sakrecoer[bpist]Anybody else who get a broken kwin after the latest upgrades?13:35
Eickmeyersakrecoer[bpist]: To be honest, I'm on lunar trying to get it ready for 23.04, so I wouldn't know. I do know that Plasma 5.27 has been pretty solid, and if it's in the Kubuntu Backport PPA and you received an update, you might have to reboot otherwise, yes, it'll crash due to library mismatch.13:55
sakrecoer[bpist]reboot didn't do... it's entered a reboot loop. I do not have Kubuntu Backports but i do have ubuntustudio packports...13:57
sakrecoer[bpist]s/reboot/crash/, s/packports/backports/13:57
Eickmeyersakrecoer[bpist]: That actually explains more. Get the Kubuntu backports. The Plasma that shipped with 22.10 is horrible and was the buggiest release of Plasma that KDE shipped.13:58
EickmeyerI, and many others, took them to task over that release.13:59
sakrecoer[bpist]oh, haha! I had a pretty smooth ride, but good to know! I will try that!13:59
sakrecoer[bpist]now that i think of it yes, there were some pain points...13:59
sakrecoer[bpist]I also noticed that some kwin related packages were "held back" by the upgrader. Not sure it is related... but there's that..14:00
sakrecoer[bpist]nicely done! :) 14:00
EickmeyerHa, thanks14:01
KenTruitt[m]Test one two17:22
arraybolt3KenTruitt[m]: Test successful17:31
KenTruitt[m]Ken Truitt: This may not be the same account but anyway I'm the same dude. I had the same problem today. I'm wondering whether the profile errors I've been getting on Chrome are related. I've been developing on Selenium with chrome for python and so I'm frequently accessing the same website programmatically. Then I get a small window saying that m chrome profile is corrupt or had some problem. But right before that I got a window17:33
KenTruitt[m]from chrome (when it was open before I tried to open it with my script) that some cache or something was full and I should click the button to decide how to relieve the situation. I just closed the window and next time I attempted to run my python script from pycharm (which opens chrome) I got a profile error. I whiped and reinstalled chrome and tried again. still got the profile error. I saved everything and closed everything17:33
KenTruitt[m](including pycharm) and rebooted. When I opened pycharm, the file that I've been working on is about 24 hours old. The *backup* of the file that I've been updating periodically today in kWrite is nowhere to be seen (I'd put it in Documents). It's not in recent files in Kwrite either. I first started getting this hd whirring issue last week and a few days ago I clonedzilla'd that hd to a new one on another drive. So it's a new hd and17:33
KenTruitt[m]this laptop while used was pretty much mint when I got it (strange for a 14 year old pc). In the back of my mind is that there's some malicious software that's gotten in to my system somehow. But keeping track of files  seemed to me to be a system function (ubuntu studio).17:33
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: Are you sure your *disk* isn't full?17:34
arraybolt3[m]If you run out of space on your / partition (or /home if you have that separate), that can cause all sorts of strange problems.17:34
arraybolt3[m]Sometimes some weird condition can cause a log file to get spammed and fill your disk up (I saw someone with a 200+ GB logfile the other day).17:35
KenTruitt[m]ken@T500:~/Documents$ df -h... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/a7e8c032b580db85c4a642f4bd4d54d4947ead95>)17:35
arraybolt3[m]have you done a RAM check and looked for I/O errors in your logs?17:36
arraybolt3[m]Randomly vanishing files sounds like a RAM problem or maybe disk failure.17:36
arraybolt3[m]And if this is a 14-year-old PC that you've been using the same hard drive on the whole time, disk corruption/failure is very likely at this point.17:36
KenTruitt[m]wait a minute why do sdba1 and sdb1 have the same stats17:37
arraybolt3[m]... that is worrying ...17:37
arraybolt3[m]Do you have any external hard drives attached, or is the old drive still in the system?17:37
KenTruitt[m]well i did clone sdb1 to sda17:37
KenTruitt[m]I've got one in the optical and one in the main bay17:37
arraybolt3[m]Yeah then that's probably it.17:38
arraybolt3[m]The drives may be slightly different sizes, but the partitions being identical sizes is unsurprising.17:38
KenTruitt[m]the optical is 160 and the main is 250 or thereabouts17:38
KenTruitt[m]i thought i was running on a17:38
arraybolt3[m]Yeah, then you probably have quite a few gigabytes at the end of the drive unallocated that you probably want to extend your filesystem into at some point.17:39
KenTruitt[m]uh can you tell which one i'm running on now from that df?17:40
arraybolt3[m]I wouldn't trust your old drive with anything important. Hard drives wear out with time, and 14 years old sounds like the drive is at or very close to the end of its lifespan.17:40
KenTruitt[m]looks like b17:40
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: /dev/sdb1 is mounted on /, so that's what you're running from.17:40
KenTruitt[m]I thought I was running on a this whole time17:40
KenTruitt[m]well that's probably why i'm still having problems17:41
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: You may need to change /etc/fstab on /dev/sdb1.17:41
arraybolt3[m]It's possible you're booting from a, and then the filesystem from b is getting mounted as your root partition.17:41
arraybolt3[m]I'm guessing clonezilla probably changed the partition UUID for you when you did the clone, but not the fstab file contents.17:41
KenTruitt[m]hmm no change required on sdba1 in /etc/fstab?17:42
arraybolt3[m]I don't know if you're referencing sdb1 or sda1 :P17:43
arraybolt3[m]sdba1 isn't a drive.17:43
arraybolt3[m]You might also need a GRUB configuration update.17:43
arraybolt3[m]I'd change /etc/fstab on both drives just to be sure that the drive you want gets mounted as /, then reboot, then run "sudo update-grub".17:44
KenTruitt[m]sounds like a plan17:44
KenTruitt[m]let me get this down 17:44
KenTruitt[m]well /etc/fstab on the current drive, which you say is sdb1, has a uuid number and mount point of '/'17:46
arraybolt3[m]In a terminal, run lsblk -f to see what drives have one UUIDs.17:46
arraybolt3[m]/dev/sdb1 will have the UUID you see in fstab. You probably want fstab to have the UUID from /dev/sda1.17:47
KenTruitt[m]they have the same uuid17:48
KenTruitt[m]probably due to clonezilla17:48
arraybolt3[m]Oh yuck.17:48
KenTruitt[m]a has 29.9G free, while b has 30G, suggesting that I'm using a17:49
KenTruitt[m]since i did the clone yesterday17:49
arraybolt3[m]Whatever's on / is what you're using. Deleting data could do what you're mentioning.17:49
KenTruitt[m]ok ok 17:49
KenTruitt[m]why isn't sda1 a drive17:50
KenTruitt[m]I mean i know it's a partition17:50
KenTruitt[m]but so is sdb117:50
KenTruitt[m]so i was referring to it as a drive17:50
arraybolt3[m]No problem, I understood the difference.17:51
KenTruitt[m]is there a possibility that my lost files are on the other drive17:51
arraybolt3[m](Windows pretty much taught us to call partitions "drives" :-/)17:51
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: Quite possibly.17:51
Eickmeyer[m]FYI, clonezilla copies the UUID as well, so it probably sees both as the exact same drive. That's going to cause all sorts of problems.17:51
arraybolt3[m]arraybolt3[m]: Look under /media/ken/<UUID>/home/<your username, probably ken/wherever/you/expect/the/file/to/be17:52
arraybolt3[m]s//<//\</, s//<//\</, s///>//17:52
arraybolt3Wow my edit looks like chaos on IRC :P17:52
KenTruitt[m]i wanted to make sure the version on the a drive was stable before i wiped the b version17:53
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, that's why I refrain from editing in bridged channels.17:53
KenTruitt[m]that was in the df:17:53
KenTruitt[m]ken@T500:~/Documents$ df -h... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/a7e8c032b580db85c4a642f4bd4d54d4947ead95>)17:53
KenTruitt[m]and i can't take out the b drive because the adapter is stuck 17:53
KenTruitt[m]so would you chance wiping the b drive given that the a drive is new17:54
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: You shouldn't need to remove either drive, just unmount the a drive (after getting data off of it if needed) and then change the UUID. Then you can mod your fstab files.17:54
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: Can't be sure with just the info I have now.17:55
KenTruitt[m]i actually didn't realize the b drive was mounting 17:55
arraybolt3[m]With both drives sharing a UUID, I'd be scared to do anything except change the UUID and get things straight first.17:55
KenTruitt[m]or i would have realized there was this kind of issue17:55
arraybolt3[m]Once you're sure which drive is your main drive and you have all of your data, then I'd recommend double-checking that everything was right, and then triple-check, and then wipe the unused drive.17:56
arraybolt3[m](and once you have the drives separate and not acting all weird like they are now)17:56
KenTruitt[m]ok so what do i do to the b /etc/fstab17:56
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: Make them identical so that no matter which drive the system boots from, it mounts the right one.17:57
arraybolt3[m]The UUIDs of the two drives should be different, but the fstab files should be identical so that you boot into the right drive regardless of which drive the system starts the boot from.17:57
arraybolt3[m]Right now we're not sure what drive boots, or what will end up on root from one boot to the next. We just know that it booted somehow. So while in this limbo, we need to get everything to point to the right spot so that we can get out of confusion.17:57
KenTruitt[m]I went to check on the etc/fstab of the drive in /media, and it said I was already editing it17:58
KenTruitt[m]which means that when I just went to /etc/fstab17:59
KenTruitt[m]it was the b drive17:59
arraybolt3[m]Then you probably have it open somewhere else too.17:59
KenTruitt[m]yeah when you first started talking about fstab17:59
KenTruitt[m]so i'm booted from the drive in /media17:59
KenTruitt[m]which you said17:59
KenTruitt[m]so how to i reference the a drive to find that /etc/fstab18:00
arraybolt3[m]OK, hold on. Close all fstab files you have open to start with.18:00
arraybolt3[m]Then point one text editor at /etc/fstab, and another one at /media/ken/<UUID>/etc/fstab.18:01
arraybolt3[m]That should open both separately.18:01
arraybolt3[m]If by some freak of nature they are recognized as the same file, then yell at the screen and find a live USB.18:01
KenTruitt[m]that's essentially what i'd just done, and they were the same file18:01
arraybolt3[m]OK so can you boot into a live USB and change one of the drive's UUIDs from there?18:02
KenTruitt[m]i think, when i doubted ubunt, i overwrote mint on it, but yeah i can boot to mint live18:03
arraybolt3[m]Should work if there's tune2fs on there.18:03
KenTruitt[m]well hmm18:04
KenTruitt[m]my /media drive is the a drive, the new one that's actually the normal internal drive. when i just open a terminal and edit /etc/fstab, and then open another terminal and attempt to edit via /media/ken/uuid/etc/fstab, turns out to be the same file. So how would i access the b drive from the command line18:05
arraybolt3[m]boot a live usb, this is not safe18:06
KenTruitt[m]alright. another question, what do i change the uuid to isn't that a factory thing?18:06
arraybolt3[m]anythikng different just use a random one18:07
KenTruitt[m]ok got it18:07
KenTruitt[m]how can i have the a drive both mounted in media and mounted at /18:08
KenTruitt[m]well maybe the system only thought they were the same file18:08
KenTruitt[m]because of the uuid issue18:08
arraybolt3[m]I have no clue how the system did this, I just know it looks like it happened.18:09
arraybolt3[m]If you boot into a live USB, you'll be able to reference the drives by their /dev path, not by UUID, and that will let you change it.18:09
arraybolt3[m](Sorry for the slow and typo-y typing, I got my hands dirty and had to type in a ridiculous way for a bit :P)18:09
KenTruitt[m]ok any other wisdom before i do this18:09
arraybolt3[m]Store this link somewhere: https://www.tecmint.com/change-uuid-of-partition-in-linux/ you'll need it to change the UUID.18:10
KenTruitt[m]ok got it on my tablet18:11
KenTruitt[m]i have a enclosure18:11
KenTruitt[m]I could take out the internal drive (a) and mess with that18:11
KenTruitt[m]that sounds like a good idea to me18:12
KenTruitt[m]so that would allow me to boot up on b alone and make any changes to b that are required18:12
KenTruitt[m]is there any way to download this chat18:13
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: Sounds like a good idea.18:13
arraybolt3[m]KenTruitt[m]: I think so, if you're on Element you can click on "Ubuntu Studio (Support)" up at the top of the screen.18:14
arraybolt3[m]Then click "Export chat".18:14
KenTruitt[m]great got it. ok thanks for the insights I should be able to get it straightened out now18:15
KenTruitt[m]shouldn't have doubted mighty ubuntu studio ;)18:15
KenTruitt[m]ok dude thanks again18:16
arraybolt3[m]Glad to help!18:16

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