amurrayhallyn: hey, yeah we don't get a lot of good details on these vulns from intel unfortunately - so we try and do the best with what we have :)00:09
sarnoldhey amurray :)00:10
amurrayhey sarnold :)00:20
hallynamurray: oh, no - i didn't mean the USN one was bad - I meant I had followd through to the original cve and another one, and none had good details. 01:55
hallynWas not complaining about you guys!01:55
amurrayhallyn: 👍02:42
jjohansensdeziel: ideally but no there isn't. It is something we need to look at doing, because picking individual patches just hasn't been working18:00
sdezieljjohansen: yeah :) thx!18:01

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