read the backlog. It seems I am not the only one...10:21
yossarianukTomTom: yes same - i wouldn't use ' apt  full-upgrade' at present at it will remove many important packages10:29
yossarianukat  least you have 5.27 ... Seems really good so far10:29
TomTomThey fixed it :-) Thanks!10:40
TomTomThe only reason to do an update today was that I was experiencing a plasmashell memory leak and hoped that an update would have fixed it. But lets see if this comes true now.10:42
yossarianukFYI: The PPA issues are now resolved10:58
yossarianukif you refresh apt/discover you'll see everything is working  now10:58
yossarianukjust installed remaining updates (178 of them) using 22.10 PPA and everything is now cool11:02
RikMillsTomTom: yossarianuk sorry about that. the script we use to copy packages to the ppa was erroring out about half way through, so dependencies were missing11:39
yossarianukRikMills: np  - glad we have plasma 5.27 - its the best version ..11:42
BluesKajHi all13:40
IrcsomeBot<klez_07> Please what could be the issue that leads to baloo search results (from kickoff and krunner) not launching when clicked?15:49
IrcsomeBot<klez_07> The results appear accurately, but the clicked (or pressing enter) it just flashes some icon on the taskbar and then nothing else15:49
IrcsomeBot<klez_07> Kubuntu 22.10 install15:49
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weedmicI just installed kubuntu and had a horrible issue, which turned out to be snap related.  i removed the snap version, and ppa, an installed the regular one.  but I was just curious.  why did you start using snap?18:18
skramerWhat's that bug in 22.04 that, affter the system wakees up from suspend, the windows are resized and placed randomly somewhere on primary monitor only?18:19
weedmicis there some advantage?  like it requires less testing?  more stable?  this is not a complaint, just trying to find out the reason/thoughts.18:19
skramerIt happens after I send my laptop to sleep, but also when I just left for a while and then want to start working again...18:20
skramerNever had such issues in previous version, though18:21
weedmicskramer: i had a fix for that, it's been in kde for quite anwhile.  you setup the icons on the smallest monitor with the others unplugged.  shutdown.  plug the other monitors in and it works.  but of course, the icons don't reach the right of the biggest monitor, but they don't move around.18:21
alkisgweedmic: you're asking at the wrong channel, I don't think any snap developers are here :)18:26
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Guest3432Firefox browser on Ubuntu 22 working only second click during startup19:31
Guest3432Its not from Firefox Browser19:33
Guest3432Same issue while trying with different laptop19:37
Guest3432Gnome Graphic19:41

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