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holmanbminimal: did you have any concerns around changing the failure path in this case: datasource_list: [OpenStack, None]14:29
holmanbminimal: regarding no "None" fallback?14:30
holmanbminimal: looks like this has enough reviews to be merged14:35
holmanb*more than enough14:35
holmanbmeena: good question regarding get_proc_env(1)14:43
holmanbmeena: also sorry for the churn on is_virtual :/14:44
minimalhave github changed the way repos look? just went to cloud-init page and the usual stuff that used to appear down the right-hand side such as License, Releases, etc is not there any more15:24
holmanbminimal: I looks normal to me (firefox)15:27
minimalholmanb: doh! user error, was looking at "canonical/cloud-init/cloudinit/" rather than "canonical/cloud-init"15:28
minimalholmanb: re the Openstack-related PR it wasn't clear to be if a DS list of ["Openstack"] was going to be treated in the same way or differently to ["OpenStack","None]15:29
minimals/to be/to me/15:30
holmanb+1 minimal: gotcha. It should behave the same both ways.15:37
minimalholmanb: the change in sources/__init__.py, the new function "override_ds_detect treats ['XYZ'] and ['XYZ', 'None'] as being an override? whereas currently ['XYZ', 'None'] means that if XYZ cannot be used then None is used, i.e. with ['NoCloud', 'None'] currently if no "CIDATA" is provided then it will fallback to 'None' and use DHCP - with this change in place what happens in that scenario?15:44
holmanbminimal: It will still get to DataSourceNone, just after trying DataSourceOpenStack16:06
holmanbminimal: logs of this -> https://dpaste.org/BHGK316:08
esvhey folks, I am running a rhel7.9 on azure with cloud-init 19.4, I know, I know, it's old as shiii, but that's what I have to work with... my situation is the following, I replace the NIC but the ifcfg-eth0 file does not get regenerated, it keeps the old mac, but the server  still starts the new adapter as eth0 and uses it as a dhcp client.19:33
esvmy question is why?? or how? , the adapter name remains as eth019:34
holmanbesv: dhclient is managed/executed by cloud-init itself, outself of your distro's network manager19:43
holmanbesv - cloud-init will doesn't read your ifcfg-eth0 file, so any changes (or lack thereof) are ignored19:44
esvlol - now I am more confused, I've been involved in many situations where updating the hw in ifcfg-eth0 fixes the issues with the servers not picking the right ip address20:19
esvdoes that happen with setup.py ?20:19
esvin this particular customer situation, they commented out the MAC address of the adapter in ifcfg-eth0 and the server picked the network parameters right away20:20
holmanbesv: sure, adding the hwaddr in ifcfg-eth0 can help some scenarios in administering a box, but it's not going to affect the dhclient invocation, I don't think20:33
holmanbdhclient execution is defined here -> https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/d1ffbea556a06105d1ade88b4143ad43f53692c4/cloudinit/net/dhcp.py#L13920:35
holmanbhowever on rhel7 you're talking about a very different codebase - 19.x and python2, so I don't know exactly the scenario you're looking at20:36

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