mparilloNews Post for 5.27 backports drafted for review: https://kubuntu.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=5036&action=edit00:01
valorielooks good, mparillo!00:46
valoriethanks so much00:46
valorieall -- any reason not to publish?00:46
* valorie logged out00:47
IrcsomeBot<Rick_Timmis> I have read the published article on Flatpaks, and it gets a thumbs up from me. I realise there is some discourse around this topic, but I feel the way and reasoning around how we have presented this to our community is correct and will make sense to users.08:37
IrcsomeBot<Rick_Timmis> If we want to improve the Flatpak experience for our user base, we can do that. The Kubuntu Focus team have some MIME based technology that enables one click install of all kinds of software. If we felt that was a benefit to our users, I would be able to have a discussion with them about working more closely on that. Do let me know, if you want me to look into that08:40
valoriethanks, @Rick_Timmis!20:55
valoriefolks, mparillo wrote a draft about 5.27 backports - shall I publish it?20:56
ahoneybun[m]valorie: 21:02
ahoneybun[m]sorry I'll take a look.21:02
valoriewe all contribute as we can....21:03
ahoneybun[m]There is a typo in the title.21:04
ahoneybun[m]I'll fix it.21:04
ahoneybun[m]Do we want to note that it is 5.27.2?21:05
valoriesure, since we've already had one question about that21:07
valoriepublish when you think it's ready21:07
valoriethanks for catching the typo!21:07
valoriethis is why I wanted another pair of eyes on it21:08
valoriemine are not the sharpest at night21:08
ahoneybun[m]It's alive! https://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-27-2-for-kubuntu-22-10-available-via-ppa/21:10
valorieare you posting to masto?21:10
ahoneybun[m]I changed the title a bit.21:10
ahoneybun[m]I can post to Mastodon! Do we have any text ready to go?21:11
valorienot that I know of21:11
valorietitle + link might be good enuf21:11
ahoneybun[m]I'll make something in one sec.21:11
valorieI'm having bad luck with twitter lately21:12
valorietook me about 12 hours to post something for my gensoc yesterday21:12
ahoneybun[m]"Plasma 5.27.2 is now available in Kubuntu 22.10 though our backports PPA! Read about it here: https://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-27-2-for-kubuntu-22-10-available-via-ppa/"21:13
ahoneybun[m]I would do Twitter as well but it sends a code to Rik currently.21:15
valorieI'll see if it lets me login21:16
RikMillsI can tweet it later if needed21:20
valorieand rt'd by me21:59

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