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meenahope smoser doesn't think this review https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/2043#pullrequestreview-1320148515 was not-nice 16:13
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 2043 in canonical/cloud-init "send dhcp-client-identifier with dhclient command for InfiniBand ports" [Open]16:13
smoseri didn't think it was not nice; And I, for one, welcome our infiniband overlords18:51
holmanbInfiniBand is great. Some of our InfiniBand code, however....18:57
meenaholmanb: we have maybe 120 lines of infiniband related code, and i hate every single character in it18:59
minimalholmanb: ah, the is_virtual stuff is being reverted? I guess I can stop writing testcases for it on Alpine lol20:18
meenaminimal: i guess that can stay, but the current user is being reverted for sure20:20
minimalmeena: well the #2045 PR is removing your is_virtual for FreeBSD20:21
meenaI worked so hard on that ;(20:21
meena(on outsourcing the fixing of tests of that pr)20:22
minimalalso looks like in general is only a single DS specified (or DS + 'None') then that DS is assumed (so no 'None' fallback?)20:23
minimalmeena: yeah same for me, writing is_virtual for Alpine was straightforward but I've spent ages on getting tests for it working lol20:24
holmanbminimal: meena: that's the proposal as it stands now, with this fix we won't need those functions20:29
meenaholmanb: what's get_proc_env(1) do?20:31
holmanbeh, I didn't write that stuff20:33
holmanblooks like https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/main/cloudinit/util.py#L237420:33
holmanbmeena: actually, wait - that's a funky way to get env vars in python20:34
meenanah, that's a funky way of getting envvars in Linux22:26
meenamost other Unices have gotten rid of /proc, because it's an unholy mess22:27
meenabut also, what kind of env does pid 1 have, anyway??22:27
holmanbmeena: just to double check - was there any reason for is_virtual() besides openstack baremetal support?22:49
meenaholmanb: not thati know, but if there comes reason again, we can easily resurrect it22:50
holmanbmeena: I thought that the PR was prompted by the openstack PR, but if not I don't want to remove it22:50
holmanbcool, thx22:50

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