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xu-help91wHave tried to installed 22.04 in the past week, it installs with uefi boot partition table. Is there a way to install it with legacy partition table for older comuters?12:50
diogenes_Vx15xu-help91w: it installs depending on your HDD partition table and your BIOS settings, in order to install in legacy mode you need to disable UEFI in BIOS and format your drive as MBR instead of GPT.12:52
xu-help91wWell my computer does not support uefi and it installs uefi table either way. So I have to try it the manual way then.12:54
xu-help91wThank you.12:54
diogenes_Vx15xu-help91w: of course you need manual partitioning, but beware when choosing MBR it will erase the drive.12:55
xu-help91wThat is not a problem.12:55
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