blackboxswTeridon: sorry for the long delay and glad you appreciated the SSH host key fix in cloud-init. updating the subiquity snap for your live installer won't get you the new cloud-init in your target system I don't think but I believe the following late-comands should update cloud-init in your target disk before reboot, so your ssh host key configuration would be honored after that final target system reboot  05:36
blackboxswhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Kz8q5TvZTd/ note the late-commands are actually run from within the ephemeral installer environment, but they'll chroot into the mounted /target in order to upgarde cloud-init on disk so that the final reboot will honor your custom user-data. This is only released on lunar for cloud-init at the moment. We expect to start an SRU to Bionic/focal/jammy and kinetic this week so cloud-init updates on those 05:36
blackboxswseries should be available soonish (~1 & a half weeks)05:36
blackboxswnote the sample passwd in that pastebin is just 'ubuntu'05:36
Lopewhy is ubuntu's /etc/apt/sources.list so complicated vs Debian?08:09
Lopewith debian, you can have a perfectly functional system with a single line08:10
Lopebut with Ubuntu you need a huge complicated file?08:10
rbasakSome users prefer to receive security updates only, some want all updates, and some want no updates, so we allow individual selection.08:11
Lopeokay, I see.08:11
LopeThat's actually pretty cool.08:11
LopeI've got a KVM VM, I've installed the linux-image-kvm IIRC. I saw there was also linux-image-virtual what's the diff?08:12
LopeThey both say they're for VM's?08:12
rbasakI think -virtual has support for more virtual hardware or something like that, and therefore is bigger. I'm not sure though.08:14
rbasakThe description of -kvm additionally says "minimal"08:15
kanashiro[m]ahasenack: could you take a look at this PR where I am fixing the docker-in-lxd DEP-8 test in lunar? This is the same solution I am going to apply in kinetic (both worked fine locally) https://github.com/tianon/debian-docker/pull/1912:34
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Pull 19 in tianon/debian-docker "Fix lxd test lunar" [Open]12:34
kanashiro[m]it is not failing in lunar right now but it is using a privileged lxd container12:35
ahasenack_so it was the backend?12:35
kanashiro[m]yes, it was that12:35
ahasenack_what was it using before, zfs?12:35
kanashiro[m]correct, the default12:36
ahasenack_can't you set that in the lxd init phase? Or is it better after?12:36
ahasenack_s/better/easier/ perhaps12:37
kanashiro[m]it could be done in the init phase I guess, I just tried to follow the docs12:37
ahasenack_and in older releases we don't need any of that? Not even the new security.* settings?12:38
kanashiro[m]the security.nesting=true was already present before12:38
ahasenack_it was the only one iirc12:39
kanashiro[m]the syscalls intercepts are the new ones12:39
ahasenack_ok, the storage thing, it's not for the lxd container itself (i.e., its root filesystem)12:40
ahasenack_you are just handing it over to docker itself12:40
ahasenack_which is fine12:40
Teridonblackboxsw: delayed response better than no response :-D  thx! 13:58
kanashiro[m]ahasenack: could you reject the docker.io package in kinetic-proposed? I'll be uploading the changes you approved using the same version14:30
ahasenackkanashiro[m]: done15:24
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habyscan anyone confirm `lunar-netboot-amd64.tar.gz` can't actually run the installer from the included files, but must still download the image iso?18:19
habyslooks like it. Well I guess that could save you unzipping the iso to get the kernel and initrd.18:33
habysseems like it would be pretty nice to include the installer in the initrd and not need to download the iso at all.18:33
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