andrew79Hello community, I have this very frustrating problem where my laptop's touchpad is not working as expected. During two-finger scrolling, the page will often jump/skip more than it should. I have tried several things like updating drivers and changing between xinput and synaptics drivers. But I'm not experienced in this type of debugging and could01:05
andrew79really appreciate if someone could help me out. I have followed instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection/evtest so I have an evtest logfile ready, as well as my xinput output. What would be the best way to share this (and the correct channel if this is not it)?01:05
Peppi^has anyone got rsync working pulling data from a windows machine01:38
HabbiePeppi^, i suspect people do - are you running into trouble?01:40
Peppi^Habbie, not yet just wanted to know what the proper way of doing it01:43
ShaunD69with the Ubuntu autoinstaller in 20.04 or 22.04, is there a way to get it to not use the random DUID when requesting DHCP lease? In the answerfile, settinh dhcp-identifier:mac doesn't work. I need to hand out static leases based on mac addresses for the installation. Alternately is there a way to get systemd-networkd to release the dhcp lease? Release functionality seems to be missing. I can't fix01:44
ShaunD69any of this on the braindead juniper dhcp server I must use that cannot match on things other than mac for static dhcp leases. I've been beating my head against the wall for the last couple of days. Googling has been unhelpful. I've seen others with similiar issues and no solution.01:44
HabbiePeppi^, ah01:47
HabbiePeppi^, honestly sounds like a windows question though01:47
Peppi^Habbie, well maybe the rsync client is on ubuntu so not so sure it's a 100% windows questions01:51
Habbiesure, but i feel the hard part is setting up rsyncd or sshd on windows01:51
Peppi^not sure hence why I was asking here also01:52
Habbieto be clear, i'm just trying to help you get the best answers - one step is getting your question clearer, another step might be "you should ask in another place"01:52
Habbiegood :)01:53
Habbieso is your problem the ubuntu side or the windows side?01:53
Peppi^I mean windows does have "Windows Subsystem for Linux"... so01:53
Peppi^I just figured there might be a person here who uses rsync and has transfered files from a windows machine01:54
Peppi^the windows channel probably have a lot less people who have used rsync01:55
ravageThere is a rsync.exe for windows and you can install that as a service in Windows I think01:56
Peppi^for example if I went to windows and asked for a backup system I doubt rsync would crack top 10. VS here if I asked for a backup solution rsync is probably top 301:56
ravageBut that really is off topic here :)01:56
ravageYou can also have a look at cygwin01:57
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cobraerikoI recently reinstalled latest Ubuntu on a fresh brand-new SSD drive. For about a week, my computer seemed a bit slower than it had been with the old drive that had the same Ubuntu release installed. When I would run a lot of processes (i.e., when many tabs were open on webbrowser), it would hang where it would not before. But for some reason,02:54
cobraerikolately it has seemingly become  very much faster or able to run the same process load without ever hanging at all. Yet I didn't change any settings. All I've done was apt update/upgrade. Does anyone know how this could be? Am I crazy?02:54
sarnoldcobraeriko: these machines do so much stuff in the background these days that it's entirely plausible to me that it'd be obnoxiously slow one day and reasonable enough the next day and there be no obvious reason for why02:58
cobraerikosarnold: very interesting03:00
cobraerikothat's good to know03:01
cobraerikoOne last question, I have a kvm virtual machine running in the background that serves a live website (a Ubuntu server with a web-app). Is it ok if I simply allow the host's Ubuntu to suspend in periods of inactivity instead of shitting down the  computer? It's worked for me so far03:13
sarnoldheh, yeah, if you don't really care about the website being up and running all the time that's fine03:14
cobraerikoCool. Thank you03:16
cobraerikoactually since I do care about the website being up and running all the time, I've just been letting the screen shutoff with inactivity (besides also closing any open apps and stuff before leaving). Is this fine?03:24
sarnoldyeah that's much better :)03:25
sarnoldit's not a bad idea to lock the screen manually when walking away from the computer03:25
cobraerikosarnold: yea, I'll add that too. Thanks again03:27
SteffieDevGood morning. I've got a big problem04:34
SteffieDevI just did an update via discover and after the restart plasma was suddenly deleted04:35
SteffieDevcan anyone help please04:35
SteffieDevfor info kubuntu 22.10 kde plasma 5.2704:36
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ice9how to prevent bluetooth mouse from sleeping at all on linux?04:56
hiyaleftyfb: Okay, I would try it now04:58
hiyahttps://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v6.2.1/ | Which mainline kernel should I select for T16 Gen1 AMD laptop with 6850U processor05:00
hiyaI installed the mainline kernel05:41
hiyabut I had to turn off the secureboot05:41
hiyaI see a lot of missing AMDGPU things when I do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade05:41
hiyaThese are the set of missing firmwares05:44
Jazzy_Jhiya, try "apt install linux-firmware"05:51
hiyabut I am on mainline kernel now, would it break something? I had installed with secureboot with password and all05:51
hiyalinux-firmware is already the newest version (20220923.gitf09bebf3-0ubuntu1.4)05:52
Jazzy_Jhere are some possible options:  https://9to5answer.com/missing-firmware-for-amdgpu05:52
hiyaJazzy_J: but many files just aren't there05:55
hiyaI think they aren't needed only05:55
hiyaeven in the git link05:55
lolokit says there '*Possible* missing firmware' are you having any issues or only this message? because if theres no problem, this is safe to ignore06:11
vltGood morning, everyone! How can I create a fresh .config/dconf/user file from the result of a `dconf dump /` *without* a running session? Is there a `dconf load` option to create a fresh file?06:13
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hiyalolok: Yes, only the message I have the problem with06:47
hiyaI think these are those non-fatal informational messages06:47
lolokyes, they are telling you that the driver can run more different cards, if you find the firmware, but if all is good, then theres nothing to do assuming you only boot this os on 1 system06:57
hiyalolok: I am using AMD6850U processor with embedded GPU07:05
hiyaI just have sleep/wake up issues when I close the lid07:05
hiyait would crash internally with default kernel on 22.0407:05
hiyahence I am trying mainline kernel 6.2.107:05
hiyaDoes mainline kernel update by itself? or do I need to do it each time?07:05
lolokyea a very new cpu, unfortunately such problems are not uncommon on recent hardware, probably you can disable automatic sleep on lid close07:07
hiyalolok: do I need to update the mainline kernel myself each time?07:07
hiyaSo I just check the stable option here: https://kernel.org/07:08
hiyaand update right?07:08
lolokunsure, i use lts, maybe someone else will answer07:08
hiyalolok: don't use LTS bro, get latest and greatest :P jk jk07:23
lolokubuntu for server, arch for desktop, 6.2.1 left testing repo yesterday07:39
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* luna continues with the Swedish Lomiri translation08:24
hiyaHow can I verify what Gnome Power Profile is currently active from terminal?09:18
hiyaI believe it is not setting to Power Save mode when I select it from GUI09:19
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds10:45
ograhiya, ^^^10:45
ogrado *not* use mainline PPA kernels in production !10:45
ogra(read the wiki page)10:46
hiyaogra: I am using it on my main laptop10:47
ograhiya, well, don't do that ... they are missing about 400 (security) patches, use the wrong config and are solely for testing (and as you noticed already tey will never update)10:48
ograif yu see issues in userspace, please do not ask for support here ... it is very likely caused by wrong or missing config options or patches in these kernels10:48
ograthey are really only for testing if some fix landed when a kernel team member asks you to install them to verify the fix is upstream ... you should never use them on a daily basis10:49
hiyaogra: Okay, I will see what I can do, I think I just need a rolling release then10:56
hiyaso I should just uninstall them and switch back to normal kernel10:58
hiyaogra: how to update the kernel in Ubuntu then? I have a new laptop and I need latest kernel11:00
hiyaShould I use a different distro?11:00
ograyou should check out the -hwe and -oem kernels if they provide what your hardware needs ... if it does not i fear waiting is your best option ..11:01
hiyaogra: I have a ThinkPad T16 Gen1 with AMD 6850U11:02
hiyaWhat kernel do you think is best?11:02
ograno idea11:02
ograyou could try asking the kernel team in #ubuntu-kernel ... but i suspec even them wont look closely at different laptop models unless they have specific bugs to fix for a certain machine11:03
ograwhat exacly does not work with the default kernel ?11:04
hiyaogra: AMDGPU driver crashes in between11:04
hiyaand wake up won't work most of the time when you close the lid11:05
ograwith the one shipped in the archive ?11:05
hiyaIt came without any OS11:05
ograwith which AMDGPU driver do you experience the crashes ?11:05
ograi.e. des it behave crashy right after fresh install of the OS ?11:06
hiyaYes, it always does11:06
ograor did you add some third-party amd driver11:06
hiyaI tried with 20.04,22.0411:06
hiyaNo 3rd party drivers11:06
alkisg[ 6878.377221] sr 1:0:0:0: [sr0] tag#19 unaligned transfer, [ 6878.377223] blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 6 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 1 prio class 0, [ 6878.377227] Buffer I/O error on dev sr0, logical block 6, async page read11:07
alkisg===> I see these errors in many different PCs with Ubuntu 22.04, and on both the 5.19.0-32 and then 5.15.0-60 kernel. There is NO cdrom inserted when these messages appear. The result is that the PC is veeeery slow, similar to having 100% disk usage11:07
ograso first of all, file a bug with "ubuntu-bug linux" ... to make the kernel devs aware, else it will never get fixed ... but make sur you use the actual kernel, not the mainline one11:07
hiyaI think I have to move to 5.19.x again, but I have to reboot for it and enable secureboot again.11:07
alkisg...anyone else has seen this issue, any launchpad bugs for it?11:07
alkisgP.S. it probably started in the last kernel updates11:07
hiyaogra: I met a dev of Ubuntu in thinkpad chan, he also confirmed it, he said it would be fixed in 23.0411:08
Guest4777Hi I use UBUNTU_22.10 on my HP Laptop. I need to create a WIN_11 Startup disk for my Dell Laptop, I have the ISO but I don't seem to able to select it in the Startup Disk Creator. Any words of help?11:08
ograhiya, wll, if you are brave you could run 23.04 🙂 it is already in feature-freeze11:09
hiyaogra: I am super duper brave always11:09
* alkisg realizes he should have posted in #ubuntu-kernel instead; heading there...11:09
ograalkisg, yeah, i have definitey not seen sr0 in any logs for a long time ....11:09
Guest4777Hi please help, I have post this above11:09
Guest4777I use UBUNTU_22.10 on my HP Laptop. I need to create a WIN_11 Startup disk for my Dell Laptop, I have the ISO but I don't seem to able to select it in the Startup Disk Creator. Any words of help?11:10
hiyaogra: so mainline kernel is by no means safe?11:10
Guest4777fuck you all11:11
Guest4777and your big boobed mums11:11
ograhiya, right, you will see issues in userspace due to missing config options and such ... like power-mgmt might not work, apps expecting certain features wil not find them and silently fail etc etc11:13
hiyaogra: I will move to default kernel again and try to move to 23.04 :P or just wait11:14
hiyaOr another distro, I thought Ubuntu was bleeding edge :P11:14
hiyaI am on 22.1011:14
ograhiya, get your system back into a pristine state, then "sudo do-release-update -d" should get you onto 23.0411:14
hiyabut I think it might break a lot of things, right?11:15
ograthere are surely still some rough edges, but the release is already in freeze, so the worst changes have landed and are just getting fixes for release now11:15
hiyaogra: When would it release?11:20
ograhiya, in april (04) of this year (23) ... as the version number 23.04 tells 😉11:21
hiyaI think I should just bear until then11:21
hiyaI don't know but this mainline kernel is working solid11:22
hiyaI tried 11,15,21m of sleep with lid closed and it opened every time11:22
alkisghiya: ubuntu 22.04 has up to kernels 6.1 in the stock repositories currently, that's higher than the 5.19 of 22.1011:40
ograoh, right linux-oem-22.04c should be 6.111:45
hiyathen why the heck am I using 22.10 ? :P11:45
hiyaalkisg: can I downgrade from 22.10 to 22.04?11:56
hiyaor would it break the system?11:56
hiyabut oem-22, which oem is it?11:56
alkisghiya: no, you'd need to reinstall but you can keep /home11:56
lotuspsychjehiya: ogra just mentioned wich kernel11:58
hiyanope, I think which OEM does this kernel belong to?11:58
hiyaDell, HP?11:58
hiyaOr is it generic?11:58
alkisghiya: I didn't read all the converation, but if you just care about the highest kernel number, `apt install linux-oem-22.04` will give you linux-image-oem-22.04c11:59
hiyaI mean*11:59
hiyabut which OEM is it?11:59
hiyaDell, HP or Lenovo?11:59
lotuspsychjethats not how it works hiya12:00
ograall of them ... it carries random patches for OEM devices that will land in a later -gerneic kernel12:00
lotuspsychjesome brands will pick specific oem kernel versions for a reason too12:01
lotuspsychjelike dell has some specific ones12:01
ograthe -oem means it is done by the cannical oem team that works closer with vendors12:01
ograit doesnt mean "a specific OEM"12:01
ogra*canonical oem team12:02
lotuspsychjelike arraybolt3 recently mentioned his kubuntu focus laptop came with 5.17 by default12:02
susanaHello World12:20
FartedLast version of ubuntu is 22.10?13:05
hiyaFarted: yes13:06
hiyaNot last, but latest13:06
hiyaUpcoming release is 23.0413:06
FartedWhich I use 22 LTS or 22.10 ?13:08
Fartedthere are two versions13:08
ravageget 22.04. it has longer support13:09
ravage!lts | Farted13:09
ubottuFarted: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Jammy (Jammy Jellyfish 22.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.13:09
FartedBut what means long support13:11
FartedAre there any new features for LTS or is it only updated as security maintenance?13:12
ravagesecurity only13:13
ravagebut that is the case for every ubuntu release13:13
ravage(+ bug fixes)13:13
furettoHi, I have ha problem: when I connect my headphone in the front jack of my case, the system doesn't detect it. Thank all for your support13:21
SteelRosefuretto: have you tried with other headphone? perhaps the connector is broken13:23
furettoSteelRose, yes, the connector work, on operating system windows work correctly13:25
SteelRoseupgrade your firmware13:38
BluesKajHi all13:40
RaimondRajadduser: The user `rythmmixfm' already exists. but cant be seen15:04
RaimondRajcan anyone help15:04
lotuspsychje!adduser | RaimondRaj15:04
ubottuRaimondRaj: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo15:04
RaimondRajthe username already adduser but cant see in folder15:05
RaimondRajadduser: The user `rythmmixfm' already exists.15:05
leftyfbRaimondRaj: ok, so what is the problem exactly? The user exists. You don't need to create the user again. Now what is missing or not working?15:09
RaimondRajthe user name that i need to create is already have15:12
RaimondRaji wanted to bring it back15:12
RaimondRajand also delete some user15:12
RaimondRajuserdel: user jeitrivia02 is currently used by process 439915:13
RaimondRajsome user i cant delete it15:13
leftyfbRaimondRaj: 1 problem at a time15:13
RaimondRajok now15:13
leftyfbRaimondRaj: rythmmixfm   why do you need to create the user if it already exists?15:13
RaimondRaji want to delet username jeitrivia02 but its show like this ( userdel: user jeitrivia02 is currently used by process 4399 )15:14
RaimondRajplease help me solve jeitrivia02 issue15:14
leftyfbRaimondRaj: reboot15:14
leftyfbthen try again15:14
RaimondRaji dont want make u confues15:14
leftyfbor sudo kill -9 4399 # if you don't care what that user might have been running15:15
RaimondRajwait yah15:16
RaimondRajleftyfb : solve it15:17
RaimondRaji have create username  rythmmixfm but its show ( adduser: The user `rythmmixfm' already exists. )15:18
RaimondRajwent i see the list useing WINSCP i didnt see the folder name  rythmmixfm15:18
leftyfbRaimondRaj: uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; getent passwd|grep rythmmixfm ; ls -ld /home/rythmmixfm ) | nc termbin.com 999915:22
RaimondRaj-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `)'15:26
leftyfbRaimondRaj: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; getent passwd|grep rythmmixfm ; ls -ld /home/rythmmixfm ) | nc termbin.com 999915:26
RaimondRaj ls: cannot access '/home/rythmmixfm': No such file or directory15:27
RaimondRajlet me reboot15:28
leftyfbRaimondRaj: if you would like help troubleshooting, it's not suggested you take it upon yourself to just reboot or make changes that weren't given15:29
leftyfbRaimondRaj: and you didn't post the URL here15:29
RaimondRaji dnt have any url15:36
RaimondRaji already reebot it15:36
leftyfbRaimondRaj: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; getent passwd|grep rythmmixfm ; ls -ld /home/rythmmixfm ) | nc termbin.com 999915:37
leftyfbRaimondRaj: if you run that, it will give you a URL15:37
RaimondRajls: cannot access '/home/rythmmixfm': No such file or directory15:38
RaimondRajlate respone15:38
leftyfbok, so you deleted /home/rythmmixfm15:39
leftyfbeither recreated it and change permissions on it or delete the user and recreate the user15:39
RaimondRajmight be15:39
RaimondRaji seriusly dont know15:40
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furettoHi, I have ha problem: when I connect my headphone in the front jack of my case, the system doesn't detect it. In operating system windows works correctly. Thank all for your support16:07
webchat87When I turn on the laptop, the WiFi is connected, few seconds later it disconnects and can't find any WiFi network in visible networks list.16:18
jhutchinsfuretto: Do you get any sound out of it?16:21
jhutchinsfuretto: Have you opened the case to see if it's connected to anything?16:21
jhutchinswebchat87: Why do you think there should be a visible network available?16:22
furettojhutchins, no new audio output is detected when headphones are plugged in. I exclude possible hardware malfunctions because it works correctly on the Windows operating system.16:23
webchat87jhutchins: because my android phone can show active wifi networks, but my laptop can not. at first it connects to wifi, but few moments later it disconnects automatically and keeps scanning, but can't find any available wifi network in visible networks list. I am using Ubuntu 22.04 and my wifi adapter is Realtek RTL8822BE.16:31
ravagewebchat87: does Software & Updates > Additional Drivers offer you any drivers for your wifi?16:35
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webchat87ravage: no. there is not any additional driver available. all the programs are updated.16:37
ravageand which Ubuntu version are you on?16:37
webchat87ravage: ubuntu 22.04.2 lts16:38
jhutchinswebchat87: What do the logs show about the disconnect?16:42
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webchat87jhutchins: logs show: rtw_8822be failed to leave idle state, rtw_8822be failed to read ASPM, rtw_8822be failed to poll offset=0*5, mask=0*2, value=0*3 and rtw_8822be failed to power on mac.16:50
teppersonit appears my ubuntu installation is doing dhcp requests on port 67 instead of port 53. how do i get it to do dhcp requests on port 53?16:55
jhutchinswebchat87: It looks like the most popular solution is to get a Linux/Ubuntu compatible adapter.16:55
jhutchinswebchat87: Aparently Realtek changed the API and broke stuff.  Are you sure what you have is an 8822be?16:56
webchat87jhutchins: yes. i am sure that my wifi adapter is realtek RTL8822BE.16:57
teppersonwait maybe im being dumb16:58
tomreyntepperson: dhcp is not dns16:59
webchat87jhutchins: is not rtl8822be a linux/ubuntu compatible adapter?17:00
jhutchinswebchat87: Apparently not very compatible.17:01
jhutchinswebchat87: There's a driver available on github, but it's a few years old and explicitly doesn't work with Ubuntu.17:01
jhutchinswebchat87: I'll leave further web searches to you, there's no point in me transcribing them.17:02
webchat87jhutchins: now what do you suggest? how can i solve this issue? i can not use wifi for this problem.17:02
jhutchinsA good way to check hardware compatibility is to try live images for various distros.  I think http://kernel.org has lists of officially supported chipsets.17:04
tomreynhow about https://askubuntu.com/a/137590417:06
jhutchinswebchat87: See above.17:08
jhutchinstomreyn: I did suggest further web searches.  Good find!17:08
jhutchinsI found adapters with this chipset for less than $3 US.17:08
dD__is there a way to trace why apache is not responding to a connection?  I see the packets coming in, but apache ignores all of them.17:08
jhutchinsdD__: By default Apache writes logs.  Their location depends on who wrote the config, but /var/log/apache is a good start.17:09
tomreynjhutchins: it's not that i know this will actually work or improve anything, but it *might*17:09
jhutchinstomreyn: Worth a try at least.17:09
jhutchinstomreyn: It does sound like it specifically addresses the exact problem.17:10
tomreynyes, it sounds like it could help17:10
dD__jhutchins: those logs are empty, it seems like apache doesn't see it at all.17:10
dD__this is with all connections, not with a particular one17:11
jhutchinsdD__: localhost?17:12
webchat87jhutchinas: changing kernel will solve this issue? if yes, then definitely i will do.17:12
jhutchinswebchat87: Why don't you try the suggestions in the link tomreyn posted?17:12
webchat87jhutchins: ok, i will try.17:13
dD__jhutchins: so I'm using it as a forward proxy, and it won't work locally either (trying running a curl -x17:13
jhutchinswebchat87: The github driver is from 2020.17:13
jhutchinsdD__: What's your "listen" config look like?17:14
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dD__jhutchins: one sec.  Just for additional info, I tried using apache traffic server to see if that worked and I have the same problem, and firewall iptables is empty17:14
webchat87tomreyn: thanks for your suggestion.17:15
jhutchinswebchat87: Keep track of what you change so you can change it back if it doesn't work.17:16
jhutchinsdD__: Empty doesn't sound right, shouldn't there be ACCEPT settings?17:16
webchat87jhutchins: definitely i do.17:16
tomreynwebchat87: you're welcome17:17
dD__jhutchins: yes, sorry: https://termbin.com/lmwa, meant that we didn't have any block rules17:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:28
furettoHi, I have ha problem: when I connect my headphone in the front jack of my case, the system doesn't detect it. In operating system windows works correctly. Thank all for your support17:34
tomreyndD__: which ubuntu version are you running, how did you install ubuntu, what is the output of " cat /proc/version "?17:39
dD__virtualhost: https://dpaste.com/BXY9KHMTG, my ports.conf https://dpaste.com/CX2JYTUFL17:39
tomreyn!audio | furetto: i'm not good at debugging audio issues, but you can try these things (some of which are a bit outdated)17:40
ubottufuretto: i'm not good at debugging audio issues, but you can try these things (some of which are a bit outdated): If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio17:40
ubottufiles,  see !players and !mp3.17:40
tomreynfuretto: the SoundTroubleshooting page should provide information on how to produce an alsa-info report, which would provide a lot more information that would be needed by anyone trying to understand this issue.17:42
k000how to see the hdmi version?17:56
Guest4467Hi guys18:01
Guest4467Im considering using Whonix, but am worried about the small development team, potentially missing bugs.18:02
Guest4467COmpared to Ubuntu, where the security team is much larger18:02
Guest4467What do you guys think?18:02
tomreynGuest4467: try asking in #linux, we don't recommend other distros or compare them here18:02
furettoi have this card audio https://pastebin.com/mcz8Ssi418:03
leftyfbGuest4467: we're only going to suggest you use Ubuntu. I don't think it's reasonable to expect an Ubuntu support channel to suggest you use anything different18:03
furettotomreyn, my report of alsa-info is http://alsa-project.org/db/?f=9f414f705044421d163de203e373d494b76c87a618:04
tomreynk000: i think you cannot, but you could guess: https://askubuntu.com/a/120786418:05
k000tomreyn: this tip don't work. =(18:06
tomreynk000: sudo dmidecode --type baseboard | grep -i 'product name'18:09
tomreynthen look up on the manufacturer website as to when this was released18:09
tomreynfuretto: glad this worked out, you took the first step.18:09
leftyfbtomreyn: I use sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name18:09
leftyfbor sudo dmidecode -s baseboard-product-name18:10
tomreynleftyfb: those are no valid type keywords on older dmidecode versions, but thanks for pointing it out.18:11
weedmicI have ubuntu.  i tried prospect-mail to get mail through a openconnect and an etoken from safenet.  both of those items work fine.  however, prospect-mail did not seem to know how to use the etoken to login to microsoft.online - is there a way to put in a security module.  or better, is there a programme that can act enough like outlook to just work out of the box?18:11
leftyfbtomreyn: they're valid on all currently supported releases of ubuntu18:12
leftyfbweedmic: I use thunderbird to check email on an online Exchange server18:13
weedmici see, i don't suppose there is a skin to make it look like outlook - i think it might be noticed, but I may try it.  how does thunderbird do with invites and calendar type things?18:15
tomreynleftyfb: $ (lsb_release -ds; dmidecode --version; sudo dmidecode --type system-product-name; sudo dmidecode --type baseboard-product-name) |& nc termbin.com 999918:15
tomreyndmidecode package version is 3.1-1ubuntu0.1 FWIW18:16
furettotomreyn, not work :(18:16
tomreynfuretto: Does Software & Updates > Additional Drivers offer you any drivers for your intel audio chipset?18:17
leftyfbtomreyn: it's a string, -s, not type -t18:18
tomreynleftyfb: oh, whoops18:18
tomreynright, that works, thanks18:18
leftyfbI checked it back to 16.04 with dmidecode 3.0 :)18:18
dragon_Is there any open source library systems in Package Manager?18:31
leftyfbdragon_: can you provide more context?18:32
dragon_I work in a private library, historical society. We have a rather large collection of books, documents, pictures, ... that need registration. I am just wondering if Ubuntu is cooperating with any of the open source library systems18:33
dragon_So far we have these evergrowing spread sheets, exel18:34
dragon_They work quite well, but there is no proper dewey or anything like that. We have simplefied a bit, and made our own archiving categories18:35
dragon_This is a physical library, old books, new books, ....18:35
jhutchinsdragon_: Calibre is the only one I know of.18:36
leftyfbdragon_: I just searched apt: maybe look at tellico18:36
dragon_I shall take a look at Calibre, and have noticed evergreen too18:36
jhutchinsdragon_: They are a big, competitive business.  You might have some luck checking with systems that support law firms (law libraries).18:36
hggdhI have heard of vufind, but never used it18:37
jhutchins(Note that just because they're big commercial systems doesn't mean they're any good.  At all.18:37
tomreyndragon_: https://packages.ubuntu.com lets you search which ubuntu release provides a given software. i'm not familiar with open source library (management) systems, but there seem to be several, as seen on a web search for "library management software"18:37
dragon_I am new to the open source libaries too, hoping there are some equivalents to the public systems I am used to18:38
jhutchinsNote that "library" in the software community does not refer to a collection of books.18:38
dragon_I know, but I don`t know quite what it means either18:38
jhutchinsdragon_: Usually a collection of routines for use in writing programs.18:39
dragon_I see18:40
dragon_There are international standards for library systems (the paper and book kind, of course digital documents too). I hoped to find something that was flexible and manageable18:42
dragon_Calibre seems to be only e-books?18:43
tomreyni would think so, too18:43
jhutchinsdragon_: Hardcopy is a little harder, you have to enter all the metadata yourself.18:44
tomreynyou could possibly scan isbn's18:44
jhutchinstomreyn: I was going to do that with a CueCat, but I discoverd about a third of my most important collection doesn't have them.18:45
tomreynoh, that's a lot18:45
jhutchinsdragon_: Not sure what kind of organization you have, but it's worth hiring a library science student to help process them.18:46
jhutchinsI still have the CueCat... somewhere.18:46
dragon_I have typed down thousands of books manually over the last 18months, two years in may lol18:49
dragon_title, year, number of pages, category, author, publisher...18:49
dragon_I doubt it is possible to make it automatic in any practical way18:50
dragon_mark the books with tags and icons, print, tape.....18:51
jhutchinsdragon_: If I recall the CueCat project, you can get the catalog info from google with the ISBN.  There have been scripts that automated that.18:51
dragon_It is an older library that needed totally renovation18:51
dragon_I shall look into it18:51
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dragon_for newer books it might work18:51
jhutchinsIt's the kind of project that really pays to have professional help.18:52
dragon_I don`t doubt it18:52
dragon_However, I am suppose to be one of the professonals lol18:52
dragon_I do not have education as librarian, but as historian I am forced to be flexible18:53
jhutchinsdragon_: Take a librarian to lunch.  (University librarians recommended.)18:54
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blebtrying 22.10 live cd on my laptop; youtube sound not working.  and I don't see anything about sound in the icons/menus in the top right corner.19:05
blebanying I might try to get sound working?19:05
leftyfbbleb: install ubuntu and do updates19:06
dragon_jhutchins; good idea19:07
dragon_yes, I think it is that htop thing or sound settings19:08
Menzadorbleb: Your sound hardware may have a driver the kernel doesn't have19:09
Menzadorworst case, anyway19:09
blebit is intel alder lake audio19:13
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MenzadorThat should be snd_hda_intel I think19:17
MenzadorThat's in the kernel19:17
blebcan I ask the ubuntu installer not to install a bootloader?19:25
blebthe custom installation dialog has a dropdown menu under "Device for boot loader installation:"19:26
blebbut it seems I have to pick one19:26
blebI would like to let my other linux partition handle the bootloader19:27
tomreynbleb: if this is an uefi booting system, the boot loader will be installed on the first (currently) visible efi system partition no matter what you choose there19:29
blebI suppose I can just re-install grub from the other partition after installing ubuntu19:29
tomreynthe desktop installer does not provide the ability to complete the installation without installing a boot loader.19:29
blebtomreyn: if I select my main disk and hit "install now" I get an error message saying "No EFI System Partition was found."19:30
blebso I guess it wants me to manually indicate the efi system partition (this is in the custom partitioning dialog)19:31
blebI have a 4gb fat32 partition that I am using for esp but it looks like the installer didn't pick it up automatically19:32
tomreynthis message probably means that no existing ESP could be found and that you will need to create one in manual partitioning (or have ubuntu create one automatically by not entering manual partitioning)19:32
EriC^^bleb: select the partition and for type choose efi19:33
blebI think I can just select the existing one and select "Use as: EFI System Partition"19:34
tomreyndoes your existing partition have the esp flag?19:34
blebwonder if it should have seen it automatically19:34
blebtomreyn: can I check for that in fdisk or something?19:35
tomreynsudo parted /dev/sda print19:36
blebok yeah it doesn't have the esp flag19:38
blebI will change the type to EFI System and see if the installer picks it up19:39
blebyup that made the difference19:42
blebI guess I will just install then later re-install grub from the partition I want19:43
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blebokay so after updates the sound settings don't show any output device19:55
blebI guess my sound card is too new19:56
blebnow that ubuntu overwrote grub, I can still see alpine linux20:03
blebbut if I select it it says "error: kernel doesn't support EFI handover.  error: you need to load the kernel first."20:03
blebso now I have to figure out how to undo that20:04
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nelginUrgh. I just tried to update ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 and it paniced and now it won't boot. I don't even see a grub menu. /dev/root cannot open blockdev  is the first error I get. I'm about to create a bootable usb but anyone have any advice before I get stuck into trying to recover?20:50
sarnoldI've not faced that myself but my guesses are names in /etc/fstab that might have changed between 20.04 and 22.0420:51
nelginI hope not, but at least that'd be an easy fix.20:55
flataerthwhat's the biggest IRC server?20:56
leftyfb!ot | flataerth20:57
ubottuflataerth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:57
flataerthhow do i change my  irc name?20:58
sarnoldflataerth: /nick newnick21:00
sarnoldflataerth: https://netsplit.de/ for more info on more irc networks21:01
leftyfbsarnold: go to #libera for help IRC. You've been told this before21:01
sarnoldleftyfb: whatever your problems with irc, let me assure you mine are worse21:02
nelgin2What a frickin' pain :(21:02
leftyfbsorry :)21:02
leftyfbflataerth: type:   /join #libera     and hit enter. Then ask for help with IRC there21:03
rdzHey all. I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 on a Thinkpad T14s Gen 3 and when I put it to sleep it still uses significant power. From what I understand, it performs suspend-to-idle when putting it to sleep, which apparently is different from suspend-to-ram (S3). s2idle is the only available option in /sys/power/mem_sleep. 'deep' (the more common S3 / suspend-to-RAM) is not available.21:06
sarnoldrdz: please file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug linux'21:11
rdzsarnold: ok.. thanks21:11
sarnoldrdz: it might be useful to mention if you've got devices attached when suspending, I've heard those can sometimes influence the suspend phase; but if the 'better' sleep modes are just missing, it might just be extraneous..21:12
Znevnathat laptop most likely doesn't have S3 support21:13
esjrdz: fwiw i had that on a different thinkpad a while back and a firmware update fixed it21:13
Znevnacan't see the linux bug in that21:13
rdzZnevna: it has, when I set it in UEFI BIOS. However, using that has the side effect that touchpad becomes unresponsive after waking up from suspend21:13
Znevnatry explaining that again?21:14
rdzand cpu runs hot then withouth any user processor showing high cpu usage.. so i suspend its  a driver munching cycles21:14
rdzZnevna: there is an option in the UEFI BIOS Power Settings to switch between 'S3 (Linux)' 'Windows and Linux' (which apparently is s2idle). WHen I set it to 'S3 (Linux)', suspend-to-ram seems to work and power usage is very low during sleep.21:16
rdzHowever, with 'S3 (Linux)' the touchpad becomes unresponsive after waking up21:16
rdzso i have to reboot after each sleep21:17
Znevnathat might be a bug21:17
Znevnalatest bios?21:17
rdzI read somewhere that recommended setting is s2idle21:17
rdzZnevna: the latest available from Lenovo, yes21:17
Znevnasad then :p21:19
rdzhttps://01.org/blogs/qwang59/2018/how-achieve-s0ix-states-linux talks about how you can check whether s2idle actually works at is supposed to21:19
EriC^^rdz: maybe you could modprobe remove and back in for the touchpad to work?21:19
rdzit says that when doing s2idle, that should be reflected in the /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuidle/low_power_idle_system_residency_us to count upwards.. but here on my system it stays  021:20
EriC^^rdz: or maybe it's just disabled somehow and needs re-enabling21:20
rdzEriC^^: how can rmmod modules that are compiled in?21:20
rdzi mean: can i rmmod  modules that are compiled into the kernel? and how can I identify which module it is? I think I could live with performing a rmmod/insmod cycle after each sleep21:22
sarnoldlsmod will show loaded modules, you might be able to guess the module from the names21:22
EriC^^rdz: if you can figure out how to fix it from the terminal, you can add a line in /etc/..pm.sleep/ or so i forgot to have it done automatically after resuming21:22
rdzsarnold: i'll check. Thanks.21:22
sarnoldsome commands like lspci have options to show kernel drivers, but I strongly doubt a touchpad is pcie device21:23
sarnoldit's probably in /sys somewhere but i can never find what I want in there quickl21:23
EriC^^rdz: maybe see gsettings list-recursively | grep touchpad to see if anything there is disabled, or similar21:23
EriC^^rdz: also not sure if it helps but the acpi stuff passed through grub might help, if linux pretends to be windows21:24
rdzEriC^^: what acpi stuff?21:24
rdzI found hid_multitouch. this might be the touchpad?21:26
sarnoldvery promising; it might be *one* of the modules for it, that might be a 'higher-level' module that offers some multitouch features but still relies on device-specific modules for the data to work with21:27
nelginThings are looking hopeful.21:27
jhutchinsrdz: The problem is that the standards for slee/hibernate are pretty loose, and it's hard to accomodate all of the different manufacturers.21:28
sarnoldnelgin: woot21:28
jhutchinsThey're not even labled consistently.21:28
sarnoldsleep and hibernate are different things21:29
nelginSeems to have hung on live-patch-status21:35
EriC^^rdz: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html21:35
rdzEriC^^: thanks for the link21:37
EriC^^rdz: no problem21:38
jhutchinssarnold: True, and not consistently the same thing on different hardware.21:39
jhutchinssarnold: Would you say "sleep" is suspend-to-ram and hibernate is suspend-to-disk?21:39
sarnoldjhutchins: yeah, that's what i'm most familiar with21:41
ZuumZuumhow to i join the libera chanel21:45
leftyfbZuumZuum: the same way you did 40 minutes ago21:45
leftyfbZuumZuum: you type:  /join #libera21:46
leftyfband you figured it out 20 seconds afer you asked21:46
jhutchinsleftyfb: That's the fastest way to figure something out: Post a question to the internet.21:47
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sarnoldat least he's figured out how to change his name :)21:53
morgan-u2What's the best story on running android apps on my Ubu22.04 system?22:03
sarnoldmorgan-u2: probably anbox is the place to start looking22:04
morgan-u2I did some searching and there are a number of different suggestions.22:05
sarnoldah, good22:05
morgan-u2ok sarnold, also the 2023 article says anbox.22:08
ZuumZuumFLatReLmsarnold thanks lol22:10
ZuumZuumFLatReLmmy hexchat won't work22:10
ZuumZuumFLatReLmonly linux help channel works lol22:10
ZuumZuumFLatReLmhence why i use xchat22:10
morgan-u2ZuumZuumFLatReLm, if you have one channel /server than hexchat does work and you need to carfully follow the steps to ADD A SERVER22:14
jhutchinsZuumZuumFLatReLm: You may need to look into connecting to different irc networks.  That's a hexchat question, not an Ubuntu question, but some people here do use hexchat.22:15
leftyfbZuumZuumFLatReLm: please don't crosspost. They are helping you in #libera. Post the screenshot like they are asking for22:15
morgan-u2Forgive me guys for teaching hexchat on the ubu help channel --  go to hexchat menu, network servers, new give a name and end with the ENTER command. then choose edit and fill in the url for the server. This is irc.libera.chat and is not ssl.22:16
nelginOk, well, I rebooted and my raid disks are not showing up and it drops into diag mode.22:16
morgan-u2zum goli goli that's all you need22:16
leftyfbZuumZuumFLatReLm: https://askubuntu.com/a/133970522:16
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nelginOk. I'm updated to 22.04.2 but there's a problem with my USB modems. They are recognized but not tty device (ttyACM0 etc) are created and neither is /dev/ttyUSB0 which is a serial connection.22:45
nelginPlease don't tell me they removed the cdc_acm driver22:50
leftyfbnelgin: sudo modprobe cdc_acm22:52
nelginmodprobe: FATAL: Module cdc_acm not found in directory /lib/modules/5.19.0-32-generic22:52
tomreynsudo modprobe cdc-acm22:53
leftyfbnelgin: sudo apt install linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r)22:55
nelginAh, beautiful. Thank you.22:56
nelginSo now just need to find the missing ttyUSB and I'll be set.22:57
leftyfbnelgin: load the module, watch dmesg, unplug device, plug device back in22:58
nelginProlific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port22:59
nelginIt's one of those things.22:59
leftyfbdmesg should tell you which device it assigned to it22:59
nelginYeah I'm about to a look, give me a sec.23:00
leftyfbnelgin: sudo dmesg -TW23:01
nelginI'm looking from the boot up, it's behind the computer and I can't get to it right now, I'd have to drag a crap load of stuff out.23:02
leftyfbprobably quicker to just reboot then23:02
nelginWell, it's already in the dmesg buffer so why would I do that?23:03
leftyfbbecause the module wasn't loaded when the device was plugged in23:03
nelginWhich module?23:04
leftyfbthe module you were concerned about that we told you how to load, cdc_acm23:05
nelginWhich is for the USB modems.23:05
nelginThat has nothing to do with the usb serial port.23:05
leftyfbsudo dmesg -T |grep "attached to tto"23:06
leftyfbsudo dmesg -T |grep "attached to tty"23:06
nelginI can go ahead and reboot.23:07
nelginLooks like usbserial wasn't loaded either so probably missing other stuff.23:08
nelginOk, there it is.23:10
nelginWhat an effing pain in the rear.23:10
nelginleftyfb, thanks for your invaluable assistance.23:23
rdzZnevna, EriC^^ I'm not the only one with the powerdrain during s2idle problem. Someone already reported the problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/193809623:41
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1938096 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Lenovo X1 Carbon 9th] [SYNA8009:00 06CB:CE57] touchpad lagging after resume from suspend" [Undecided, Confirmed]23:41
nelginand tomreyn also. Thank you.23:41
rdzI have a different Thinkpad model, but behaviour is the same: laggy touchpad with 'S3' or high powerdrain with S2idle23:41
rdzEriC^^: I found the module that causes trouble: i2c_hid_acpi. However, unloading and loading it doesn't help. I see a drop in CPU usage when removing it, though.23:43
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