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KenTruitt[m]Recently I have been experiencing problems with 22.04 on my Lenovo T500 T9900 (3.06GHz) with 8GB RAM. When browsers are open I often find that the system is frozen with the hard drive on constant activity as it's probably caught in some loop or other issue downloading ads or something. This was a problem I had on my Dell D630 with 2GB ram last year and they pretty much went away when I put 4GB ram in, though you can still feel its21:11
KenTruitt[m]limitations it doesn't lock up. So why is this much better (comparatively) system locking up. but that's not all. If I can't close the browser[s] then I have to lay on the power button for 5 seconds and shut the system down. When I open up Pycharm (a python IDE), the file I've been working on is only current as of well before the freeze. And that IDE auto saves--I've never had to hit cntrl s on it. You make a change and run and21:11
KenTruitt[m]that's it. So I am certain the most recent version of the file I was working on was saved to disk when the freeze occurred. Just a few minutes ago I had to reboot and I got the file back which, according to ls -l, was last saved at 11pm last night and this was 2pm today.  And I made at least 10 edits today before the freeze/crash. That's really what I can't understand. And there are other issues after restart like my desktop isn't21:11
KenTruitt[m]current and the web browsers open up to tabs I had much much earlier. Just so curious about this I thought I'd ask.21:11
EickmeyerKenTruitt[m]: Doesn't sound like an Ubuntu Studio-specific issue. I'd lean more toward failing hardware.21:50
EickmeyerBrowsers are resource intensive (as is Pycharm since it is electron-based, essentially running in its own browser), so the more resources you're piling on, the more stresses, the more chances you're going to see faulty hardware have issues.21:52
arraybolt3tbf the lockups might also just be thrashing. PyCharm + a web browser + some of the mega apps in Ubuntu Studio + 8 GB RAM sounds like a perfect recipe for OOM conditions.23:25
arraybolt3(If you're running the m all at the same time.)23:25
arraybolt3And constant hard drive activity sounds like the system is desparately swapping stuff in and out of the disk to try to stay afloat.23:26

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